14 year Pizzagate Europol investigation solved in 2 days by pol

This is the power of Old/pol/

Quick rundown:
>Europol ask for help on October 15 about pictures related to child abuse twitter.com/Europol/status/1051754869927882752?s=19
>the process was too slow and we went to /g/ and asked them to make a site which gives each phone booth a number and with street view, satellite etc fiddle.jshell.net/3wfuzpdy/show/
>(((mods))) banned us because of "doxxing" so we moved to discord
What do you guys think? Should we have threads about this kind of stuff more regularly? Weaponized autism is a powerful tool that can solve these investigations easily

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Talk about autism.


Trips confirm youre a fag. Check em.

Everyone except for OP is cuckchan.

To be fair you can solve nearly every criminal investigation by saying "it was a jew"

tbf 4/pol/ is a shit hole full of faggots and redditards but 8/po/ lost a lot lately, it never gets anything done.

Then go back to 4chan.

Im sad that pizzagate does not get the attention it desperately needs

fucking jews

pol as in police not Zig Forums you fucking faggots.

This thread is a slightly reworded duplicate

And that's why there are intelligence agencies trying to redirect efforts into meaningless wild goose chases. We already know who the criminals are.

Wake me up when they publicly thank Zig Forums for having above room temperature IQ, more motivation, and for and doing their job for them. Hey glow niggers if you're reading this, suck my dick. Those same CIA faggots are the ones digging through our old files and memories everytime someone posts a meme that's too spicy. Maybe next they can come find who killed Linda Ives son. Maybe for payment they could put some backbone into their work and give anons a heads up about all the false flags they are watching play out as we speak. Maybe admit who did 9/11 so we will stop looking crazy for not believing that lie like everyone else. But until stuff like that happens they are still an enemy and they still get the rope

so you found the location of a phone booth… wow, we did it reddit, pickle rick!

All the research autists were siphoned off by the Q-LARP so they could chase nigger ghosts around a toilet bowl

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That's the real purpose of Q-LARP. Everyone autistic enough to be willing to dig into files and connections was psychologically susceptible to such content in the first place. All that was needed was a wild goose chase and zero real information and apparently that was enough to steal them away FOR AN ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR AFTER THE HOAX WAS PROVEN AS SUCH.

We Zig Forumsice now.

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Well that would identify a connected location to anything related to the picture. That's a big find.

Post a webm or something OP.

There is such an oversaturation of pedo shit blatantly staring everybody in the face it is astounding. Pic related is some nigger next to king nigger at the funeral for the nigger shot in the church by Roof I randomly found. If we all really started digging again there would be a never ending of this shit to find.

Pizzagate can only be resolved when RWDS & DOTR occur because pedo shit and jews are so pervasive throughout this world that casting a wide net would be required to root out the problem.

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Anyone dumb enough to believe Q could never do any productive research.

Pretty much this but bump either way.

>>(((mods))) banned us because of "doxxing"

Mods are kikes, and all kikes are pedophiles.


So do the (((intelligence agencies))) and they're mostly identical.

Think Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. They want to see how exposed they are, these autist digs can be used as a drill.

It was never proven a hoax, but yes, I see your theory.

Some of us over there have suspected this and often will drop some real information that (((they))) don't want found out to get them on the right track. Then the DDOSes start again.

Q is useful as long as you don't take it for face value and see it as a way to wrangle boomers into doing some good.

Masons too. At this point we're looking at Butlerian Jihad-level interdiction to solve the problem completely.

Sounds fake, every second line should be about a virtue signalling contest where people post the same 5 pictures over and over again in order to prove that everybody else is a kike.


any sane person can easily see through this jewish D&C faggotry

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Pizzagate was what woke them up to Pol's power. Nothing has frightened them to the same extent before. The site was trashed after pizzagate (and arguably after the Trump win when we got loads of Civnat noobs who didn't lurk 2 years). It's been raided and infiltrated beyond belief and nupol is a shadow of oldpol.

However, the good news is….the old pol anons are still out there…somewhere…waiting…

This is why I entered this thread to post. Like it or not, no real digs are happening on this board. I've only seen them happening on /qresearch/ in my short few months at either. Prove me wrong by actually digging here. What, did you think I wanted an argument?