Faggots on sudo are trying to pretend Zig Forums isn’t a Natsoc board

Faggots on sudo are trying to pretend Zig Forums isn’t a Natsoc board
These faggots have been shilling for weeks now pretending we aren’t natsoc.


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Like I give a shit.

It isn't. It is a politically incorrect board that a fucking RNC party memeber got control of and he really liked to use Nazi imagry to convince you faggots to vote for a kike.

but that isn't going to stop some reddit new babby who only knows the board under kikey's reign from insisting it has always been this way.

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Zig Forums is a truth board. NatSoc just happens to be the truth. It doesn't need enforcing. It's no coincidence that the least moderated places on the internet are the ones where NatSoc reigns supreme.

Are they the faggots who keep coming here and pretending it's their board?

it says Zig Forums not /natsocpol/

Yes you're not just another collectivist cult of socialist losers desperately asserting your post modernist lies as reality, you're the bastion of objectivity :^)

Never give up, anons. I am the former polvol5, and I regret absolutely nothing. I’m happier than I’ve been in weeks.

Friendly reminder to spam [email protected] with demands to give Zig Forums back to the users. Friendly reminder to spam global reports demanding Zig Forums be given back.

W imię Boga za Naszą i Waszą Wolność!

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Kill yourself OP.

And as always, I can be contacted at [email protected] .

Don’t forget to switch your emails every few emails so Codenigger can’t block them!

It's not. it's board for the discussion of current events, and the politically incorrect. Just because you can be a Nazi here, doesn't make it a rule.

The lack of self awareness is outstanding.

Fuck off, retard.

Oh, and good luck NOT disarming kikes and niggers and "physically remove" them when it turns out they don't give a fuck about muh freedumbz.
The lolberturdian has more paradoxes in it's head than a SJW does. Which is impressive.

Fuck off.

He didn't say he created Zig Forums, he said that he got control of it, and kikey absolutely did. Getting banned for any even remotely negative thing said about the kike puppet in chief isn't natsoc.

How's the weather in Chicago?

You tell me, Jamal.

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Fucking kill yourself.

All jews must be slaughtered and burned, none shall survive!


Vid related.

Were you anti or pro trump?

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Reminder that Zig Forums is and always has been natsoc.

After Hotwheels took it from Doorways, during which it was a non-explicit (because before subversion and plebbit flooding, it did not need to be said) National Socialist board which quickly evolved to producing propaganda such as With Open Gates while constantly promoting blatantly NatSoc propaganda such as TGSNT.

But I guess that doesn't fit your narrative.

Fuck off jew.


If posts get deleted you don't see the bans.

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I was pro during the 2016 election, but as soon as he got into office it became glaringly obvious he wasn’t on our side. Stupid of me to ever trust him.

faggots indeed if you're perusing here it shouldn't be because "hmm is all this race stuff really for me?" it should already be as obvious as the color of the sky. Anyone saying otherwise is a fucking outsider either too clueless to be here or an active saboteur.


It isn't, though


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Tip top kek. It's been a decade already. Zig Forums was, is, and always will be a National Socialist and Fascist board. From /old/ to /new/, from 4ch0n.net to 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ the legacy of Zig Forums being the Board of Peace is too widely known for these degenerates to start raiding, pretending otherwise. If it's not a National Socialist board, why is it always associated with the windmill of friendship and tolerance?

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Fuck off with your fagwave, yid.

>(((christianity was our spiritual truth)))
ayyy lmao

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This user has a point OP

Good job user. Do let this be a lesson not to go postal and be mindful that they are baiting you if you get reinstated. Have a solid argument for everything.

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And btw, this is true. Where else are we going to get news if we are keeping shit too strict? Natsoc need to provide and refine arguments and discussions all the time, safe spaces destroy quality development and mental improvement.

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I remember getting banned for deriding the decision to bring in Bolton. I then immediately switched IPs, and posted that Bolton was absolutely based, and then got banned for that too (rightfully so). It was as strange time.

Zig Forums is a natsoc board and always was, jews be assmad

        ∧_∧  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄       (;´Д`)< Calm down I have a solution  -=≡  /    ヽ  \______________.      /| |   |. | -=≡ /. \ヽ/\\_    /    ヽ⌒)==ヽ_)= ∧_∧-=   / /⌒\.\ ||  ||  (´・ω・`) ←OP  / /    > ) ||   || ( つ旦O / /     / /_||_ || と_)_) _. し'     (_つ ̄(_)) ̄ (.)) ̄ (_)) ̄(.))             oノ             |  三 _,,..-―'"⌒"~⌒"~ ゙゙̄"'''ョ  ミ゙~,,,....-=-‐√"゙゙T"~ ̄Y"゙=ミ    L____T  |   l,_,,/\ ,,/l  |      ゚ ゚,.-r '"l\,,j  /  |/  L,,,/,,/|,/\,/ _,|\_,i_,,,/ /_V\ ,,/\,|  ,,∧,,|_/  

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Yeah Lolbertarianism is the one true thread.

they've been at it for 6 months

Just 6 more months and maybe someone will be convinced.

Not here. That place is neutral. When you start dragging it here, people from here might follow you back and they will destroy the site.

The crucible of radical free speech within our current society inevitably produces Nazism, time and time again. \
In another society it might produce something else. \
What the crucible reveals is the restrained passion. \
Disrupting the crucible is in the interest of whoever restrains. \
The crucible must run. \

Oh, what a surprise, faggots who literally rape boys banned the white supremacist mod.

So jews want to steal something goys made and use it do harm? I don't believe you, OP.

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>(((lolbergs))) return and pretend that they were never btfo and begin kvetching about "muh collectivism, muh socialists, muh buzzwords" again

Meme that got taken way too far and turned into shit when redditers and Sargon took it for themselves. Kek symbolizes everything that went wrong with Zig Forums in 2016. We exchanged the Horst Wessel Lied for Shadilay and as a result lost sight of who we truly were.

Fuck, I took a ban for talking about what would be needed to create a better chan when people were talking about an exodus… Wasn't even advocating one just talking about what features the new site would need and BAM… permaban. Not a week or month or few, but permanent. Then less then a week later the site got hacked and the databases got wiped removing the all the bans. I actually think that the site being "hacked" was a cover to remove the bans since they want to keep us somewhere (((they))) could watch and "attempt" to control us.

Reminder Fortress was nearly done with kekchan when he got blackbagged.

I support nationalism 100%.

I support socialism 0%.

That's because the only kind of political truth is National Socialist, faggot.

WTF 8ch.net/pol/ ISNT NATSOC!!!
but for real its just leftypol raids and R_TheDonald faggots who think they fit in and that the whole racism thing is a big meme

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Daily reminder that Chodekikey never intends to deglobalize Zig Forums.
Daily reminder that this Zig Forums will turn into cuckchan quickly.
Daily reminder that all mods who said that Zig Forums is a natsoc board were removed shortly afterwards.
Daily reminder that Zig Forums is a National Socialist board.

You're a retarded sack of shit who doesn't know what a nation is. Lurk more or leave forever.

Fuck off you revisionist kike. There is no way you even lurked the two years.

That's not true either, newfag. Anons were just edgy faggots in the beginning who didn't like political correctness, hence the name. National Socialism came to be accepted more and more as time went on and more anons realized that their edgy humor was in fact true and made more sense than the bullshit we were taught by kikes in the outside world. It's pretty pathetic if I'm the only motherfucker left who actually knows, but the state of the board is shit, so it's certainly possible. And no, I'm not a surrender monkey who will leave.

Reminder that Zig Forums is and always has been natsoc.

eat shit and die, shill.

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You are both wrong and a faggot. The whole point of the board is to have a place where you can say whatever the fuck you want, and the best ideas will win on their merits. If you have to claim this is a natsoc board instead of just proving the tenets of national socialism using facts and logic, either your ideas are wrong or you're too stupid to argue them well. Either way, you're a faggot and Zig Forums's only ideology is truth.

Reminder that any ideology that has to resort to identity politics to prevail is a shitty ideology with shitty adherents. Now, prove you're not a shill trying to scare off newfags by listing your five favorite national socialist thinkers. You won't, because you're at Eglin Air Force Base and you have been doing this same exact routine since at least 2013. Red text, Hitler pictures, divisive posts demanding agreement, never any substantive defense of your position.

cry moar faggot

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Zig Forums is a National Socialist board.

Anyone want to define which aspects of socialism aren't fit for >>>Zig Forums ?

Name 5 national socialist leaders and explain why you like them, natsoc larper.

lol cry more, you fucking ban evading paid jewish shill
I don't want your reddit buddies here.
lol k

You are asking for something which is impossible, kike. There has only been one National Socialist government in world history, with Adolf Hitler as its leader.

Anyone who disagrees with this is a shill.

Me too. Looks like Zig Forums isn't a natsoc board, and OP is a faggot. Socialism sucks, and Hitler murdered millions of non-Jewish white Poles and Russians. Not a friend of the white race.

Reminder that Zig Forums is and always has been natsoc.

Natsoc is truth.

I would say pol is absolutely a nationalist board, socialism is where it falls apart because socialism is a failure. I'm still waiting for someone to define which aspects of socialism they support that >>>Zig Forums doesn't also support.

Yeah, no. I was going to save tf out of that first post, but that line ruins it.

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literally everybody on the allied side that died deserved it, and one German (or Englishman, or Frenchman, or whatever) is worth more than 1000 Slavs

Maybe if you'd read Mein Kampf like you're supposed to before posting here, you'd have an answer to the question.

Hi, ban evading paid jewish shill!


you, "hipaidjewishshill"-user, are worse for this board than any kike could dream of being

Why don't you give us the cliff notes version of what aspects of socialism you support? Or do you need to call in help from leftypol?

Creating a nation to support and uplift its people, instead of using them like cattle. This works in white high-trust societies, and falls apart when you introduce shitskins who have no souls and are perfectly content to live off gibs.

high-trust societies is nationalism, and it's inherently anti-immigrant

so again, which aspects of SOCIALISM, not nationalism, do you want?


If you have ADHD, you need to leave. You're not welcome here.

Yeah, you were already told to read the book. Fuck off until you read the book.

nazi germany was a national socialist country. they had to eat rats just like in venezuelea.

In the end /intl/ won.
Moral of the story - mess with the best die like the rest rulefags.

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Doesn't sound like either of you read it, you can't even write a simple list to explain what you want, how the fuck are either you worthless faggots going to argue the merits to convince anyone else? You sound like a couple of NPCs just parroting shit like lefties.

literally the same thing. here's an argument: lowering the level of discourse to mindless, unsubstantiated namecalling is destructive. you're no better than a liberal calling somebody an "x-ist" or "y-ophobe" to incite the mob against them instead of addressing the substance of their argument

There are no real National Socialists on this board, they're all fake and gay. It's a psyop by the JIDF. They literally do this on every site they wish to get labeled a hate site.

If you don't believe me engage them, they don't know anything. They think Hitler hated niggers and kikes, don't know there were many Jewish Nazis, and they don't know anything about the Pan-Germanic movement, Ariosophy, and related topics.

It's absolutely pathetic but this is also the state of things at places like Stormfront when it existed, and other chans too. It's all a big psyop. Bring up how Hitler was teamed up with the Communists and the early Nazi Party literature even proves this, and they will lose their minds.

"Natsoc" fags have never, ever proved that Zig Forums is a "natsoc" board.

This lie is almost big as the Holocaust now.

Fuck off D&C shill.

Meh, you guys only "won" because half the board are 20-something college dropouts that purity spiral the place up to make up for the fact that they themselves are pretty fucked up people.
It's not like they've been warned before, even during Imkikey you'd see one or two threads a month warning people that enforcing rules too harshly or answering serious discussion with shitposts would eventually shit up the place.
You get what you can I guess. I can't wait to see what happens next on the board, probably gonna become full anarch by 2020 when Prince Kike gets relected to build another Gaza Wall.

Lets suppose your right. Consider this example: Hitler may have had those of African descent in some troops. However, it is also true that those of African descent produce X% of the crime despite only being ~10% of the populace. Thus, just because Hitler had them in his troops, does that descredit the desire to remove them based off of the latter info. invalid?
One would hope not. If anything, the prior is more so an appeal to authority. At least the latter is weighing the pros/cons and seeing that one could experience a heavy reduction in murders/rapes via the removal of a mere 10% of the populace (that is even ignoring race as a whole. If we account for race, the additional pro of racial purity being enforced enters the picture).
tl;dr Hitler wasn't perfect, but stands as a testament as one who had the spark of realization with respect to the truth.

Your post is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It took no particular knowledge of National Socialism to produce, and it all pilpul off the top of your head.

You can't shit talk your way out of a paper bag schlomo.

Here's some quotes from Mein Kampf, you absolute cum-guzzling newfag.

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In short, let's say following Hitler, while actually NOT following Hitler.

Post the fucking book itself and it wouldn't change anything.

Is Mein Kampf the fucking Bible of you?

Do you read Mein Kampf every Sunday?