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Anyone can make one for 20 bucks. Not really hard.

Not the point. This is the first step in banning all semi-autos.

Then the black market takes over like it did with illegal drugs.

If only we did actual operations against kikes, rather than just sperging about them.

Look up (((Operation Susannah)))… also, remember you can call 9/11 as (((Operation Susannah 2.0)))

Will not comply with unconstitutional laws.

There will come a day when the anti-2nd Amendment crowd will realize there are far more destructive and widely available weapons than guns that they can not ban or restrict.

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Spike strips, EMP weaponry and LRADs.

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Fuck off apologists.


No one is apologizing, just forecasting the weather.

It's the witch of November… come stealin'

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Yeah I know, but they'll be much more useful than an unreliable bump stock. A bump stock just turns your rifle into a high calibre SMG that likes to stop firing correctly. But be sure to use whatever you put your tigger in on whoever tries to take it

I hear you but there is no weapon that is as easy to use, inexpensive to obtain, and widely available as fire. Drop one lit match in the right forested/wooded area of the right state of an anti-2nd Amendment politician and that state, even in the best of times, will be forced into hard times. The authoritarian anti-gun Left looking to take away 2nd Amendment rights while continuing to push all their other agenda pieces will find themselves with much more to deal with than they first assumed.

You can not ban matches, lighters, or other basic fire starters.

"California wildfires death toll climbs to 86, with more than 500 still unaccounted for"

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Stop acting like a bunch of retards, they have no practical usage so stop larping about binaries and bump stocks, the issue at hand is a legal precedent being set. If it's reached the point where you are legitimately using shit in firefights, then perhaps consider just doing some milling on the lower and add an extra hole instead of talking about toys.

Here's a special treat for all of you, folks. As soon as this thread got posted another thread just (((magically popped up))) shilling for (((gun control))). Here's the specified thread: . It reeks of (((HuffPost)))-tier "journalist" faggotry. Be sure to shit post as much as you can there, a CIAnigger is in the thread.

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Always have to be some faggots who bend the knee completely missing the point


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Never sad that at all. Just giving options, nigger.

Could be that this is a 4D esoteric metaphor that real Aryan men don't need bump stocks because we can turn a weapon more deadly…

An opinion saged is like an opinion given with a middle finger.

Fools, this isn't about "do it yourself" or the black market.

Don't forget your commemorative Zig Forums bottle openers.

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Fool, there isn't a god damned thing you can do that doesn't involve using your 2nd to make your grievances heard. Sitting around kvetching won't do a fucking thing and this is the same fucking weekly gun grab thread we keep seeing. If you haven't figured it out yet, you never will.

I know damn well what it's about, the black market is only a consolation for anyone who gives a damn.

Just wait for them to come for the super-soakers.









the wreck of the edmund fitzburger

this pretty easy to makle and could actually get the same action if you know what your doing without.Still you should never let the jew win in the slow termite feast degradation of the 2nd to disarm you completely then rule over you with their ugly hook noses about speech /

This is where I draw the line.

I don't support the ban you dumb niggers. I'm saying it won't do shit.

but trump done it. while they use the leftys to ban everything that they want to turn into a black market. without guns you dont have any civlizations, or countrys.
and without countrys, you have what?

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Burning down nature is not very natsoc. Burning down commie infrastructure and housing on the other hand…


Didn't California ban straws

I am not natsoc. Could not give a shit about nature especially in a Left controlled state like California.

They banned plastic straws. Banning matches, lighters, goddamn magnifying glasses, and/or rubbing sticks together is on another level. But if you can force the hand of the Left to ban more shit the more chaos the better.

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california will soon ban people

They will ban white people. kek

They'll have to try to ban jerrys miculeks trigger finger too

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Reddit magapedo's completely absent ITT. What a surprise.

Don't need them when we have (jew).


How many times has that orange kike Trump banned these fucking things, holy shit.

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Bump because you can’t hide this.

Bump-firing a gun now outlawed? Bye bye, fingers and rubber bands!

Well, that's the first redditor.

Bump. And reported. Because you can’t hide this.

Nigger if I had something of worth to contribute I'd bump the thread. Pointing out that the trumpcucks are absent is not a contribution worth bumping the thread. Furthermore you can't slide a thread by saging when literally every other person is bumping it AND when people use the fucking catalog. You'd know this if you weren't a fucking newfag absolutely desperate to fit in

They are going to bare minimum make an amnesty, because their is at least they estimate 300k-500k legally bought ones.

If they start executing people like waco and ruby ridge for having "illegal bump stocks" plus the red flag laws in this climate its guaranteed to set shit off. Shit was contentious in 1993-95 with the first militia movement, but people still thought the government was generally on their side. Now people know the US government is basically an occupying force and could be the spark.

They actually specifically said in the document "you can just use a rubber ban instead" even thought the ATF had in the past classified rubber bands as machine guns. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.



Trust the plan

That wouldn't apply though, it still clarifies that a single actuation of the trigger is needed but bump stocks don't change the semi automatic action of the gun…

I've never even heard of these before. How in the world do they work?

Per article:

Agency Contact:
Vivian Chu
Regulations Attorney
Department of Justice
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
99 New York Avenue NE,
Washington, DC 20226
Phone:202 648-7070

They say they'll decide a "final action" in december - which will be to make them illegal to sell/transfer and make you have to turn them in to be destroyed.

They are basically twisting words and saying that because your finger is not moving your not "actuating the trigger" therefore when the gun bumps off your finger it does not count as a 2nd actuation and therefor the device makes it a machine gun.

Its a play on words that all kike lawyer types do. What they need to do is just get rid of the huges amendment and all this jumping through hoops would never have been needed. Shit failed the house floor vote anyway in 86 but they put it in the bill anyway those fucking kikes.

The fact that you're thinking outside the box is good. You're way ahead of most anons here who can only think reactively.
Also, the fact that you recognize that fire is a weapon is good. Most people don't think that fire is a weapon because fire is not as sexy as guns or bombs.

However, there may be a few problems with this idea.
Firstly, fire is a great weapon of war but most of the victims of the camp fire are White. Now, I'll admit that they're also old boomers. But still, the lands most affected by forest fire will be White lands. I'm no expert on the demographics of southern Califagia, but even there most spics appear to be in cities. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
Secondly, not all areas are equal. I live in an eastern state and forest fires are neither widespread nor deadly. It's too wet and too populated.
Lastly, there are more effective ways to strike at the System. I'll grant you that matches are cheap and starting forest fires is low risk. But it is also low reward. Outside of California, you will not be causing multibillion dollar damage to the System.
If you want to hurt the System, take a page from the IRA and target them where it hurts. The System is reliant on corporations that censor opposition. The System is also reliant upon keeping the lemmings comfortable. The IRA would target banks, government corporations, infrastructure, dockyards, and airports. To that I would add electronic substations as one of the most low risk/high reward targets.
In fact, just one molotov cocktail tossed into the right electronic substation at the right time could cause rolling power outages for days or even weeks.

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I forgot to add; Don't do this because economic terrorism is bad and immoral. So don't be bad and Zig Forums is a board of peace. We must overthrow the jews peacefully and peacefully relocate the jews to another place where we can peacefully cohabit the earth with our former oppressors.

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I can't wait for the big one to level that shit hole.

Someone obviously forgot to tell Trump that this was always just a meme

Probably more chess that lesser mortals will never understand aside from Kike Eunuch and Andre Anglin

These things tend to wax and wane and one of them will certainly fuck up again

>Missouri State Representative Deb Lavender is getting ‘thank you notes’ from a surprising source. A number of conservatives have reached out in gratitude following her actions on the House floor Wednesday evening. They are all thanking her for her support of the 2nd Amendment. There’s just one problem: Lavender generally favors gun control. So when H.B. 1468 – which expands 2nd Amendment protections in the state of Missouri – came up for a vote, she wanted to do something.

Technically this doesn't mean a thing, I mean it's not like any American is gonna do anything worthwhile with their guns other than shoot empty cans in a forest considering we're in the midst of a commie takeover and the orange kike in chief has openly taken a massive dump on his fashy based base, who still worship the gefilte stained ground he slimes on


You are gonna revolt like the last time, mutts?

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well unless they decide to shoot a couple holes in the tanks of oil cooled transformers and bring the grid down like they almost succeeded before

Which nobody has done since then for some reasons. Despite a suppressed .308 AR 10 and a candy van can cause serious damage until you run out of ammo and never be caught because suppressed indoors shooting.

Maybe mutts are just loud mouthed cucks and it is time for them to pay for 1945.

Taunting American's is more like abusing retarded mutts.

All non jews are goyim, American goys are just the most easily manipulated good goyim whose sole purpose today is to protect the existence of isreal

has anyone ever tracked down all of their identities?

The feds did. You can go right to the ATF and FBI HQs and ask for them.

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Still forcing your D&C meme?

A mere word can trigger the mutts. Funny. Goebbels also had a strikingly similar remark about naming the kike.

lolololol this shit is hilarious


Kek confirms. Banning guns makes America great again! Follow Kek!

Then what happens if people simply don't take the amnesty?

You use the word in every sentence for crying out loud, it's like an advertisement with the logo plastered everywhere. It's forced jewish D&C nonsense. It should be banned as spam