Redpill Collection: Overt Anti-White Behavior

ITT we post videos, tweets, articles, etc. of overt displays of anti-white hatred.

One of the best ways to wake up Whites and foster racial consciousness is to redpill them on the true extent of anti-White hatred and resentment.

Dump your best webms, screencaps, video links, articles, social media posts, anything you have that exposes the hatred of non-Whites towards Whites.

Embedded is a video from a channel I found belonging to a nigger that has made hundreds of videos about how White people need to be destroyed:


Here are some twitter hashtags that can be mined for anti-White hatred:


Be sure to archive everything.

Other urls found in this thread:!7rhXBACJ!svwUdzhZ3-Aa3pQkvksmCQ

University offers 'white racism' course

20 Questions Black People Have For White People That Buzzfeed Didn't Ask…

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Radical Cram School

This video is particularly insane. They are openly Marxist/communist, and are indoctrinating a classroom of non-White children to hate White people, and particularly White males. They even show an Asian girl saying that she finds White people disgusting and that she does her best to avoid them.

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Extremely high quality dump, 10/10. You are doing God's work, user.
those archive links on the tweet screenshots, hnnnnggg

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$20 says she rubs her bean to the thought of BWC

German woman beaten by migrants

This is a serious anger-inducing redpill for anyone with the faintest grain of sanity remaining.
Should be stickied, then made into a video of all the screenshots of headlines etc and video clips, and distributed everywhere.
Imagine if you could put this stuff on tv in one solid block, with various clips of European blooded humans being chased down and slaughtered. Build their characters up first for an hour, have them as families in homes, chatting, doing normal things, everyday funny habits so the viewers identify with them directly, then at the end, exterminated to the last.
Sequel can be a bunch of niggers living in the same houses, making a profane mockery of all their household items, shitting on the carpets, eating the corpses, letting everything built go to ruin.

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It isn't that hard when you set the (((trending))) yourself, you smug kikes. You'll be trending at the top of the fucking oven soon.

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Riddle me this, why do anti-white leftists throw a hissy fit when someone goes on a mass shooting and 90% of the victims are white? Isn't that a net positive for them? Can someone start pointing out to them that the majority of mass shooting victims are white?

This needs to be lodged to the United Nations board, RE: Genocide. Does /pol want to do it, and make a big storm about it?

We all know they are corrupt, terror-bank controlled cunts, but still, fun is fun.

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takes too long to upload individual pics so i threw together a quick file with some newsclips.. Can someone do me a favour? if they see something of importance that hasn't been archived yet can they re-cap it with an archive timestamp? 200 images here!7rhXBACJ!svwUdzhZ3-Aa3pQkvksmCQ

France: Young White man dragged out from under car he was hiding under and beaten by a mob of 15 migrants with sticks

Saved, thx user.

$100 says she's pumped and dumped by 10 White chads in high school and she goes on to get a masters degree in Whiteness studies and own 17 cats.

Someone will hopefully use the contents of this thread to produce some effective propaganda.

The UN is currently demanding that the West accept over 100 million niggers straight from Africa over the next few decades, and at the same time for the West to send money back to the countries where the niggers are coming from to help stop "climate change" (which they now claim is the reason why the niggers must migrate to the West).

It is so american to post pictures like this. Do explain what you are posting nigger.

bump bump bump

Requesting video footage and high res photos of migrants shitting up Europe

Migrants on boats, climbing fences, migrant encampments, filthy destruction of European cities and historical and religious monuments, violence, everything.

Video of a nigger slapping and punching a young White woman:

Migrants invading Europe, Balkan Peninsula, near the croatian border

University of Manitoba releases an article calling on whites to commit mass suicide and exterminate the entire white race.

Migrants entering Europe say they desire "European lifestyle" and to bring their entire families in after them, thank Merkel

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They are quadrupling down. Those IOTBW posters really rustled their jim jams. ;^)


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I thought white genocide was only true in fairy tales
Crackpot conspiracies of redneck inbreeding
Zig Forums was out to get me
That's the way it seemed
White guys with tiki torches haunted all of my dreams

Then I saw this thread
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace, of doubt in my mind
I'm redpilled, and I'm a believer
Kikes couldn't kill me if they tried


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Does this surprise anyone? They are deluded enough to think someone actually believes in their Man-Bear-Pig thing (except that one retard, but he did an hero).
"Why don't y'all just kill y'allselves, 'cuz I'm so clumsy and stupid if I try to execute you Pol Pot style I'll prolly put my eye out unstead" is just the next step down that road.

The title is not "what triggers trannies", user. ;

Link doesn't work anymore…

The truth is that the Jews are incredibly intelligent.

They understand evolution, and they know perfectly well that throwing in thousands of dark people into Europe or the USA will not end us today: It will be a thousand year melt, until there is no more white. Everyone will be brown if we begin to racemix.

Yes, there will be world peace. But only because the world shall be enslaved.

This is so upsetting, talking about white men like that and it’s all mainstream. How is it allowed?! This has to stop and I don’t know how every white person isn’t outraged. When they hate on white men their hating my father and grandfathers and uncles etc. I wanna see the people that say this shit destroyed.

Most violent crime statistics/graphs. Any of those would indicate such racism against Whites.

Fuck this wanna-be guru-nigger.

Scared shill, people calling you out on on pushing your pro trump bullshit. you keep sliding our threads shill, people are waking up

This video is quite possibly the most potent piece of evidence I have that we live in clown world.

it's obvious that the USA needs
help cuz the face of the USA
is blacker than ever, I guess
if the USA is filled with black
face then Donald will be
Obama 2.0,

the plan of the Illuminati is
in full force,

the sturm is coming,

immigration keeps making the face of the USA
& Europe blacker & blacker, I guess we know
what the Illuminati has in store for those places,

maybe the politicians think it is a good idea
but possibly they don't understand the mythology
of black face,

how much blacker do these places have to get
before it is obvious,

obvious God has something planned, these places
are obviously not on the right side of God,

Bump for importance, we need to keep this rolling. I'm sure there is an endless supply of it. It is useful for redpilling people who really don't understand how much pocs hate whites.

Heres a few things that ended up in my shitpost folder.

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this is important cuz even a lot of whites
want the face of the west to go black,

like I said, immigration is literally the
allegory of that, politicians are to blame,
nobody but me knows what black face is,

the Illuminati,

am I the only white guy telling people not
to darken the west,

only believers exist on /pol

should I just kill myself? I'd hate to live in a society where I have to choose between these fucktards or the mouthbreathing contradiction worshippers.

Hey geezer, you understand that we've had text editors that automatically insert linebreaks where appropriate for longer than I've lived, right? Separating paragraphs is great and all, but if you want to make an impact, don't make your fucking text look weird.


No, just the opposite. Every race favors lighter skin, regardless of jew/feminist rhetoric and mass media brainwashing.
The future is going to become more white, not less, even if everyone race mixes. Each generation will become lighter and lighter skinned until everyone in the world is as pale as a Celt.
African Americans are already 30% white and they've only been in North America for a few centuries.

Submit pics to the Love Archive. Please mirror it

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