Trump Justice Dept does a great job

Feds indict 43 linked to white supremacist gang

Federal officials say “Operation Vanilla Gorilla” netted them the indictments of more than 40 people accused of having links to the “Ghost Face Gangsters” prison gang, a white supremacist group with hundreds of members active in Georgia prisons.

With a total of 43 indictments, the move against the group, which is active mostly in Georgia but has spread to some surrounding states, is one of the largest so far, according to a news release from the Department of Justice. Law enforcement have ramped up their work combating the gang for months, with 23 members indicted in March of 2018.

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What did they mean by this?

They arrested prison gang degenerates, who cares.


After Whites become a minority within the very countries of their own ancestors, one has to wonder how long it will be until the giddy White police imprisoning their own will realize they are next.

What a dumb shit.

Prisons all divide into groups based on race. They choose specifically to go only after White gangs. Meanwhile brown and black gangs are left alone.

Whereas the real fashy based goys of the resistance will
turn the country around by electing the next most based fashy NeoCon kike Republican instead.

Battle hardened prison gangs will be of no use to us with the real war… at the ballot boxes
Isn't that right fellow fashy Conservative based pedes?

Hmm. Nope, don't think so. But thanks anyways.

I want nothing to do with criminal drug pushers. DOTR these degenerates get the rope after the niggers and kikes

Trump is the best isn't he my fellow goyim.

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Prove it.

Criminals can't legally own and train with guns, they won't be prepared when the DOTR comes.

you mean they let thousand of white inmates without defense against non-white gangs


The level of vindictiveness of his failing neocon project is staggering.

It's a shitlib. Justice Department is still pozzed.

You and the MAGApedes on here already did that by voting NeoCon jew

first they went after prison gangs..

no one is more prepared than cowardly neoconservatives who would never do anything more constructive with their guns that shoot empty cans in a forest

Let's hope the jews use their empty can army come the day then you really will be in your element

Meanwhile, criminals who arent as cowardly as you will obey the law and not own any weapons to defend their people?

Fucking checked.

Because Trump kiked out again and went after specifically whites.
It's not just prisoners who separate themselves based on species.
They are housed in cellblocks based on that too. Not strictly but it is used for housing. They aren't going to place a white guy alone with a bunch of negroids.
That's why. It's unfounded racial prejudice against whites. At a certain point the excuses wear thin.

Trump's not off the hook for this one for failing to pardon these guys, but will you stop this practice of spreading misinformation just because you hate Trump? It makes it that much harder to figure out what's actually going on, especially with all these knee-jerk replies. I don't care what your opinion on Trump is one way or another, at least read the fucking article and not just the thread title.

Die first if shit ever does hit the fan. As the primary weapon of the ZOG the local police are the hands that wring America of it's glory.

Nothing but idiotic rhetoric itt, when anons should be trying to find out who this Bobby Christine faggot is. I'll look into it later if you faggots haven't destroyed the thread entirely before I have time.

No need to disparage /our hard guys/. Never punch right - that's for the hasbara kikes to do.

user said nothing about trusting our future to anyone.

The absolute state of this board…

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Y'all is niggas.

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Only certain criminals are prohibited from owning firearms and those that are, don't give a fuck.

Nope, it's logic.
Trump's Justice Department arrests ~40 Whites for supposedly having links to a racial prison gang + no large arrests of negroes or spics who are linked to racial prison gangs or racial street gangs + Trump's desire for prison reform for negroes + Trump's rhetoric against anything pro-White = Orange man bad

Did you know? Only Jews are human.

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This is why we need a way to permanently filter tor.

Where are the large arrests of negroes or spics who are linked to racial prison gangs or racial street gangs? Oh right, Trump is actually looking to reform prison for these groups.
How about the arrests of jews who are linked to massive fraud and illegal immigration among other charges? Oh right, Trump commuted Sholom Rubashkin's sentence.

Why is the rhetoric on this board so kiked
So when you faggots get locked up for being white remember to not join any gangs in prison for your protection from the brown hoards, you wouldn't want to be a degenerate would you?

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Prison gangs are not ideologically invested in anything. They're simply banding together to survive.

If you got identified before DOTR then you have shit opsec and you should gas yourself anyway. Preemptive Eugenics

So why is Hillary going to be arrested?

War is much more than just shooting, and why the fuck wouldn't some hardened bandits have guns?
In fact, they might actually have underground access to squad level machine guns and high explosive. You know, small arms that actually matter?
Meanwhile the magapede mutts can't even point a gun at a nigger.

This is right. Trump had one major sweep of MS-13 but not much else. Trump is just anti-white. Not sure why people can't accept that, or why they get so offended when anyone says it. It's just the truth.

Lmao dumb kike NPC

Good luck, lad.

Yes indeed, that's what banding together and defending yourself means.

Maybe all the retarded MAGApedes who have disrupted and destroyed this board could take note of and learn from that instead of relying on voting for jews and hoping they will save them, from the jews.

I'm speechless…the US justice system is so fucked that they have to catch criminals inside prisons. WTF? Does this go into the crime statistics without being a danger to society?

Da fuq u tink it mean, honkie? u mad cracka? wat u gon do now, whyte boi?

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Is Georgia some testing grounds for shit right now? First election Tucker’s and now this.


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It certainly does appear that way, doesn't it?
However, without further research into what this "gang" was about (as if an article that repeatedly drops the term 'White supremacist' can be deemed reliable and unbiased), it will be hard to judge the government's angle in all this.
I will say this, though: if I were a White who was ineligible to buy a firearm and unable to fabricate one, myself, I would seek out someone affiliated with a gang such as this.
And, if the midterms and events surrounding it are any indication, I would say the time law-abiding Whites would be in that position is fast approaching.

One last point: if there really is something hinky going on, with operations as large as this, eventually somebody will leak, even if it's just a grunt with an abundance of anecdotal evidence that goes beyond mere coincidence.
Anons should probably start putting their feelers out into military and law enforcement forums, if they haven't already.
Godspeed, all.

This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard.

Wtf i hate Trump now.


Honestly I don't know of any mudshit prison gangs that are a threat to the outside. Probably because they're too fucking stupid and unorganized to do anything. AFAIK, trump is working against the cartels operating in the US. Crips and bloods have been aroung since I was little, at least, but I only ever hear about black gangs killing other blacks or the occasional local white (who shouldn't even live in a black area, if they had any sense).
Got me there.

Still, I will never support psychopaths, even if they are white. Psychopathy needs genetically eradicated.

This happens everywhere. I went to a racially mixed school and everyone segregated first by race then by character.
People settle into neighborhoods that are similar racial make up.
People associate with the lowest common denominator. It’s rudimentary anthropology

Don't Gorilla's have White skin? Come to think of it don't most mammals have White skin under their hair/fur?

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Most mammals alive have a more grayish blackish skin color. Pinkish pigmentation of mammal skin is more common as you move farther north.

This racist white supremacist president blumpf sure is targeting a lot of white supremacists for jail.
Really makes me think.

>It is described as white supremacist by the Anti-Defamation League, though it says only “some” members identified as such. Federal officials also called the group “white supremacist” in a news release, though Pak said there was some dispute within the group about whether to allow black members, according to WXIA.

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Thank G-D they are taking down those evil white supremecists before they could hurt any of Donny's dreamers streaming in from the south.

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You lost me at me getting arrested and somehow surviving this process

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This. That was a much better use of resources than persecuting a respectable white women like Hilary Clinton.

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DOTR is meme, see you in the gulag

They were drug trafficking most likely for the cartels. Therefore degenerate trash.


Exactly we need to be targeting white trash like this. Wanting to arrest people like Huma Abedin or Debbie Wasserman Schultz is just cringe tier

Spoken like a true communist insurgent. Gonna report your local "gun nut" tonight, you sniveling little kike?

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Who are you quoting? I'm just expressing my approval of the Justice Department taking out the white trash instead of "draining the swamp" or equally something else as cringey

Talk about anti-white discrimination.

The Justice Department has been unfairly targeting black for long time. I suspect this is a measure of president Trumps much need prison reform

On the right track. The anecdotal evidence I'm getting is there is somewhat righteous indignation from blacks in Georgia. Everyone needs to watch their 6 on this one.

Again, 91% of blacks voted in lock-step in the midterms, averaging 80% for other non-whites.

Not political grand-standing. It goes beyond Red vs. Blue…they want to take power for themselves.

A coup is ongoing. Look at Florida.

My suggestion is… talk to real people. Research firearms training as a window into your local militia.
Get into HAM radio… all you need are batteries and a simple solar cell to stay online w/ 12 volts… but you'll need a generator and fuel to be a repeater.
Autonomous P2P network. Learn as much as possible, even the gov can't shut down the most creative HAMs.

My point: Non-whites have been whipped into a Maoist fascist state by their (((handlers))). Be prepared to suffer through a lot of psychological and potentially physical warfare.

Not trying to incite or scare anyone. It's OK to be white. Other people want us dead or in jail, unfortunately. We need to do more than just shitpost and ban anyone who doesn't suck our dicks right. The butt-hurt about Zig Forums going mainstream intimidates a lot of the hardcores but I think it's good. They are trapped in here with us; we're torturing their fragile minds.

Ask yourself… why don't whites vote together?
Answer: Because we're smart and we aren't assholes. We're not actually the racists.
Sure, until recently (myself included) it was called being intelligent and conscientious to be tolerant of others and be culturally sensitive.

We are now targets. The constant D&C, complaining about Reddit, halfchan, etc. is just proof that unity should be our top priority.

You're making the assumption they are actually white and not mutts and kikes larping as whites.
Most whites realize they are being targeted by ZOG.
Though these (((people))) act as if there is nothing to worry about and the government is on our side.

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The DOJ has been going after innocent whites and ignoring criminal blacks for decades.

Left: White man with aspirations
Right: Manufactured Vanilla Gorilla

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your skin doesnt mean shit if your soul is lost.

he was a gorilla all along

trust the plan, goy

In the beginning he must have been dedicated to gain adequate skill, dedication require some soul, some spirit, something he lost somewhere between a line of coke and a whore bending over for him. He will have it all taken from him like Jackson in the end, I'm sure.

what skill is there compared to the skill of integrity, the skill of honesty , the skill of faith

everything else is just repetition

you are either good or bad and your conclusion will show it. no weight lifting will save you from the devil or give you the strength to open the gates of heaven

but still lift , its not a bad thing it itself

Jackson played the game and saved himself as far as I see it. He was taken young but he never gave in. Michael Jackson right?

I mean if any song should be the anthem of /pol it should be the embeded song. Funny that you might be seeing this on jewtube. Read the comments. This guy repented before his end I feel. Im dont believe he ever assulted anyone.

He was used.

were they jews op … what are their names?????

jews always start shit fucking come with facts faggot


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