Okay jewggers, I got a fun challenge for y'all. Post this on any LGBTarded post on any social media you see. The goal is to convince the normalniggers that the LGBTerrorists are an SCP.

Item #; SCP 4188 "The Mental Disease"

Object Class; Keter

Special Containment Procedures; The first variant of 4188 remains is Site 87, however other variants have been exposed to the public during a containment breach in [Expunged]. These variants are designated as 4188-1.

Description; SCP 4188 and SCP 4188-1 are a form of mental disease spread through physical touch.

While SCP 4188 can infect anyone, testing has shown that younger individuals are more susceptible to 4188. While the elderly (65+) are virtually immune to 4188, children (7+) are most susceptible.

4188 and it's variants seem to bypass the host's immune system by collecting in the brain, forming a Blood Clot/Malignant Tumor.

4188's effects have yet to be fully categorized, however testing has shown 4188 effecting how subjects view themselves, and other. This can be anything from;

-Sexual orientation
-Political Views
-Objectification of Children
-Predistribution to Collectivist thought.

Because of 4188's possible manipulation of the host's mind, the foundation has designated 4188 possible of a LK class scenario.

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Holy fuck, yes. There is nothing that could make me happier than taking out the fucks that ruined the last good thing.

I was going to do something like this myself, but I'm not a writer. Oh, and while I'm on the subject:



stop using hebrew words.

I dislike posting screenshots, but whatever.

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Oh so it's some weird gay fanfic stuff. Ok.

I fully support you ruining their fun. If you can make it canon that faggotniggers caused the holocaust or whatever that would be hilarious. Godspeed.

Reminder that the RPC Authority is the non-pozzed successor to SCP.

Anybody can say how and when did it happen?

Someone needs to start an alternate foundation for true creepypasta

Found it
We need this, with more articles that are closely resembling >>>/restick/

Fuck this. I'm OP. It's clear nothing is happening because y'all don't have an example to follow. I'm a splatard, and these faggots ruined my game. Time for payback.


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I actually did it, but I retardedly closed out of Kikestagram. I'm not there to be a normalnigger, but to redpill them.



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Found what I came for. Boys, this is how you do this.

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You find a post like above, then paste the entire document into there.

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you stink of r*ddit

I'm not familiar enough with this to really comment on the validity of the op. But I think it is true that even if they hate it at first - if it's spammed long and hard enough, it will inevitably become memed into their culture in someway or another through exposure.

No. Fuck off back to leddit, kike.

on the subject of bugchasers, theres a mobile app for barebackers called There are so many poz guys there. Lots of them. Its all over the place, I bet you could use that as a list to get addresses for your purging efforts.

A good effort. We'll need a Jewscord alternative. One that doesn't need shekels.

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Never post here again faggot.

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Fuck yes, nicely done based OP.

No Kikery allowed below this Line

Go away.


Shouldn't it be called the NPC syndrome or something?

Muh individualism.

Literally fucking gas yourself you kikus faggus

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Watch the embedd video about it.

Or perhaps this one.

Take your dynamic IP back to Reddit and call them all niggers for me

Saying slavery was worse than the holocaust and vice versa is always a fun wedge point, too.

What in the fuck is this schizophrenic garbage? Reported.