Thanksgiving is tommorow

What subtle Red-Pills will you slip in when inevitable discussion of politics comes up?

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How you can always tell who sucks cocks because they can't follow simple fucking rules. QTDDTOT, nigger.

Hegalian Dialectics and CIA media control via Project Mockingbird regardless of their politics, maybe play that "this is very dangerous to our democracy" clip of all the news anchors reciting the same words for laughs.

Facts about Thanksgiving, ie the colonists were giving thanks that they were freed from living under a communistic "commonwealth".
Might as well add the truth about the "genocide" of the "natives"

Go the fuck away, dumbass.

Those are good ones, I will just being up the fact that all politicians are good friends and they all get paid by the same (((group of people))) when you look closely enough.

I go balls to the wall red-pills and my family friends are mostly like, “meh, your probably right but antisemitism is so scary and not cool” but…out of my constant harassment, I’ve converted a a brother, father(partially)cousin and a couple of friends. So I’m batting about .300. That’s close to the hall of fame in Major League Baseball. So anons, this Thanksgiving, drink a few beers and do some redpilling. It’s worth it. Most working class/middle class normal people won’t really care either way if you are an “antisemite” as long as they know you previously as a normal guy.

I'll tell my family I'm glad the corn niggers all got sick and died purely incidentally upon our arrival without any ill intent toward them because just look at the fucking reservations, and we were here first anyway.

you don't, you make your lefty family members feel like shit by gently but firmly telling them to not be living stereotypes on thanksgiving and to stfu about politics at a family event.

*then* if the conversation continues you have the moral highground to loudly take the lead of the conversation and drop quick successive redpills, never allowing your family members to interrupt, until no one wants to talk about politics anymore.

All of my close family know about the JQ

So basically the same thing liberals do?

Tools, save and study:

I don't have any family so I don't give a shit

good times

We're all family here user

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I'll say we should've helped the natives build a culture with us to destroy the kikes before they came to the western world

I'll ask why they stopped saying 'there's starving kids in africa' when someone doesnt finish their plate of food. Was it because there are no more starving niggers? Or because you've moved on to another ethnic group that is more in vogue with your virtue signaling?

And that most of them have duel citizenship to Israel.

Yes, say that.

We could have had a bigger turkey, except the bloodsucking kikes print phony money to inflate the cost of everything. This they do in the service of their real god, Moloch, who commands a tithe of foreskins be paid by the would-be masters of the human race, who are this very night celebrating their good fortune with blood orgies of Christian children.

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The pharmaceutical industry is a Jewish long con that combines the latent kike instinct to undermine a host society with the insatiable greed of the Chosen People. Jewish pharma executives pressure federal, state, and local governments to institute a regime of hyper medicalization of healthy white male behavior, stigmatizing positive masculinity and blunting the white man's mental faculties with hefty doses of both uppers and downers to control mood and consumer behavior.

White women have been sold on the poisonous lie that sex without procreation is empowering, and so – in addition to carrying out the Jewish-Bolshevik-feminist agenda of socially castrating the head of household – Western women have become the agents of their own enslavement via uncontrolled abuse of birth control pills. Residue from these pills enters the water tables and contaminates all of our food and drink. Xenoestrogens thus pacify and emasculate young men, while beefing up and inducing political lesbianism among young women.

As if that wasn't outrageous enough, the goddamn kikes even have the sheer gall to charge ruinous prices for their "services," consistently jacking up the cost of genuinely necessary medication like Epi-Pens to extract every last shekel from a terrified and supine populace of loyal consumer lapdogs.

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I’m from the Northeast Megalopolis. Location is relevant when discussing batting averages. Although I’m happy that you have had 100% success. Keep going.

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Also, most people I talk to capitulate and say, “yeah, the jews have a lot of power and influence.” They just don’t become active resisters.

For fuck's sake, can't you just use this one time of the year to get along with your family? Do you hate your family so much that you would ejaculate politics all over the dinner table on this holy day?

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Yea you would be suprised, how many people don't care about politics and just vote like the people around them do, those people minds are easily changed since they really don't care.

I said when the discussion comes up, not to start it.

Ah, you're right. My apologies. You're still a fag, though.

I fully expect to be given the job of executing half of my own family members when the time comes for it. It's only fair to give them a head start while they can still mend their ways. Well, except for my cousin, who married a nigger. I did talk him into getting a vasectomy, however, so there's that.

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I never hide my entire power level, everyone just thinks I'm joking.

Nah I'm not like that, infact last year or the year before that one, one of my family members started talking about how bad Trump is and how good Obama was, I asked her if Obama was so good what has he done positively for the country the only thing she could come up with after a long pause is Obamacare and me and my two cousins were laughing and you could tell the men in the family agreed.

That’s baloney. I make it known to everyone that enters my family/friend zone exactly what my views are.



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Stop projecting when around complete strangers I am shy, but around family im not.

Sure thing kiddo. I bet they even call you redpilled

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My family is dead to me, and I'm just pretending to get along with them. I only drop redpills for people who world be willing to dig themselves.

How do you stay quiet if on thanksgiving, a day when it's normal to drink the whole 24 pack of cheap beer with your family?

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Ask a Zig Forumstoid not me

Hi, paid shill.

I'm not even talkative or an alpha, just a normal guy you act like it was heroic act or something.

That's actually really depressing.

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A couple Thanksgivings ago I made a holohoax joke and unwittingly got into a battle defending Hitler's honor. It was a bit of a spergfest, I don't think I am going to go to those anymore.

If I was a paid shill I ain't being paid enough to talk to Zig Forumstoids. Also implying anybody would waste money on here.

Oh please, the end was just a remake of everyone clapped


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Kek next time don't get so emotionally invested and just keep telling the jokes and don't engage with them when they get serious that way it looks like they look like a sperg instead of everyone.

What's with all the anime posts?

What's with them? Do you prefer manga?

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I get emotional when it comes to the Führer. It wasn't that bad in retrospect, but only because I have been full 1488 for years, so they were well primed. I think it was just new for them to hear my flat out denial of the holohoax, and my glowing admiration for Uncle Adolf. I was a bit off-kilter that day as well. Most the people there do not care, but my grandpa's girlfriend is a dumb old whore who doesn't know a damned thing about politics but feels the need to interject her poorly thought out opinions in favor of defending the GOP at every opportunity. Her favorite argument is a huge emotional investment combined with ad hominems, and the flavor-of-the-month Republicunt talking points.

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ur the black sheep of the family and the only reason dad lets your antifa boyfriend join is because he knows it means he doesnt have to talk to you

or just keep saying nigger and then ask them do you want me to leave or is it ok if I say nigger?

"I love you mom and dad, I love what you have done for me and I love your white parents"

"I wont lie to you, I hate niggers, just being honest"


your boyfriend bitch … now post tits

My family already hates niggers though. My grandpa desensitized everyone to the word "nigger" long ago. Whenever they discuss niggers I try to refocus the discussion on the real problem: kikes.

wrong poster sorry … look at the post i replied to

well substitue niggers for kikes … do you fucking have a brain retard

You god danm right white boy
More like girlfriend if you know what I mean *wink* *wink* ;)

the only family ill see knows about the jew.

Mom likes this kike feminist show called "Mom" and I've been pointing out all of the brainwash in it for a few nights. These fucking man-haters piss me off Zig Forums. I'm not MGTOW but times like these I feel like, "yea, I don't blame them… women are a fucking travesty for liking this shit" meanwhile my weak dad sits in his chair inaudible with M.S. and can't tell her to turn this bullshit propaganda off. While I'm here she will NOT be permitted to enjoy it. Funny shit is my mom is super trad, cooks, cleans, and keeps house like a good woman. She was a great mom growing up but now her brain is filled with romance novel porn and feminist mukticult bullshit like NCIS. If you have a TV you are effectively promoting anti-white degeneracy.

I don't think naughty words alone will be enough to trigger anybody. You will have to do better than that. Also are you drunkposting, user?

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triggering doesnt have anything to do with it… thats such a shallow word

repeating nigger or kike and stating your honesty about it is:
1) drawing a line you are smoking enemies out of the cave.
2) gives you the floor, you start the conversation that these groups are bad now it their burden to prove you wrong (dont get in to real arguments just keep repeating your feelings)
3) makes your family juxtapose their feelings about you with what you say. If you are a good kid and your family loves you and this is the only thing you have done wrong they have to struggle with the idea of being the enemy of someone they love

basically part three is key. In honesty if they do love you they will feel that you are just being annoying and will ask you to leave the table. But theyll want you back and if the only thing bad about you is that you hate nigger they will have to accept it.

This will normalize your behavior. "Yea I know a guy that is racists , but hes a good guy". And then next time you drive with your dad and you see a bunch of thugs down the street he'll know its ok to say.

"watch out for those niggers"

Or at worse your family is the enemy and you are forcing their hand. Gods speed.

I am drunk and I am posting so sure. But my words in this order exist without me. I doesnt matter what they mean to me , what matters is what they mean to you.

Happy Thanksgiving faggot


Well actions speak louder than words, you should be great full to have a full time trade mom, dad should just put here in check and tell her to stop talking about that shit.

I'm 34 visiting home for the holiday, I don't actually give a fuck what these boomers believe anymore. Don't put effort into reshaping boomers when you can shape and guide zoomers. I just say this shit to influence nieces and nephews.

Happy Thanksgiving, user-chan. Heil'd

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i know that feel

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Yea once they get past a certain age there is nothing you can do to change their mind.

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I’m not obnoxiously “alpha” and I’m kinda a nice mild mannered guy… but I sure as hell let it be known to friends and family exactly what the kikes are up to. If you aren’t doing the same and are just being an anonymous faggot on the internet, you are below beta status.

think about being this way 40 years ago … today with the internet … im fucking chilling


Suprisingly tho suicides and depression we're less common then, how were the loners so happy alone without any connectivity to the outside world?

The “fuck niggers” thing is an unnecessary dead end road with whites in the current year. Liberal and moderate whites can see the Jewish power structure intellectually if it’s explanied to them properly….then they can get redpilled on the race stuff later.

stop being retarded

its the social people that are killing themselves, wanting to be popular and watching facebook too much. The only thing loners do is fucking go crazy incel. But for the most part this is our world.

We have amazon , youtube , and games. Its really not that bad if you can just make sure to care about health a little and have any kind of ambition to keep yourself occuipied.

There tons of stuff to research and its all at your fingertips.

Suicides are not tied to your condition but more tied to your acceptance of it. Thats why billionaires will kill themselves if they lose tons of money. They just cant accept it.

You weren't constantly bombarded with all the shit back then. Nowadays you cannot escape normie/NPC/normalfaggot/brainlet/mass-man stupidity. At least back then you could escape into your own world, and shelter yourself from the most direct effects of the Kali Yuga.

I’m an old fag gen-Xer

nah I disagree niggers is the first redpill with crime stats and easier to show

Most whites already know instinctually that blacks are terrible and they don’t want to be around them. They have no idea why and where the source of all the blacks being stuffed down thier throat
Comes from.

sort of - a lot of people are naive and think that blacks are fun and okay and just the ones in the hood who do crimes are the bad ones because they had a black friend in high school or work with a cool based black guy or grew up in 99% White rural Maine or whatever

Yeah, that’s true. Howevah! The majority of whites have the “im uncomfortable around blacks” gene even if they espouse kiked middle class values.

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Good info in above video.

I recommend pointing toward the hot oven when it's open and making the factual statement that many of the thousands of Goyim who died in that attack by Mossad and Israel were baked and broiled alive due to the tremendous heat the nanothermite generated on the floors below them.

The famous photo of "falling man" for example shows a restaurant worker from the top floor taking that terrifying dive to escape the pain of roasting alive.

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Thank you, you're the true soul of the soldiery of the shitposters.

Nice. Stefan is uniroicallt Based as Fuck in that video.

*unironically Based

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Yeah kikes defo did 911

The mound-builder civilization those hapa shits genocided probably would have contributed far more to modern society had they made it.

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I don’t want American Indians to die or have a horrid existence.

Why not, faggot?


If it was a human crying maybe I'd give a shit.


Depends on whether you accept Italians as white.

If it's someone advocating for keeping featherniggers around to shit everything up and cook meth on land we could better utilize because we aren't fucking backward animals they aren't human, they could be a 6'5" Nordic with blue-eyes and blonde hair and until they shape up they're not anyone I want to be happy.