Man Pulls Gun on Black Teens After Being Pushed @ Minnesota McDonalds

Media defends Muslim Somalis and cries RACISM.


Time to Make Some Big Mac Coupons

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Days after you tried to railroad that girl for racism against some negros who were trying to steal product? Who have stolen many times before?

Niggers have gotten whatever they wanted by crying about racism since the 1960s. Since then they've only done it more often, for more spurious reasons, because nobody stands up to them. >Businesses cuck out and give them free shit. Older people remember Woolworth's refusing to let niggers into their Whites Only eating area; they were boycotted by Jews and cucks and driven into insolvency.
Blacks in the US are carrying guns and joining gangs by the time they're in 6th grade. They target whites for crime at 50 times the rate white criminals target them, always racially motivated yet never acknowledged as such. Stepping on a black's shoe or bumping into him on accident is enough for them to feel justified in stabbing you to death. You'd have to be blissfully ignorant or a white liberal not to know that you can't relax around blacks. And I'm talking about typical American blacks, these are Somalians, and Muslims on top of that, so they're even more barbaric with even lower IQ.

The Somalis will get free shit from McDonald's and the guy they shoved will have his life destroyed and be thrown in prison. It gets fucking tiring watching people who make a negative contribution to the world get so much validation.

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They are retarded parasites on the West. That man is a hero.

Next time shoot. If you fear for your life you do not just draw, you fire.

fuckign segregations racism
you know they have to have something to go off of to cry to attempt to make a point. the segregation is racism thing is a conspiracy. 2 or more people try to make someone do something they wouldnt do of their own will.

obviuosly you can see the conspiracy. seperate the 2 cult members, zealouts, out and stop their thing they have to go off of to continue doing their stupid dumb bullshit, claiming that segregation, is "racism".

This. Make sure you kill them, though. In our kiked-out society, anything less than lethal force opens you up for litigation.

In a sane world, yes. If he'd shot them it would be more severe than if he'd murdered an endangered species. You'd get less time for killing a Panda bear than a nigger.

There's actual law against simply aiming the gun, versus actually taking the shot. This is considered irresponsible use of a firearm, versus savagely gunning down your opponent.

Don't be retarded. Fast food joints are pretty much the only place you'll get hard working middle class white people standing next to hood niggers.

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If he is in fear for his life or in fear of great bodily harm, and a reasonable person would be, how is it possibly wrong to draw his weapon? In most states, he can legally fire once those conditions are met.

And vise-versa. It's the kikes that fool us into thinking niggers want to fuck white biches. It's not true. They are niggers because they like to fuck people who look like niggers. Otherwise they would have shifted toward white traits.

That's how it is. We've only heard one side of the story. A likely situation is this: dude has MAGA hat, they knock it off or start shoving him or something, he pulls the gun, they run inside "scared".

That and Walmart. Which is why you both, especially so fast food.

meant to say why you avoid both

1. Fast food: drive-thru
2. Walmart: free pick-up (online ordering)

Be trendy AND nigger-free!

Use a heavy enough caliber that you can do the job in one round. Multiple gunshots can be talmudized into intent in court.

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Why would you want to ingest that garbage "food?"

Here's your damn archive

this: "For a limited time McDonalds is accepting EBT"

Lady McDonald's manager is fucking baste. More edge than Dom at Chipotle.

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Well poisoning

Oooh SNAP!

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obviously fake. Corporations can afford to hire design fags who know basic techniques like making text legible.

You guys know what would have happen if he didn't had a gun, right?
there's 5 groids jumping on him trying to start shit. I haven't seen a single situation like this where it doesn't escalate into either the groids pummeling the living shit outta the guy, or the guy pulling a weapon and ventilating one or two of them.
This is one of those rare moments the guy had some self restraint and held back, the groids should be praying thanks to St. Obama that they started shit with a reasonable person. A few miles to the south and the next order could have very well been Scrambled nigger brain.

Nigga, you serious? That crap only works like half the time. And takes a crapload of time to do, time that pisses off everyone else behind you on the line.
And if shit doesn't work, pull out your wallet and pay like a normal person, fuck. Don't just cancel an order after wasting everyone's time like that, it makes people think they were waiting for nothing.
I'd really like to know what app it is, but since the only one claiming it were the groids themselves, I'll call bullshit and say the man was right on the money about them using EBT.

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None of the niggers listened to her, however, and then the white cuck proceeds to take the side of the niggers.

pic related

Those fucking people.

He's not being edgy: in some (kiked) jurisdiction, you'll get charged with brandishing a weapon because—if you don't shoot—then you must not have been in danger.
which is basically our entire armament strategy


You are nigger-enablers for responding to a muhdick post with anything other than disdain.

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And that's the reason why you should avoid these fucking places.

Not true suburban areas are seeing an influx hood niggers living next door.

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I'm sure they will stop at bump stocks. They wouldn't go after handguns next.

Absolute mad lad.

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Good news and bad: One the one hand, the skinnies are feeling pretty entitled. On the other, their grasp of sensible tactics is clearly shit.

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So? You have nothing more to lose.

No, moron. You fire until the target drops. Lethal force is lethal force.

Boy, they sure acted like someone who just had a gun pointed at them.

this user is correct, thats why most police put 5-6 rounds each into their targets, ten cops, you get 50-60 bullets coming out, i would suggest the same

Two words:
Body Cameras. Plural for a reason.
One to cover the front, one to cover the back.

Once you draw your firearm it's all over.
It's a sign you didn't fear for your life if you don't fire.
Wounding shots are another form of evidence that you didn't fear for your life.
If you don't fear for your life, then you did wrong by drawing, even if it de-escalates the situation.

The same goes for driving.
If you're in a situation where you might get hurt by anyone, act the part even if you aren't a pussy.
Use voice control to call the cops and panic, then do whats necessary to protect yourself.

Yes, Corky. This is true. Notice the tinge of sarcastic resignation in my post? That's how human fucking beings subtly communicate points about things like our crazy gun laws and the way white homeowners are held in suspicion if they do what must be done for nigger house guests.

You handle a gun with that short temper and shorter IQ?

>Niggers chimp out because they wuz scared. . . again.
I can't wait to see this not work anymore on a grand scale. You can tell the manager is already completely over the nignog "I's skeeered" bullshit routine. More must follow. No pity for those who abuse our big, dumb Swedish altruism.

*lower class. No white person above the poverty line is eating that crap anymore other than Trump

this seems to be the original source

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part 2

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more from this creature

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Of course they only record partway through so they don't show themselves starting shit and acting like the somali niggers that they are.

Welcome to Los Angeles, I guess.

Happened in Twin Cities, Somalia.

I'm afraid it's going to get to the point where this will be essentially necessary for every law-abiding citizen out there.

I bet this isn't the first time they've pulled shit and she could blow this farce the fuck out on her word alone.
What do you suppose she's already had a visit from the regional manager or conference call from corporate and has been ordered not discuss the details of what happened with the public/press?


negro fatigue


well the news outlets are already framing this as dey racisss before they got the whole story so sos as usual

he's being charged with a felony

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Holy shit the (((media))) running with a race narrative on behalf of aggressive niggers?!

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I believe he's innocent and was defending himself against this pack of niggers, but when has innocence mattered in the eyes of jewish judges?
Update: Arrest Made in Eden Prairie McDonald’s Incident
Post Date:November 21, 2018

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Pic related is the Hennepin County DA.
He will be charged with murder.

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what the fuck are white people doing in a mc donalds … dont they know that place is for nogs

he did shoot an unarmed man

its fucking mc donalds … eveyone there is a peon

Worthless old faggot.

Five people beating you at once can easily beat you to death, you obvious nigger. Don't try to defend the indefensible.
>>>Zig Forums

Meme it.

By Kek, I hope the investigators are unable to locate a firearm.

Freeman's office seems to have purged /ourguy/:

>Widseth has in recent months made a series of unusually personal attacks against state (((Attorney General Lori Swanson))) and (((Solicitor General Alan Gilbert))), who is representing Swanson’s office in the case.

[6 million keks]

>A spokesman for the Hennepin County attorney’s office said Widseth was removed from the Duvall case as soon as the inflammatory e-mail became public. “Any time we would have an attorney making personal attacks on an opposing lawyer or officials in the attorney general’s office, we in this office would consider that wrong, unacceptable and unprofessional,” said spokesman (((Chuck Laszewski))).

Those are two very innocuous comments at face value. Of course, paranoid schizophrenic kikes think everyone is against them and trying to undermine them when it's not true yet .

negro fatigue is ancient user

found the record, he's being held without bail
send him money for the commissary
you can also send him a letter of encouragement.

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tfw redpilled every day

mcdonald's managers get to see quality citizens every single day

I still want to know what was the "app" they were trying to pay with? Was it EBT?

I bet it was since they didn't get that shit working.
Fucking nigs leeching off of the taxpayers and shitting up this fucking country and they need to be removed so fucking much

It's the apple/google pay bullshit. You can give all your credit card info to google/apple, and if your phone isn't rooted and it has NFC, you can, in theory, pay with the phone.

The way it works is google pays mcdonalds and you pay google, so on your statement you'll just see an entry for google instead of an entry for mcdonalds.

It's a dead technology, nobody uses it because it doesn't work 99% of the time as the niggers found out if that was infact what they were doing, and it takes 3 times as long as just getting your debit card out does.

Here's the question, how did the teenagers get the debit card information to begin with, their parents? or were they trying to use stolen credit card information and that's why it didn't work?

This might be of interest to Mr. Johnson's attorney. It would be funny if the teen's wound up with a credit card fraud rap and Johnson skated. We know they didn't have a working debit card because they cancelled the order with the cashier, i.e. they had no other means to pay.

It's a shame he didn't fire and kill these subhuman nigger parasites :D

Both very excellent and valid points.
Those little shits shouldn't have been in possession of either (unless MN state law makes some kind of boneheaded exception for SNAP/whatever).
Also, this:
Well done, anons.

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You know, come to think of it, I've had my CC info stolen twice, and each time the first purchase before the 5-star spending spree has been a pittance purchase at McDonald's.
Anyone else have this same experience?


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What else did they buy with your money?
inb4 Nike

Got a call from my bank a few years ago, asking if it was me who bought Popeye's in a town I've never been to. Apparently, the fact that I never travel – and then suddenly bought $15 worth of gas and $20 in fried chicken – triggered some jewcode algorithm.

I said no, please start an investigation, put a warning on my credit reports with the bureaus, and issue me a new card.

About a week later, I get a notice from Verizon that I need to verify my identity before they can approve $1,500 in equipment and service charges to a new account. Apparently, there's a fraud alert on my report, and it will take some verification before the setup can go through.

If the nigger who stole my identity had been able to buy his own gas and fried chicken, she would have gotten away with $1,500 in reparations. Thank god for niggers' complete lack of foresight or self-control.

That would be "her," not "his." CCTV at the Verizon store showed a sheboon.

5-star fucking restaurants in Miami — on the beach, no less — and upend clothiers.
I hope those bastards at least tipped the wait staff well enough with what ended up being my good name and the credit agency's dime, as I could reasonably see myself doing business there at some point, considering.
It's insane how much the credit industry and their affiliates allow fraud like this to go unchecked.
You just know the losses get passed on to customers and businesses alike.
The mother of all moral hazards, indeed…

Nice catch on their part for such a low threshold-cost fraud!
Care to share your credit card company's name?

It wasn't a credit card, it was a debit card. My bank was suspicious because after years of my-town-only purchases once a week or so, I was suddenly buying nigger food. I'd love to know if Popeye's specifically is a fraud alert factor. I'll bet it is.

Ah, I see.
I only ever do business with credit in commerce because of the extended protections the law affords it over debit in case of fraud.
Sounds like you have a good bank.


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If the restaurants or shops impose the $50 entry fee on the customers then there would be no dangerous niggers for them to deal with.

(((rich))) already do this to protect their rat asses from the scum they push hard to import/infest on the white man.

every fucking time blame the jew.

Just watch the kvetching when their bullshit encroaches on little chaim ohh then its a outrage pushed all through their fake ass media Oy vey.

Jews being jewed by their own jewing is hilarious however these jews have to be expelled then ultimately exterminated until the end of time.

Remember that this happens because niggers are poor and hungry. I'm not saying to give them money or help them, but robbing fast food shacks for snacks isn't exactly on the same level as a diamond heist or usury.

We all know the true laws of nature: If you're hungry, do what it takes to get food, no matter what.

For most of us, we get jobs or build things. But niggers? You know how it is with them. They're foolish and feral. Mere animals. They don't steal due to malice or greed. It's fucking fast food. They steal as much in their entire lives as I earn in a single paycheck.

They're small fries. Dangerous, sure, stupid, yup.

But there are more dangerous problems than idiot niggers.

Food and sex. If you can't get them… Your bloodline dies forever. Fact of nature.

I, for one, am very surprised that a huge international corporation, like Mcdonald's, is this kiked

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He didn't "pull a gun on", he brandished it as we was walking out and they were approaching. Even Rebbit faggots were questioning the video on the videos subreddit.

They fucking get all sorts of gibs from my fucking taxes going to those fucking niggers

Well, they're frying it up hard enough to make it to top homicide causes in the US.

Never relax around blacks. Never.
Even if you're a nigger yourself.

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normally I wouldn't idealize a girl like that, a little butterface/overweight but I'm admiring her rage so much my brain is just thinking "thicc" and wanting her to process her anger at those hijab hooligans by breaking my pelvis.

I hate that cuck. No, if a gang attacks a guy and the guy defends himself, McDonalds is not obligated to provide shelter to that gang on the assumption that the guy will escalate from self defence to murder the second the gang steps out of Mickey Ds and I like it 14 for 88 this is the place.

Your best bet is to upload your vids to as many free websites as possible before giving to police. Police might "lose" or "accidentally damage" your footage.

Ideally, having your footage automatically backed up to the cloud and automatically broadcast 24 hours later to as many people as possible unless you give a kill command.

Any less time and you won't be able to reliably screen what goes up. Any more time and police could probably get warrants to hack your cloud and stop the sharing of vids to Zig Forums friends.

Reason being that if you are disabled and not able to manually upload the footage, it's worthless since your enemy could dispose of it, so having cameras will not serve as a deterrent.

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get a gun and blow your fucking brains out with it and you will be right with the universe

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Fucking whore torturing a baby
Bitch needs to be brutally raped, tortured and then killed