Trump on Continued Support of Saudi Arabia

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The main points of the statement:

“The world is a very dangerous place!”
Iran is guilty of destabilizing the situation in the Middle East
Hezbollah is also guilty
The Houthis are very guilty that they are resisting to the Saudi invasion in Yemen
Bashar al-Assad – as always… bloody “dictator”, “who has killed millions of his own citizens”
Israel – a great country
The crime against Jamal Khashoggi – “terrible”
Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder? – “maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”
Multi-billion deals with Saudi Arabia – remain in force
Sanctions against Saudi Arabia – what sanctions? Washington already sanctioned “17 Saudis known to have been involved in the murder”. I.e. made no practical steps to punish the Saudi regime.
Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Standing with Saudi Arabia - America First! -full text

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I was banned on the IP for my upstairs connection, I'm not downstairs on the same device, so I'm not ban evading - nor was I when I made the last thread, which I re-made thinking there must have been some mistake (I even mentioned as much).
To clarify for the sake of the mods: I am not saying anything about Israel, merely relaying Trump's sentiment, as expressed here:

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I understand there are members of Congress who, for political or other reasons, would like to go in a different direction – and they are free to do so. I will consider whatever ideas are presented to me, but only if they are consistent with the absolute security and safety of America.

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t. MBS

t. Corker.

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Mister Bone Saw.

In what way is this a reddit thread?
Please explain.


Gee, I don't know…

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The whole spat about the journalist shows the true colors of the press.

They didn't care about the 50,000 dead in Yemen. Yet the moment a journalist dies there's round the clock coverage over the Saudis.

I'm still not seeing what you're trying to say here.
This is a reddit thread because we should be SUPPORTING Trump in allying the US with the Saudis aka the brown Israelis?

>thinking (((journalists))) are anything more than mouth pieces for jewish media moguls
Oh (((you))).


Kill yourself. The ZOG emperor has no place here.

Sage negated.

Hmm. You're not making any sense user.

At least there’s some rational behind being allies with the Saudis. They can provide us with Oil. What does Israel do besides backstab and hand technology to China?

I'm not going to tell you what you should do user. I would hope you have the IQ and mental fortitude to figure it out on your own. If you are capable of such a feat then it should be of note to your the blood bath that took place in SA just a year ago among the royals. Some were quite literally falling out the sky.

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Okay then I'm going to keep promoting awareness of Trump cucking to Saudis.


Yeah, that's nice, but why should I be supportive of Trump continuing to support Saudis, aka brown Israelis?
Please explain user, oh wise one, highest of high IQs.


Bernie Zionist-Commie defending Iran?

Oh that's right… Hegelian

I'm never voting again.

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literally using the board logs to make the shill thread more (((genuine)))
I've seen better effort from /tv/ trollposting than this

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It's not an oddity at all to you the people that sold this country out to the Saudis are now screeching about Trumps own relationship with them?

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Ah yes, the jews always win. How could I forget.

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oh then you know trump did the right thing if this pos is mad

What's going on in the 2nd image? I agree that it's rather odd that there's so much outrage over a single journalist.

If anyone was looking for reddit, here it is.

Not at all. Wait… Do you expect any sort of integrity from these "people"?
Now there's an oddity for ya!

See, way I see it, you've got Marxist jews kvetching at the shabbos pawn of Zionist jews on the basis of association to gross muslim Zionist shabbos who killed a gross muslim Marxist shabbos.
I never supported the Marxist jews, I just wonder as to why I'm supposed to support the Zionist jews now all of a sudden…

Well, in this case, the Israelis clearly won, yes - their shabbos goyim in the US is standing strong beside their shabbos goyim in the ME even though he killed the shabbos goyim of their faux-opposition within the jewish community.

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Reported for spam thread.

Thread always made sense polvol6, you just jumped the gun REALLY hard.
Maybe consider removing that permaban you threw? If not, doesn't really matter, but it would be a good show on your behalf.

No, go away.


I'm glad you posted that photo. It wasn't long after that image was captured that SA went through a wahhabism purge of it's royalty led by MBS.

That's cool polvol6, we all make mistakes.
The 'redditspacing' was due to direct copypaste, it wasn NOT originally reddit-spaced when the other user first posted it… You should consider removing his ban too.

Alright, nevermind OP.
I'm not sure I have the "IQ and mental fortitude" to know what you're hinting at.
Since you consider this thread reddit tier, explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old.

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I support the continuation of the Saudi Arabian aid if just for additional sacred cow killings. After all they support the mutilation of female genitalia by their collective silence over what's happening to Europe, if not by outright censoring of what's going on in Europe if they could get away with it.


Yeah, once the zionists ensured their hold, I'm sure some people had to die.

Can other global mods ban a global mod from posting?

Choose one.

…Oh, you're the autistic guy from the old meta thread.
I'm not engaging you any further.

Idiots sure would like some of us to forget that night in Vegas and who was the real target. You got comped and haven't recovered since.

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have a great day, go outside, get some fresh air, and let the sun shine down on your souls

This. Trump is just demonstrating to normalfags just how kiked the media is.

Yeah, you're being all mysterious. I'm not sure you have a point.
Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”


its 90 degrees outside and its dark as fuck no thank you

There are Saudis and then there are (((Saudis))).

Brennan is g

fuck off antifa


One of the people huh? Nice source.

Redditor confirmed. Kill yourself.

i wish the Wikileaks dump of Saudi embassy dox had better translation to English. there's probably incendiary dirt in there that would unravel the KSA govt, sitting in the wide open for several years now, only nobody noticed it because nobody bothered looking.[]=1&types[]=2&types[]=3#results

there should be a proper dig thread so that the mega Autists of the Internet Hate Machine can systematically scour every leaked doc and find the smoking gun–the gold nugget of Truth that will force America to declare war on Saudi Barbaria.

if only Julian wasn't Gitmo'd and MKULTRA'd, i'd volunteer myself as a code merc to whip up a smarter interface for the Wikileaks page, because these leaks never got much coverage because the interface makes it too difficult to find anything.

Kill yourself. The ZOG emperor has no place here.
No, go away.
Redditor confirmed. Kill yourself.

Half of the united states is poor due to actions taken by the us government but other countries are the problem! I bet you 99% of Americans are in debt and work paycheck to paycheck, the upper slaves see how shitty things are for lower slaves and say everything is fine we just need to vote for the next evil politician so they can take out one dagger and put in five more then take out two in four years!

Nah. This is literally slavery. There is no disputing this. I hope the problems just get worse. Natural disasters would be great. That is the only way the pyramid scheme will fall.

Shit, I forgot to Heil Hitler and post my NSDAP card for verification before posting.

Jared Kushner traveled unannounced to Saudi Arabia
October 30, 2017
2017 Saudi Arabian purge

>A number of prominent Saudi Arabian princes, government ministers, and business people were arrested in Saudi Arabia on 4 November 2017[1] and the following few weeks

Report: Saudi Crown Prince Purged, Tortured Rivals After Jared Kushner Gave Him Classified ‘Enemies’ List

You're Faggot kill yourself with your dead as meme.

Human beings in America are willing to rape their children, watch TV while their kids get addicted to heroin, then when somebody is going completely insane the jewcia is like GOOD! EGG THEM ON! THIS WILL PUSH THE AGENDA! WHO CARES ABOUT A FEW MURDERED PEOPLE WE ARE ALL THAT MATTERS! Then random people are murdered or con artists who just want money act like they were at events that didn't happen. How many people are obese? How many people wast their life chasing LIKES instead of improving the world? How many have daily suicidal thoughts or kill themselves? Oh wait those people can just be written of everything is fine consent to this!

How do you pupose we fix that?

And the problem is?

Shilling by slow-bleed. That's a new one.

Make your point or you don't have one.
What has Las Vegas got to do with this?

The problem is YOU you're to busy saying edgy words. Your not out there doing edgy things fixing this country like you lie about wanting to do.


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No no no. What is the problem? Do you know the shitskins that had their assets seized or were tortured? Why is it a problem for you that a young prince that in all intents and purposes appears to be correcting the course of SA away from wahhabism and illicit international funding while glowniggers cry bloody murder?

Embed. Who used to own the top 4 floors of the Mandalay bay. And why was he tortured till he coughed up 4bil dollars and was stripped of all power?

You're right. Fuck optics, I'm going in.

Alwaleed bin Talal.
Still, it's hard to negate an embassy dismemberment.

First, that journalist worked for WaPo, who owns WaPo? Second, that sandnigger wasnt even American. Third, that fucking nigger had ties to MB.

And my final point, is that you really show that this fucking glownigger asset journalist is the real reason this thread was tossed up.

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remember that time on October 13, 2016, when Candidate Trump commented on Wikileaks revealing Podesta's emails?

"Yesterday new disclosures were made showing again how Hillary Clinton's pay for play
works. In 2010, Saudi Arabia was looking to buy arms from the US. in order to
get the approval, Clinton State Dept has to sign off, and they couldn't get it.
So what happened?
what did Saudi Arabia do?
they paid Bill Clinton a fortune to do a speech.
later that year, Cliton State Dept signed off on arms deals between
the US and Saudi Arabia.
shocking! shocking!"

then there's this.

remember February 20, 2016, when Candidate Trump said:

"you will find out who really knock down the World Trade Center,
because they have papers that are very secret, you may find
it's the Saudis, but you will find out."

Trump is a big fat phony liar no better than Crooked Hillary or any fake ass politician. he'll say whatever
it takes to get elected, he'll opportunistically take advantage of whatever dirt he can leverage against
his opponent to bury them, but he doesn't sincerely mean one goddamn word of it.

now we have Trump patting himself on the back for multi hundred dollar arms deals with Saudi Barbaria
and we have Trump lying that his NSA didn't play the wiretapped tape of Saudi Barbaria murdering a technically
US resident in their embassy and we have President Trump contradicting every single thing Candidate Trump
claimed to stand for.

i honestly consider Saudi Barbaria as the #1 enemy of America. all the shit we're fighting, they are the source of it. Sunni Wahabis even
created the ideological framework to give birth to ISIS, the mortal enemy of America, depending on which ZOG NPC media you believe.
but it's all bullshit. everything is a big lie. Zion has infiltrated and seized Saudi Barbaria and they too are just another ZOG puppet just like America. ZOG wants KSA's trillions and ZOG wants Sunni vs Shia war because ZOG wants to nuke Iran and ZOG doesn't care if they have to
destroy America along the way to get what they want.

in my perfect world, Trump would authorize nuclear first strikes against Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Tehran and Mashhad and simultaneously eliminate all true threats to America in one blow.

No stupid violence isn't what I mean. This board needs to become IRL acknowledgment somehow we should know a friend when we see them. How can we do that without lurkers or feds squeezing us?

Okay, you explained yourself.
I know WaPo - Bezos - Amazon clown cloud. He was an American resident and that should mean something.
As for your final point, discussion leads to understanding.

I'll give one of my throw away emails to anyone who supports it organization is a must we will make a difference

Why is Trump against Syria now and gunning for Iran?

He's already is close to his old wife and his kids/grandkids.

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It is a mystery.

Is this all just like OP said, zionist vs marxist?

pic related screencap

Once the masses lose their precious iPhones, it will be all over for (((Them)))

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This has never been the case.

Look at the soy coming out of this faggot

whatever man, sign me up for zog duty, draft me for the iran war, but I have no empathy for the press after all the faggot jews we have here in the US.

you're fucking-A being an American resident should mean something. ever since WW2 being an American has meant something.
being an American was a Get-Out-of-Gulag-Free Card in most countries in the world, unless you were some blown cover CIA glow nigger
saboteur caught behind enemy lines. if you read the Wikileaks Cablegate cables, there are literally hundreds of examples where hostile foreign
countries who murder their own citizens and who murder their enemies without blinking are halted cold because some guy they want to whack is an American and they know that if they kill an American that they are bringing the Wrath of Hell upon them because the US military come knocking and the Expeditionary Marine force will invade and Uncle Sam will sweep away their entire Govt and install a new puppet who will protect Americans.

i don't give a fuck about Kashoggi–he's exactly the type of glowing neocon pawn that i would personally put a bullet in given the opportunity.
but i do give a shit about the optics–the goddamn Saudi tyrants who murdered 3,000 Americans and pulled it on the 3 towers cannot just be given another free pass to murder an American-on-paper and get away with zero punishment.

this is an inflection point moment for the American Empire, because it means ZOG and Saudi Barbaria are sending a message to the world that they can
assassinate Americans with impunity. they kikes are showing off their power level now that they have America by the balls so tight that they no longer need to hide. this is a moment that means America is no longer the 800lb Gorilla in the World. America no longer stands for anything and America can no longer physically defend itself in the world. America is no longer about action, it's about fake smiles and fake money and empty words. every American should be more concerned about where this is going than about just some glow kike like Kashoggi.

all these faggots are Saudi supporters, they're just swinging free punches because everything Trump does is wrong.

In the Hillary timeline the story either gets burried or Hillary makes some fake words that amount to the same nothing.

You going to make that same case for Soros if he got chopped up in Libia? Fuck off retard.

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In the Hillary timeline MBS isn't the prince of SA and Assad is dead.

He's not a US Citizen. Therefore I don't give a shit.

Kushner, with ties to Soros, close to Bibi president of Israel, Rothschild state, buddies with reformer and new (if murderous) broom, MbS. So confusing.
Also what does that make Russia/Iran/Turkey/Qatar?

OP is a kike.

Yes, timely reminder. Likely war with Russia and then China.

No jew is against another jew.

A full Hillary timeline dissection would be very interesting.
Oh and TPP or the renamed version would be certain.

no, faggot, because Soros will be assassinated by another American.

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We'd already be in WWIII with Russia and likely China, all planned of course. The goal over here would be to kill all the white males in a draft. Since the people up for a draft first are the unemployed and under-employed in our current system obviously the blacks and hispanics would be targeted first, but under Hillary's new Race Equality laws they'd be drafting exclusively white people excepting the commanders all of which would turn out to be magically brown.

Domestically the blacks and hispanics and 56%ers would be drafted into a CCC which would oversee the confiscation of supplies and firearms from the whites who were too old to fight overseas, Turner Diaries style.

what's limiting the draft-war from going nuclear?

If 666 Iran nukes Saudi Arabia and Israel

Thanks for this by the way.

Saudi Jewrabia doesn't exist in a bottle. There is an entire world of nigger nations. The biggest threat to the entire world bar none is the empire of the yellow jew. If Bad Orange Man hurts Jewrabia and subsequently their supply of cheap fuel, it would only strengthen the bug kingdom and israel in the process.