U.S. Troops to Leave Border Just as Migrant Caravan Arrives



The Pentagon announced all active-duty troops sent to the U.S. southern border ahead of a migrant caravan’s arrival will begin to drawdown, just as that caravan of asylum-seeking refugees began to arrive at a port of entry in Tijuana, Mexico.

Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, who runs the mission out of Texas, told Politico that the troops sent by President Trump to back up existing border enforcement “should be home by Christmas.” He also said troop numbers would rapidly fall after “engineer and logistics troops” finish fortifying entry ports and base camps along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Buchanan also confirmed that the Pentagon rejected a Department of Homeland Security request for “armed force to back up Border Patrol agents in the event of a violent confrontation,” describing the request as a “law enforcement task.” Migrants started arriving in Tijuana by the hundreds late last week, with Mexican officials worrying about how to house the influx of migrants.

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the landmines are set


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In your lump-sized brain.

Also, friendly reminder that (((Trump))) is the Commander in Chief of the fucking military. He has more than enough authority to order troops to assist in border control. He just won't use it, because he's a kike-controlled faggot.

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⚡ ⚡ ⚡ SHOCKING ⚡ ⚡ ⚡

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OP - You really are a faggot.
you really are
you totally leave out the fact that the troops will be shifted around the border and that the same troops might not be there because they will be replaced by others. You are a faggot for putting out half-truths and should be exposed for the charlatan that you are.
Fuck You OP.

So nobody will be there to stop the militias, then?

Oddly predictable.

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Dubs suggest no-one will stop the RIGHT-WING DEATH SQUADS

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Looks like that's the plan.

< blame Trump
Nigger, this whole government serves only the upcoming spics who vote as a bloc. There is not a shred of service to the white man in all of the whole apparatus of government.

We didn't move to Mexico. Mexico moved to us.

By this treason they achieved it: They committed the treason of subversion of the electorate by replacement.

These are ADL-Mossad shills:

As commander-in-chief Trump could mobilize the Army Corps of Engineers to start building a wall, today. It's not that Trump can't, it's that he doesn't want to.

Who can tell… it is a mystery

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The US military is for defending poppy fields in the Middle East not US borders silly goyim. Besides those are new Democrat party voters marching their way to the border.

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Nice evidence, doubleposting newfaggot schizo.

but orange man bad and headlines are all there is to the story.

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This was in response to media badgering him about not taking care of his troops. The guys will rotate out for holidays.

Bullshit. Trump doesnt give a shit about the border you stupid MAGAkike.

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Not seeing anything about rotation. Just withdrawal and troops home by Christmas. Is this damage control or do you have something else?


Daily reminder the wall has not been started and we were all duped.

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Fun fact: troops are drawing down, were never going to shoot at spics, were explicitly at the border to direct them to the tent cities–inside the US–where they will all be allowed entry. You have nothing.

This, Trump has been a monstrous disappointment. I used to think "hey, maybe it's big elaborate ruse that he's pulling", he's all bark and no bite. In 2 years we've gotten jackshit… just promises.

You were pushing this garbage blackpill with the LAST migrant caravan, and they all got told to fuck off.

So you're spreading baseless disinformation to make yourself feel better. Go get fucked.

Source? Everything I've read suggested they all went in… I'd love a whitepill, but I don't see any in the US.

Yeah, you don’t need thousands of troops to stop the caravan. Just a few dozen EMF crowd dispersal trucks that will make the migrants lose bowel control and feel like their skin is on fire.

Exclusive: Trump expected to give troops authority to protect border personnel


Not rocketscience. But this is all bullshit speculation anyways. Any article that cites talk without action is.



Sounds like he basically sent a bunch of engineers to build fortifications who finished on time and are heading out so that ICE can use those fortifications without backlash against the military. Seems smart, will see how it plays out.

How many shekels do you get paid every time you post this image?

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Suddenly the civilian world is going to be reminded that HBL is a thing.

Checked and heil'd.

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Pick one

No, the army will be there.

It's not even official yet nigger. We have to wait all weekend

Hmm I wonder why that would be a bad idea

You clearly picked the latter.

Mods please delete this fucking thread its pissing me off. Trump has nothing to do with this.

The old troops won't be gone until right before Christmas so why are you whining about waiting through the weekend for the official announcement that the new troops get to defend the border patrol? Only a kike would whine about 4 days while giving themselves a month.

Go back to reddit, nigger.

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This board has been hijacked. Legit threads are deleted and demoralization shit like this stays up.

So many butthurt MAGAniggers in this thread, holy shit.

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look at these rude ass nazis. MODS come in and clean house there's absolutely nothing wrong with american nationalism aka civic nationalism any man that defends the second and first amendment whether red, yellow, or brown is OK in my books much better than evil nazis!

Can Trump fire Mattis? If so, the ball is kind of in his court. Mattis and the Pentagram have been trying to obstruct this border strategy since it started. Any boomer following Rense's news feed could tell you that.

This is an example of basic ADL-Mossad D&C:

How is trump doing MAGA for whites?

< issue flogging, refusing to stay on topic, picking fights.

Yep, it's ADL-Mossad. Trying to make people feel bad = baseline shilling.

What are you exactly?

Trump has a higher approval rating in Israel than the US, if there is anyone from there shilling here regarding him, it's more likely to be in his defense. But you know that, don't you, Moshe?

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pushing glasses off .mp4

T-that's a literal Mossad agent. Have a look at that shit, have a look at that. Will you have a look at that?

Isn't it funny how every single one of your posts includes the same key word so that they know who to pay.

I think that's funny.

This is an interesting ADL-Mossad strategy:

Now, you will see how there's a lie, well, I shan't go through it. It's simply a fabrication, of course. But, dearest reader, do you know why I am certain he is ADL-Mossad? You see, they are a one trick pony when it comes to the problem of contrary evidence. They can't use logic, that would require way too much brainpower for their trash genetics.


So far all early reports on this have been bullshit, ill wait 2 days for the real news

Tired of winning yet?

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50 men with ar-15s can do what 1 million troops can't do.

Caravans… the very word reminds jews of their desert roaming past.

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So more fake news from kikey.

Good. Let them enter.

Don't worry it's fake news anyway.

Pentagon announcements are not "fake news".

u been drinkin ur own koolaid JIDF

No it is real. The migrants could enter US now.

Someone make a STILL THE BEST 2016 or something

At least nothing is impeding the militias from dealing with the border jumpers now

This has always been a national socialist board, we used to ban fucks like you. Learn your fucking place.

Now brothers, here's a kike post if ever there were one:

< pigs are insulting
The absolute garbage gene kike!

It's uncertain :^)

fuck you faggot I went door to door for this fucking nigger and did everything I could do to get him elected.



Not trumpkike and the entire gop then?




There is no wall. There are no deportations. No one is being prevented from entering the country. That is the real news.

Sure is Poe's Law in here.

Our military is a fucking joke. Why cant the Commander in Chief just order some troops to stay there?? The most frustrating part about this bullshit (and all shitskin invasions into white countries) is there are plenty of men willing and able to form militias to protect the border, but the only reason why they aren't showing up is because the fucking ARMY is there and would just tell the militia to fuck off, or state police would show up to shoo them away. So our military is basically helping the horde come here instead of doing anything good. Someone wake me up. It's almost like there are no good guys at all anymore.

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It's some turbo neckbeard or shareblue or some shit. It's this same nigger that spams "ADL-Mossad" and replies to basically anyone no matter what they are posting. It's hard to tell if this is some schizo with no life or an actual paid shill because he's been at it for days now.

Maybe Pajeet learned a new phrase and this is his new thing now…

Time to head for the border, siegefaggots. Now's your chance for glory!

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You out yourselves pretty easily when you're (1) posters who post image macros.

What a comfy looking pig

That looks fucking painful

There are no RWDSs. Nothing will happen. The caravan is less than 3% of the total yearly illegals. This is a drop in the bucket. The fact that we didn't have a civil war years ago already means we lost any violent conflict. There's no chance now. The young brown people outnumber young whites by the millions and more of them are armed, they have more solidarity together, actually have communities, actually openly talk about their mexican nationalism, black nationalism and so on, and at least half of whites within the fighting age would either take no side or even join the brown hoards.

Destroying the one ring is our only chance. We must hope that Frodo is still alive and make plans to occupy the enemy's attention.

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sorry nigger he was raped on his way to mord- i mean brussels.

I hate you so fucking much.

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Trump grants new authority to troops to protect border personnel
By Ryan Browne, Barbara Starr, Geneva Sands and Caroline Kelly, CNN
Updated 1:50 PM EST, Wed November 21, 2018

(CNN) President Donald Trump has approved a memorandum that grants new authority to US troops on the Southwest border to protect Customs and Border Protection personnel from migrants if they engage in violence, according to the Pentagon.

Department of Defense spokesperson Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza confirmed to CNN that the Pentagon had received the memorandum.

CNN first reported on Monday that this was expected.

The White House memo authorizes US troops to conduct activities such as "crowd control, temporary detention and cursory search" according to a copy of the memorandum, which has been obtained by CNN.

It allows troops to use "a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary)" in order to perform these protective activities.

While some have questioned whether active duty troops detaining and searching people on US soil constitutes law enforcement, something prohibited under the Posse Comitatus Act, the memo, which is signed by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, says that US troops "shall not, without further direction from the President, conduct traditional civilian law enforcement activities, such as arrest, search, and seizure."

"On detention we do not have arrest authority, detention – I would put it in terms of minutes, in other words if someone's beating on a border patrolman and if we were in a position to have to do something about it we could stop them from beating on them and take them over and deliver them to a border patrolman who would then arrest them for it," Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon Wednesday when asked about the new authorities.

"There's no violation of Posse Comitatus, there's no violation here at all we're not going to arrest or anything else," Mattis added.

The memo is addressed to Mattis, the attorney general and the secretary of homeland security.

The document cites "credible evidence and intelligence" indicating that the migrant caravans originating from Central America "may prompt incidents of violence and disorder that could threaten US Customs and Border personnel" as the reason why US troops are needed to help protect them.

The decision comes as a large group of migrants is arriving at the US-Mexico border, having been the focus of Trump's closing message during the midterm election. In the days and weeks leading up to the election, Trump ordered military troops to the border to assist the Department of Homeland Security with preparing for the migrants' arrival.

"I'm here to tell you today that the reality is that there are currently over 6,200 individuals camped out south of the US border in Tijuana today, as I stand here," Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said at a speech along the border earlier this week. "In Mexicali there are more than 3,000 caravan members. These two groups combined with other caravans making their way though the Northern Triangle and Mexico will result in approximately eight to ten thousand migrants amassing along our southern border. The crisis is real, and it is just on the other side of this wall."

Until this new authority was granted, troops were not allowed to intervene if CBP personnel came under attack unless they needed to act in their own self-defense.


Tuesday's authorization comes after Department of Homeland Security officials said Monday that they were getitng information from "multiple sources including individuals in the Mexican government" of potential waves or groups of individuals who were discussing an incursion into legal ports of entry in California by attempting to pass through vehicle lanes.

The Pentagon has been working for the last several days on options for how troops can protect CBP. There are 5,800 to 5,900 troops assigned to the border mission.

Any potential use of force by US troops to protect CBP personnel must be "proportional," a US official previously told CNN.

Mattis said Wednesday that "there has been no call for any lethal force from DHS," saying that any troops backing up Customs and Border Patrol would not be carrying firearms but could be equipped with shields and batons.

Two defense officials had also emphasized that National Guard forces activated by governors, as well as state and local civilian law enforcement authorities in a given area, should be relied on as much as possible.

All three officials were adamant that the change is not about troops firing weapons at migrants crossing the border. Instead the new rules will be aimed at providing the basic authorities to allow for protective measures.

The Pentagon said Tuesday the mission will cost taxpayers approximately $72 million. That price tag covers the cost of deploying the approximately 5,900 active duty troops until December 15 and will increase the longer the troops are deployed.

Mattis said the cost was likely to increase, saying he was "confident that number will go up."

Trump has said he will deploy as many as 15,000 troops if needed to push back against the group of migrants who are planning on asking for asylum. On Tuesday, Trump told reporters that the troops "are proud to be on the border. They are proud to be defending our nation. And we are not letting people in."

Earlier this year, CNN reported that the Pentagon had rejected a similar request from the administration to send troops to protect CBP personnel at the border on the grounds that the soldiers would lack the proper authority to do so.

A separate defense official tells CNN that planning is underway to move some military police from Texas to California, where the majority of migrants trekking through Mexico toward the US are expected to go.

Nielsen addressed the possible movement of troops earlier Tuesday, saying the completion of some military missions had resulted in a "movement of forces."

"There's some missions that parts of the military have completed, so what you are seeing is a movement of forces," Nielsen told reporters. "But as I said earlier, I have spoken with Secretary [of Defense Jim] Mattis directly and I have no doubt they will continue to partner with us in this mission until it is resolved."





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Send muh troops to the border was just a midterms gambit. Trump is a kike and has no intention of limiting immigration. He has admitted as much numerous times.

Eager to watch this faggot lose in 2020. Its time to kick this shit into high gear, not wasting time voting in the next disappointment.

Sounds like he authorized troops to shoot, but it's probably more bullshit