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Did Twitter glitch or is this faggot really stupid

He is either a shill bitch deep state agent or gullible as fuck

BOYCOTTapc step up your troll game too this crap is weak…no she tears I know not everyone is red pulled yet


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He is a TWAT anyone who collects Qfunds from him and baked bitch gets 20%

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Jack Noseiac

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Fuck off nigger.

Or what bitch boi


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My guess is shill
Still very entertaining

Is it pussobiec or pussbietz?

BOYCOTToann shills

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Connect the dots obviously microchimp and pussobiec got my login shit

Are pussobiec and his anal loving wife related by blood? If I was ai I would have a problem with their facial recognition lol

wow user, did you plaster that poster? why did you cover up so much?
It's like you're ashamed of it or something.

Let's get some memes of him as the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas and baked bitch aka micro chimp as his little sled bitch

Lol what is plaster a poster…the only thing I did was plaster your mom's face with cum

Now that I think of it you plastered Zig Forums with your shit. thanks for ruining this board a little more

Oh calm down hoto