So are you American faggots prepared for the inevitable pendulum swing towards the democrats after Trump?

So are you American faggots prepared for the inevitable pendulum swing towards the democrats after Trump?

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I'm ready for people getting fed up with both and kicking off a rural/urban civil war that will culminate in the DOTR. I can already see the crucifixes lining the roads.

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This, I don't see a pendulum swing coming. The artificial Republican/democrat divide is being supplanted by something more based reality: racial differences.

What pendulum swing? Trump hasn’t done SHIT!

troll poster doesn't realize this is a NatSoc board. Fuck your republikike and demokike bullshit

I can't wait for half the board to kill themselves after realizing American politics is nothing like they thought it was and they couldn't step up and learn to actually play it.

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Was thinking more along the lines of guillotines, like we saw in that trailer "Gray State".

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It doesn't matter which way the pendulum swings. The right half of the population isn't going to just sit back and let the leftists do whatever they want, and I don't expect the leftists to allow those on the right (as we're seeing right now) to do whatever they way. A house divided cannot stand.

But that being said, when the country finally fails, the left is going to get purged. The leftists have turned them into snowflake pussies who get triggered at EVERYTHING (props if you get it) so they can't handle even minimal war, and the left ceases to exist without government.

Leftists are the product of weak civilizations, weak civilizations don't survive, and therefore the leftists won't survive. Rinse and repeat.

Yes. I hope we can get democrats to control everything. Knock some sense into the retards who think they can vote their way out of a bipartisan genocide.

Really? Because that's exactly what they've been doing for the last century.

What do you expect? As long as people are comfortable, you can slip the incrementalism by them without them noticing at that point in time. I mean are you expecting the politicians to actually stand for anything but themselves? One thing every politician has is common, they put themselves before everyone else irrespective of the party. So it's been government incrementally fucking people with modern day feudalism.

Its interesting that Rob Zombie used Celtic Mythological characters for the basis of those movies, primarily since the characters he picks are those "clearing the scourge" in Eire.

The left has been hoisting it up on their side higher and higher for years and it still hasn't started swinging the other way yet. What's happening now is just the hands shaking with the weight as it gets too high, you will know when it does start swinging back towards the right because there will be a violent kickback to the lefts bullshit and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Yea its one of my favorite Rob Zombie movies

I'm ready for the pendulum to reverse after Trump back the right and we get Hitler 3.0.



crucify me first tbh lads.

Been ready since 01 faggot.

There's no blackpill, just the blue one and the red one.

Back when I was first getting "repilled" I heard about that shit, and it spooked me hard, I thought my ass was going to be in a FEMA camp asap

There aren't any pills, you fucking newfag. Only life that is in front of you. Fucking binary thinking animal.

Why is this a bad thing?

This is true. Politicians that dare to suggest that maybe countries should have borders are called nazis, and their followers are stripped of all rights. The planet's effective social and political climate is so far on the extreme left, so far into not being allowed to offend or judge anyone at all, that anyone from the future, or the past, would look on us and wonder what the fuck is wrong with our heads. Threat identification is the first and most basic step in survival. This current ideology is meant to do nothing more or less that destroy everyone and everything that touches it.

Don't talk about trump or hillary. Don't ever talk about the right and the left. The jews did this. The jews are destroying this entire planet, and anything that does not address that directly will be subverted by them to work to their purpose.

I am ready for a pendulum swing towards open borders and the dissolution of the white patriarchial capitalist state. I am sure many election will be won on that platform.

I'm going into spectator mode for the next round of politics. Won't take american politics seriously till Israel is gone.

wheres the wave? republicans GAINED in the Senate


Trump's role is to be the last "out of touch", racist and bigoted white men in the White House. Either 2020 or after, he will be beaten by some mystery meat woman who will usher in love and happiness and socialism.

Don't forget that they killed the director and his family.

trump is a democrat

There never was a pendulum. Socially democrats are victorious on everything except guns and have been for forty years.

It won't swing back to the left for several decades, fag.

If white people rise up and the race war happens there won't be a left-wing anymore, the left/right dichotomy started with the notion of equality in the French Revolution and once Evolutionary theory and racism have cemented themselves in the educational system thoroughly enough there will cease to be a left/right, just those who focus on the land and those who focus on exploring outer space, earth dwellers and space noids.

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Other than the judenpresse's narrative to scare shitlibs, I haven't seen it.

maybe it's all part of the (((plan)))…


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>maybe it's all part of the (((plan)))…

100% this
The US will be South Africa tier within the next decade.

I'm ready for BLOOD.

Don't care. Both parties are identical in every way.

Are you?

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that's going to be the last thing you see, kike.

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We should have just voted harder amirite?

Just don't think about "not voting" because god forbid there are other ways of changing this country.

The GOPe was mad as fuck about Trump even getting out of the primaries. If they get their way, the next Republican candidate after Trump will be a fag/nigger-loving even more Zionist RINO or cuckservative who campaigns on amnesty for illegal beaners and yet even more Middle East wars to protect Israel. If you thought the Republicans were cucky bitch niggers before, just wait until you see how hard they pander to based minorities after le ebil gnadzee rayciss Blumpf.

The Nationalist wing of the Republicans has to get enough power to purge the cucks and Zionists. If that doesn't happen then voting really will be pointless, since you'll be choosing between Communism and Neoconservatism, which is also Communism.

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Lurk moar faggot

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You don't actually believe that, do you? It was acting for the masses, ending illegal immigration is baby shit anyways.


Have you figured out how many genders and sexual identities there are?