Endangered indian negroes kill american christcuck missionary

An American man has been killed by an endangered tribe in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands.

>Estimates say the Sentinelese, who are totally cut off from civilisation, number only between 50 and 150.


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You know that means they're inbred as fuck.

This made me smile.

He deserved it.
I don't know anything about these island people but people should leave primitive tribal islands alone. Let 'em be.
We should do this to Mexicans that cross our border. Except with bullets.

kys JIDF.

Why don't we just genocide them? I mean who would really care anyways

Found the JIDF


Shalom rabbi, goyim are not following your retarded cult anymore, what are you going to do now?

You a blinding me nigger

Because we have no reason to whatsoever?

baste island nigroids physically hostile foreign element intent on changing their way of life

You have a perfect living prehistoric tribe to study until they develop star ship pyramids and fly off to wakanda.

physically remove* durp

How hard would it be to install cameras in the trees to watch them

That's what he gets for spreading his Jewish bullshit. Faggot cared more about preaching his autism to isolated nigger tribes, than saving his own people.

google says this guy is 118?!

The guy looks Asian.

Did he do it on purpose?
If so fuck this retard. Let these wild animals run free in their natural habitat. Its a big island chain. Most of the Andamanese have been partially assimilated by Pajeets. There's only one untouched island left
Hopefully once public drone tech gets even better they can hide some cameras and microphones on the island. It would be the closest thing to traveling back to prehistory. There's not really anyone like them left in the world. A small slice of where we all came from. Godbless these little pygmy coons

This is an everyday occurrence in the US.

a small slice of where we all came from nice try jew bith



And God bless this thread for making me laugh with all the posts about it.

As long as the territories those savages occupy don't have any valuable resources we could use then there's no point in doing any harm to them. Those people are self-sufficient. They don't affect us at all. Not to mention they are a perfect opportunity for us to study stone age savages living their primitive lives in their natural environment. There's nothing wrong with violence but being violent just for the sake of it is the domain of subhumans.

oh yeah? You're ancestors never lived in huts and hunted with bows an arrows? They even practice shamanism. Isn't that the WOKE religion? No kike on a pike for these BASED AustroAboriginals.

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This is the problem of having edgy kids who left their diapers 5 years ago lurking and posting in Zig Forums.

Some real BASED posting in this BASED thread, amiright fellow 4chinnerz???

these people are more primitive than europeans were 7000 years ago and thats even by kosher history records.

this is pretty damning you can see that everyone follows the jew rules wether you like it or not straight from the head kikes mouth


Reported for paid jewish shill. All nonwhites will die.

awesome, then they'll a window into humans 10,000 years ago.
Still useful for study.


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I would colonize their women with Aryan seed tbh


This is really low effort, faggot.

Serves him right, trying to destroy they way of live with some "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" bullshit.

I didn't know you got out of jail, Joshua. When are your new hot memes coming out?

Nice argument schlomo.

Just when I thought brain damaged do gooders had reached their limit I'm proven wrong yet again. A tiny band of prehistoric island niggers just want to rape each other, eat mangoes, fish, wallow in their own shit, cannibalize outsiders and probably their own tribe. Despite repeated warnings and that the law says don't fuck with them this tard shows up.

This stupid gook would have had better luck proselytizing in the Congo.

Adventure tourists are hilarious. It's disappointing their aren't more liveleak videos of the locals hacking them into tiny pieces. Probably hard to live stream when you're in the stone age.


So not not American at all, just a mentally unstable bug mutt

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Nothing to see here guys. Just a bunch cringy LARPagans shittalking 2000 years of European history because some pseudo-kike from one of the most heavily subverted sects of Christianity tried to force his “Judeo-Christian” values on others. Move along.

They should kill the fishermen as well because they fucking know it is illegal to take people there. Either way, it's just another dead bug.

It is. It is a pity you don't understand it. Koko would have.

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TBH he looks "vaguely" asian. He is what we call a muttrican.

Still less so than yids.

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You first, nigger.

Also since the bugs are crawling out of the floorboards:

Reported. Fuck off to reddit.

holy newfag

1) You're not allowed to go to these Islands. It's against Indian law.

2) No one knows what language they speak. They probably have an average IQ of 50. There is no way to communicate Christianity's basic doctrines to them.

3) Everyone knows they try to kill outsiders on sight.

This guy got everything he asked for.

Seems that a bunch of you niggers would protect a group of savages than avenge one of your own. Remember back when the government would send out people to kill off indians who dared attack christian missionaries? Well this is that same fucking thing. A bunch of dirty savage niggers killed one of our own and you guys act like anyone who says anything but "Save those poor souls" is wrong. Fuck you faggots. I guess the exodus came early.

1 white person is worth more than all of those niggers put together. Yet you would rather protect them. It was dumb of that missionary to try to help savages but I can understand kindness more than I can understand savagery.

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Serves him right, just leave those fuckers alone. They just want solitude.

Yes they seem like prime civilized people!

I thought half of Zig Forums wanted to live like that, innawoods and safe from Jewish interference. I respect these tribesniggers and their attempt to live naturally.

Not sure why i said white people, i meant american. Dude is obviously not white lol.

He wasn't white tho. He was a gook mongrel, and a really dumb one at that.

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Reported for religious d&c.

Reported for reporting

That's a double report for you.


Thats not how reporting works you dumb faggots.

I couldnt care less about the religious aspect. A westerner went over, tried to help them and got killed because they are worthless savages. I already said he made a bad choice in the matter because you really cant teach them anything but its still not ok for them to murder like that. If this happened 100 years ago we would of been nailing them to signs showing people that its not ok to kill civilized people especially people who go over there to try to help. All they had to do was not let him in. Why protect savage people? Kill them with fire.

Just bend over naked.

Have another.

It's an american farmed bug. A bit different. Western still applies because of how much jewery they have absorbed in their time.

>tried to (((help))) them
they don't need anyone's help. they're doing just fine, faggot

Hi Jayesh I know you want that Island for yourself

more like PIDF, bet you he's a pajeet

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Good thing it wasn't a white guy, huh?

Found the nonwhite.

Not necessarily exclusive.

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Kill yourself.


Because they’re on some island minding their business, you faggot.

You first modfag.

Those spear chuckers don't want help. The local government doesn't want anyone helping. All that was lost was a bug. Go back to reddit and cry about it.

Based honorary Aryans! Coal black skin, but powerful redpilled hearts!

I find it funny how they expect a stone-age people to act like soyboys..

Even if there were resources, you could just fence them off. I doubt the guys who throw sticks at lemurs will want to bother the crazy White molemen while they're carrying weird shiny rocks from underground.

I think they're just getting themselves flustered because a fellow christcuck got himself killed.

Hapa was having a jungle fever.

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Isn't that the greatest good they can accomplish? We don['t have lion pits anymore but he got his ass killed by fucking heathens spreading the word. They should be celebrating this miracle in the modern day.
Can you imagine these babies during the crusades?

Chau down at Arbys?

1. He wasn't white
2. Even if he was, i would still oppose him, considering that he is spreading the values that have lead to the complete degeneration, in the proper sense of the word, of our society. These values are not christianity, but globalism, anti-nationalism and homogenization of the world.

One can not claim to be a defender of white culture if you want to replace any other culture with "world culture". Of course, i don't expect most americans to understand.

Tourists bring them coconuts because they don't have shit.

You don't understand European culture at all.
Literally everything about us and our culture is much older than your jewish cult.
EVERYTHING about who we are is European in origin, not (((Galilean)))
And everything that is good about (((Christianity))) is just stolen from Europeans anyway.

If you're loyal to a foreign god, then you're not loyal to our race. So fuck off with your fake ass cult or start putting race first

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Just remember: kike literally means "anti-Christian"

Well yeah, I mean that's a given.

Mods are doing a great job.

Kike means anti-Cross - a symbol that was holy long before Christianity showed up.

For this service to the world, these insular negroes deserve not to go extinct.

What a shitty cherry picking image

if we had done this, or at least kept it up, the juden would have been wiped out when trying to enter Europe.
same goes for gypsies and all the other shitskins.


Claims to be an ancient viking, speaks like a baboon negroloid.

Clean up your language, seriously.