Patrick Little b& from Gab

This is not an eceleb thread but a warning. Patrick means to create his own social network, likely with claims of decentralization and anonymity, in response to "unfair censorship." The caek is a lie. Don't fall for the honeypot or you deserve the 5 am wake-up call.

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Judenfrei first post.

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my sides this timeline

He was thinking about publicizing scheming private Jews, muh dox! Ban him!

This was an inevitable but dishonest move from gabbai.

jews jewing jews jewing jews.

Patrick literally names the jew he did nothing wrong. Notice this happened after the new (((registrar))) and their fundraising goals were met.

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Wow, it's almost as if we were right about Gabbai and Torbah all along.

A Saudi prince owns the majority shares in JewTwitter. A Mudslime Turk, Ekrem Büyükkaya, co-founded Gab with the jew Torba. Trails for these (((platforms))) leads to MOSSAD.

Are social media sites allowed to ban presidential candidates?

Reminder that "gabbai" is a Hebrew word for someone who assists in the running of a synagogue. "" is Jewish as fuck. The only solution for the future is for people to build quality decentralised image board software.

See? The caek is a lie.

Where can I see the exact posts he was banned for? Reviewing voat, halfchan, archive, and 8pol (this is the only thread), I can't find the actual posts anywhere. Everyone keeps saying 'doxxing and vandalism but I wanna see it for myself. Cheers

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Good fuckin' grief how harmless. Thanks for the quick turnaround

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If you kill your enemies, they win.

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cucked the fuck out

That isn't vandalism. The actual vandalism is the existence of holocaust memorials. The existence of holocaust memorials is terrorism by definition.

If what he said was against the first amendment, or even close to being against it, then he would be arrested, since he was not arrested, GAB just engaged in censorship

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go smash a holocaust memorial and explain that too the judge. im sure it'll be fine.

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Most murders go unsolved when there's no clear motive.

How could anybody support this disgusting man?

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You'd be surprise, chaim.

You can preach communist revolution all day long and the elites don't give a shit. But if you start naming the jew, then the entire establishment descends upon you until you're banned from every social media platform and then lose your job.
Really makes you think doesn't it


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This is Zig Forums. This is not tumblr. This is also not plebbit. This is also not /leftycuck/.

What the hell are you saying? Words can't be against the first amendment.
And you'll do nothing about it.

The saddest part is your average Normservative doesn't see the problem in that - or the contradiction.

Pat, go harder. God bless

so when you gonna get started smashing memorials or killing jews?

Patrick Little is a manchild slob. Not what I consider true Americans.

This is why they're starting to formulate direct action against the chans more so than ever before.

when you getting started then?

I like him even more

I never implied I was doing either. What I wrote was a fucking description of how things actually are. Why are (((you))) here D&Cing?


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How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

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Don't worry buddy, I'm sure they'll build the wall any day now. Any day now..

when are you getting started then?

I already answered. I'll tell you tomorrow.

Whoa, checked.

kys glownigger.

Everyone should break jew law faggot.

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just not you

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What, do you think I'm going to post a detailed manifesto on a public imageboard? You're either a deescalation shill or just a garden-variety buffoon who finds it easier to critique others than contribute anything meaningful to the conversation. Maybe both.

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If Patrick Little actually had a chance at becoming president let's pretend something big happened to change national opinions on things, like someone in Mossad giving wikileaks proof that Israel helped 9/11 happene, say by tipping off the hijackers to avoid the FBI, how many here would actually vote for the man?
Is he still running as a Democrat? I'd think that would negative half of Zig Forums.


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If any of us IRL and ran for Congress nobody would make a thread. They might make a, "lol did he just say all that" thread on 4chan but you know when it's a Mossad agent when they're being shilled.
Pat hasn't done anything bad, but he hasn't had a chance to do something really stupid once all eyes are on him.

All forced meme-celebs = mossad


He's doing this dumb shit in every thread like some data mining cunt.

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Can you fuck off back to cuckchan you faggot. Don't need this horse shit.
You fucking pathetic burger faggot.

That meme is so fucking stupid only tinfoil burgertards could come up with it. As is there wasn't enough actual real evidence of gab's hypocrisy and Torba's untrustworthiness.

*as if

good, I hope all of you fuck off from this site

Which site is that, snowflake?

That has nothing to do with the OP. The only real problem is that muh guidelines are not enforced fairly for our side, not that they would exist or take action on a private platform. The name of the platform is a bigger giveaway than the ban. The ban is more defensible, if anything.

You aren't citing any reasons why you think Little is an enemy agent.

Good. I cite censorship and regime corruption as top problems in all IRL political conversations, and everyone agrees.

Fuck the ZOG parties. I would vote for a pro-white no matter what party, and any NS would do the same.

Sure, because kikes just (((coincidentally))) name their shit that way. Kill yourself, nigger.

Yet they don't post any examples of it?

This robocall will go down in the annals of history.

Check his website, he has switched over to R. Not that it really matters much.

Here's a whole bunch of reasons

Only answer is to create a blockchain or torrent based social media network that can't be banned (unless you shut down the internet).

I'd like to see where it is now… 4cuck seems dead

Terrible idea. If someone really wanted to make make a free speech (((social media platform))) they would make a federated decentralized system. Good examples of this are GNU Social and Mastodon. Ironically Mastodon was created because SJWs were unhappy about Twitter and wanted even more censorship, but because each instance is separate anyone can implement their own content policy.

Why are you fags deleting posts. Will NATSOC release the Vatican archives if they gain power?

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Pat Little is officially a canary looking for a coalmine.

All Roman Catholics will be exterminated for race-treason and their property confiscated, so of course all of the archives will be made public as well.

"Rob Monster" is Torba's new appointed handler, and is openly working with antifa and the ADL to dox "nazis" on Twitter.

Everything is a honeypot, everyone is a fed. Blah blah blah. TAKE A HIKE KIKE

Patrick Little, just like Paul Nehlen, ruined his life, career and, in Pat’s case, his marriage just to “name the Jew”. Both of these guys had high paying jobs and were living well. They could’ve easily ran on populist messages and done well, hell just look at how Nehlen was doing prior to turning into a complete sperg on Twitter posting a picture of him holding Culture of Critique. These guys ended up ruining any capacity they had in both meat space and online space in a matter of months, it’s impressive really.

And thus, this brings us back to the topic of “optics”. You only have 2 options: present yourself as a normal white man irl without naming da joos, or stay behind the scenes, form local and regional groups with like-minded people, focus on logistics, etc. We look at Little and Nehlen as examples of what NOT to do.

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Today's your day. The day you get your warning.

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Now this is the kind of monster girl I can get behind

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Not an argument.

oy fucking vey shlomo.

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All the kike shills need to go to their containment board, please.

Those are some nice contact lenses.


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In case you were wondering, this user is almost-certainly a beaner. That image only shows up in reddit beaner memespace.

Should have elaborated.
If more and more normalfags/ecelebs name the jew it will become mainstream.
Hence chaim saying not to.

Anyone who has spent time in meatspace knows more and more people are namign the jew and this has them fucking scared because the usual 'muh holohoax' '6gorillion' aint working anymore, especially on generation zyklon.

Nice sleuthing, user.

I am like a god compared to you. I have been shitposting since your mother was picking you up from elementary school because you shit your pants after eating too much glue.

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In fact, I'd wager the lives of every child in Mexico City that this is the 'esoteric' poster.

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The clam might be a kike, but the poster is certainly a beaner.


Classic faggot.

They think by banning the ebil nazis who want to end free speach

Yeah it smells like that esoteric faggot indeed.

You're probably right on the money.
Busted another kike larper few days back who tried to pretend jew and failed badly. They think it'll get Zig Forums to respond to their derailing better.

If enough followed in their footsteps, then none of their lives would be ruined.
Cowardice among most white men is the problem that must be fixed. Don't badmouth the heroes among us.

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Patrick Little is a kike

Commit suicide, then.


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Anons should return the favor.

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torba and epik have NO EXPERIENCE DEALING WITH JEWS OR THE FAR LEFT. i tried to warn them about how they would be attacked but they either didnt get the message or didnt take action. epik is a weasel that sneaks behind peoples backs, Cantwell specifically.

it is only a matter of time until it is either neo-con twitter or completely gone.

reminder: torba voluntarily gave up bowers data without a subpoena and then was oh so eager to work with the feds. the feds most likely asked for a backdoor right off the bat, and probably also global mod status.

i lost an account, and so have around 300 others, all pro-Whites of course.

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What he got banned for was not the memorial thing months ago, it was organizing silent IOTBW protests. Gab called it "targeted harassment"

Gab is the same as Discord, both operated as a way to build profiles on awoke White people.

No one is low IQ as you Moarpheus.

Exactly. You don't limit your options by ruining your life, you expand them.

Never do an action that starts with an "if". You need to be certain that your plan will work.

Naming them won't help. You need to provide a platform, service, and status for those afflicted individuals instead.

He switched to republican without telling anyone. Kind of weird not to tell anyone if you ask me.