President Trump: Enemy of Veterans

Thread of hate and disrespect towards American Veterans and military servicemen from President Donal Trump.

Donald Trump attacked the Gold Star Family of a fallen soldier and later admits his ignorance of Gold Star Families:

Trump attacks Vietnam Vet Senator McCain over his military service saying:

Trump insults retired Admiral William H. McRaven, the retired Navy SEAL and Special Operations commander who oversaw the killing of Osama bin Laden and the capture of Saddam Hussein, saying

Trump weakens Consumer Financial Protection Bureau protections for military service members from payday lenders.

Trump, in a Howard Stern interview, calls sleeping around with STD ridden women:

Trump pushed for laws to revoke special seller licenses for disabled Veterans street vendors

Trump lies about raising funds for veteran groups

Trump donates to fake veteran non profit group

Trump cancels visit to veteran cemetery due to rain:

Trump insults military member with PTSD

Trump claims he sacrifices as much as fallen soldiers

Trump forgets name of fallen service member in phone call to widow and makes her cry

Trump gives $38 BILLION in military aid to Israel while cutting funding to the State Department.

Trump is a five time draft dodger.

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Trump attacks Vietnam Vet Senator McCain over his military service saying:

When did shills get so dumb

Milfags, veterans, welfare boots of zog and all warmongering proponents of the hyper spending military industrial complex to aid globalism can go fuck themselves.

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Never a peep about this.

Typical nupol response attacking the credibility of a source while offering nothing in rebuttable.
Stop wasting everyone's time.

McCain killed dozens of his fellow soldiers in a training "accident", ratted out his fellow men while in captivity and his daddy swept the evidence, fuck that traitorous warhawk

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He was a shit soldier that got men killed due to his own incompetence (see the Forrestal fire which he caused, killing 134 men, then was covered up as an ordnance malfunction to save face), then he crashed his plane like a dumbass and got captured. He squealed on his men while a POW and got even more good soldiers killed.
Then spent his years in politics as an Israel-fellating warhawk, demanding yet more American men be sent to die for Israel.
Good riddence to shabbos goy and avowed zionist John "Rotten Brain" McCain. His death could not have come too soon.

And I care why? Signing up for the US military is just a way for population control, either your a retard, or a conservative white with strong family values… either way it's a win for the ZOG.

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Notice how pro Trump shills will never give evidence to their claims but will overwhelmingly attack others sources with nothing to back up those claims. If you think the media has made a lie PROVE IT or get off this thread.

traitor McCain who gave information to the VK resulting in the deaths of hundreds of US servicemen?
what a fucking idiot you are.

fucking retard

He was blaming kang nigger, nigger.


Trumpenstien might lick kike asshole but as far as I'm concerned he didn't shit on McCain or the shitskin "gold star" family nearly enough. Where the fuck do you think you are faggot? Muh disrespted veteran is a boomer-tier argument that doesn't work anymore. You also conveniently leave out what raging assholes all those jack asses were to Trump. Kys twice, just to be sure.

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I don't believe decency is dead. Nothing here is admirable of a president.

>pro mccain and mudshit (((gold star))) family shilling now on Zig Forums
I've seen it all Zig Forums, you're officially scraping rock bottom

Holy shit, (((OP))).

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If you're going to shill against Trump here, try not to make your first point this chucklefucking retarded. Not reading the rest of your shit.

It gets better: the next one is McCain.

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Oh for fuck's sake


No one here supports him anyway.

Boomer confirmed. We're at war here, FUCK your "respectability".

I know he's a Zionist scumbag, but this is a shit thread. No one here gives a shit that he attacked McCain or those Gold Star muzzies. You sound like some shitlib

Trump has not yet visited our active service people. Why would a guy who dodged the draft even care. VA hopsitals are still worse than ever under Trump.

For so long the blanket charges of Fake News by Trump was all we heard and even believed. Then when you do the research , you might be surprised to find even the pee dossier has not been completely discredited by Trump. It will emerge Trump was in bed with the Russians all along.

Fuck off shill, we know Trumps likely controlled but attacking McCain comes under "things he did right". Even us eurofags know McCain was part of the zionist lobby.

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Shills not even on subject and vague replies. Could you be anymore obvious schecklestein

Fuck mc cain and fuck you too. May you burn in hell together one day.

The whole "military protects our freedom" line is a lie, they don't protect us from shit, they only make things worse for us back home

Remember anons;
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Remember anons;
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I think Trump is a zionist faggot, but I don't give a fuck about shit like him insulting some muslim or his fellow zionist mccain.

Obama was our first black tranny loving POTUS
Trump is our first Jewish but the jews hate him POTUS. As of now, too many Trump voters are just leaving in droves and staying home in election 2020. Trump will not be reelected. He just broke too many promises.

The shills don't even try to understand the board culture anymore.

Yeah yeah we get it youre working on consensus cracking and going into overtime.


Trump is no hero. He is a puppet.

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Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG. The only people bothered by this statement do not belong here.
You do not belong here, redditor.

nobody gives a fuck about the stupid fucking zogbots that prostitute themselves to israel for college tuition

but yeah fuck blumpf

So you want "based zogbots" to realize this or you're saying McCain was a great guy? In each case, this doesn't reflect good on you at all and speaks for your total lack of understanding about the current situation.

Consider suicide.

name 1 thing Trump has done other than kiss israel's ass and push gun control

filtered you brainlet faggot

also how is it even relevant whether people are pro/anti-Trump now? he's already elected and he can't win again 'cause Florida has felon voting. He'd need Pennsylvania and that's not happening

Fuck veterans, fight for a good cause instead of for Israel. If you raised an arm to help the kikes conquer the ME you are part of the problem. I will extend only the slightest respect to U.S soldiers in WW2 who at least didn't have the benefit of a mountain of evidence of what they were doing by participating in that conflict. If you join the U.S army now, you are nothing but a useful idiot for kike power and deserve nothing but scorn.

wew. they're the worst, they killed the white race and destroyed the world, they deserved all the suffering they got and I hope they realized the gravity of what they did before they croaked

Vietnam and Korean War vets deserve some respect, the rest are shit

Fuck McCain, and his family

Keep in mind I didn't ask for your opinion, tiny faggot.

Fuck McCain, that fucking traitor.
Since no one else posted it yet, here's Songbird McCain's audio.

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Well he’s clearly not your president so your opinion is worth shit.

I respect ZOGnald more for dodging service in Vietnam. The fuck were we doing over there anyway? A catalyzing even like the draft should have caused our corrupt government to be overthrown. Just goes to show how pacified the US citizenry has been for decades.

spraying cat-eating gooks with chemicals

That's not an opinion, you retarded fuckwit. WWII vets are the disgusting garbage who destroyed the American economy lusting for usury, then murdered the whites and japs keeping the filthy jewish communists and chink hordes down, and then gave birth to the most repulsive generation of drug addicted race traitors ever dropped from a whore's vagina.

Here is the best McCain take-down I've seen. The guy confronting him is Blaine Cooper. Same guy who organized the militias during the Bundy Ranch standoff with federal agents.

im war vet, and this is true


What's wrong with this?

I can only pity veterans of zog wars, that's about it.

You name will be extracted from employment records. We will then find you, and consequently everyone you know. Then you can honor your moments with God before you realize the truth and consequence of your actions.

You and the Jews Hate Trump, well I guess that puts Him in Good Company. They Hated JESUS Too!

It's time for Mattis to step in and remove the President from office. These Trump sycophants are incapable of thinking for themselves, regardless what information is provided to them. That is the history of human nature. There will always be a percentage of NPCs that do what they're told.

It is now up to the innovators and leaders of our society to help Mattis.

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My fucking sides the irony is rael.

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leave kike

I cringed

fuck you shareblue nigger

Getting desperate, eh?

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Back into the oven you go

McCain was a faggot. Holy shit if you want to try and win vets to your cause do not include that traitorous piece of shit. Holy fuck he was a rich kid who had an Admiral for a daddy, betrayed his fellow servicemen, got his fellow servicemen tortured and killed, and then when he became a politician spent his entire career trying to prevent POWs from being recovered because more stories about his treason would come out.

Every veteran, regardless of political orientation or personal philosophy, should despise John McCain for no other reason then he betrayed his fellow servicemen and would betray you too if it helped him.

A low yellow sneaking coward and liar.

Trumps finest moment besides saying "they have to go back" and "somebody's doing the raping" was saying "I prefer people who don't get caught" about satan's court jester John McShame.

Never forget


Same. Sure sucked to finally realize it when all the puzzle pieces were put together.

Mccain was globalist who hated usa. Osama (cia code name tim osman) died somewhere 2002 according to hamid gul pakistan intelligence chief. Osama raid was staged and the navy seal dude is lying.

Also: op is democrat supporter.

Jews are split in two groups. Israel jews who are nationalistic and like Trump

Other group is leftist jews in usa and europe who hate trump. Trump keepa israel close so they cant do anything shady.

This Thread:

Wew, nigger. You must be one of those Mizrahi we've been hearing about. JIDF run an affirmative-action shill lab now?

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I don’t give a damn about Trump shitting on McCain.

At the same time, Trump is a jew-loving pussy who tweets all the time instead of actually doing anything.

Imagine believing this.

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Those were good times.

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Reminder that Donald Trump is a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist who publicly disavows white nationalism and whose entire family is jewish. Reminder that Donald Trump has taken zero actions during his presidency that have gone against jews or been for the benefit of whites. Reminder that Donald Trump has accelerated white genocide.

I am ready to die for the jewish state's absolute destruction

Friendly reminder that Ben Garrison's site got shut down over this pic.

Absolutely nothing. All it was, was a Jewish ritual slaughter of American, French and Vietnamese goyim cattle. A mere 11 years after the last American troops left Vietnam, the CPV initiated market reforms in 1986, and now Vietnam is a pseudo-communist capitalist country.Đổi_Mới

Checked. Yes, Trump is a kike puppet, but not as bad as most kike puppets that we have.

Kikes ultimately operate as a monolith, they only pretend to go against one another ideologically.


Why would someone not be an enemy of veterans? I'm dead motherfucking serious, why would a rational actor join the US Armed forces in this day and age? You know damn well what they think about you and what you're going to be used to do, this information is easily available with the advent of the internet.

B-b-but muh honorable zogbots!!!

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are you trying to troll or are you genuinely this fucking retarded?

seriously WTF is with these cucks, marxists and kikes shitting on Trumpenstein, entertainment value aside i don't like the guy very much, but i keep winding up forced to defend the crypto-kike because our enemies see fit to LIE every time they trot out a reason why they don't like him.

There's plenty of legit things to shit on him for doing, why twist words and deeds and flat out lie you shill fucktards? jesus these untermensch are scum.

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fuck off alex jones.

what is even the angle here? saged, reported, called the cops, and your parents.