What could have been…

What could have been….

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For all intents and purposes not much different, corruption would still be rampant, failed economy, etc., Mexico would only have a bigger amount of wasted resources.

Mexicans kicked out the Spanish first

Barely, turns out most people instigating the independence were actually just trying to secure the "rights" of the crossbreeds (criollos), they still were in favor of a monarchy.

This never could have happened. This is like saying that one day, the salmon will kill and eat the grizzly. Metizos Inferioris are the natural prey of the Americanis Europalis. Unfortunately, we've been dealing with Americanis Niggerus and Semiticus Kikus infestations and it's been a rough time in the past few decades.

All they needed to do was kill all of the useless natives

Maybe under spanish rule…but left up to your shitskin mongrel selves this would never happen. You guys are a failed state that has too much in common with Hell to be a trivial similarity.

You realize Mexico went to shit when Santa Anna disbanded the Mexican Constitution with Siete Leyes right? Hence the firs Mexican civil war that caused Texas, Yucatan, Zacatecas, Rio Grande Republic (Nuevo Leon, Tamulipas, and Coahuila) to all secede in a civil war.

The ONLY reason you still have the Yucatan is because of the problem with servicing debt after a war, which Texas solved by joining the US.

Not to mention after Mexico got it's shit kicked in fast with the Mexican-American war. You shold be thankful that America didn't outright disband Mexico or claim more territory.

Mexico has never really had its shit together. The culture bred by the strong Catholic church presence has never allowed the populace to think as a free people and have a spine when it comes to standing up for their rights.

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Spain would have made little to no difference, BUT let's consider the possibility, as it is now Spain is another cucked country fighting to abolish due process and the presumption of innocence in favor of listen and believe.

Sorry for the mispellings. On mobile

Still pretty accurate, Mexican here BTW, I am just afraid the worse is yet to come with the stupid socialist dinosaur people elected recently, guess I'll find out how can Venezuelans still have internet.

Under whose influence? The only thing more degenerate than a mongrel spic is a kike. Who is running Spain currently?

Not quite sure which one in this case but so far the PC culture there is going rampant.

Everyday we slide further into cuckchannery. Kill yourself for your shit thread OP

Yes cause spic women are the ones fucking niggers, yes cause mexico is importing arab mudslimes that hate christianity and 80iq nigger babboons from Africa. Shut the fuck up whitoid, your race, especially those in northern europe are some of the most sexually degenerate people on earth and all of your countries are full of jews.

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Speaking of which, those South American caravans are leaving a huge mess on their way to the US, I can only hope my people can finally understand how it feels when someone violates your borders and trashes your place.


the beaners only ever sparely settled the region north of the current border. that map is more accurate today than it ever has been in history

Mexicans killed Emperor Maximilian!
The Reform War was a race war that Whites lost due to the United States involvement.

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Proto SJW as well.

In any case, can I ask what would be your personal plans for the caravan? like in a realistic approach, rumor goes that some cartels here threatened the caravan to stop being disrespectful (because they ask for brand new clothes and five star meals and stuff like that while rejecting any kind of humble "help" people give them) or they will begin killing them and hang their corpses on the usual spots.

damn bro do you have a phd in racism

false flag the caravan … blow them up. fake the deaths of military men. Say one of the caravans was a bomb. A trojan horse.

6 garrillon dollars for homeland security.
11/22 never forget
football anthem reinstated

I updated the map for you to reflect what the 21st Century might look like.

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I am all for secure borders (if anything at least the US so people will stay here long enough to burst and retake Mexico), but wouldn't that be a double-edged sword? the last thing you may want is too much government,

Whoops forgot about some crucial areas…

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theres so much retardation around that map … for one you really think the North and South of the old civil war will be one nation????

the only thing you have right is the disputed territory.

Idaho is a fucking mess and will be ground 0 because of the large mexican pop. I dont think montana is going to really do anything.

thats because the kikes know whites are the only one worth jewing. wetbacks are good for nothing. and even your own people know it so fuck off you will never be white.

oh im sorry I didnt see the break between the US and the New Confederate states … maybe.

I dont see texas gaining land


There are a lot of crazy maps for revolutionary types.

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The jews are in all the high powers that control the country, media or otherwise, the UN too is kike controlled. Percent of population doesnt matter as much as percent of power when dealing with a jew rat. The whites are inundated with them because we're the enemy to them and they feel like it's a mission from god to get rid of the white race through mongrelization. The fact is jews see whites as something needing to be bred out of existance, because we are the biggest threat to them while the rest like OP are just tools to get rid of whites.

Racism… you mean like Zionism?

Isn't "racism" a word invented by jews to try to shame other people for doing exactly what jews do?
pic related

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This is Zig Forums, what's wrong with talking about American, Texan, Mexican, CSA, etc history? Most Jews are pussy weak because they are Zionist. Go talk about it somewhere else.

eat shit beaner

Everyone in New Mexico would ritually sacrifice themselves before becoming part of Texas. As some local insight, people from NM fucking hate Texans for acting like this map is real life to them.

If only

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Some "legends" say the land was lost in a poker game or the like, basically the "owner" of the land from the Mexican perspective just gambled it without the consent of its inhabitants.

I know what you mean because I used to live in Texas. That is only an example map tbh. Defer to my crummy OC map, .

The way I see it, Arizona and New Mexico would just be a part of Mexico again. However, hardly anything would change besides a redefinition of borders and overarching government. Mexico could never reclaim AZ or NM with their current attitude towards gun rights and general incompetence.

This is going to coincide with what many people think about a "balkanized North America" and our varied sectionalized territories back in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

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How about the legendary Tijuana Donkey Show?

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Jews hate Mexicans as much as they hate White Americans. You sound like a zionist shill tbh.

We went to easy on them spics

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Would kek again.

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Gross, "help" us in your own country bean nigger. We don't want you or need you. We're already an endangered race as it is, we don't need more covetous leeches like you fucking us over with your insatiable greed and insecurity.

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The thread should have been deleted here.

Also Benito Juarez was a Freemason.

Projection and display of weakness while LARPing as "White." Cool story (((bro)))

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