Muslims and Jews working together

So basically what happened here was was that a kike strike down the law after 4 mothers tricked their daughters into getting their clits cut off. Notice how that kike doesn't care that underage women were painfully maimed & have to suffer for the rest of their life, the kike only cares about the so called "religious rights" of Muslims.

“The word “Kike” derives from the propensity Eastern European Jews had to write a circle (Yiddish. “kikel”) instead of a cross (“X”) on immigration papers, when entering the US at Ellis Island in Upper New York Bay early last century…

Jews protect Muslim's ability to forcibly cut off clits because if such a ban were to happen then rabbis won't be able to put baby penis in their mouths. Also foreskin is high dollar item for the Medical and Cosmetic industry. Essentially some women smear baby penis on their face to stay younger.

Some how not cutting off a clit, or not being allowed to bite chunks of penis off makes it impossible for Jews and Muslims to live in Iceland apparently.

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We need more based Abrahamic religions like basedtianity

Yes, they can.

Oh fucking shit fuck.

That picture is outrageous. It speaks everything about Trump. Flanked on both sides by kikes while sitting under their gaze.

Welcome to last week's thread, courtesy of moshe shekelberg.

i fully support jews and muslims wearing identifying clothing. better to spot them from afar.

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I would unironically hate Muslims far less if their women weren't forced to make themselves fucking ugly. They teach women they can go to hell for showing their hair, that shit is not right. In a perfect world America would've banned all sales of headscarves but that really can't happen

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it's disgusting how they treat women. their women would be so supportive, nurturing, and loving if they just gave them more freedom like we did

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The (((oval office))) is actually a metaphor about how kikes want to make our neg-holes gap open with their poz.

a kike couldn't make a cheerio gape


That was disappointing.

no surprise.

Also this, it makes absolutely no sense to force those you want excluded and removed from you, to conform to you on the surface.

In the end, sandniggers and clayniggers are each equally bad news for us. They are enemies both and never, never should they so much as be considered allies, friends or be trusted. When they fight eachother, let them, bite your tongue and do not get involved - savour it instead. Their mutual hatred for you will have them working together, against you. Think of how all the europeans who hated eachother came together (in a sense) for the crusades.

Why do you have the intro to a cuck porn video saved?

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With birth right citizenship maybe Muslims will now come here to give birth for citizenship, and have the clits cut off their newborns the way boys are circumcised at that age.

Same show, different actor. Yawn.

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Who's gonna stab the other one first
My money is on the kikes

OOOOOHHOOOOHOOOOOO very interesting post!
Unfortunately, that won't stop them from doing it in other places. Knowing their position of power, it's likely that these guys will instill a policy where you can't propose anything that apparently opposes all religious practices, unless if it's Christianity of course.

We're in 2018, we have proofs that these shitty religions were made up to control our stupid ancestors, but people are still stupid enough to believe in them, and we change rules for them instead of saying "Fuck you and your stupid cult, someone stupid enough to believe in a religion should not have any important role whatsoever, go live with the Amish !".

And the fact that they banned music and art. And the fact that the majority of them are the barbarian cousins of the Jews.