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Rules for Users:
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Rules for Volunteers (Global and Local):
1. Protect user privacy - never show post histories;
2. Do not ban people for having an opinion, even if you believe it's the wrong one;
3. Enforce the global and local rules.

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first post kike free

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Is there any way to keep polvol5 from ever being a vol again?
Seems like if he ever does, it's just going to be a constant shitshow until he gets removed again.


Not really, hard to quality control that shit.


Are you a bad enough dude to save Zig Forums? Do you want your board back?

As you can see, Chodemonkey's (((global board))) kikery has resulted in this board becoming 4chan 2.0. Mods have no real power to clean up the board beyond removing niggerdick spam after fifteen hours, and half of them are faggots almost as big as Ron 'Free speech until it hurts my feelings' himself.

What can you, the user, do?

Simple. Email [email protected], again and again, until all that shows up in his inbox is Zig Forums demanding to be run by Zig Forums again. Spam global reports demanding that he make Zig Forums a user-run board again. That's all it'll take, because Ron is a little hapa faggot who has caved to spam in the past and will assuredly do so again.



Spam those global reports and emails, we need a board effort here. Change up your global report and email messages in case chode is filtering them. I'm not seeing enough global reports in the moderation log, boys.

Did vol5 get removed? A mod is showing up as deleted and that's likely him.

How do mods get selected?

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Haha laugh at kikey getting spanked again. Control the autism kiddo.

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Praise Kek for this amusing determination.

I don't care about all this drama, but the board has gone downhill since it became global. Assuming this isn't intentional, something needs to be drastically changed.


All they need to do is find actually loyal mods that aren't going to try to be internet Hitler, or some antifa faggot.

I agree we need to spank anyone that badmouths the G-D emperor of mankind daddy trump.

The solution is severely autistic weirdos obsessed with board quality above anything else. Like polvol5.

Kek'd and checked

Email the admin about it, like I have. Let him know that the emails won't stop until this board is fixed.

Email [email protected]

Update if anyone missed it: vol5 was officially removed as mod for banning spammers and voicing his opinion that the board should no longer be global, as many other anons have also said.
Check the logs here:

It's good to see another faggot gone.

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The time for debate is over, what could be said, has been said. Screech autistically at global mods ad nauseum until they stop self-righteously stealing and raping other people's boards.

Use the global report function or email them directly.

Zig Forums is a natsoc board. No amount of moderation can change the spirit of that statement. And should we fail, it will die a natsoc board while this husk lives on into obscurity.

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It's not though. That would be redundant >>>/natsoc/


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Don't threaten the hugbox, goy.

This guy gets it.

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Zig Forums came first. /natsoc/ is redundant.

Fascism came first. Natsoc is redundant.

He was removed for stickying his spam threads and permabanning anyone who disagreed. All of which can be seen in the board log you linked.

How long until polvol5 realizes he's on his own and no amount of VPNs he's using to pretend to be different people in this thread will change that.

You know damn well how disingenuous that is.

Anyone know of any other emails besides [email protected]?

He's not using a VPN. He is phoneposting and posting screenshots in the other thread w

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You deserved getting deleted for being so god damn ban-happy. Permabans should only be reserved for shit that actually deserves it. If you hadn't been such a retard, you'd still be a fucking vol right now.

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Zig Forums is not natsoc, I'm sorry. Yes, it has an affinity for Hitler, National Socialist Germany in all it's glory, and the legacy of the Aryan race but it is not natsoc. Zig Forums is Zig Forums and when you try to change that with heavy handed moderation you get what you see tonight. A dead board and volunteers crying on their keyboard because they want something they can not possess because it does not belong to them.

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Never been a vol, lad. Just like the cut of that guy's jib. Zig Forums has been unusably fucking bad for months now and something needs to change.

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For some reason I opened the pic to see if I wanted to save it and when I made contact with the eyes and I fucking cringed. You know like when you get surprised by a video of someone being tortured of something and your first instinct has your balls draw up into your body?

Spooky as fuck and saved.

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Quit pretending, it's pathetic.

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There is a difference between Laissez-faire and anarchy.

Why do people keep ignoring the politically incorrect part?

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Four fucking hours of this shit.

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lmao so glad this nigger is gone.

This mess is because of a lack of moderation and a BO.
Wow, not very natsoc, are you?

Yeah I got a permaban for asking if the polvol5 was banned because the bans stopped for like five minutes ww

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Sophistry has nothing to do with Zig Forums being fucking unusable with all the goddamn spam.

Never said I was natsoc, did I? Thats the beauty of anonymity and Zig Forums you straman building faggot.

Lol if you don't like fascism then leave.

The warnings were given.

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I retract my previous post then. I also agree wholeheartedly that something needs to give as far as this board is concerned. I'm on board with e-mailing codemonkey, and sent him one not too long ago. I just don't much care for polvol5 being a ban-happy faggot.

Fagot perma-b& me for calling him a fagot. Topkek.

To his credit, you type as if you're at least three times more severe of a faggot than he is.

Don't be a Kuckey Appologist
Zig Forums's moderation admin and the board as a whole has been shit since June 2015

Bans are necessary to prevent shills and spam. At this point mods occasionally delete the most obvious spam threads, but the same exact spammers are back every single day. They fuck up all threads by derailing them. It didn't use to be like this, and it doesn't have to now.

Well being a mobilefag’ll do that to you. What’s even more embarrassing aside from being on a Jewish tracking device is that I didn’t screen cap anything. Especially the part where he renamed all his images to respond to one guy.

April Zig Forumss day to be honest. It was kinda fun and /int/ got slapped back, but then the herd arose Trypt got fired and the kikey crew started ramping up their faggotry to turn the board into Zig Forums - NatSoc but really just using the imagery to trick you fucking goy into voting for kosher donny

Burn 'em all

Sounds like you deserved, it faggot.

Oh, it is you! How’s it going turbonigger?

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I'm not vol5, dumbass. Interesting that you can say nigger but not faggot.

Get the FUCK out and don't come back.

Global report.

how about turboniggerjewfaggot?

t. CIA

Real National Socialist hours I see. I better smash that new reply button.

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You’re the guy from the other thread, and your still assmad. Now, I’m sleepy, real sleepy, and now that I’ve gotten all the keks I could ever want, it is time to rest, and I would like to remind you that you will always be the biggest fagot I’ve ever seen on this site.

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Which thread, faggot?

The other one.

Are you tired of winning yet?

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Oh, right.

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Who the fuck deleted the original meta thread?
Do you think remaking it with a clean slate will clear your conscience and quell the rage from the board All you did was make it worse with this censorship you stupid nigger

The kike that got ovened.



Vol5 got Holocausted but for real.

Whatever happened to that boolshit about vols needing to have an ID vetted?

Where do you think you are?

How else are they going to check for your NSDAP membership?

It was nuked as the spergout happened. It disappeared and the pinned tantrum threads appeared. If you want more proofski you can fuck off. Damage was done and we're back.

So you're assuming it was vol5 because…

Fuck off you cum gargling cunt. The theme for the evening is polskakike getting shoaed.

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Check the log. You'll see his modship was removed.

Its on the log.

There is no assumption. I watched it, didn't get an archive. I don't give a fuck about proving fuck all to you kike. There is no coming back from this.

That is potential coincidence, isn't it? How do we know he wasn't false flagged by a different volunteer as part of a coup, hm?

Roach Exterminated

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You may be on to something user. It may have even been the jews.

Not shitposting, by the way, I'm just saying that we have a guy locked up and an official narrative as per the logs but no 'smoking gun', per se. We have proof of this happening and a punishment being doled out, but how do we know it's all vol5 specifically? I missed the threads earlier, and there isn't concrete identifying evidence in the logs.

You're never going to be a mod again you idiot, no matter how much you spam and whine.

Just fuck off, not your board anymore.

what was the thread number of the original meta thread. that will be easy to find who deleted it


That's proof that he got banned. I'm asking for proof that he deleted the meta thread.

Lol u mad?

Ok, but I have no idea what the thread I'd was so I can't find whether or not he deleted the meta thread.

I'm not the one lost his ban hammer, moshe.

So, you don't have any proof that he deleted the meta thread, then?