No thread for the new murdoch mudoch video.
How could this happen?


You're welcome.

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go spam your trash on cuckchan.


please see Captcha for response.

fuck off degenerate filth. All of young minds are belong to us!

Murdoch Murdoch should be given a budget and make real anime.

I would be happy to donate to them if we can find a way to do it.

The real Triggering would be getting their pet Trigger, to animate it.

It's official this place has turned into cuckchan

Shoo shoo, kike.

You aren't wrong, but they're pretty decent.

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It's a piece of media produced by Zig Forumslocks, and I appreciate their combined efforts to make appropriate propaganda in an entertaining medium.

The characters represent the 3 principal camps of /old/ in a ebin may may way.

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It smells like a ((( babby naming ceremony ))) in here

9/10 bait, lots of subtle effort put into this post

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Whoops. Bump

Who Murdoch here?

He's my guy.

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Not bait. I appreciate it for what it is, rather than criticize the creators for not making exactly what I want.

Also, we're commemorating a fascist holiday today, the 20th of November, the life and deaths of Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco.

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And here thought you were being subtle instead of being a newfag
Do you mean the creator of the thread, because that is the main complaint, not the content that Murdoch makes in between banging niggers. Zig Forums here moves slower than it does on cuckchan, there is no need to make another thread every time there is a new episode

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Can you prove that this guy is one of the creators of Murdoch Murdoch?

He was doxed a while back

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Is there more info on this?
Not gonna lie, that tattoo makes me start believing in you a bit more.>>12445799

The problem I have with Murdoch isn't even the nigger-fucking.
The worst part of his videos is the quality of the script/animations. It's got this "Albino Black Sheep" quality that you'd find in flash animations back in the day, but 20 years later.
It works fine as a comedy piece (he still gets a couple chuckles out of me here and then between the cringetastic awful moments) but this guy is also posing his content as a sort of "Satirical Redpill" for younger generations.
I can partly see that working, younger folks might find him funnier than I do, but once they grow up, it's gonna have the reverse effect. Murdoch is like the "Black Metal" phase a lot of teens grow out of. It's edgy, it's snarky and he doesn't give a fuck, and that's "very cool" in all it's memetastic glory until you hit the jobmarket, start looking around and realize the "grown up world" is a bit more complicated than that. In the long term, I can see a lot of his viewers growing up and thinking "man, I was such an edgy kid back then. Great thing I matured into a liberal though, I have basic respect for human life today!".

Since I heavenly suspect that the fella's behind it lurk here: do yourselves a favor. Hire an actual animator. One of you faggots behind it actually has some video editing skills, and there's at least one of you that can properly voice acting (shoot the rest dead, holy shit it's awfull) but the animation is really dragging you all down. Get an animator and it can at least be considered actual art.
Edgy, politically incorrect art, but art nonetheless.

And stop fucking asking for donations or using your sockpuppets to convince others to donate, holy fuck that does NOT work at all. Donations increase when your quality does. Focus on that if you're in it for the shekels, or get an actual job so you can do this as an hobby.

I like the Revolutionary Girl Utena background music at starting at 6:30 in the video.

"He was doxed a while back"
Yeah that's proof alright. Just because you read a post here "a while back" doesn't mean it's true. Still waiting on actual evidence. You are believing claims at face value, like a true npc.

I will never understand what you find enjoyable about this poorly animated trash.

hearing them say "cringe worthy" on a vid like this was cringe worthy. It was interesting to see how many Zig Forums slang cliches they managed to fit in though. Almost as bad as a pewdiepie vid

I remember the last son of the west, they sure dropped in quality since then.

Fakest and gayest shit I've seen.

As tight as they keep their shit locked down, do you really think they would just name the show after his own family name? There was no doxing.

Aside from that plenty of us here were retarded years ago until we figured shit out anyway. I guarantee there are degenerate pics of me out there from the myspace era. No bestiality but you get my point How do you think we learned to hate filth without being exposed to it, when media tells the opposite story?


good shit, bumping





Nigger, I mirrored all their shit when they got fucked by Zig Forums communist scum.

"Man, I remember when these nazi-sympathizers had integrity."

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You could just post the video in a thread discussing the broad topic

I could never get beyond the visuals this group uses in their videos. It seems try hard and as if an outsider is not only trying to fit in, but profit from something they can barely interpret.

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Let's have a talk about your definition of celebrity.
It at least requires a person claiming it, even if in a mask like daft punk there are persons claiming the masks.

they sell merch on cheekyvideos and have a donate option.

using humor has been long known to be an effective tool for influence. Especially when the humor is based in reality and highlights certain (((absurdities))) . Murdoch Murdoch is red pilling hordes of young kids. That is exactly what we need.

just stop giving the retard try hard attention.

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You know how Ben Garrison labels shit in all his cartoons like old time cartoons? The style they're using is similar to Clutch Cargo.