Book Club #6 - What is Communist Anarchism?

It's another introductory anarchist text buckos! Come read the best known work by the dude who fucked Emma Goldman and almost assassinated one of the porkiest porkys ever to pork.

No poll is currently open, but check out the book club to look at previous reads or make suggestions.

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yea no.

nowadays that's one regret fuck away from a false rape allegation.

would prefer more books on Anarchist revolutionaries that had no ties. the Anarch, as Junger and Nechayev stated, has no earthly bounds.

nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.


kill yourself retard

No need to get bitchy at him, just tell him not to participate in this weeks book club if he's autistic enough to get asshurt over the author having fucked a feminist once who isn't related to the scripture at all.

She specifically was not. She criticized feminism strongly and now anarcho feminists appropriate her to try making their ideology appear rehabilitated. This is like thinking MLK would support black capitalism.

Now get ye gone to the containment thread.

nah I'm cool.

So do the folks reading this need another week?

It's dead. Everyone who was capable of reading and thinking has left this board. Another victory for the incelposters from Zig Forums!

fuck off

It is mostly dead. Who would want to join a leftist bookclub in a place where the mods refuse to take out the garbage, and in fact throw their own garbage all over the place while also banning people when they try to take out the trash themselves?

They hated Jesus because she told the truth

I'm a slow reader and I didn't even started because I was reading something else last week. I think I'll pass and wait for the seventh book.


Maybe we should rejuvenate the list like another user suggested in the main thread
Shorter works seem to get more traffic so maybe stick to pamphlets until this has legs. That and the list has been pretty heavy on anarchist texts specifically. I know the board leans anarcho but it's good to read stuff you disagree with and it could make this more attractive to other tendencies.

I'm a very slow reader too. Was planning on writing thorough responses/summaries but I don't have the time to do that. I read faster if I read out loud, weirdly, so I've been thinking about making audiobooks for these, since it's basically just turning on a mic and doing some editing on top of what I normally do.

Does the polling website have a max number of entries? If not I don't really see the point of rejuvenating the list. I agree to shorter and more diverse texts, would like to read Critique of the Gotha Program.

I don't think so.
I think the idea was more to force some new stuff since the other stuff wasn't selected. If we sort by runners-up, they'll be at the top, and that does bias the poll.
Yeah, I liked the idea of having smaller texts on rotation every week with larger ones rotating slower so people can pick a pace/depth they're more comfy with.

Anarchism is a dead movement. You fags should read some real shit

Post some real shit for us to read then.

That reminds me of when Zig Forums split a while back, and the new board was populated by the more well-read of the lot. They tried to start a book club, but all of their books were sci-fi novels and self-help books. It was a fucking riot.

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That was it, I'd prefer to see new blood and think mixing up choices is better for that than moving down the list which seems to be what happened. I guess now would be the time to post suggestions in the book club thread, but my general beliefs have dominated all of our readings so I'm hesitant to post more libertarian communist suggestions to keep the book club nominally unbiased with regards to socialist ideology.
I disagree, I think the current scheme works well enough and that seems open to the longer books being neglected. We are workers after all and finding time to read anything is difficult when you are stuck being a wage laborer.

It's not our fault if other ideologies don't post literature though.

Yeah, but I'd like to see more anons, preferably some kind of libcom, post ideas. I'll go ahead and post some recs in the book club thread here in a bit.

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