Is Tucker off his leash?

Yeah yeah, celeb shit. I ask you to please hear this out.
In a recent debate with Shapiro, Tucker starts
questioning unrestrained capitalism if it meant lowering the quality of life for citizens, and tears down Shapiros pilpul tactics and starts on ideas I wouldn't be surprised to hear from uncle Ted or early Hitler.
Listen to this interview. It's 9 minutes. Then listen to his recent ender taking down the idea that multiculturalism actually adds anything to society.
Am I missing something? Tucker seems to be advocating a rudimentary "third way" political/economic system.
Is it possible that Tucker has come to these conclusions on his own, that he never really looked into the real ideas behind national socialism?
All this time I assumed that most of the people I see on these shows were actively deceiving their audience. I'm now in the mindset that these people got their jobs by only taking in the information they were given and nodding their head, and the ones that don't never get anywhere in the industry.
If this is the case, is it possible that Tucker could trigger these talking points to spread? Is this why he is getting so much heat?

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Fair point, phone posting at the moment. Will redo when home. Feel free to sage.

You're probably reading too much into this. He's on a leash like any good dog if he jumps it's because they've told him how high - until proven explicitly otherwise. Sage.


Tucker hates fascists and frequently calls antifa fascists so kys

But Antifa does use fascist tactics and organisation. What did you mean by this?

Why, it's almost like we've been living in a time where popularization of careless slang terminology to describe one's feelings to another has ripped apart our language to the extent where we can't tell what the fuck anybody is even trying to say, but we understand the words and so instead of actually coming to understanding in conversation or debate, we slip and grind against each other like a broken set of gears.

I'm sorry, what is your point? I've read Wittgenstein but I fail to see what you're getting at here. I speak with the literal intent of language.

Again I would be shocked if the main fox anchor's leash range would include questioning diversity, and BTFOing the lead neocon media kike on superclass style capitalism, instead focusing on the quality of life of everyday native Americans?
Is it possible these news anchors are not in on the agenda, and thus can feel they have stumbled on ideas that no one else is talking about, and that they would be important to share.
Watch the two videos, I know the diversity one was making the rounds a few months ago, but this new one seems way too far out of left field for me.

Then why? If you want to have a decent discusion wait. Think about shit while you prepare and you thread would be better than this trainwreck. Jesus fuck ever since the god damned election brought in all the spic magapedes no one puts effort into anything except autistic larping.

Sorry to disappoint but I have been here since the founding of 8 pol. Again my bad on this. I tend to be a bit scatter brained when thinking about shit.
I may not be the best one to restart the concept, but watch the videos, and if you can see what I am getting at, make a thread that will be more coherent than what I am clearly capable of at the moment.

You are the most polite poster I've seen in a while.


Ehh. I just genuinely want to help and don't want to shit up this board. I live in ground zero California due to my industry so I have turned into a bit of a shut in, thus my communication skills have taken a dive. Need to start reading more and get my grammar skills back up to par.

Around here people know what fascist means, but Tucker, or perhaps just his audience knows fascist to mean "bad thing". That Tucker is trying to defile Fascism as we understand it is inconclusive, but he seems to be simultaneously rebranding some of our ideals for people who would otherwise dismiss them if labeled "fascistic".

Tucker is an asset whose is just trying to narrate a possible fork for the postwar order. He's an enemy full stop.

basically my point in a nutshell.
Writing people off, boomers especially, for having the mainstream views on history is unfair as they did not have anything close to the access information we did in developmental periods.
It is probable that tucker realized these ideas on his own, and has not yet connected them to history.
If this ever happened, the possibilities of awakening the masses instead of waiting until normies get uncomfortable enough to care.

Information access.
is onset dyslexia a thing? I never used to be this illiterate

Don't worry you just have dementia and this is part of your intake process
This is not real

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Whatever Tucker is, there's opportunity to help people find their way to the deep end of the pool, as opposed to remaining in the roped off kids section. Always look for the way someone else's actions can benefit your cause. Tucker may be act as a gatekeeper, but that doesn't mean you can't use him as more.

I'd believe it at this point.

Idk. I just find it a pretty interesting that the fox poster boy is pushing natsoc ideas without even realizing it in a debate with a kike, obviously wins the discussion, and it gets out.

No, a paid jewish shill who reads jewish scripts on jewish television is not a natsoc.

He has probably looked into national socialism. Tucker is capable of idea exchange and appraisal.

What are you going to do about OP?


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If you were natsoc trying to subtly get your point across to those watching in a debate, if you were good, you would use the same tactics as Tucker is in this.
I'm obviously not saying Tucker knows he is nat Soc, but I'm saying the ideas he is conveying are grounded in third way idiology.

Prolly make a shitty thread on pol

Some might be saying he is advocating for the reich way.

Copy and paste from halfchan. If you bothered to watch the full 60 minute interview, Tucker says that his libertarian ideas were unobtainable and that he had to change his viewpoints.

Are you advocating libertarianism?

A familiar path for many of us here.

Lmao seriously, that was one of the most positive aspects for me.


I remember scoffing at the "stages of a Zig Forums user" memes, and thinking I would stay ancap forever. It took a shockingly short time for me to become the final panel of those memes.

Do you mean untenable? Or perhaps unattainable? Either way, he's a jew paid shill reading jewish scripts on jewish controlled opposition television. You'd have to be mentally ill to think he's working against the jews.

If you are legit, watch the video friend. I don't think the Jews would be too happy with their main right wing trapper looking like a fool by someone advocating third wave idiology without even realizing it.
What you think Tucker knows fox has a Jewish agenda? You think fox goes straight out and tells him "hey goy, tone it down"
Or could it be that after getting his house attacked Tucker is starting to rethink things, and untill the Jews can reel him in he is going to be a loose Canon for a bit.
He's a boomer, he never had the access you did to information growing up. There is a possibility this is legit.

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Lol you idiot. You obviously didn't watch the video.

Tucker is full on nat soc sticking it to the kike.

As entertaining it is for him to edge toward the mark, I have to agree with the inescapable reality that others have already pointed out, he's on jew tv, there's no way he's not on a jew leash, that what he's allowed to say is weighed and measured by jews for jew agenda.

You think they're getting ready to destroy him in some scandal? Perhaps they're letting him speak our minds just before they associate everything he just said with something abhorrent.

Definitely be careful not to attach your philosophy to something that can be tarnished, like a man.

he's been allowed to host a talkshow on a TV network majority-owned by the House of Saud. The only question that remains about his jewishness is his flavor of shabbos. Your post is the equivalent of telling us, over and over in different forms, that water is wet. We know.
The thing we should be looking at is the opportunities this specific narrative shift presents to us, and to the cause of truth. It wouldn't matter if it was tucker, the dirty brit, or the gay hapa that was asking these questions and bringing these issues to light, what matters is that these questions are now "mainstream" enough to appear on talmudvision.
Even though he doesn't name the jew, he is providing millions of people the opportunity to ask these questions of themselves. Is diversity good for us? Are we slaves to our economic system, or is the economic system created for our benefit instead? Who is sacrificing us, our country, and our people for the shareholders' bottom lines?
Don't forget your own journey to the truth. As other anons have stated in the thread already, most people don't wake up one day and do a complete 180 from their previous positions and beliefs. People like us need to be here to open their eyes to reality and walk them out of Plato's cave.
Follow the steps already outlined in Weimar Germany: point out that things should not be the way they are, that there exists a state of being different to how it is now. Show them the truth, expose the lies of the (((elites))), and give them an ideal to strive for instead of thrashing about in misery. Is diversity good? If not, why do they see it all the time? This is obviously a lie, but who's funding it? Is unrestricted capitalism, at the cost of our people and way of life, good for us? Is there more to life than making money for other people?

So whine all you want about the names of celebs showing up on your board, that they're jewish or on a jew leash; you'll miss the change in the air that's occurring and fail your people by denying them the path to truth. As the soil becomes fertile for balkanization, make sure there's at least something that our people can cling to in hope, some cause to believe in during the coming chaos.

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What an effeminate approach to politics. Kill yourself.



Your "logic" is terrible. The video is showing what he's actually saying, which is objectively sticking it to the jew and promoting a third way. You're just speculating without any facts in your favor that "he must be" but no fact.

Idiots like you are what's wrong. Nothing will EVER get done. No progress will EVER be made. Because EVERY SINGLE TIME anybody does anything good, you'll just scream "JEWS JEWS JEWS"

Look at what Tucker is actually saying and the balls he has. Constantly screaming jew jew jew idiotically is niggerish behavior. It does nothing but harm progress. It would be better for national socialism you hanged yourself than opening your stupid mouth anymore.



i see you've decided to ignore my legitimate complaints about your stupidity. care to elaborate on why you're so fixated on keeping white people in the dark about the crimes committed against them?

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I doubt he's a closet natsoc, but he does have a lot of common sense. National Socialism is common sense, so it's expected that common sense arguments would sound like they're related. I would like to see the red pilling of Tucker Carlson continue and see how far he can go.

For the autists:
In all honesty, if one of us managed to get a job at a news outlet like this and went ballistic screeching about 'it's the kikes! It's the kiikes!' it would be a terrible waste.
One could even call it political malpractice and be shunned for squandering a monumental opportunity.

Try to remember, we are all in occupied territory and we are in bondage. We are insurgents.

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Besides the news outlet, you just described Patrick Little to a T, as based as he is.

Thanks for saving my shit thread and all the helpful replies. I was worried I would be crucified for bringing this up. I promise I will work on the grammar for future posts. I'm glad I am not alone with this hunch, and hope Tucker follows his train of thought and continues to challenge his held beliefs on the nature of our system. If Tucker is genuine, and is kicked Off Fox, I could easily see him opening his eyes and starting his own online network. If that is the case I would love to see some natsoc outreach, but I worry anons will be too busy calling him a jew to actually do anything to enable this being a possibility.

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Charles Dickens novels are all Methodist Wesleyan sermons in the form of long complex stories. He goes deep into these matters.

How do you reconcile Christianity with the ruthless nature of the world?

I tend to feel that the greatest philosopher, that is the philosopher closest to understanding nature itself was the Marquis de Sade, particularly in Juliette.

The problem with Dickens is that you have Bob Crachett. He's poor and weak and ugly and him and his wife are pumping out cripples. Why? Somehow Scrooge is guilty for not devoting his life to the cripples that Bob and his wife are pumping out.

I don't get it.

The world is cruel, like a pack of wolves. It's squalid like a tapeworm dangling out of a 65 IQ nigger's shitty ass. It's intolerably cold, it's insufferably hot. Existence is precarious. A few noble souls discover something to make life better easier and immediately a smelly crowd of weaklings rush in to take advantage of that enclave of wealth and fill it up with their repulsive offspring.

What to do?

I forgot to add, keep in mind the man just had his house attacked, his wife alone and terrified. Tucker may be at the point of being uncomfortable already. If his family preservation kicks in.

Keep trying. Truth will always exist. There will always be those that chose to seek it over an easy life. For all we know that struggle could be the meaning of life. We know next to nothing of what the world truly is or what we are. I like to believe the point is to seek that truth, even if there is nothing after, knowing you were apart of a seemingly impossible struggle, but love of your people and trust in a natural order kept you going through it all seems like a nice headspace to drift into whatever's next

yes, this is why race mixing is fucking retarded.

You could totally start your own network Tuck, and be making more than you're making at Fox.
You are respected enough by other le alt right thought leaders that are running their own business independently, they will show you how.
Your next move should be to go on Molyneux

And bring what's-her-nuts who got fired for blackface, as long as she sticks to a natsoc script she's good on the eyes.

What is the elephant in the corner? Overpopulation

Ben EchoSymbols makes a good point. If those edicts which were written by the founders were based upon people that are good&virtuous, and there is a heavy presence of those on this board that reject degeneracy for this reason; are they wrong?

Is Molyneux even concidered alt right?
Also is there a new term for whatever this is that Isint alt right?

watcha on about man.
Overpopulation is a meme, population density is what should be focused on.
Mr shapiro says a few "conservative" things every now and again to catch "hip" conservative boomers and the reddit right, then pushes the same non issues that is pushed on the MSM watching lefty boomers and the reddit left but with a "right wing slant". Basically just promoting goyem division and wasting a bunch of their time. If you haven't realized this I don't really know how to help you.

Tucker is an interesting character. He is slowly opening the gates of the gatekeeper controlled opposition news network that is Fox News. That's really all there is to him. There's nothing to discuss about that hasn't been discussed previously.

The term is NatSoc and no, the jew Molyneux is not NatSoc. He gets the oven treatment for milking the goyim at a societal fracture point without actually offering any reprieve or resolution of the underlying issue which is the existence of "others" in our society. He only addresses the others, marginalizes them into separate groups which can't be singled out by anyone "rational" and fails to group all of them into the one category they belong because, like himself, that category goes in the oven.

Really good interview, Tucker is spot on. Made a webm of your link.

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I've been using the term "third way" as an entry point, usually by the time they google it more I've gotten them to the point of being curious enough to look deeper.
Basically my thoughts on molyneux, seemed like a peterson figure.

Second link webm.

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Much appreciated friend.

Ah yes another "vote for me goy" candidate. As if Trump wasn't enough of a lesson to you retarded Americans that voting doesn't work. Sure go ahead, vote him in and watch as he does nothing.

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at least throw in a bit more effort next time bud.

He's a talk show host, you dumb nigger. This is the problem with Zig Forums month after month, it has nothing to do with the mods, it's this stupid underage userbase. Philosophical zombies who can't even read or can't formulate a response without screeching 'shill' or 'kike' every three words. I miss 2014.

to be quite honest though, I am incredibly happy with the results of this thread, even though I mangled the OP.

He's pretty good IMO. He calls out the left with regularity and probably the reason he can't name the Jew is the same reason that I can rant to my co-workers about communism and SJWs but if I started talking about Jews I would be walked out by security. You can still do a lot just by focusing on the evil on the world and letting the people join the dots.

I assumed with the OP picture that was what this shit was about, especially since I don't recognize the man being posted about. Yet beyond all odds you Americans have managed to be even more cancer than usual; you have unironically started listening to, watching and promoting F O X N E W S. Truly I thought voting in a candidate who worships Jews was bottom of the well tier, but you have surpassed even that!

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Try to enjoy mocking them. People usually shut up when they're being laughed at. Never engage someone more seriously than you believe their statement should be taken.

Shoo shoo, kike.


As much as I want to believe, you have to remember these guys did not grow up with access to sites like this.

yeah, I regret even replying. It's whatever. I do wonder their impact on new lurkers though, I know for the longest time I was blackpilled as hell feeling like I was all alone and every person trying to make a stand was a controlled op. Thankfully I figured out the pattern pretty quick.

To all newfriends putting in their time lurking, Shits bad, but accelerationism is a doozy. Give it a bit, I'd say we are a year away from some form of posting that allows for safe online information exchange and possible IRL meetups and actions. Online it is all hidden, but the overton window is shifting. Seek out friends, don't go out looking for enemies but do keep your head about you.

Then your words are hollow and vacant of any substance.
Doctors only talk about the symptoms to identify the disease, but once the disease is identified, continuing the talk about the symptoms is pointless.
You are running in circles and perpetuating the illusion that was purposely put in place by the jew. Tucker is a leader in that illusion. Many have called it "Chasing ghosts" but regardless of the name, it's fruitless and yields no real results.
Not only have you been outsmarted by the jew, but you continue the illusion as if it is some form of underlying truth that your workmates don't recognize. Like you have some form of special knowledge. For this, you are mocked by the jew. You are, in fact, a useful idiot.

This is wrong and un-medical, doctor will actually talk about symptoms long after the disease is idenfitied.

Don't speak about shit you don't know of, please.


The schitzos are really running out of control on the chans recently. I wouldn't even reply

Explanation of why I filtered this fuckstick kike. Because he is a fucking kike trying to distract from the TRUTH that I wrote here


His point is that there are enough luke warm faggots skirting the issue and it hasn't done anything. Although I'm sure for you Americans that a few more decades of chasing ghosts while your population drops to before 50% will solve the issue.


Explanation on why I filtered this fuckstick kike
Because it's the same fuckstick as the first post that i filtered here

Yeah, I don't see how naming the jew is gonna solve the population problem.

LOL kike…….

Please stop replying lmao, he's done a pretty good job of shitting up this thread already. Don't cast your pearls before swine. Back and forth posting accomplishes nothing. But I do appreciate the attempt, just dont waste your time

Noted. Gonna filter him.

How can it be Truth when it's wrong?

What exactly do you propose that I do, oh brave keyboard warrior?

If not naming the Jew and naming the Jew have the same outcome I would vote for naming the Jew. You Americans have already killed your country, but naming the Jew would at least aid your (partial) European motherlands.

The only solution for you Americans would be to have some of your "flyover" states separate and start their own nation to control white population. So supporting those that speak on that issue is your only help. I somehow doubt the jew controlled fox news will approve of that being aired though, unless it is in a way to mock those beliefs.

Stop perpetuating the illusion that voting with a deeply ingrained jew-lover orange faggot is going to get us out of the mess that the jew created.

Problem - Reaction - Solution
Problem = Frankfurt School ideology in western lands
Reaction = People revolt against those Frankfurt School ideologies
Solution = More Jewish control by way of an orange kike nigger diminishing any semblance of the nation this once was under the guise of Patriotism!

You're being marched to your own slaughter. You're participating in orchestrating more troops to march into the furnace.

What do you do? You speak against he jew. You reject the jew. You rise up and say something even if you aren't strong enough to rise up and DO something!

Filtered both, kikes who have no plan or action.

You mean like physical and mental training and preparation every weekend and attacking the injustices of the system at every weak point I can find? I can do more good from within the system than by yelling at shadows, and we already have one Patrick Little with his crusade.

Typical American cannot listen to any advice or thought given. I already gave you a course of action, separate the last remaining states that have at LEAST 80%+ white population. Listening to and support the jew controlled media operatives like this man "Tucker" will not aid you in anyway, shape, or form.

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Pushing nat soc ideals, which is what tucker is doing likely without even realizing, (you should really look at the videos, and the recent events that have happened to him, and how fox screwed him over, his house was attacked by antifa, his wife was left alone fearing for her life, fox put out a gag order on all associates to not go into it, I doubt he will stay a good goy much longer.) will inevitably lead to the jew being named. you aren't from america, I get it, I am not from wherever you live, but here, anyone who names the jew will immediately be deplatformed, and written off to the masses as a nazi, which here means even good but naive men will write them off, forever. When Jews stand in the way of the nat soc ideals that tucker is pushing, (anti multiculturalism, anti profit wars, traditionalism, strong families, gun rights, ect ect ect) they will be more open to the idea.

We have three options here,
1. Seige style domestic terrorism which will not work in the current climate, as the normeis are too comfortable to stomach it
2. Taking control of a crisis, economic, natural disaster, ect, and once the system is proven unstable, suggest a new system. Right now I believe the lefty fags will win this battle, as they have more good will with the normies.
3. Promote our ideals under different names, and slowly educate our population. This option also gives us better chances if the first two options are required down the line.

Everyone here knows fox news is controlled by the jews. I was shown these clips by a normie that I am in the process of deprograming, and they had a huge effect on him. It is foolish to do as you are doing, and claim taking advantage of this situation is useless without even knowing the person or subject being discussed.
If you are legitimate, you need to take a more nuanced view or leave it to those of us that will.