Just how casually do Swedes treat Sex, if even a betacuck has sex with over 100 women?

This is from Stefan's call in show. I didn't listen to everything. I just skipped around a bit, but this is the quick rundown.

Wtf? This is nigger-tier behavior. What happened to Swedes? I always knew that Sweden started much earlier with Feminism than other western countries. Is this the end result? That Europeans have sex like Africans? Is the trend of young people having much less sex reversed in Sweden?

How can a guy with such a nasal voice:

How can such a guy have sex with over 100 women in his mid 20s?

I never used the snownigger meme before, but did the Swedes literally revert to niggerdom, because of their feminist morality? Is it maybe the case, that Swedes might have lots of sex with different people, but overall don't have a lot of sex? Like the betacuck would just have sex a few times with a woman and then move on? Are Swedes really like this?
Someone please confirm this theory to me. I just thought of it, while writing this.

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He's probably really good looking. Absolutely retarded if you think women actually care about personality.

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What are lies?
You're a idiot, OP.

But he acts like a cuck, acts like a cuck. Talks and walks like a cuck.

Maybe he is a femboy or something and swedish women like that, because birth control fucked up their hormones?

Instead of just outright dismissing it. I mean Swedish naturally sound a bit feminine, it might just be their swedish accent, when they talk English, I considered the possibility and want to talk to some Northern Germanics here, who can confirm it.

Especially my theory about Swedish people not having an unusual amount of sex, but just sex with a lot of different people.

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maybe he's lying and he's a virgin with erectile dysfunction


As I said. Swedish males sound naturally quite feminine, so he might look alright. He just sounds weak.

But I can believe that the Swedes are just so fucked, because of feminism that they just fuck lots of different people, but at the same time don't get a lot of sex overall.

Ask a guy who banged 100,000,000,000 supermodel blondes anything.

Naving sex with a woman is no achievment.
It's like bragging that you sticked your genitalia in a trash can.
There is nothing even remotely good in them.


Military (esp Navy, six month floats) have women (Wives, GF, Moms, etc.) of men in certain section/units join a Group. Multiply number of sections, so multiple groups.
Women plan. Women make bond with other Women (esp ones w kids) in Group to Cheat, go out in groups of four most likely, easy to spot, have no game.
Be a Marine, play it smart, find multiple Groups.
Hit 100 in six months…

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Getting laid is no achievement when you pay for it or everybody involved is drunk enough.

If europeans where having sex like africans they would be having children.

Europeans are "responsible" enough to use birth control. Places like Germany and Sweden had birthrates higher than modern African countries before the pill, cheap condoms and save abortions changed that.

Op why do you post Polish Karynas in this ITT if u tok bout Swedes?

Are these Finnish gals?

So teach us what is good in achieving level of Africa?

Swedes are about the most credulous people on the planet.
A few hundred years ago they were introduced to Christianity and they ate it up like children. Believing every word. Later they were given Lutheranism and they ate it up, believing every word. And later still, they were introduced to liberalism and they ate it up, believing every word.
Swedes like to preach at people. They crave that feeling the liberals, Christians, communists, and ther forms of Puritans get when they get to talk down to others for not adhering to the correct ideology. Based on the glazed eyes and the daft look on their faces when they pontificate, I would suspect that they are getting the same pleasures and dopamine released when a normal person takes a good long shit. Which makes sense because when a feminist starts to preach their gospel she is metaphorically spewing shit. Taking a huge dump upon the people she is preaching at.

500 years ago, the Swedes were buirning White women for "witchcraft"
Today, the Swedes want to burn White men for "sexism"

And before anyone gets offended, I am obviously not saying that 100% of Swedes are lemmings. Just the vast majority of them. And historically the Swedes have been very religious about whatever is a fashionable trend in Europe. It's astounding that they didn't become communist back in the 60s.

In any case, though they may like to preach and burn witches & racists today, someday they may make the most implacable Nationalists imagineable. If nationalism ever becomes trendy, then the Swedes will adopt it and pontificate with the same self righteous zealotry that they apply to every fashionable ideology they come into contact with.

I have literally zero faith in white women tbh, we should abandon them and racemix with asians.

Either lying or prostitute addict. Guys like these have a serial killer complex too.

They are living in one of the most isolated parts of Europe, and were literally a shithole before XX century so nothing strange they are thirsty for every "new and fashionable in the wide world" and gulp it to the last drop.

Population growth is great if you can actually support your offspring. You can't settle and conquer without having plenty of settlers and warriors.

Pretty much this, most likely just lying, dont forget, cucks are pathological liars.
They will lie to make themselves look better or to get accepted in certain situations.

So many MILFs.

IMHO the whole Scaninavia is "villagers gone rich too fast" therefore their tryhard aproach on being progresive. They are trying to prove in fron of each other they are no longer rednecks they were not so long ago

It's an unnatural state of affairs brought by denazification and Americanization of europe. The importation of american poison as part of completing the genocide of the entire European people.

Yes, but it at current point is counter human nature to has such level of population. Europe for last century is at the peak of population it ever reached .

Your point is we would be better if nazis were the one who genocided us? t. slav here

And that's one more reason why we should resume conquering the world, instead of listening to jewish lies about peace and harmony.

peace and harmony are cincepts known to indoeuropeans since at least vedic times, also philosophers of ancient greece, Egyptian pharohs like Ramzes II introduced his country to long decades of peace.

Amongst each other, not towards foreigners.

not fully true also wars were a normal part of relationships for quiet a while. The whole reason why Romans were so succesfull in conquering western Europe was because at time literally every clan was at war with each other. Eastern Europe was more united at the time thats why they had hard time with tribes they called Scythians.

What a waste of trips. Ugh.

You would have to prove it 1st that it's not in white male genetic code that makes them that way

Pretty sure your forefathers were too busy being shot in their back by their commisars, getting starved in the holodomor, sent to the gulags or outright genocided on the spot to worry about german liberators trying to stop the madness.
Having said all that, I do wish the best for the slavic peoples.

well my families were busy hiding in the forest from Germans executing whole village because some partizan group happend to kill 2 soldier wehrmacht patrol near that village. Nazis were remembered as more civilised than soviets, yet we have many memories of mass murders on whole villages and families small children included.

Nazis were also busy using us Slavs as forced labor in Reich. Many people remember German land owners as a fucking damn sadists beating them when they were working as teenagers on Reich farms or in fabrics

Where I live the Germans were far more civilized, orderly and nice than the allies that came to 'liberate' us. My family's home town got carpet bombed by the allies and nearly killed my ancestor who was just working as a farmhand, whose farm also got bombed indiscriminately. His treatment on the farm by the Germans was very positive, good people lived there. He never told me what happened to them but i can only guess.
I guess it all depends on what you've experienced or heard about, but I've heard the partizans were a big problem for both sides on the eastern front.

Yes, many people would personally gladly execute any Wehrmacht officer who ordered mass execution of whole villages here in my region. We think we deserve that honor to avenge our people and murdered children.

not to mention Luftwaffe using villagers as a traget practice, luckily they missed my great grandma with her infant at time daughter

We went from a neat, orderly, non-degenerate society where people were for the first time actually happy to a deeply unhappy dark time filled of consumerism, advertisements, American products and the loss of countless cultural symbols and fashions. The Sexual Revolution followed, destroying so much more and now we're about to get overloaded by foreign invaders.
It's hard to say what the east front truly was like, but at least on the western front the Germans were the best thing to happen to us and it was forcefully taken away with violence and cultural destruction.

I not know who you mean by "we", but yes Germans were better than soviets in being civilized. When they executed someone it was known what for. When soviets did it not always if it was at all known that they did execute that person. They tended to disappear without a trace. I hardly remember Alied soldiers conducting mass executions on us, unlike Soviets and Germans.

Don't Norwegians hold that record for being the most promiscuous ones? I remember hearing how in the north of the country they have an explosion of SD infections. Pic related though still puts Swedes ahead, not sure how correct it is.

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Simply put, in the mind of the Swede he is always right and better than you. They can act civil and nice, but even if you represent their ideology 100% they will still think of you as children if you're not a swede. Most of them are not conscious of this since it would conflict with them being the best and most humble people. This is why they have such a hard time understanding right wingers and nationalists in their country, because they think of them as mentally ill for not being of the same mind as other swedes.

The whole "humanitarian superpower" thing is just them humblebragging and they're actually pretty racist thinking of the immigrants as poor children that just need papa sweden to show them the way. Subconsciously they all believe in the white man's burden but since they can't colonialize, they'll just do reverse colonialization by inviting the savages into their homes.

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You'd have to get in line. The Wehrmacht itself executed war criminals.

On the other hand, have you considered that you might have had it coming for being in the Germans' way? And I say this as an eternal Anglo.

That's not naivety it's this.
If self-righteousness was a country it would be Sweden.
Swedes literally can do no wrong, go ask any Danes or Norwegians (that are the same people), it's the one trait they always have.
Even Swedish nationalists are like that, they will bore you to death about the "great kings of sweden" and "muh ancestor" bullshit while most of the shit that was done in Scandinavia was done by Norwegian and Danes noble (and could only do so because the rest of civilized Europe didn't give a fuck about the handful of people living on a desolated icicle, even today, after over 2 centuries of peace, the population of Scandinavia is ridiculously small, at the time "swedes were great" the Kingdom of Bavaria had more population than all of Scandinavia put together).

There is a reason why the Finns like them about as much the Russians despite not having recently fought bloody wars against them.

Same for my family.
My great-grandparents made breakfast for the soldiers stationed there and in return they ignored the rationing control of the entire village.

The only thing they were really strict with were the rules on using light after sunset.
There wasn't supposed to be a single visible light after dark because the british would bomb every light they saw even if it was a farm or just some kid using the dynamo of his bike.

TLDR. Nazis saved the people in my village from being murdered by the brits.

Lol they do though. I've seen wheelchair guys hook up with 10's.

I really feel bad for Sweden. A nation totally misguided and cucked to the core. I wish they can turn back time.

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I don't, I hope they burn to the ground very soon as a alarm to the other cucked nations on their path.

That's just a homosexual, like some fag that plays a video game for 300 hours and says he hates it. There's nothing special about being a human restroom.

He's clearly just fucking lying, you retard. Also

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This. I've never seen as much secretive racism as with Swedes, despite their manical virtue signaling on the outside.

All of you race traitors will be killed when shtf.

Making nationalism fashionable is really the only thing we'd need to save the white race.

Unfortunately we don't (yet) control the organs of propaganda which make things fashionable.

Our treatment of sex as something sacred and our obsession as a people with purity comes largely from Christianity IMO. Any place that hasn't had very strong religious influences basically treats sex like a handshake and nothing more. Look around. In a totally liberal society if you believe liberalism to be true, there's no reason to not have sex with anything and everything. After all, it's just please-obsessed nihilism.

The issue is birth control and abortion, thats the only thing giving women the luxury of a carefree life.

I'm a Swede, and you're spot on. Best summary of the Swedish problem. Imagine being Swedish, and noticed this behaviour when you were 10.

Swedish "debate" is even more infantile than in America. The only thing you forgot is that Swedes always were loyal to absolute power, if the King ordered you to be Protestant, you became Protestant. Also see the how Sweden switch to driving on the right side, Swedes literally voted against it in a referendum, but the Swedish state changed it anyway and no one complained. There are more things I could tell you, that the term "utfrusen" aka "frozen out", which is central in the Swedish culture. Utfrusen probably come from people who were different in the summer, literally became "frozen out" in the winter, and often died because no one would help them during winter. This culture of "frozen out" is what causes the Swedish behaviour you describe. Also "jantelagen" comes from this, it's basically agree with the group or get fucked

If you ever worked with Swede's you would know they are the most feminine, back stabbing, passive aggressive "men" the world has ever seen. They act no different in the office than the worst woman in their infantile attitudes. Let them all fucking die.

Snownigger is shitskin kike language

Then why is the most common insult you read in the poetic Edda or the sagas towards woman is that they are whores?

You just described everything I hated about Swedes after having worked with them. Thanks for enlightening me to "jantelagen" and "utfrusen". That is literally what your assfuck countrymen do in an office when they come here on H1-B visas. I hope all your countrymen (except you, friend) die a painful, horrific death. Hopefully TSHTF soon enough that at least a few will die by my own bare hands…

As a swede I can confirm this is true, swedish nationalists tend to be more radical then their peers too, confirming this pattern.

Also who cares about this guy? He is not representative and probably even a troll, who cares abput his stupid opinions. Blackpilled clickbait loving idiots the lot of you.

As if you could kill anyone. Pussy.

Bavaria might have had more population but Sweden had more power. Sweden saved protestantism from catholics and northern europe from austrian dominance. Your jealousy is quite patethic.

Then you die too, faggot. But still, thanks for letting me in on why your people are such fucking faggots.

Lmao. You are the pussy talking shit online that you would never dare say IRL. Shittalking those guys like a bitch. Ironic.

The Eternal Swede. A back stabbing, passive aggressive bitch who thinks everyone is as much of a fucking pussy as him and his countrymen. Sorry, fucktard, but some of us say what we want IRL because we're men. Jantefagen" (faggen, kek) is for "men" who are physically terrified of real life confrontation, which describes your country perfectly.

Stop projecting your lack of manhood onto the rest of the world. Only Swedes practice back stabbing feminine practices and then claim others are afraid of real life fights.

You clearly demonstrated that you were a shittalking pussy. Stop desperately denying what is clear, you are a pussy and act female-like. Clearly the one projecting is you.

If only your mouth is this big irl. Might actually help out Nordfront.

Sure th8ing faggot. Have a nice day and watch your girlfriend get raped by a nigger while you jerk off in the corner.


My grandparents came from Sweden, and adopted my father. I only knew my grandmother, and she seemed liberal.

Is there a legitimate DNA I can take to see what I am on his side. Other side is Norwegian and German mostly.

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It is, I even received rewards for my rethorical ability. Not that it was needed in this case. Guy is clearly nuts.

You should direct your calls for action and joining kikefront to the Swede who is playing internet tough guy with me. I'm American, why would I join a Swedish organization? Why doesn't the Swede arguing with me about who is or isn't tough join? kek

So I'm nuts but not nuts enough to kill? Interdasting.

Are you stupid, mutt? I didn't quote you.

Yeah, the mutt is clearly retarded. The numales it complained about were probably more handsome and ended up as fucktoy for his office skank colleagues. Thus leaving our neckbeard muttfriend an incel as always.

Yes you did.

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I'm going to keep shitting up this thread for the fun of it…

Honestly, this guy is right.

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It's probably correct. Our women are the worst on the planet. They're mannish, vulgar, extremely slutty and leftist. t. Swede

The ancient Greeks and Romans associated blonde women with being prostitutes. A common nickname for slaves in ancient Greece was "Xanthius" which means "Blondie."

The hapa is a mutant.

Interesting if true. Did shiksa also refer to blondes was it a general term for gentile/non-jewish women?

its always the fucking mormons

I've only heard "shiksa" as referring to a seductive gentile woman and "shaygitz" as referring to a seductive gentile man. I don't think jews have any slurs about hair color.

Its the behavioral sink. After three generations in an oil fueled socialist paradise where no one was ever hungry or cold or afraid their r/k balance is full r. They know in their bones that there will always be enough food for every one and that the lights will never go out. In the eternal summer that the hwite man built the only way for genes to compete it to reproduce faster and faster. Its epigenetic. If they can be made to suffer enough then their children may be capable of sanity.

Snownigger here. Moved to the states years ago.

Girls back home were 10x easier than they are here. There, you can walk up to a girl at a party and plainly ask her if she wants to fuck, with a simple yes/no to suffice before you proceed accordingly. Here in the states, cunts get all haughty like their vaginas are worth anything, with the audacity to act offended if you don't preface with some courting charade.

Culture clash is hell.

that picture makes me wish that there was a DB of traditional clothes.

If women could see what they've lost..

cry baby

Keep up the good work!

Did your bull help you with that post?

Nothing degenerate about two consenting adults having a fuck. You'd know that if any female would go near the unwashed yeasty bog you keep in your pants.

Swedes normally sound fucking retarded when they try to speak English its not without exception though. I thought this was common knowledge.

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Gross. Nuke it off my fucking Planet

Sure thing, butt. I hope you become a real CHAD in your newfound mutt community and make a name for yourself doing CHAD things, and marry a woman from your CHAD circle.
Wish you happy.

Your daughter, when she grows up, should also go to party and clubs and have sex with all the strange men there too. No commiment, no frill. Just consensual sex. This is freedom. You are right, only smelly incels would have anything against women having sex with as many men as they please before marriage. This truly is the European way.

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>TV bullshit made by the same (((people))) behind the media propaganda machine no less

Ironic how all of a sudden when it comes to Sweden in particular the effects of jewish influence go out the window and it's firmly and squarely the fault of Swedes and Swedes alone.

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So long as she's got the sense to stay away from niggers and shitskins, why would I care?

I swear faggots that cry about casual sex only do so because they fear competition; because they can't compete to begin with. You want people to get hitched to the first thing they see because that means that–eventually–a woman will have to choose you out of abject desperation, because that's the only way one ever will.