The Ultimate black pill

If we could compress the most important red pills into a one hour video, this would be
one of those videos. To think that we had all this info for such a long time, all the answers
were in front of us. Deep down we all knew that some of this was true, but we couldn’t
believe that all of this was true. It was too bad, too movie-like* to be true. The more you
learn about politics, the more you learn about history, the more you analyze all the
‘conspiracy theories’ you begin to see the whole fucking picture, everything adds up.
We knew all along that our governments/politicians are fucking sellouts. We knew that
‘the shadow government’ existed in the US and many other places. But did we know
the end goal? Ideological subversion? World globalization? NWO? Maybe. But did we really
believe that the top of the world’s elite are just pawns and that they are just preparing the
dirt for some ‘interdimensional entity fags’? That the end goal was to subvert/dismantle
nations, wipe out the majority of the population, put the remaining ones in underground bases
and farm the shit out of them like cattle.

Call me a tinfoil whatever you want, I didn’t believe in most of this shit myself for a long time.
But after watching this video you’ll see for yourself how it all adds up. And I warn you, you risk
getting black pilled beyond return.

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sage for unenlightened.

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ok im watching your vid now, i probs shouldn't have jumped on calling you a retard.

At what point does one say "enough of trying to save the idiots". I am but one person living in a sea of braindead people who think they are the smartest people in the world yet they believe cave men built ancient civilizations out of rocks with architecture more advanced than ours. So at what point do I say I don't fucking care anymore? I can't talk to anyone about anything that doesn't involve nice sensitive feelings and pretending that the future is going to be just perfectly fine. Everytime i try to talk about anything remotely against the grain, people immediately start attacking me. For example, the other day at a family gathering my mom was talking about retiring, and social security was brought up. All I said was that I don't believe social security will be around whenever I reach retirement age, and I saw nothing but rolling eyes and heard "here we go again, user is going to talk about crazy conspiracies". So the examples they gave me as to why they believe social security will be just fine is "well they said social security wouldn't be around when I was younger, and it's still here so don't believe any of that user". So in theory their evidence is that it didn't happen to them so there's no way it could happen to us. People do not understand history and how it repeats itself, and they honestly believe that politicians are here to help them, even though they voted for trump and they believe things are getting better when they are not.

So what do I do user, help me out here. What do I do when I can't even talk to people about simple subjects such as the economy without being told I'm crazy. I can't take it anymore, I have absolutely nobody to talk to about concerns of the future. Am I supposed to just keep reading and searching for evidence in the past that gives examples as to what's happening today. Am I just supposed to keep bettering myself with knowledge that nobody cares to even talk about except a few of you? Or should I just stop caring and live my life miserably knowing that I go day to day living a meaningless life in the end?

I've tried the subtle redpills, I've tried to present questions that make people connect dots or think critically. But everytime the conversation always ends with them being caught in double-speak and getting angry because they can't back up what they say. I dont feel like pressing on, everything just seems so depressing when you try your best but you cant even talk about what you've learned, or have a conversation without people getting angry. I'm honestly getting to the point where I cant stand to be around people anymore except my family. I cant just go around talking about nigger football, and nigger music all day. My white family has nothing of value to talk about anymore, it's all just simple small talk, but God forbid anyone actually talk about the future of our family without some woman getting her panties in a knot, which eventually leads me to tell her this is why women weren't allowed to make important decisions in the past, which then leads to me being shunned. I know its humorous, but at the same time it's a serious problem that isn't being corrected.

Sorry for the blogish post, but I really dont have anyone to talk to about this shit. You faggots are literally the only ones, and that's scary in itself.

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Don't know what kind of advice I could give you, I haven't really found the solution myself.
I usually don't speak with normies and if I do I kind of switch back to my old personality,
to what I was 8 years ago, but these people are so empty, they really have no thoughts of
their own. I can say this much, you don’t get out of the black pill you can only learn to live with it.
We are surrounded by stupid people from birth to death, we should be proud about being so
lucky/intelligent to find this information that 99.99999%+ of humanity has no knowledge of.
We are the only ones really awake and yet we feel as if we are in a dream and that the normies are
the ones that are awake since they are feeling happy about the most meaningless pointless shit
and are oblivious to everything. Also we whites have a thing called empathy, it’s definitely not
a bad trait, but still our greatest weakness that lets others exploits us. We keep helping retards
throughout our life even when we see it’s pointless in the end. Don’t bother that much with older generations they are hopeless, they see all this new tech and other fancy new age shit and think
that we are living in great times.

How about this one? Not ultimate but very heavy:

I’ll have to take your word for it.

Stay strong user, try to look at it from their perspective: If they are to internalize and accept your warnings and points, everything they ever believed in growing up is under question, their strong foundations are shaken. You can break people in the wrong way this way too, so it's best to think of alternatives to present or approach it constructively. There's also the concept of "permission", good white people tend to wait for permission from a leader in order to do what they perceive to be the right thing. It's something I experienced many years, giving myself the permission to break the conditioning. The redpill is very tough to swallow, even for male adults. Even now I'm hesitant to dig deeper into the sheer unlimited evils and madness of the Abyss.

And most importantly people high up know damn well that the country is taken over by funny-money and the system is designed to crash. Trump is a corporatist and he still runs a corporation.

Why the fuck would I want to take a Nigger pill?

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That would be the brown pill. Sometimes you have to take black pills to grow as a person.
But sometimes they are too strong.

It’s just that D.U.M.B.s and alium technology/interaction, even Corporation USA are antiquated conspiracy theories and not by any means what I would call revelatory. Shit’s boring.

Thanks anons.

But, just as I suspected, not much hope for correcting the path we humans are on. And that's the ultimate blackpill. I suppose the thought of living ones life the best he can and hoping one day his works will improve humanity is the only alternative we had. Men such as Tesla must have been some really tough individuals to live with such great knowledge but not be able to expand their thoughts with thought provoking conversations due to the idiotic masses surrounded them.

I've tried to be subtle about small redpills, but the only response that is given is anger. I understand why they are angry, I was angry too at first, but unlike them i challenged the theory to prove it to myself. I think the problem is that most people are to lazy or they actually believe they know everything because they were trained in the first years in their lives by ignorant women who just finished puberty a few years before teaching 2nd graders about history. How can people go through life and accept that this is what it's meant to be. I honestly can't understand how people can believe in aliens yet totally dismiss that our government could be subtly taking away our rights and leading us to the slaughter house.

Anyways thanks anons, I can tell my ramblings wont get us anywhere because we all feel the same and we can only talk about the same things for so long. This is what I believe /pol problem is. We need to start thinking of solutions, and then we actually need men to enact them. But we all know, nothing will get done and nothing will chance… thus we continue to live in the blackpill.

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Also I'd like to add, after just finishing the video OP posted, I'd say it's nothing that most of us dont know about. I was surprised to hear a few things, but most of it was just a review.

Interested in hearing about how many DUMB there are and how they will probably use them as prisons for the future human slave race. I can believe this as it sounds like something the elites would do.

Also, do you guys think the Jews wrote the bible as a way to tell the world what they were planning, just like they drop clues about major events? Or did our God actually try to warn us, this is a huge battle going on in my mind as I truly believe in a divine creator, but also dont trust Jews.

Subliminal conditioning.
Examples: movies/comics with subliminal messages prior to 9/11.

It is very important for you to keep digging information on topics related to ancient human
History, civilizations before Egypt, before the flood.

In an insane world, the sane seem like madmen.

As much as I can't stand Molyjew now, he had a good point when he said that new philosophies are the most dangerous thing in the world. With all the people who die from riots, rebellions, civil wars, etc caused by a new religion or philosophy, it makes sense that people will have strong emotional biases against the truth if the truth goes against the ruling paradigm. In that way lies life or death danger, and they don't want to end up like Germany or George Lincoln Rockwell or Francis Parker Yockey or any of the other murder victims of the elite. This is the entire point of the massive shame campaigns undertaken against celebrities who commit a minor faux pas, as a reminder to people to toe the line or they're next to face the lynch mob. We're engaged in the most extreme sport, since we're tweaking the hooked nose of people who will literally execute dissidents when they get too much influence.

I don't have much in the way of advice, at least when it comes to converting people. I think the best option is to be prepared for when times get worse, because they will get worse. When you live a better life than those around you, only then will you have social credibility, and the ones suffering will see the truth only because of the consequences of living a lie. Hitler was elected by popular vote only after masses of Germans suffered hyperinflation, legalized rape, and communist neighbors slaughtering ethnic Germans right next door. Obama may have given us our greatest gift, though it's on a time delay fuse, because by injecting shitskins into the whitest zip codes people can no longer hide in the blissful ignorance of suburban whitetopia. Your family members will see the truth when it's right in front of their faces, and what now takes a Herculean effort will soon take only the slightest nudge.

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What do you mean here? Addressing your post; realize that intelligence means finding another way. That way is most certainly uphill, and many will not follow you. There is basically no political option, even if you broke off the jew as a country you would end up getting nuked or 'liberated' for your resources. Briefly I would call the necessary action as 'riding the tiger', let the behemoth crash and make sure you are at safe distance so to speak. Remove your reliance on civilized comforts, raise and teach your children at home with a partner biologically like you. Don't do anything that would remove your capacity to effect this within reason.

This mistakes we are all born on equal footing and all deserve to continue on. Mother nature is demands we live in reality and the biological degradation is punishment for failing this. Anons will criticize me for being 'nordicist' which in my view is simply my love for my tribe and wish for it's future health and improvement, they will detract from me by pointing out examples of poor Nordic stock as if to prove my whole tribe is scum for seeing pride in ourselves. We do not wish for the weak and stupid among us to continue polluting our nation of blood and Mother Nature will provide that opportunity to be reborn a healthier nation. When civilization ceases, these masses will drop llike flies and its our racial duty to ensure as many of our best make it. Cherry pick those with open ears, they are wise, its dangerous and ineffective to do otherwise.Even those user's reading this who know they are deffective in some way, your duty still remains to ensure the survival of the nation of blood, to bring the best of us in to the light and proliferate good useful information to the right people.
Heil Wotan. Long live our sacred blood.

i believe phil schneider and bill cooper, but alex jones is a shill.

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Give up on society and go another way. 80% of people I see today are completely maladapted tot the world.

Not only is everyone retarded, everyone is drinking, eating, smoking and sitting themselves to death. Add to that a coming economic armageddon, probable wars and plagues, breakdown of life support for the millions upon millions of people completely reliant on the system. You can see there is going to be a MASSIVE reduction in population in the next decades. Let the lemmings run off the cliff. By 2050, people who were born before the millennium will be extremely rare.

Go ahead of the curve. Aim for self-sufficiency, all-round skills of survival and building, and practice growing things. You can make friends with people based on these interests, even if they aren't redpilled and are just doing it for fun. Personally this journey has taken me into a new profession (gardening) and my aim is to own a technologically and nutritionally self-sufficient homestead far away from civilisation before things get really bad.

If your aim is to convert everyone to your way of thinking you will always be unhappy and also unprepared from wasting time and then you'll die like the rest of them.

All the '90s kosher conspiracy theorists were frauds.

its true. the US is the corporation, the United States of America is the land. we were all sold into tax serfdom when our mothers singed the "informant" line on a long form birth certificate. this made us surety for an all capital letter name; a corporation. we pay the debt the US owes to the federal reserve every year on april 15th. the federal reserve loans the government money at interest, which enslaves it, since there is no way to pay that off. this was done with the federal reserve act of 1913 at jekyll island GA on Christmas day. we were sold out.

america is nothing but a jewish plantation, and we have been reduced to vassals. we are used to generate tax revenue and fight wars for greater israel. this is not limited to hot war, but also the exportation of porn, hollywood filth and music industry filth.

there is no way to opt out, because the government believes they own you and cops believe they have authority over you. unless you can physically stop them, they are in control.

the patent office is controlled and free energy and free comms technology is suppressed to keep us paying monthly bills. to do this you have to run a hamster wheel just to afford: electricity, water, rent, insurance, comms etc. the system is designed so you have no time and no money to be free. i could go on but everything is orchestrated to time us down with restrictions like the myriad ropes that tie down Gulliver. the name of the game is control. you can only be the king by climbing over other people. every effort is made so the ruling elite are not dethroned by the goyim.

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Let me give you a summary of everything I know regarding ancient human history. It (along with seeing the overt satanism pushed by the "Jews" - satanists - in modern society) is the only reason I believe in the God of Abraham, of Jesus, and of Muhamid and why I converted to Islaam (from liberal atheist cucked household). 14,800 years ago a meteor struck Greenland and killed every mega-fauna on Earth, and flooded the entire Earth in a day and night. Noah, peace of A'llah be upon him and his progeny, saved all of humanity around 12,800 B.C. As an aside: there has never been a religion on Earth except for Islaam (literally in arabic "submission [to God]"). Go read the Bhavagad Gita or the Avesta. In them you will find the Bible and the Quran. The illusion of polytheism and multiple religions is a ploy of the satanic among the Jews.

After years of obsessing over this, I have settled on the teachings of orthodox Sunni Islaam as more scientific regarding our history than the fake scientism of today (nothing else explains to me why so many lies are spewed about the clearly amazing history of our kin), which states that several hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago we were crafted in the black mud of the Earth and planted upon it. Just as is stated in the kings lists of sumeria (ver batim starts with "And then the kingship descended from heaven…"). As time progressed, we degenerated, and this was the great fall of man. Satan is truly a sworn enemy among us.

Ibn Abi’d-Dunya narrated in az-Zuhd (no. 358) with his isnaad from Anas ibn Maalik (may A'llah be pleased with him) that he said:

The Angel of Death came to Nooh (peace be upon him) and said: O longest-lived of the Prophets, how did you find this world and its pleasures? He said: >Like a man who entered a room with two doors, and he stood in the middle of the room for a brief moment, then he went out of the other door.

This is where the kings list ends:

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Phil Schneider is the shit m8 keep on telling the truth, also look into Bill Cooper, David Icke, Terrence Mckenna and Mark Passio.

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niggers were made from monkeys. zulu sinusi credo mutwa admitted that. in your heart you know its true. i honestly believe niggers are monkey/ape/gorilla and chimp hybrids.

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stopped reading right there pedo worshipper

I guess it makes me a nihilist but I don't even give a fuck anymore, I only say things that get me benefit for saying them, even if I consciously believe the opposite. I tried to look out for my civilization and I failed, so now I'll look after me. If humanity gets its shit together in the meantime, great

Where did the reports of A’isha being 9 at the time of her marriage come from?

Also these reports came from Iraq all of them. And they came form the grandson of Asma Hisham bin ‘Urwa (born in 683). None of the reports came from Mecca or Medina. Hisham spent 70 years of his life in Mecca and Medina. And he spent his last 15 years of life in Iraq. It is reported that his memory suffered quite badly. So it's understandable that the reports are not accurate.

All of the hadiths that make him a pedophile come from 1 person, and the chronology of the rest of her life makes the marriage at age 9 impossible.

I understand why you wouldn't want to believe God sent a prophet to someone who rapes 9 year olds. I am not advocating that.

No one under the age of 15 was allowed to be in in the battles.
A’isha was widowed in 633.

So from the above timeline we conclude that A’isha was 16 at the time of her betrothal. And 19 at the time of her marriage.

Muslims aren't going to tell you that because they don't critically study their own texts. Its all parroting from bobble-head scholars nowadays. Doesn't make it false. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

Also, nobody worships Mohamid. He was a man. Only Christians do that with Jesus because satan, via the Catholic ("World") Church, made some (((changes))) to the religion of Christ in the few hundred years following his ascendance to A'llah (who took him up because the Jews were told by Allah in their books that any man crucified was not a prophet and cursed in the hereafter), making people worship Jesus etc. That's the entire reason Mohamid was sent to mankind. Because satan defiled Christianity and made it about the messenger and not the message.

your God is one, not three

Atlantis was a huge city like NYC on steroids that was located on a landmass that extended about 1000 miles west of Portugal and Morroco in the Atlantic. At the other side of globe in Antarctica there were huge industrial and military complexes. They were working on a new type of crystal based energy, very efficient, free energy. For some dumb reason they decided to drill through the earths crust into the mantle and they fucked up, they knew they fucked up, they had 5 days to evacuate. The ones that were left on earth were driven into massive ships/boats most of the passengers were pregnant women. The erruption happened somewhere near Australia and at the opposite side of that erruption pont was Atlantis which as a result sank into the ocean. After the explosion there were only a few thousand survivors left, most of which were the people who were on ships/boats.

People born in Louisiana are natural persons, not corporate entities. This is due to French law influence. A good vector of attack is bringing up materially fraudulent ex parte incorporations of your strawman at the beginning of any court case. Often just the threat will get the powers that be to back off. They won't want to wreck the system.

Isn't this the dude who says he lost his arm to a reptilian while drilling a giant tunnel transport system underneath N America?

Imagine if the truth about what's under the ice was learned. The whole world would have to accept that their entire life has been a lie. This is why people refuse to accept change.
See pic, hang in there.

Do you really think the pyramids were built by men with ropes and ramps?

Cannabis was brought to us from Sirius B and the endocannabinoid system is the second largest nervous system in the human body. You wouldn't have receptors all over your body for something that isn't good for you.

Why? We know an asteroid reeked havoc on the Earth and almost wiped out the species. There's no reason to believe another catastrophe won't happen again and when it does it's every man for himself and only the strong will survive, which is us. It's always been about survival, so giving up is counterintuitive.

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I read the BG and the Bible, neither contained the other. Keep taqiyying on, shitskin.
Yes. See embed or link, either are valid explanations.

Where can I read more about this?

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Not to mention the BG is boring as hell. Krishna is like "Hey wanna know super secrets about reincarnation and karma? Here you go!" And the next chapter is "Well I told you some super secrets, but do you wanna know some super duper duper secrets?" and then it repeats the same crap with some extra details. Repeat ad infinitum

Icke is the only one of them who's even remotely worthwhile, aside from McKenna, but only if you're into psychedelics.

Icke is controlled opposition.
He talks about the real issues of the JQ and global power cabals. Then turns around and says he's Jesus and the Queen is a reptile.
BAM, now whenever you bring up Jews or Bilderberg, people just assume you're some retard that believes in shape shifting reptiles.

Modern people fail to understand that ancient people were just as capable of critical thought as us today but they lived in a very different world than we do today.

Read Plato on Atlantis, then find pic related on the continent of Africa. I wish modern Archeologists would start to realize just how powerful the forces of nature can be in reshaping history as we know it.

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His lizard stuff is just non-racial, non-religious Christian Identity. He cites Eustace Mullins' The Curse of Canaan throughout his first lizard book.

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What's the fuckin point? If getting black-pilled is the end result in and of itself, all you are accomplishing is demoralization. This place is fucking cancer. Everyone trying to black-pill each other, accusing everyone else of being a Jew. I can't think of a place as shitty as this.

nb4 accusations of kike, shill, etc..

You suck.

How about at least a synopsis instead of expecting us to watch your hour long dumb-ass video without even a hint of what it's about?

Then why are you here? Sounds like you're blackpilling yourself.

8ch is bretty gud man
If you notice in threads it's usually the same 3 people always calling everyone else a Jew.
It's easy to ignore once you spot it.

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This does solve some of the construction of the pyramid, but it doesn't account for the exactitude in placement and alignment of the stones. There are joins thin as a hair, as straight as a razor blade on 100 ton blocks. Seeing it person will make you believe and yet disbelieve these theories more than the common hotpocketter

Dude it's more than that. The measurements of the pyramid and the tomb sizes are exact and contain every critical number to mathematics, things like pi and the golden ratio. The pyramid's architecture is a number library.


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There was an user who shared a video of a guy debunking all the shit on Anchuent Ayylmaos. One part in it talked about a 'relatively' new theory that involved building the pyramids from the inside up using some pretty neat, but entirely feasible engineering tactics.

Yeah AJ got his start ripping off their shit. I wonder what they'd have to say about stuff with all the information that has come to light over the last 20 years… Still get a kick out of the old Cooper vs Jones recordings. Dude had zero chill. lol


I never said it was aliens, IT WAS an ancient people more advanced than our world today. Could the pyramids be duplicated? Sure, but we lack the cultural desire to create something so perfect.

Tunnel dude, OP? That guy was fucking nutter with a brain tumor. You literally have to be a dumb teenager with no idea how ANYTHING works to fall for his bullshit.

You poor, stupid fuck hahaha. Bill never said anything a well read person didn't already know. Icke is a former soccer goalie who had to retire due to arthritis. Reappeared as a talkshow host and claimed to be God. Talking about 'shape shifting reptilians' for over a decade now. McKenna is ON TAPE!!! admitting to being a CIA stooge. Passio is a former Satanist. So no, no more of that faggotry. Those douche bags were the internet's first ecelebs.

Paying tax is voluntary.
The page itself tryes to (((debunk))) then multiple anonymous people completely destroy his uneducated claims.
Check the comments section to get a good insight by them.

Was meant for


Those who attempt to cause or prevent the end of the world are creating the end of the world. But it didn't have to be this way. It's all a (((narrative))) from the (((Bible))) cults.

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= shills


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What about the things he made up?

triangles are US
circles are german

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moar plz

bill cooper published the protocols and silent weapons for quiet wars in 'behold a pale horse', those are two very non-kosher documents

"Silent Weapons" is a fake and he told his readers it "wasn't the jews" and to replace "Zion" with "Sion", "jews" with "Illuminati", and "goyim" with "cattle. He kosherized The Protocols.

I think a lot of people in that time used those words to tie jews and shabbos together rather than misdirect.

This is his editor's note before The Protocols, he was trying to misdirect.

Attached: Cooper Protocols.png (511x152, 9.7K)

He thought Mystery Babylon was the Catholic Church. Clearly this impacted his interpretive lens.

Even Chris Langan refuses to be a monocausalist.

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red white and black
the colors of Atlantis are the colors of our pills

How does one help the legit government rise up?

How did those ancient people become more advance? Did they come from cavemen? Aliens?

Blackpills are silly and childish, remember that you should be willing to die and destroy yourself what you believe in, that's an old and well known sentiment of which should be applied to all of us.
Even if you fail in your lifetime, even if you only manage to push the envelope ever so slightly in the direction that you wanted it to go and then even if it is pushed back again, you should go ahead and do it.
In the end, death consumes all and don't let your ego fool you into forgetting that. Expect to destroy yourself for the people you truly think you care about, that is the only way in which to live if you truly want change when you're going against the grain, you might even win.
Who knows, maybe one day someone somebody might see your small struggle and utter defeat and then gain some motivation out of the struggle itself, and succeed doing what you failed to do. Blackpilling helps the ones you are against, a walking blackpill is someone too cowardly to commit suicide and shrouds others minds with the same dread, like a virus.

Never give up. Your life is short, either do what you truly think is right or simply live how you think will be comfortable, but never infect others with the disease of apathy otherwise you are just as bad as the ones I am against and will treat you as such. Harm yourself with blackpilling, or harm yourself for the change in things you care about the most, in the end, you will harm yourself if you opt for either one and there is no avoiding it.

If you're going to take the comfort route, just do not demoralize or blackpill if you do not have a hand in the struggle or you are just an enemy to yourself and to others.

Blackpill is jewpill.

Most people here haven't experienced true pain and despair for muh blackpill.

blackpill is a shill term

A simple and direct video about White genocide.

This video is fake. You think they let their triangles get captured by our cave man cameras? 100% delusional. Also not earthlings.


The obvious is to spread the info, but lets say if theres none, one has to be an expert on law, check every paper written how civilians can reform the government. Let's say finding some law which states this situation can be considered emergency, thus XYZ is legal. Probably a lot of digging then getting huge support by gathering people. This system is subservient to the real government. They have the legal authority to btfo them with the military if assembled and legitimised.

We need someone who can get world famous, who gets the trust of entire nations so he can uncover the sinister things in our world. Yes. I mean a next Hitler unironically.

Who was redpilled by coming from a healthy white upbringing into a diversified hellhole city. Then came the war and the betrayal from the back and from there on out he came to the conclusion that only a new, ruthless approach of a "Weltanschauung" could mobilize the masses from their stupor.

So yeah…good luck finding a new way out, because a) social nationalism has no chance of a future anymore and b) the only way forward, survival, is nothing you could market to motivate people to give up their web of lies.

A more realistic hope would be backstabbing at the top, which could endanger the whole plan. See the internet changed everything in how fast it made their plans work. All their mind games can be implemented internationally in a matter of hours, which makes the younger ones hellbent on reaching the goal in their lifetime, while the old guard plays the long game and becomes increasingly concerned that this will crash the party ones again.

He who searches finds it.Some ancient texts have hints to that, but since
normal events are turned into fairytale stories, piecing everything
together won't be easy. Look into remote viewing, that shit is legit,
but you have to know where to look, there're
many 'fake ones'.

Egyptians didn‘t build the pyramids. They found them and painted their shit on the walls. The pyramids where built by humans around 11k-12k BC who were supervised by aliens and used their tech. The original purpose was like a monument - look at us, we're gods, we built this pile of blocks, worship us. Other purposes were harvesting Earths natural energy, a global teleportation network, connection between other pyramids also some shit related to stars etc. They used humans as slaves to do manual labor (like prisoners smashing rocks), but some types of labor were distributed by race. The aliens who looked like praying mantis, genetically engineered mongoloids on the spot from other human DNA to do hard manual labor mining underground in extreme conditions in the tunnels bellow the pyramid. They only thought about work, never questioned the authority, soulless humans basically who were instantly grown into adults and were easily replaceable. Tons of them died there. Caucasians/cromagnoids/whites were working with alien tech on the exterior lifting the blocks in the place with acoustic+magnetic levitation that made the blocks light enough to guide them by hand into place (channeling a wave that is out of phase with Earths natural frequency) and the interior sculpting. (the blocks themselves were made with reverse-vulcanisation, liquifying them using laser technology and then molding them into perfect blocks). Don‘t know much about niggers but it is possible that they weren‘t there at the time. (Niggers are some kind of human mutation through many generations who were exposed to some kind of radiation along with genetic splicing). Anyway before they finished building the pyramid other aliens came, likely the nordic whites and told the mantis type to gtfo. They finished the pyramid (looked like a tesla coil show x10 with more colors), started teaching the humans all kinds of stuff. They left some of their descendants and hybrids on Earth, then left.

I know that feel user
That lack of respect from people you are supposed to be close too can really hurt at first
Just keep up the red-pilling and you will get through to some of them in time
The nicest feeling is when your parents who were skeptical to begin with now know, really KNOW that you were right all along
When they see everything you point out being more true than anything they see in the media, their attitude changes
At that point there are no more rolling eyes, their is a look of respect and even admiration
They know that you went against everyone you knew, risked mockery and humiliation over and over again without backing down
You stuck to your guns in the face of relentless peer pressure and ridcule, and why?
/pol is always right

Did he really, or was he just trying to stay kosher and sell his books without Semitic interference? During the '90s, when people like to make him out as some kind of trailblazer, Eustace Mullins' books were out for decades, Dr. Pierce was doing a weekly radio address, the Liberty Lobby was publishing The Spotlight and the Journal for Historical Review, the Zundel trials were going on, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, with countless independent jew-wise newsletters and books being published.

And what happened the one time he was incorrectly labeled an anti-Semite in 1993? He started his next broadcast talking about Auschwitz numbers, a message to his jewish enablers or owners that he wasn't going to be their shabbos goy if they didn't leave his lane open to him. Of course, that was an isolated incident in hundreds of broadcasts, so it seems like the message was heard loud and clear.

I think some of the older ones also want to try and make it in their lifetime though.
The interesting dilemma they have is that the faster the push, the more goyim notice, and the more likely they fail in their plan, but if they slow down, they personally may miss out on being (((global royalty)))
So their lust for power for themselves, their egos will likely be their undoing.
It is so poetic, it reminds me that God is a greater poet, and artist in general than can be put into words.

why are you adding manual line breaks to the things you post?

Ofcourse you believe in islam because you are a shitskin with one braincell who follows a cult of inbreds. Pic related.

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