White Genocide has an easy but difficult to accept solution

Inverse Genocide Redpill: Poorer countries and populationa reproduce more, richer countries and populations reproduce less

In order to keep Jewish birthrates in decline and whites at above replacement levels Whites should redistribute their wealth to shitskins so they reproduce less while they waste money and genocide themselves.
Meanwhile, Whites will maintain work ethic, skills, etc necessary to maintain civilization after they finish letting the other races feast themselves to death on the fruits of White superiority.

It already works in the Middle East with sandnigger oil-producing countries. Think of it as the Fabian strategy that won the American Revolutionary War and the Roman wars with Carthage. Unpopular in public opinion but massively successful in practice.

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Revolution soon shill

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No rebuttal?

There is no point in talking to you. You are not human.

Gas the kikes, race war now. There's your solution. It's a final one.

We gave more to Nigeria than they ever could have given to themselves and now the average woman there has 8 children. Obtaining more money has the opposite effect on niggers than it has on whites. If anything, that graph is a long way of saying that niggers, naturally poor, always have more children because of their genetic retardation and europeans, naturally wealthy, put more investment into their children. Its a graph proving r/K survival methods.


I'm a torfag, so I can't make threads, but for anyone wondering, here are my favorite topics that I find on Zig Forums.

General masculinity.
White genocide avoidance.
How to deal with the post-feminism wasteland.
How to live a good and righteous life honorably.
General methods regarding the reclamation of Europe.
Norse and Germanic mythology, as symbolism, not LARPing.
And of course, how to deal with merchants. Counter-mercantilism, especially as it relates to realistic actions in the real world.

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All giving niggers massive wealth would do is simply allow them to be even more wreckless and dangerous than they already are since they'd gain the ability to travel and bring their mayhem and havoc criminiggerality with them wherever they go.

Niggers are a different species and don't think like the white man so they won't go "Oh gee I'm wealthy now, better not have kids or at least not a lot of them so I can keep my wealth".

Nope, they won't even think about such things and just keep going nigger buck wild, fucking whatever hole male, female, animal, inanimate object is available to them damn the consequences.

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This. OP, kill yourself.

Who said I didn't like niggers, rabbi?

I'm of the Tom Shelly opinion that its impossible, silly even to hate niggers as they are just animals so when they kill, rape, rob and commit all types of crime, mayhem and violence they are simply operating on instinct and carrying out their nature.

It'd be as ridiculous to hate a nigger for being what it is and doing what it does as it'd be to hate a dog for shitting on your carpet or chewing up your favorite SNES controller.

Though that said as a sane white man much like with any other dangerous animal breed I keep myself as far away from this invasive dangerous predatory species as I possibly can and advocate all other sane whites do the same.

You Jews and your white liberal SJW pets/pals should shack up with niggers and live in nigger neighborhoods though I think.

Be good medicine for you.

Basically this. If we didn't bring them over in boats or planes made by hard working Whites or Asians, they wouldn't be here. They can't build things. They're just animals lost in a big scary city that they will never understand.

Once I was walking in the city at night, and had to pass through the nigger area. They were fucking squatting on the edge of the street playing dice games, gambling fucking single Euro bills. It was fucking sad. I was having a good night, and with some tough friends, so I decided to play.

I told the most desperate looking gambler nigger, "Let's play. If you roll snake eyes, 1000 Euros to you. If not, 5 euros to me."

I won of course. I took his five single Euro bills, ripped them in half, then threw them at his feet. Hahahah fucking nigger just began crying and blubbering like a pathetic animal.

Well, I'm just a tough guy on Zig Forums, but maybe not as cool in real life so I did a shameful thing and gave him 100 Euros just because I'm pathetic. I'm just too nice. He was probably shanked for it later though. Fucking niggers.

They're animals. Not quite harmless, but not exactly evil either.

Just give your money to shitskins, goyim, then you win!

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Wealth is not necessarily related to income.
Most of the cash aid we send is pocketed by their governments (doesn't even come close to putting a dent in poverty), and food aid just allows them to sit around breeding. That's not income. Higher average income per capita means that they're kept busy for part of their days doing useless white collar goy work and the rest of it is spent using their cash on various forms of gratification. That will prevent them from breeding at absurd rates, when they have sports to monkey around with or some sort of rat race to appeal to their simian brains. Again, this has already worked in sandnigger countries because they're stuck in service type jobs keeping their upper class happy with enough disposable income to distract themselves until they die.

Meanwhile, Whites will have economic pressure to have as many children appeals possible to help their family survive, and they won't have time or money for degeneracy.

Jews are dying off faster than they're being replenished in Westerncountries. This is obviously because they're busy fucking around with their cash and going to (((college))) and getting jobs via nepotism that they waste time on, and also violating their own cultural and religious ruleaders (which helped them reproduce and extract wealth in the past). This is good for Whites. What isn't good is when Whites fall into the same trap and start being corrupted/stop reproducing/lose their traditions due to an abundance of free time and money.

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It's not related to "Wealth" but the toxic processed foods that we consume. The people in "poor" AKA RURAL areas consume fresh organic foods. "Wealthy" Americans and Europeans that live on farms are healthier and more fertile.

The solution is easier OP, Just suspend processed foods, GMO's and Vaccines. Promote organic local foods, and you'll fix 90% of the health problems we have today.

Whites and Jews are not the same, but they are certainly similar.

What tempts a European will tempt a Jew.
What defiles a European will defile a Jew.
What harms a European will harm a Jew.

The difference is that we can be honorable, pure, and strong, and succeed where they fail. The Jew shall always crumble first, to greed, to degeneracy, to weakness.

We both can see the dark path towards evil. But they are the ones to nearly always take it. But Europeans? The answer is up to you.

this and everything else was bullshit which lead to raiing the ? as to why any not white should even be alive as they contribute nothing with exception of labor which going obsolete not to mentions the degeneracy contributed to by giving shitskins money they while use for crime or worse as a means to lobby for the destructions of whites so they can foolishly take over something they cannot understand let alone maintain.

Shitskins breed to the extent of their resources.

cut off all resources now then

No, it has to do with wymyn rights… if a woman is "educated" or is "focusing on her career", then who the fuck is having and raising the babies?

you cut off shitskins from us then they have no resources same as the fucking jews without whites they are nothing.When you say resources your actually saying whites and the societal domains we built specifically for ourselves that no shitskin is designed to be a part of.


Imagine if that happened just by slipping?

Material poverty doesn't cure materialism. What your graph points to is the spiritual vacuum created by a semitic religion. Christianity doesn't speak to the European soul or inspire the European spirit. It doesn't place you in reality, in time, as the descendent of generations, as an heir to a great civilization, as being responsible for the continuation of those generations. Instead the semite spiritual cancer tells you that that there is no race or tribe because all souls are the same. The guilt of sin is a match made in heaven with white guilt, which is why whites adopt niggers and welcome refugees and distribute indiscriminate charity so that a proliferating nigger and spic population can consume more social welfare and social resources… the pressures of which bare down on the white man in the middle class burdened with the weight of funding all of these non-human christcuck pets.

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the solution is to exterminate them all.

Sorry we're only allowed to care about some sandnigger journo.

There are still too many which don't believe it, in which case you should just bring up the kalergi plan. There's no way denying that one, it's real as real can be. So if you want to stop it, action through awareness informing all you can then action through action.

That will only work if niggers actually develop their own societies. Reminder that it was medical technology given to them by white nations that stopped them from dying. Cut off medical aid, the niggers will die off just as fast as they reproduce. If you want to boost white birth rates, you need to install National Socialist Germany’s policies on reproduction or colonize new areas. Even better, fight and win another civil war to get a new baby boom.

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This is false. Birthrate rises with perceived opportunity and falls with perceived lack of opportunity. Hence the baby boom even though America was richer in 1950s than it was in 1900.
Hence Cuba's baby boom after Castro replaced Batista in 59.
Hence China's increased fertility rate after the removal of the Chinese Nationalists in 49.
It's basic-bitch anthropology by this point and OP is a retard for falling for pro-contraceptive eugenics memes from the 60s.

There is a silver lining to all of this. There exists the possibility that in our lifetimes we will see millions of niggers starve to death

top pilpul my dude>>12453410

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