Americans should be guilty, like Germany, for saving the Jews that Germany was trying to kill. At least...

Americans should be guilty, like Germany, for saving the Jews that Germany was trying to kill. At least, that seems to be what they're trying to say.

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They know we're done with their shit.

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Within the US National Archive the SS death certificate census is sealed. It was given to the US after the collapse of the USSR who kept them after WW2 and fabricated the holomyth.
If those records are exposed and disseminated through the net the myth will die.

We don't even need that to debunk this BS. Are any Jews alive today expected to feel guilty for the fact that Jews owned slave ships?

We actually should feel very guilty for saving the Jews. Imagine if your friend had a spider infestation in his house, and he was exterminating them. While your friend isn't looking, you grab a big female spider that is covered in eggs, and put it in a cup. Your friend thinks he has killed all the spiders, and then you let the egg-covered female, crawl under his bed. That is basically what America did to Germany. I feel guilt for that, and I'm not proud of my ancestors war service in ww2. I'm sorry Germany, next time we will hell you gas them.

Considering we were complicit in Russia's treatment of German POWs, it's a lot worse than you make it

America should have to pay Germany 6 trillion shekels. Just imagine how much better the world would be if the Jewish tapeworm had died off in ww2.

Complicit? We had open air fields surrounded by barbed wire and machine gunners that forced German POWs to sleep on the dirt without so much as a cloth cover for months. Hundreds of thousands died.

When the dust settles we will tear down every holocaust museum and set up ww2 German memorials.

jews dont feel


fuck jews, every single one of them.

Even if six million jews died, six million is less than the number of victims of Judeobolshevikism.

So, let me get this straight.

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Caught that too - sneaky snakes

Once again, if any of you needed proof that Jews deserve total eradication down the every single last Jew there you go. Guilt has been and remains the weapon of the Jew so as to remain in a non-stop state of self-proclaimed victimhood for all eternity so as to guilt non-Jews in complying with their agenda.

Total eradication of every single last Jew on the planet along with their supporters and enablers is the only true final solution to this problem.

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Fuck Germany or any other cucked nation.
Who gives a damn about kikes, we feel no guilt for being American, take that pathetic submissive shit to Europe.

Anytime I see anyone pushing guilt onto other peopIe, I always assume they are a jew
There is a running joke about jewish mothers using guilt to manipulate their children, so it is hardly surprising that jews use it on goys nonstop
I say never be guilty, I say, be proud of who you are and what your ancestors did
And any time someone tries to guilt you, call them a jew or a jew puppet, a good goyim mindfucked by rabbis

Faggot the jew is global. They control the U.S too
Some schools here have holocaust classes, U.S army dies for Israel, laws are being passed here already that make critism of Israel a punishable crime

Guilt projection is akin to brainwashing and a violation of human rights.


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What is the source for the forced miscegenation at bayonet point?

The Holocaust Happened

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Jews were never under threat.


If only Germany realized this.

jews should feel guilty for fucking existing.

look up Kanzleramt
in the book of the German General military intelligence Gerd-Helmut komossa the "German card. Hidden game of the secret services" (Gerd-Helmut Komossa. Die Deutsche Karte: Das verdeckte Spiel der geheimen Dienste) States that on 21 may 1949 the U.S. government and the future of Germany have signed a document, which reaffirms the independence of Germany until 2099 (i.e. 150 years). In return the US gets full control over all German media, including print and film production, on school educational programmes, etc. Also one of the conditions was storing the state of the gold reserve of Germany in American banks (allegedly, as collateral).

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Holy fuck, the comment section is pure whitepill.

what the jews mean to say is that, "we blame all white people and cattle for the lolocoaster tychoon and that all non jews are inferior and will serve us as slaves"

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Fuck America. Not even Israel is kiked as bad as burgerstan. Think about that! Not even the JEW HOME BASE is as jewish as America. At least Israel has a (dubious) claim of an ethnic homeland. America is literally just a shopping mall for transient mud people. You faggots had your shot at blood-and-soil nationalism with the Confederacy, and they lost.

Oy vey!

I don't want to tear them down I want to repurpose them into information centers on the treachery of kikes.
Take every exhibit they have and point out all the lies contained in it.
Take all the pictures and show how they have been altered and then exhibit the untouched pictures next to them.
Why demo perfectly good taxpayer funded structures?
Finally field trips for every HS student in a 100 mile radius.