Madman Salvini orders seizure of largest MSF NGO migrant smuggler ship because of dumping "illegal waste" (niggers)

Madman Salvini orders seizure of largest MSF NGO migrant smuggler ship because of dumping "illegal waste" (niggers)

He says this is excellent news, we stop migrant smuggling and at the same time, save the enviroment

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Not just that, fam
He also managed to get a bunch of mafianiggers off of their obnoxiously lavish and highly illegal villas, while (((PD))) (center leftist scum party) kept kvetching and screeching about muh rights for outright murderers. This is highly unprecedented as well, since more often than not seizing shit from the mafia is mostly iconic to keep the goiym's guard down thinking the state was on their side.
Guess what, for once, after 70 years of controlled opposition, they really are on our side.

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Also clears some migrant camps.

Salvini is unstoppable.

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If borders are not defended with force to prevent attack there are no borders.
The required solution is to sink the boats, or turn them around.
Anything less is jerking the cancer off while it slowly kills you.

some of you may kvetch like betas, but you don't need to seize a boat if it is a sunken wreck lying on the sea floor faggot


Sinking is the preferable option. And it's insanely cost-effective. One well-placed torpedo could easily save millions in gibs.

Will Salvini threads be allowed now or gassed like the others?

It also removes the legal kvetching that Salvini will now face, and the chance the boat gets returned.

Hes now putting major focus on Rome and Napoli. Shits about to hit the fan.

Waste of resources. One or two well placed pineapple grenades would work perfectly

He did more with that act than what the US navy had done in 8 years for the invasion of Europe.

cleaver girl

Omg salvini so ballsy

heil Salvini

Salvini is the greatest leader of our time. All opposition will be gassed.

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Only amerimutts actually think organized brigands are cool and baste. Just an effect of their WW2 chest thumping, as always.
and their inherent founding values to worship scumbag kike merchants and criminals

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Now if only a white man had the same viribus.

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Salvini is the best thing to happen in Europe right now, i am looking forward to his ideas about creating a "league of leagues" all over Europe.

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Italian authorities have ordered the seizure of the migrant rescue ship Aquarius after claiming that discarded clothes worn by the migrants on their voyage from Libya to Italy could have been contaminated by HIV, meningitis and tuberculosis.


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Absolute Madman

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This man is a hero. Tomorrow he may do something bad, next year he may betray us, but today he is a hero. Rejoice.

Italian Jews support lots of Migrants moving into Italy (but not into Israel)
"..the Jewish youth group Hashomer Hatzair bought food and clothes to migrants camping at the central train station in Milan. The city’s Holocaust Memorial … counts several Jews in its board and has hosted over 3,000 homeless migrants since June of 2015. "

"In Turin, the Jewish community has pledged an apartment to host asylum seekers and is currently remodelling it. "

"Even in Genova, the small Jewish community has organized food and clothes drives for refugees.

.".. the commitment of Italian Jews to help refugees has been noted by the New York Times and the Huffington Post."

Or just put a ram on a warship and crush them.

These kikes can host all the migrants they want until it comes time to foot the bill themselves. That day is coming to an end real soon, especially when the euro disintegrates.

KEK. El duce is 10 steps ahead of these faggots. Next step: Burn the ship just in case the disease spreads.

Its mostly with other "populist" groups like LePen and others.The key is having enough votes against the party in charge to force them into easing some of the rules.

I am 100% OK with Hitler 2 being Italian.

==Capitano siamo tutti con te
Non ci fermeranno mai!==

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Captain we are all with you
They will never stop us!
=Capitano siamo tutti con te
Non ci fermeranno mai!

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We truely struck gold with this one. chaotic energy conquers

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Those who aid illegals should have their homes torn down,their kids taken away.

we need real action
against these ships
we need anons
gasoline..and lighters

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Saviour of Europe

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Message seems to have reached target audience

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why can't trump be half as good as this guy

it's not going to be a northerner cuck that's for certain.

I can picture the madman driving the bulldozer himself.

Because he's not a failed merchant fuck in the pocket of the kikes.

Italian gentiles really ought to start humanitarian groups for the purpose of repatriating and giving free unrestricted access to Israel for Ethiopian, Eritraen, and Somalian jews. And of course reparations for the forced sterilizations.

In America all the power is with the intelligence agencies, courts, and the federal reserve

Remember: time and time and time again, it's proven that everytime Europe grabs the torch that illuminates the West, the Italian peninsula lights that torch. Much like the Jew can't help himself from destroying, the Italian cannot help himself from creating. Listen not to the D&C shills.

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Salvini tweets the words of Mussolini
in response to his critics targeting him

the quote:
Many Enemies, Much Honor

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According to a statement released by the prosecutor's office, 24 individuals are accused of “systematically sharing, planning and carrying out a criminal project of illegal disposal of a large quantity of hazardous waste at infectious risk, deriving from relief activities."

Prosecutors said port health authorities had registered 5088 medical cases - including scabies, meningitis, tuberculosis, AIDS and syphilis - among the 21,326 migrants rescued by the ships.

In 37 instances for the Aquarius and seven for the Vos Prudence, investigators allege that the ships communicated they had nothing dangerous to declare, thereby avoiding more complicated disposal treatments necessary for infectious waste. Instead, the waste was disposed of as normal urban refuse in dumps, prosecutors say.

You should stop using this meme. While it's true that a portion of Americans are boomer scum, the American whites are our trusted friends.
The foundation of the US is atheism, true, but not in the kike sense. It was a nation created to stick it to the secular powers, where men (white men that is, and a little bit of spics) could forge their own destiny without getting trampled on by imperialists. Have you forgotten that the US presidents up until Lincoln fought tooth and nail to keep danger out of America's doorstep?

Because the power structure of America is very different from Italy. American presidents in theory can do much more than Italian politicians and be virtually unopposed, yet their progress can be stopped by unfaithful institutions. In Italy, this just doesn't work the same way, as the ruling coalition just needs that sweet 51% of each political institution to pass whatever they see fit. This, up until last elections, was just theoretical, as center left and center right parties formed a sweet oligarchy where nothing would be done unless it benefit them first and the people later. Now that we've got both a strong isolationist party and a party full of fresh blood supported by the people working together to trash the old establishment, well, we can say that the system is finally working the intended way.

And it's not even that surprising, center left is autistic screeching to get the people to rally against him and M5S but they themselves did fuck all when they were in power, unopposed and unelected for a full decade.
Salvini (and I just quote his work, since the M5S dudes were pretty weak on their stances and didn't have the money or knowledge to game the system as much) did, in a little over a year:
>rallied the entire political right (as in, right wing people, not politicians) against the establishment while (((PD))) just kept getting less and less of antifa's votes
>literally told a (((Luxembourg))) MP to fuck off
>protected those in an actual risk of being culturally enriched abroad by giving them political asylum, as opposed to (((PD))) letting everyone enter but then leaving them to murderrape the peninsula

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Hey (((OP))) you're time on this world is running out.
Just came by to let you know.

Same goes for the US slums, Land Owners (aka slum lords) need land confiscated and bulldozed for health violations, harboring fugitives, etc. not difficult to compare electricity bills…
Colonias, Texas / Hidalgo County, New Mexico, estimated 500,000 people home the Texas-Mexico border.
Tent Slum in Seattle, Washington, 250 people who permanently settled inside their tents, building a community that can be called ‘tent city.
Hollywood, California

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The real leader of europe. Trying fucking with el duce kikes. PLEASE

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In my experience, it mainly arabs that throw around the mutt meme.

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American here. Good luck Italians,
I’m a bit jealous. Your leader isn’t just all talk and does something about invaders.


Keep a close eye on italy these couple weeks, the EU is blasting us because they don't accept our economic reform and they're planning a fine and sanctions. League & M5S keep on going forward, and the more the EU goes against us the more they lose approval. Lots of people already talking about wanting to leave the EU, it wouldn't surprise me if they announce a brexit style referendum. It's still a dream though, at least for now. Nothing will happen until they hit our economy hard or even make out government fall, which should be good as Salvini is guaranteed to get at least 30% if not 40 on the next elections (if they ever allow us to vote again).

What you americans can do is help me meme ITALEAVE, italexit sounds fucking retarded and i don't want our thing to be associated with the failure of those britcucks.

Pasta chads just can't stop winning. All hail Salvini!

The madman is actually bulldozing migrant and gipsy camps himself

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He fuckin loves the ruspa. Fuckin kike Trump is building camps for these animals while Salvini is personally demolishing them with an excavator.
Burgerbros are jealous af.

Ahh hell no. Italxit is the last thing italians want. They'll fuck with italy for the next few years and end up getting fucked in the ass with a much worse deal. Better off pulling a Salvini/Orban and destroying these fuckers from within.

But that's part of their plan. Purposely crashing and plundering all economies and then enslaving mankind under a cash-less currency.

As for Salvini…he's a liar with ulterior motives unless a day comes when he addresses the JQ. Otherwise they are playing a specific route to destroy Europe, while keeping key places out of the line of fire.

Orban is going against Salvini actually, they're far from allies. The EU will collapse without italy, there's nothing to worry about. If anything it will help the other countries uncuck themselves once the EU disappear.

The only way the EU is fucking with brexit is because of the fucking traitors in government, if Salvini cares about Italy as much as it seems, he will tell the EU to get fucked and leave with next to no problems.

Yeah. Best way how to make political suicide. Until JewSA collapse, anybody who talk about JQ will be silenced. Salvini do more than any politic today. Everybody here would love to see real Death Squads deporting and killing every non white in Europe but that is simply not possible today.

Europe have to suffer more to make people realy desperate. We have to dodge creation of EU army and some pointless wars agaisnt Russia. Real problem is World Police America. Even if people start rioting and ethnicaly clean Europe, good goys americans will be there too save it like in WWII.

UK will be Islamic state. America will be non white mess like Brazil. Europeans are still to weak to start any real ressistance. But if we are paraniod about glowniggers and can't form and IRL groups, i don't see any progress. Until normies get angry enough, naming jews publicly will do nothing.

Untrue. Orban and Salvini are broskies

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These are good, user, did you make them yourself?

You mean envious?
Trump isn't all talk either. It's just that he is under the impression that he needs to appease niggers as well and is most definitely (((a puppet))) whereas Salvini is just an absolute madman who learnt from Le Pen and Trump's mistakes that you just can't ever let media control what you say.

As rad as it would be it just won't happen, fam. At best we can ask for referenda about leaving the fishing and agricultural side of the EU, so that they can stop fucking with our farmers.

Hail Victory, brev

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Saviour of Europe comes incarnated in a form of excavator driving, bulldozing, migrant and gypsy camp destroying Northern Italian pastamadman.

We truely live in glorious times

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All governments are traitors. Had labour won the exact same thing would have happened.
Italians overall are still in favor of staying in the EU (about 50-60%) because they haven't directly attacked italy yet. The latest proposed (and rejected) budget by salvini/dimaio will turn all of italy against them. Especially if they fine italy billions the same way they did orban.
Truth is the EU cant survive if italy goes bankrupt. If they try to pull a greece they'll only end up fucking themselves over. Salvini is well aware of this and using his leverage to get what he wants with reasonable budget demands (lower taxes, rolling back pension ages, unemployment).
The icing on the cake is the more Salvini attacks the niggers, roma, EU, and mafia the more his popularity (of all ages) increases. The 5kikes dont attack anyone and their popularity continues a slow decline since the election. If Salvini continues along this path he'll be in complete control of italy after the 2023 election or earlier if 5kikes break up the coalition.

You're right, i was thinking of that guy from austria. The one who looks like the actor from the new star wars, the big eared big nosed cunt. He openly went against our reform.

Here's some more.

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This is an excellent excuse. The endless games of moral highgrounds will end with happy little trees.

KEK. Salvinis ability to twist the narratives back against these faggots is unparalleled.

Salvini actually claimed they need to stop the boats so there are less nog deaths from the journey. And he does it with a straight face.

They doesn't she make her spawn pick up the trash?

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This man gets triggered by niggers so bad he will do anything in his absolute capacity to get rid of them

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good thread

It is not my work, rather that of an ingenious Chamalam over

Hey hey Cham.

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One more of these.

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thread theme

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very nice

And he's not wrong. None of the people of the center left give a shit about the well being of the migrants. They just want votes.

Previously gassed Salvini bread:

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The absolute state of faggots in italy. Their response to Salvinis bulldozer. This is how powerless these shitlibs have become in italy. God bless Rome

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Good angle, I like it. Take all their ships and call ti environmentalism.

This is what it looks like when you're incapable of empathy. Slant-eyes, although dumb as a rock, are lucky for it.

Hope he inhaled the fumes of the burning plastic.

Center Left and communists in general are in a state of absolute disarray. The former are squabbling over infighting for the title of party leader but have no fucking idea what to do now - they had previously set up the voting system so that it'd let them rule for a few decades unopposed but they sang victory too early and the grassroot movements were strong enough to stamp them out of the government - while the latter are in a constant fight against more moderate branches of the left because they can't push any of their commie shit forward.

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Most of the center left voters have moved to the 5kikes while whats left of the commies are with the PD and offshoot parties.
The real genius at the moment is this coalition (personally hated it when it happened). The more Salvini promotes both, the larger the overall voting base becomes for both parties. Essentially keeping all other opposition down in the gutter. Head to head though the lega continually keeps rising. If the 5kikes decided to break the coalition to stop the bleeding, Salvinis other coalition (center-right) has more than 48% of the polls. Only 40% is necessary for complete control of the government.
At the local level PD was formidable but now the 5kikes aren't able to replicate what they had. The PD are now viewed as an elitist nigger loving party (scum like the mob) End result is the center-right (mostly Lega) is cleaning up all over the place. 5kikes don't appeal to northerners while Lega through the Forza Italia connection has made massive head way down south.
Italy is the one euro country that got away from the kikes. Poland and Hungary are still making the transition from cuckservative to legit RW) No matter what happens from this point on they've lost it forever. Only way they could have destroyed europe, is to destroy it all at once. Otherwise the white flight from one to another will always ensure a certain group of economies skyrocket from the infusion of talent in their place.
On a side note, seriously think about this for a minute: a VP of italy is taunting niggers/mob/romakikes with pics & videos of him driving a bulldozer through their houses on twitter and in the media (pic related less than 24hrs ago). KEK! This is a taste of what previously awesome timelines must have been like.

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