Brit/pol/ #2932: Penguin EVISCERATES Skua And That's A Good Thing Edition

Whaley Bridge dam collapse: Town evacuated over Toddbrook Reservoir fears

The latest aerial pictures from Whaley Bridge, where experts are assessing the damage to the Toddbrook reservoir

Not enough migrants arriving to keep pay down - Central Ban
The number of people willing to move to work is not going to hit levels seen during the last boom and will not keep wages down, economists at the Central Bank are forecasting

Prince Harry warns about dangers of 'unconscious racism' in candid interview for Duchess of Sussex's Vogue
The Duke of Sussex has spoken candidly about the effects of “unconscious bias” on racism, warning people must understand how their upbringing and environment causes them to be prejudiced without realising it

Backlash at barefoot Prince Harry and 'hypocrite Greenerati'
'Eco-warrior elite who turned up at secret climate change Google camp in 114 private jets, helicopters and mega yachts are mocked for leaving their own carbon footprint

Reading scaffold collapse: Three injured as emergency workers search for more victims
Three patients have been taken to hospital after scaffolding boards 'tumbled to the ground' at the former Friars Walk Shopping Centre, Reading

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my gf

I loved that episode where he peed on jesus

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What about the ashes then lads

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Don't trust northerners to not blindly vote for Labour tbh

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based Nige tbh

Know what you mean

He’ll be PM before 2025

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Thoughts on this story?
I think Paul dodged a bullet here

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good morning I hate jews

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Today I've woke up to a realisation that whoever decided to make meatballs big and flat to put in a sandwich needs to be timecopped.

Why? Because a medium-rare steak sandwich with a garlic butter infused with thyme and a dollop of horseradish sauce is too pure therefore must be compulsory eating.

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Merkel’s migrants doing the jobs German’s can’t do at Frankfurt airport

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Was probably some cunt with /noteeth/ or /soreteeth/


What a retard.

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How many millions worth of damage?

Man stabbed in bollocks

think bollock destruction lad needs to migrate to Nottingham

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Including metalwork on the fuselage £1,250,000~

I don't know how much an APU costs for a commercial airplane but a helicopter APU costs £125,000-£250,000

Around bolacks, never relax

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Looks about right
Honeywell invented the first apu back in 1948 and are the main suppliers to this day across all manufacturers
Looks like they cost $1 million each
Found this on their site

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This. I would rather have a roast beef and horseradish sandwich than a burger tbh

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whats even the point in these things

Don’t knock her lad. She will love you FOREVER

Make sure everyone is on the same page

Found one of my favorite cookbooks The London Art of Cookery, first published in 1787. It is more than a cookbook, it is a book on being a good well rounded 18th century restaurateur.

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was hoping for something more in depth but thanks for that facile take lad

Sorry lad. Not in the club so I don’t know the ins and outs but it looks like a little slap each other on the back self congratulatory meet and greet
Probably discussing how they can ratchet up the globohomo and takeover this year
Only wish Salvini had disembarked 10000 wogs armed with machetes on the shores there and pointed them in their direction

that's pretty much it though lad. the ziomatrix flaunts its wealth and influence, has all the rich and powerful to get together to mingle and network, and reminds them all which team they need to be playing on if they want to continue to be a part of it
everything is trash

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..or if they want to continue to live and not get torn to pieces by the angry plebs

This whole thing is designed for the organisers and donors to wank themselves off about how good they are.


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if only that rocket those italian dafties had was put to good use at one of these things

If only they hadn't been caught smh

Trump got A$AP Rocky home from the socialist Swedes!

Obama would have let him stay in prison and would have avoided confrontation

Trump has delivered more results for the black community than the Democrats have in 50 years

Massive win!

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They weren’t real dafties lad. That whole thing was an intel op to try and rile up anti nationalist sentiment
Who the fuck can get hold of a French missile supplied to Qatar and smuggle it across Europe?
Fucking thing didn’t even have a warhead that worked
They nicked three fifty year olds for it whose backgrounds are a bit shady and now the story has been memoryholed

tbh lad

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*wakes up back into pure existential terror (again)*

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good fucking lord that woman's vote is worth the same as mine

>tfw never know Sarah Stack in 1737 who owned this copy The Whole Duty of a Woman

Everything is fucked, lads

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powerful ratio

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Nice parade, can I join?

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Not an argument

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those women would be slags if born today

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In awe of the size of this legend. Absolute unit.

What lifts are you doing today Zig Forums? For me it's bench press and OHP.

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least this stuff is really riling up normies.Then the media claims any negative opinion of Meghan is due to "racism", thereby annoying people even more.

fucking chrome weights everytime I touch them my hands get covered

still can't believe they actually said this, did they cock up or are they really that cocky that they think they'll get away with it

women are a memi

put the link into reddit and see what they are saying about it, the COPE is incredible

Did you leave them outside or something?

Keep it as evidence next time anyone tries mouthing off about how good immigration is when it clearly drives down working class wages.

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Only good for breeding.

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But never as much as her love of grease and cheese


eugenics tbh

delete this my dude

‘Organised’ far right group have a collection of utter shit tier miscellaneous weapons and memorabilia worth very little and a £500k air to air missile - French made and supplied to Qatar…
Although original source for this is the Italian news site

Football hooligans having a half million quid AAM..
Okay. Thankyou

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oh wow they are seeeeeething lmao

It's rather shocking that they'd give the game away like that, all of that planning and secrecy gone to waste because someone needed to kvetch.

full article without registering:

Think it could have been a pissed off editor at the newspaper who put it in these terms


The future wine aunts are seeeething, and they all say the exact same fucking things.
>"muh travel"
>"muh money"
>"muh free time"
>"muh friends"

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bernie can still win

And here's how…

reminds me Ginnie had a baby last month according to facebook


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absolute fucking retard also

what does the average dafty in this country have exactly , for a start you were wrong in your original reply because the missile does have a 30kg warhead and they were planning on selling it in ukraine, its from the 80s they probably stole it from some gladio shit you ingrate bastard

Mark Collett’s

life must be shite for older bottom poofs after a lifetime of taking it up the arse, how do they adjust to old age, by noncing kids I suspect

jorban time

surface level shite, this is so obvious to anybody with a fucking brain but retards act like they are gifting forbidden knowledge

heresy do not insult beterson