Japan's deputy PM blames women for nation's falling population

Based nip naming the

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He's right though. Feminism has festered in Japan, on par with South Korea in terms of misandry and romantic inequality. With women dating the best men or refusing to date at all, 80% of men are left out. Beta uprising could become real in one of those countries. If not, the alienated beta populace could supplement the numbers of an extremist ideology that promises to alleviate their suffering. That's what happened with ISIS, after all.

Women are shit but honestly we already have too many humans as is.

The two problems are hilariously correlated. Giving birth is the only way women can have value in a private property driven society. They can prosper only robbing Paradise of its souls. Needlessly to say, this increasing environment toxicity parasitic behavior will devour itself, alienating fine young men (the "losers") and squeezing "winning" enslaved husbands to the bone until there's nothing left.
Now imagine if only a woman would ever want to end this system.

The issue with Japan is their terrible work culture. If a man and a woman have a child, the man obviously needs a job. In japan, people are expected to give up their entire lives for their company. They get almost no free time. Meanwhile, you have s woman at home with a child by a man she never sees, sexually frustrated and hasn't been fucked in years. Eventually they get so horny that they end up banging their own sons.

Why would a person willingly sign up for a life like this? Both the man and woman are expected to give up their entire lives and a child is raised not knowing their father and dealing with whatever mental trauma comes from having your mom reverse cowgirl you every night.

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Stop watching porn this never happens.

What about everything else I said? Everything I said is completely true and Japan does have slight issues with incest between mothers and sons. Look it up fuckboy

That should make you think whenever you hear of Japan being presented as a land with a more decent, upright and tolerant people.


Reminder that in spite of hysterical stories all over mainstream news outlets (both Japanese, and around the world) about rampant NEETs, otaku, "herbivores", frigid fujoshi, browbeaten salarymen, etc., etc., causing Japanese to avoid sex like a zoo's panda exhibit, their postwar fertility is almost exactly the same as USA's or Europe's if neolib-era mass economic immigration is subtracted. Hardly surprising if you're aware of fertility trends effecting nearly every country in every corner of the globe for decades. And yet, aside from Zig Forums, nobody thinks white families are going to go extinct in a generation or two unless we immediately send all tweens to mandatory rape camps.

Furthermore, this statistical fact actually underscores Japan's high fertility, considering that Japan is one of the most densely overpopulated countries in the world, as most of Japan's geography is too rugged to be habitable.

Whether by natalist fundies, or open borders shitlibs, remember this is nothing more nor less than yet another plot by porky to keep the proles desperate, pliable, and disposable.

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A. Low birth rates are bad anti natalists can slurp my 3 foot shit down their throat.
B. This is capitalisms fault. It emasculates men and drives women insane.

Pretty much this, its why misogyny and misanthropy go so well together

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"Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad"

Can't hurt the fee fees of the hypersensitive roastie

this. The problem with feminism is they get rid of some gender roles but insist on keeping others. It throws things completely off balance. Eg, women are no longer expected to be homemakers, but men still have to be the breadwinner. Men have to take the initiative but it's also sexual harassment if he takes initiative.

More than wymminz, you can blame capitalism for relying on exploiting the working class. Of couse, now that the population is aging, they have no more proles to exploit and the economy is slowly crumbling.

Combine that will all the moeshit the otakus love, it's a disaster for japan. The only thing that can save japan is socialism.


side note: apparently (f e m o i d) autofilters to Mom

Is it too much to ask of our overlords that they make work pay and limit our working time so we can actually raise a family?


We've been able to rely on Japan's legendary isolationism to keep this at bay for the better part of a century. As long as the safety valve of mass economic immigration is kept shut, decreasing population pressure inside Japan's borders will cause rapid increases in standard of life.

It makes me wonder, will there ever be a point where the immigration option becomes untenable for the capitalists? As in not because people have had enough but because it just won't diminish labour costs any further.

Once every single socdem concession won over the last 150 years has been rolled back, and the 1st-world ceases to exist in any distinguishable form beyond "centers of imperialist military power".

When UBI is a thing.

Make women do all the work is what I would like.

Oh boy, another women hate thread, we really needed this.

I think I'm eating a bullet before I even reach middle age, probably within the next 10 years. Being elderly sounds like Hell, especially when you consider what condition the world/societies will be in by that point.

shut the fuck up roastie

You're the best poster on this board, contrarian ancom-san. I don't say this enough - this is the first time I guess - but thank you for your posts, they are greatly valued and appreciated.

Yes but capitalism relies a ton on wahmen and the relationships market.
And moeshit is revolutionary if it's going to accelerate the collapse.

Obviously the market is oversaturated with human lives. The government is again shooting the oligahy in the foot. What the government should do is dump stock immidiately and cut losses.

When transnational unions become a thing