One of Hollywood’s critical times of the year is kicking off, and I think there’s a golden opportunity to use it to break them.

The holidays are around the corner. In terms of business, this is their second biggest time of the year for new releases, as well the season when studios drop their "Oscar Bait." To initiate a Holiday season campaign indicting the entertainment industry for its culpability in pedophilia, and linking it to a BOYCOTT, could potentially affect their box office numbers to such an extent that they can be goaded into responding, and thus attract mainstream media attention. (Especially given the recent #MeToo controversy.) Maybe gin up enough pressure to bring some of these predators to justice.

To that end, I would like to submit the enclosed proposal for your consideration.
Thanks, Zig Forums

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Note: for the past 3 years Hollywood’s Seasonal box office has been drafting off Star Wars movies. Not only is that franchise a dead man walking, but there are no movies for it to be released this year, and the capeshit stuff on deck is like Aquaman or some such. Point being, if we can get enough people to boycott, between that and lackluster films on schedule, Hollywood could have one of their worst seasons on record. Record low box office while dealing w/a mass pedowood boycott, and our people get better morale for a win, and Hollywood chimps out/shits the bed.


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Everything in the entertainment industry has gone to shit and so has their influence. An expected outcome when you choose diversity over quality.

Not your personal army, faglord.

How is exposing Hollywood pedophilia new? Pedo/Pizzagate has been in full swing for two years now. OP sounds good on paper but where's the innovation?


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You really have done your homwork! Maybe this "White Acitivist Manual" can give some more inspiration, or you can add.

This meme needs to be udated with a current photo of Mel Gibson, but the statements on it are still valid.

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I like your white paper approach.

That’s why we reactivate #pedowood. There’s a ton of stuff that’s been put there over the years, but a lot of it is buried under a bunch of half-assed dross. Starting next month we could re-drop the best hatefacts we have, and tie it to a boycott. That way it’s not just info, but info tied to an objective ("boycott theaters this Christmas"). Gives people something to do in a certain time. Sort of like how militaries have NCOs give their guys a time-hack. Or like how the Trump election got so hot. It was meming with a call to action.

In this case, while most of us cut the cord a long time ago, most Normies haven’t. Everybody hates pedoshit, and with a movie boycott you can get them get involved to help spread the message that Hollywood is filled with child rapists, powerful people cover it up, and you shouldn’t give them money this Christmas. We deny Hollywood an important revenue stream, and get their base to fight against them.

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Who…is Zig Forums?

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Looking at a list of December releases. Bumblebee is a Paramount gig. Might be a good time to get out the word Spielberg is a pedo (who's done a ton of stuff for them and is linked to the fanchise). Bringing him down would be huge

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Bump, save this shit guys

The key to getting this to work is be able to pick jew targets who will resonate on social media. Of course the new policies on all these platforms will kill any especially unfounded claims but a recent example which worked was going after "Rick and Morty". Netflix is now removing "Rick and Morty" from its streaming service and you'd be hard pressed to find it on television.

The "Rick and Morty" take down worked because Dan Harmon had posted that "baby rape" video and from that all the sick references in the show to the "baby rape" painted a picture no studio could get out of.

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it's an open secret; so secret, they don't talk about it. "It", being the common tie that binds; blood/lineage/the cousin-fucking inbred chosen flock

Who is Steven Allan Spielberg KBE OMRI ?

I'll join.
What a hoot it would be if the Chans could bring down one of the most powerful industries in the world.
Imagine the press tracing this massive collapse back, and finding our smug faces at the other end.

I like this idea.
I'm excited to be a part of it (Ghostbusters)

We've influenced major news publications
We've trolled beloved media celebrities
We've influenced the world's largest political elections

But burning down Hollywood? This could be the biggest troll of all time.
And all accompanied by the wailing of Jews.
Yea, I'm in.

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You know, altering your meme (I saved it, by the way) to call Gibson "Christian" might get more fundamentalists in the U.S. to identify with it.
Just a suggestion. They would probably make a decent army in this attack.

Are you suggesting only whites are against child raping perverts?
Plenty of non-whites will jump on this, especially on 1/2 chan and /b/

This is not a racial operation, it is a massive troll, to crash an industry so huge it thinks it's above the law, and an industry that pukes propaganda like a peyote-chugging hippy on Saturday night.

We need to use everybody we can, for this.

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In addition to (((Spielberg)), I think (((Bill Maher))) would be prime target. And if we can hook Spielberg, then (((Geffen))), because that sonofabitch seems to have his hands in everything. Here's some stuff for the newbs f/back when #pedowood and #hollywoodvigilante was kicking off

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A megathread on a lot of this:

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This, even if we're just doing it for lulz and nothing else, it's still worth it.

He sounds like a tryhard butterbar, but this is a good idea.

boycotts are no joke, just ask the pr0n companies

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If the Christmas box office fails to get 3.5, they won't break last year's record

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For fuck's sake, who still goes to the (((movies)))?! (((Hollywood))) is completely creatively bankrupt. I blame the economic bubble.

Make sure you stay 100% on the money with verifiable facts and backing proof. It's only going to hurt the message if fake shit gets put out there and can be disproved.


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It(just such an operation not necessarily rooted in methods but more importantly results) is effective when an issue important to the Left is appropriated to act as cover for the true intended result(s). For example; though the Left is passionate about slave wages/conditions, they've made little, if any, inroads into impacting the Apple company's bottom line; profits.
A single issue which both ends of the political spectrum can agree upon is the hatred of what 'Consumerism' has become as a parasitic ideology based in materialism.
The Left is far too preoccupied with its obsession for feelz&emotions to focus its energies on logic, reason and depleting the shekels of the oligarchic top tier.
The larger goal is not only to impact profits for the 2018 Holiday season, but to expand the "grievances" so that ultimately all things kike media-related (jewlywood, all 6 news/entertainment conglomerates, digital rag media and so forth) become the go-to things to be rejected.
This particular forum and all of its offshoots have been quite successful in costing Billion$ in advertising/marketing, countless hours/energies devoted to dead-end ideologies/social&cultural engineering, and changing the talking points from those being meted out to the various NPC talking heads on the TelAvivision by their producers to one which satisfies the common man/woman shitposting on an extreme-ironing board and bottle cap collection enthusiast forum.

My burgercoworkers and burgerfriends all still go to see BIG BOX OFFICE FLICKS and discuss them passionately. This operation has plenty of face to land a good slap upon.

10/10 will look forward to the fruits of these labours

I bet Michael Eisner has all kinds of dirt on him just waiting to be uncovered.

dude, Disney…

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Damaging Hollywood is damaging one of the yids biggest revenue sources.


seriously though, fuck hollywood, and fuck anyone who says otherwise

In many ways, this IS "the top". The top of the propaganda machine/shekel printers.

This is also a great opportunity for an echo loop.
If we already know this years box office will be bad, the Hollywood execs will be looking for something to blame to keep their jobs. They'll blame our boycott, and they'll do it loudly in the media. There will be articles published in all the major outlets about how 'incels' are destroying the box office or some other such rubbish. But because of the streissand effect people will only become more interested in what's going on in hollywood.
We just need to get that initial publicity to get a bit of attention and we set ourselves up as the ideal scapegoat, this is ultimately to our benefit though. Get them to blame us and it becomes an easy win for us.

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looking at the release schedule. Well, well, well. Schindler's List happens to re-released December 7th. lol

Release Schedule

December 7 (Friday)
Schindler's List (Re-Release)
Ben Is Back
Clara's Ghost
Mary Queen of Scots
Vox Lux

December 12 (Wednesday)
Once Upon a Deadpool
December 14 (Friday)
Mortal Engines
The Mule
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Bird Box
The House That Jack Built
If Beale Street Could Talk

December 19 (Wednesday)
Mary Poppins Returns

December 21 (Friday)
American Renegades
Holmes and Watson
Second Act
Welcome to Marwen
Cold War

December 25 (Tuesday - Christmas Day)
On the Basis of Sex

December 28 (Friday)
Stan & Ollie

US box office doesn't mean shit anymore. Americucks watch movies on their phones now while taking a shit. It's dumb foreign fucks who think Hollywood is America that eat up Shlomo's slop. Korean's get new releases the sametime at home ppv style.

If you're going to watch some shit, PIRATE IT. Should go without saying.

>Use Maher's connection to sex club pedoshit to push boycott of capeshit/(((media giant)))

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good work user, was gonna ask for a schedule. besides the obvious pedophile polanski, is there any other director from that movie list with dirt on them?
"The parents of a 14-year-old extra have sued producers of the film “Apt Pupil” for allegedly filming their son naked along with other minors in a gymnasium shower scene without permission and in violation of California law and Screen Actors Guild rules.

"Philip and Constance St. Albin, suing in Los Angeles Superior Court on their own behalf and on behalf of their son Devin St. Albin, claimed in the suit the scene was supposed to be filmed “under strict supervision” and with no nudity.
"According to St. Albin and Glomboske (who is joining his suit), the extras, wearing their robes over the G-strings, were ushered past the parents into the shower-room set, where they were told to take off their bathrobes. Then, say St. Albin and Glomboske, they were asked by assistant directors Fernando Altschul and Tom DeSantos to remove their G-strings.

”I looked around for help, for someone to say, ‘There are minors here,”’ says St. Albin. ”I raised my hand and said I wasn’t comfortable. The assistant director looked very upset and said, ‘I guess we can switch you with this other kid.’

Naturally, he is connected w/Spielberg and Dreamworks (which is Geffen also)

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In addition to BUMBLEBEE's DeSanto, ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL's co-producer Simon Kinberg is another friend of Bryan singer who was involved in APT PUPIL. Seems like he served as a troubleshooter when Singer's shit started coming to light (so he's gotta be in-the-know). Also hosted fundraisers for shitlibs.

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MARWEN: it's distributed by Universal, but produced in a joint project w/Zemeckis's company and DREAMWORKS, which was started by Spielberg and Geffen.

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well i know you aren't going to want to hear this, but ima gona toss in my two cents worth user. if you really want this to work, drop the jew bullshit. I know, they are totally connected to all this pedo wood shit. but if you want the normies to get involved you have to let them come to this conclusion themselves. just gently keep nudging them towards the truth.
for my part i will work on some graphics and spread through ym twatter and gab accounts. but for me i just push the whole "sex offenders/ rapists and druggies angle". I am careful to make sure i highlight jews (not exclusivley, but predominantly), but i dont point out that they are jewish, i let them do that themselves.
please guys dont flame with me "shill" etc etc. im not. I just try to lead people to water. When they start to make the connections on thier own, then you go full GTK. Its a system that has worked for me family and friends.

look at what they release on christmas day. fucken cunts. im not even really religious and this in your face, shit on your culture, jew attitude, fuck i just want to gas them all

WELCOME TO MARWEN: shitlib gaslighting product of Zimeckis/Spielberg. Attack it by redpilling public on allegations surrounding BACK TO THE FUTURE series:

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What the OP completely overlooks in his 'white paper' are the Hollywood Talent Agencies who are in fact the backbone and financing structural agents of the industry as a whole.

The main talent agencies are Creative Artists Agency, William Morris, United Talent Agency, Endeavor and a handful of smaller agencies who arrange the financing and packaging of Hollywood's filth.

Target these people and you will bring down the the whole structure which is the Hollywood machine…. target the production companies is just swatting at flies and mosquitoes.

The talent agencies finds the scripted material, then package the project (with financing) with actors, directors and sometimes producers to the major film production companies… the talent agencies are the hidden power behind ALL OF HOLLYWOOD'S filth.

This has potential

Be quiet kike