Ok what do think will happen when the migrant caravan arrives at its final destination, because it will happen...

Ok what do think will happen when the migrant caravan arrives at its final destination, because it will happen. I’m unsure it but have a few scenarios going through my head whenever I come across something about it

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There's already a caravan thread

There should be a goddamn sticky over this matter.

The MOST dire matter right there, now that midterms are over.

They'll be temporarily turned back and then quietly let in gradually. That way everyone's happy.
Besides dude, it's a drop in the bucket. If you think this has some effect on demographics, you're way off.

So this is now the new blackpill strategy.


Dunno. But I can see mexispics hating these ones very loudly, centeral american spics are to them as mexi spics legal and illegal are to america. I want to see the caravan undercut illegal mexispics in jobs.

Oh shit sorry

They will disperse slowly into all different directions, throwing diapers into the streams where they wash there clothes and leaving bottles of piss on the sidewalks. Some will get caught. Some will buy spiderman costumes to wear while they harass people for money. Others hide out working in strawberry fields. They will have kids, wind up concentrated in small meth infested neighborhoods where their children engulf entire schools. Everyone has seen them. Even in the whitest suburbs there is always that one loud beaner playground or campus. They'll crowd buses and walkways. Rent cheap toyotas and stack scrap metal 15ft high that they recycle for state money. Some will vote. Theyll murder, rape, beat women, maybe even leave them in a cornfield. Itll be really diverse and multicultural so just calm the fuck down everyone

Mexicans cross border
They are ushered in by the Trump Administration
The Border Wall is never built
Spics come into the U.S. and start impregnating White Women
White population slowly is bred out of existence while more and more of these low IQ niggers cross the border
The average IQ in the United States drops significantly
The wealthy elite become ever more wealth and elite
The "Class - Gap" increases
Middle class dies off
Everyone is the same
except for the Wealthy Elite…..

Zognald will throw open the gate like the kike rat he is

Iron gates for spics when?

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So far he has done nothing to stem the tide. His soldiers are under order to not interfere with the invading horde. He talks big but does nothing.

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Little Donny lets in all his dreams and makes sure the military and police protect them from those evil ypipo

You fucks ran out of steam before he even got elected.

Never because Zognald Trumpstein is a kike faggot and a wall isn't in the interests of Israel

It's also the same thing as a giant door as long as legals still come in.

Even if the SC were to strike down Birth Right Citizenship, the GOP will pass a amnesty bill just for the anchor babies.

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Trumpstein was never going to build a wall lmao he was just another ZOG puppet. Why are MIGApedes so brain damaged, if they can't see this already then they are retarded

Yep. He was pushing for Mexico to pay for the wall.

Notice how Trump worshipers blindly support their leader. They have no arguments and no defense for his actions. They just mindlessly suck his cock and whenever we point out that they're acting like NPCs, they just call you an NPC

This lack of self awareness is a hallmark of jewish subversion. They accuse us of what they themselves are.

Sage because this is a lazy, no-effort thread that ought to be deleted.

Kvetch harder for me, kikefaggot.

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-t trump

Don't you ever get tired of always being wrong? MAGApedes are pathetic

It's perfect for false flag shootings.
Setup some mossad snipers.
Shoot jew-funded migrants.
Blame local white supremacists.
Immigration and gun control issues → 2 birds, 1 stone

People are too complacent to start revolutions so this is the type of shit they do for destabilization.

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Every single one gets let into the country. Trump himself already said so.
You're retarded.

lol, no one gives a fuck. You won't ever do anything to stop it. The government won't ever do anything to stop it. You won't ever do anything to stop the government. You have already allowed white genocide to happen.

Just great, a commiefornia federal judge just ordered that spiks, who cross the border illegally, can claim asylum.

Asses and elbows

this is just trump propaganda to push his wall… fucking republican racists

Declining asylum means you are not an asylum seeker. You don't get to pick and choose. They're just run of the mill illegal alien invaders.

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Keep it to the established threads nigger.