Thorium and the New Golden Age

Benefits of Thorium Power:

-Reactors cannot melt down

-Abundant fuel

-No risk of nuclear proliferation

-No carbon or air pollution

-Cheaper than even coal or natural gas

Imagine a world where the US is producing power for 1c/kwh. Most energy intensive manufacturing has now returned to the US. Food can be grown indoors without pesticides at a lower cost than outdoor agriculture. Economy enters a sustained economic boom of 10%+ gdp growth for an entire generation.

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as long as kikes control the economy with capitalist bullshit, there will be more value in destroying this shit than promoting it.

>Destroy your own economy, goy! Don't take the energy sector back from (((oil companies))).

Shill talking points:

'It can't be done"

"It will blow up and kill us all"

"We have to go kill x racial minority before anything can be done" (where x is never the Rothschilds)

"Don't improve anything because the kikes will just steal it"

nothing matters until you gas the kikes retard.

Go ahead, you FBI faggot. Start with the Rothschilds. When you're done, come back and we'll discuss replacing their degenerate system with abundant energy for broad-based economic growth.

Rothschilds are only one of the lesser families. There are at least half a dozen other families that are involved.

I repeat, you are quite delusional. I will start with whoever is in front of me.

If this "comfortable" society is allowed to continue for as long as we have new energy reserves then White genocide won't be able to be effectively fought. You can create more food and energy but all it'll do is subsidize the non-white population.

A perfect example is the Theodore Roosevelt Damn in Arizona allowing the cheap farm labor of illegal Mexicans to come into the area in the early 1900s. The United States even had a "false flag" with its actor Pancho Via in Mexico to start a conflict that'd push a bunch of Mexicans to become refugees into the United States after the damn was finished.

Modern nuclear power is very safe, resulting in far fewer deaths and much less harm to the environment that coal or renewables. But try telling that to the tree huggers.
It doesnt matter if its thorium. They will still protest against it because they believe its evil nuclear power that nuclear bombs are made from.

If you think Rothschilds are bad just wait for Rothsparents.

That time of the month again?

Look nigger, if the jews could do it for cheap and charge your ass the same, they would.

You just said gassing the kikes is the only way. Who have you assassinated? No one, because you're COINTELPRO.

But it is cheap, relatively speaking. But why would they when they have a monopoly on oil?

The tree huggers movement was created by the British royals to co opt the Teddy Roosevelt's conservation movement and turn it into genocidal depopulation.

You can kill all of them. Rockefellers, high-level freemasons, knights of malta, Soros. Doesn't matter, you just go ahead and start shooting since you're totally not FBI.

I know it is, on paper. While we could produce power cheaply, setting aside (((regulations))) to drive up costs if you can even get approval, they would take all that profit and pocket it, not give you cheaper power. The other issue is, they stand to make more money creating problems and remedying the symptoms vs. finding permanent fixes that make everyone happy and content. There's no money in anyone else being comfortable but them.

No, they wouldn't, because they wouldn't be able to. That's the whole point of this. The ridiculous oil industry profits exist because they can control the industry from a few key points and have enforced their cartel using American military force. Showing people that cheaper energy has been available for 50 years exposes the bankruptcy of the whole regime, and forces them to open the floodgates of economic growth.

Honestly I think we need to invest in nanites so we can use them to sterilise the non-white people. The jews will never allows that clean energy to happen.

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Thorium isn't even real you IDIOT

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Are you ok?

Kill yourself, redditor. Never post here again.

That is entirely orthogonal to thorium. You could use any nuclear fuel in a molten salt reactor and the same thing would be true.
That isn't true, and I have no idea why you would act like that is a benefit.
CO2 is not a problem you retarded lefty faggot.
If that were true, we'd already be using it. Currently it is vastly more expensive, which is why we're not using it. If you could make shitloads of money undercutting every other energy producer on the planet, people would be doing it.
That would still be more expensive than outdoors, and we can already grow food outdoors without pesticides. Stop with the anti-nature techno-dystopian kikery. Permaculture can provide more food than we need. There's no need for idiotic hipster faggot indoor lettuce farming.

If you have the space and a plentiful supply of shit, a biodigester will produce methane to run a slightly modified 4-stroke generator and voila! Free energy.

Not cost free, obviously, but free from dependence upon the energy supplier's cartel, terms and conditions applied.

The US government has deemed Thorium a nuclear precursor. This means it requires special and expensive licences to handle, which means wide scale research on reactors has been strangled in the crib.
Another side effect has been to push strategic rare earth metal production to China, because many of North America's rare earth deposits are "contaminated" (it's actually quite easy to remove) with Thorium

So…yaaaay government.

I see you farmin primals in shadowmoon valley

Thorium and Thorium reactors are cheaper, in fact they already knew this before they built the first Nuclear Reactor as scientist were split between the choice of Uranium and Thorium. The reason they ultimately chose Uranium was not money.

"Plutonium-239 is the primary fissile isotope used for the production of nuclear weapons"

yea man, I'm gonna waste my life going Robert Brower on jews so I can go to jail. Take your fucking meds faggot. you are worrying about shit post revolution, I'll be amazed if you can find an electric generator let alone the means to develope a thorium reactor.

It is a nuclear precursor. Show me a budget for any nuclear plant, regardless of fuel, where regulatory costs come any where close to 1% of the cost. You can't say "oh the US makes it expensive", why aren't there any in China then?

Then why aren't they being used?
That statement is both wrong and irrelevant. Nobody is building Uranium plants either. Nuclear is not cost competitive right now. Natural gas needs to be way more expensive before nuclear is worth the investment.

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If you have useful information, then post it. Otherwise, STFU

You don't need to rewire an alternator, the entire reason to use an alternator is that it is already designed to do exactly what you want.
True. It is a useful meme.
You are aware that the oil industry murders people and drags the entire nation into wars, aren't you? OP included an expert who estimates thorium would be half the cost of coal. I think that's high, I would put it closer to 1c/kwh.
With cheap electricity the cost of producing one unit of food is significantly lower than planting outdoors, because the yields are so much higher. Indoor agriculture is already marginally profitable for things like salads for high-end restaurants and highly population-dense areas with little arable land.

You answered your own question. The oil industry, which was locked down by the British after WWII, wanted to put every other form of energy out of business. From a pure engineering perspective, a thorium reactor should cost far less than a natural gas or coal plant. The only difference is ridiculous regulations that the British Empire and their Saudi friends use to keep prices high.
India and China are building them like crazy.

I thought it was still only theoretical

There were molten salt reactors in the 1960s. They didn't use thorium, but it isn't a big leap to use the same reactor design with a different fuel.

Fusion Energy is still where we need SHOULD invest in, not to mention a little something that Fusion can do is to create materials that currently dont exist on Earth, or potentially anywhere.

And fusion is the galaxies single most best energy solution.

But sure Thorium we should Also invest in, but Fusion should be number 1, Thorium number 2, solar and wind at best maybe 3 or 4.
Nuclear fission, probably 3, maybe 5 dependant on place of the reactors, and how efficient they can become and how much the fuel can be depleted, like Candle breeders for instance.

No, instead of spending 60 billion on some shitbox old poison tech per reactor, spend it on PUBLIC R&D for gating the ether. It's been peer reviewed already and proven to work but suppressed longer than any of you faggots have been alive.

sage because the nuclear jew is anti-white

Do you even have any understanding of the difficulty to contain molten salt? It's hard enough to handle galvanic corrosion with BWRs (which has caused many failures) and you are suggesting to run MOLTEN FUCKING SALT?
There is a reason only a few have ever been built.

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They ran a molten salt reactor for several years back in the 1960s. .1 shekels have been deposited into your account by British Petroleum.

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No, fuck both petro and nuke poison. Both are cancer. Wind and solar isn't much better either, it's practically cancer too.
The real option is Tesla and Moray related. Tesla showed everyone the way a century ago yet people went to university to learn all the Hertzian, Maxwell horse shit instead and gobbled it up like good goyim and called people that sourced from peer reviewed material proving them wrong 'kooks'.
Fucking modern day brainwashed 'sjw-tier' credentialists. Even god damn Faraday and (((Einstein))) bowed to Tesla.


ZPE > Thorium

Top kek. You're a shill, but at least you're trying. Keep on being one of the good ones, and enjoy your 10 cents.

Nice try, faggot.
You're here unironically shilling nuke tech that is broken from the beginning. Did you ever look at how much maintenance a molten salt plant requires? I've already dug into the nuke industry for years when (((Fukushima))) happened and found out what a scam it was, let alone the thorium larp.
Every few months you faggots make a thorium thread here. Nuke tech died in the 60s, it's a net negative energy production when you consider the mining, refining and clean up/dismantling then storing the old fuel. Thorium reduces that but it's still not a solution to use molten salt.
The only benefit to nukes is being able to generate energy in places where it would not naturally be able to do so, where you could also argue it's not natural to have such fucking cancerouly high population densities in teh first place ffs.
If you call Tesla bullshit, then you should stop using a computer or phone or modern power grid. It wouldn't work without his inventions you faggot.

>Population density is too high, we need to (((depopulate)))


It shows up On infrared so it can’t be used in war machines that are stealthy. So it’ll never get legitimately funded.

That's pretty much the current enforced global policy yeah, do you think that Jews will want development of groundbreaking new technologies that doesn't benefit them? Like resurrecting old ones like ones Pioneered by National Socialist Germany such as mass facilitating Carbon cracking to manufacture synthethic oil since 1936? Or like how japanese scientists managed to figure out how to synthesize gold from mercury in fission reactors by neutron bombardment. Of course not.

"By early 1944, German synthetic fuel production had reached more than 124,000 barrels per day (19,700 m3/d) from 25 plants" - n 1937, the four central Germany lignite coal plants at Böhlen, Leuna, Magdeburg/Rothensee, and Zeitz, along with the Ruhr Area bituminous coal plant at Scholven/Buer, had produced 4.8 million barrels (760×103 m3) of fuel. Four new hydrogenation

This is technology and production which is 100% possible, but it's being shut down and seemingly erased from history because the Jews in order to maintain a market monopoly need to halt big steps in technological advancement for profit with the fake idea of "limited resources" to keep their dominion and slow drip profit scheme going while they get richer and we get poorer by the day, promoting their fake idea that we all have to rely on them in every way or be unable to have a nation.

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Interesting any further info?. Also heard of ruskies doing it at super super high temps with plasma, in fact they could make almost anything with this method and even stuff that normally isn't possible.

Their synthetic fuel wasn't as good as bong/burger fuel though and why they got fucked in the air battle eventually, because of (mostly) anti-detonation additives they were not using.


Tesla is being used everywhere you idiot.
Just not all of his work, due to a massive disinfo campaign which goes down to the education level through to university and began about 100 years ago.
Prior to that he had the most acclaimed scientists in the world praising him. What the fuck else do you think happened? It's certainly not big oil btw.

Ask me how I know you don't know shit about orders of magnitude?

Pretty much every country that isn't a total shit gets the majority of its energy from nuclear. Not sure why you have such a hateboner

Yes yes elves live in the hallow earth and there is a secret Nazi colony in Antarctica we all know

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Because Royal Dutch Shell is paying their bills.

tokamak motherfucker

Thorium reactors have been a meme for 20 years and will never break through and allowed. Anyone promoting it at this point is either ignorant or a penny stock bagholder that fell for the hype.


please go back back

You were already headed off

except user is correct. the failures the old reactors had were due to the molten salt corroding the separation plates between critical sections. The materials do not exist yet that can last long enough to make current thorium reactor designs worthwhile. replacing the plates doesn't work either because the entire reactor has to be shut down and evacuated to remove and replace the damaged areas.

Thorium has huge potential but we need some serious materials and chemical engineering to tackle the hurdles

lack of energy is not our problem. think about all the energy used by nogs to cause trouble because they are given cheap food

think of all the energy used by cops to opress

we have too much energy being used in bad ways. fix that problem

we have tons of food and tons of energy retard. But America also has tons of problems.

The reactor in MSRE did not fail.
You're clearly making things up, BP.


You are aware that the oil industry doesn't give a shit about oil, they just care about money right? If nuclear was profitable, they'd do it. They are all over solar and wind and other bogus "green" bullshit because it pays.
No it isn't, cheap is still more expensive than free, which the sun is.
Yields are far lower, and most crops haven't even been successfully grown indoors.
No it isn't. There's nobody doing it at all, because it is totally retarded. It is just jewish techno dystopian nonsense they push because they hate nature.

Regulatory costs are too high in every single country? Even ones with absolutely no regulations? China is investing tons of money into research on thorium. If it were actually cost effective, they would be using it. But sure, the chinese government is actively preventing the chinese government from doing it with their regulations right?
We can't even build one, we have no idea what it would cost. We can only build temporary ones that last a few decades before the molten salt causes too much corrosion. Those are too expensive to compete with anything.
Which contradicts your belief that thorium is held back by nuclear regulations.

Oh shit. Peaceful protests. Those always work…. at letting Israel gain control of tech they want like stem cell research.

monopoly???? energy would change lives how???

fucking retarded

ur just lazy thats why you dont have a job and thats why you dont have energy



This is entry level material retard, shit like this has been posted in every redpill thread going back five years. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're a retard who doesn't know to lurk before posting (where you eventually run into this information) instead of a shill purposely introducing doubt to muddy the waters as to what is common Zig Forums knowledge.

So, you don't have a source and you can't explain anything?