Swastika Painted On Duke Mural Honoring Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims

Duke University officials say someone painted a Nazi symbol on a mural honoring victims of last month’s Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.

University president Vincent Price said in a letter to the school community that a red swastika was painted Sunday night on the tribute to those who died in the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue. The East Campus Bridge and tunnel underneath are spaces where students can paint messages ranging from campus event promotions to memorials.

Price condemned the swastika as cowardly vandalism.

Price said increased security will continue at campus locations including the Freeman Center for Jewish Life.


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I see the kikes are kvetching about this.

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The cattle are waking up. Can we get them all up in time?

I wish these graffiti faggots would put more effort into their swastikas.


Goddamnit, why are the swastikas always shitty and lazily done? Oh yeah, because jews paint them.

maybe they're afraid of getting caught and it's dark outside

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Why are the jews still acting like the holocaust is still in place to this day and they need protection. Fucking jewish kikery has no limits.

It's obviously rushed, but at least it's mostly correct.

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Shoo shoo glow-in-dark Jew!

Pro-tip…painting them on broken down buildings, illegally discarded trash piles, old cars, ugly graffiti, aggressive advertisement or any other public nuisance gets the city moving in record time to clean it up. This is how smart people attack urban environmental issues, nobody else gives a shit about.

Probably true tbh. Sage for flat earth thread.

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Try the infowars forums.

It could happen again

Duke University is in North Carolina… Maybe this Negro LGBTQP anti-racism activist made the journey down there from NYC.

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This is probably just a rabbi, but isn't it funny how the political elite, the biggest cowards and traitors constantly call everything a "cowardly act?"
These soulless scum sit sipping their lattes in their chairs and vote to firebomb churches and to ship illegal chemical weapons to IsraHell. They sit around voting for cold blooded murderers to drag old men off to prison for thought crimes and send millions of American soldiers off to die in agony to advance the interests of a foreign country, yet they have the brass, the Chutzpah to call it "cowardly" when someone strikes back.

It really is astonishing how brazen they are. They need to be shown the meaning of terror.

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Just thinking this.
It was either a natsoc or a jew who did his homework.

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It could have been a Jew, but I'm not so sure. Their style is usually writing inside of their own synagogues.

It would have been better to write something about the Palestinians being killed, though.

So where is this "swastika", because sure as fuck that photo isn't one, though the artist tag looks strangely familiar to previous works. Hmmmmm.


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checked for social cleansing

Sieg Heil
We have reached levels of around 30% that are at least semi redpilled and at least 10% of the total population is jew wise
Gen z will get the job finished once and for all


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And if you buy some snake oil from there I have found it works great to clean my gun bore though it ate my fingerprints entirely off also so use gloves when handling and only use in well ventilated areas.

I see you found the rabbit hole Q is always referencing. Nice!


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Why cant they make proper swastika? Is it that hard for them? If so why

A Swastika is a symbol of life, gathering energy. The jew is a creature of universal entropy.
They are, on a spiritual level, incapable of creating anything positive, even something as simple as a swastika.

prove it

Well that could explain most of it, jews are anti-life/nature after all

We already know who drew it.

So Jews lied about the holocaust too? Then would that make those camps totally fake or slave camps?
I bet slave camps. Am I correct?
Fuckery runs deep man but I'm trying to break away from the herd here.
If slave camps then what did the slaves produce while in detention?
Some type of product to sell it must be?
I fucking hate rabbit holes. At my house there is a Rattlesnake at the bottom.
I'm thinking vehicles or items for military application?

Triple dubs checked, and confirmed truth.

You know they don't use a common addition symbol in Israel right? That the slur "kike" comes from the yiddish word for circle (kukel)? Illiterate jews at Ellis Island recoiled from "Making their mark" to sign their intake forms with an x (looks like the symbol of the hated Nazarene) so they made a circle or "kukel" instead.

It's a mystical superstition about signs having power and therefore the worst and most spiritually consumed of them - exactly the sort to pull these hoaxes - are rendered physically incapable of making the mark of their hated enemies.

I didn't know

If one were actually going to do something like this, something with power would be to post a catalog of graphics of jews attacking Whites, screeching for our genocide and subversion, crowing how about it fucking us over in xyz manner, jew crap that governments doing, jew groups jewing. Somehow I don't think they'd take a picture and post it in their articles, they'd be spreading the news about jews.

Another good one would be quotes of the talmud.

and quotes of jew leaders, like how everyone would murder them if they knew what they teach themselves in their talmud, etc.

This is a real windmill of friendship too, they got their own shabbos to do this



I am honestly curious to see what would happen if you force a kike to draw it. I almost expect them to wither and die.


It requires studying & gazing upon it's artistic form, but the mere sight of it triggers them so they draw what they think it is, not what it actually is.

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After 3 or 4 hours of research into this shit I think I need to fucking puke.
TOXIC as fuck!

Go back to Tumblr.

Nuclear bombs, read reich of the black sun.

Dumb ass, the facts are on our side.
We want the debate, do not spray paint or any of that crap. Stop with the Hitler shit, stop with the Nazi shit and stop using racial slurs.

Unless your goal is to get rid of freedom of speech.
To enact strict gun control legislation
and to isolate and sabotage any hope of political success.

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Going to "debate" with jews are you? What next you wanna vote?

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Symbols are gay. Religion is gay. Cults are gay.

niggers it is going to.

under 8'ed post

A simple stencil would solve the problem

Jew here, guaranteed case of HEY RABBI
What rustles my jimmies is the Hebrew with cantillation marks.
6 gorillian shekles says some goy fuck wrote that. Nobody uses that.

Oy vey

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The jew is ingrained with the concept that symbols are powerful, and to replicate a symbol is to give it more power.
That's why they use slurs to identify their enemies, and why they cannot properly false flag.

We live under those conditions already under the guise of "freedom".
The goal is to remove the disguise and show the world.

That needs an edit with one of the actual swastika designs that (((they))) spray.

They weren't slave camps. Hitler was holding the Jews in detention camps, awaiting deportation to Madagascar which would become isreal. Yeah.. It was a pretty bad idea.

Hey boomer faggots join this server and have a shitpost party in there and ruin it for these kids NOW

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The poorly done swastika still isn't as bad as that kike shit. It was obviously made by a non-Aryan though.

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The gay community is already angry at the Jews over covering up that the Bris disrupted by the shooting was for 2 gay men.

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This is the White solution.

Now that's a believable swastika. Jews must be shitting their pants.

Pittsburgh checking in. This story about the swastika being painted on the mural was in the news for a minute, and then gone. Very little mention made of it considering that the shooting itself was talked about literally every five minutes.

Triple dubs confirm.
No truer words.

They produced the food, clothing, etc., that the inmates used.
Some work details were taken to build defense structures, but that was toward the end of the war, when things had started to get pretty hairy. Many of them died due to malnutrition, just as some inmates were, back at the camps, because supply lines had been cut, and many were starving, inmate or not (soldiers get fed first, for obvious reasons).
Frankly, if it had been me, I would have released them all and pointed them toward the allied lines, and let them become the enemy's problem. But we would have probably just shot them, not knowing who or what they were.

Actually, the Madagascar thing had been rejected, with the rabbis preferring Jews to be moved to Palestine, instead of being given their own country elsewhere.
They no doubt had plans to steal it from the natives, even then.

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Why, Gilbert and Sullivan, of course.
; ^ )

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Quick exposure time = work fast

Why aren't mods banning shitbags like you

Take up the fight en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Pittsburgh_synagogue_shooting


thats some spoopy shit

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