How to Collapse the World

I was doing some reading about hypergamy and it dawned on me. I know a means to collapse the world. All that's needed is an extreme drug resistant/immune STD entering the "chad population" and hypergamy, combined with the degenerate whore culture of today, will amplify and rapidly spread it as the perfect delivery mechanism. Even better, it specifically targets the most degenerate scum of humanity naturally. The most hilarious part of it all is that it's already starting to happen.

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Which is why civilizations put women under the leadership of a man… any man.

1. We all are already predestined to die
2. We already have a parasite in our ranks that solely works to annihilate mankind and destroy this planet

Don't you thing your "research" is kinda pointless?

Civilization certainly saw the benefits, but it's really nature itself that punishes degeneracy through disease. The point is seeing nature's mechanism to "steer evolution" and hijacking it.


We all die, no exceptions. However that doesn't mean we all have to suffer in this shit world as individuals, or future generations.

As for the jew parasite, are jew women just as slutty as all women?

I confirm. I met a Jewish woman on a public politics chatroom and all she was doing was "trolling" (according to her definition) by telling how much her pussy is pink, small and tight, how desirable she is, blah blah blah…
She also larped as a hu'wite.

Some pretty crazy shits happened after i permanently left this tumorous chatroom. Like Pittsburgh, and NPC became a meme, which is something i mentioned to her prior about NPC being a meme. Thus, giving me suspicions that she probablyhas massive influence. But i may overthink it.
Don't worry, i went fullon 1488 on her for the whole time.

you are correct!

pretty much the only reason our childish women are able to ride the cock carousel is because hundreds of years of us forcing them to act like adults resulted in low std rates compared to other races

it's why niggers have exponentially higher std rates than any other race, niggers usually just pump and dump their own women so they end up just hopping from man to man

but not anymore, now white women too are enjoying horrific stds that previously had not been seen outside africa

and remember, it's what women wanted! :)

We already have one, it's called AIDs, it primarily kills blacks and homosexuals because these are the only groups to practise unsafe sex with large amounts of people (also homosexuality is common amongst blacks).

Also, your chad culture doesn't really exist and your just an insecure little man who masturbates to much, stop masturbating and start improving your life.

4cuck tier posting right here tbh

I'm more for collapsing social structures so monkeys start killing each other violently.

Ya, its almost like the Jews planned it that way …

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Hypergamy is overinflated by losers. Your addiction to porn, Disneyesque conceptions of relationships, Millennial participation trophy upbringing, and physical laziness are the cause of your lonely wiener.

Hate to break it to you, but your halfchan radar is nonfunctional. I figured some people might be pleased to realize that nature is on our side to eliminate degeneracy and has provided all the tools to do so. It's a viable means to change the world. Nature is already working on the problem, but it doesn't have good timing.

also checked

Hypergamy has been confirmed study after study. If you don't want to understand how women act behaviorally, you're always free to eat tyrone's cum out of some bitch because you're man enough to eat it. Nature will purge your ass with the rest of the men who "man up" and support the women coming off the cock carousel ride.

I didn't say it doesn't exist, you illiterate fuck. I said it's not the reason you're a pathetic loser.

wew, let us know how that works out for you

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Fagceltows gets the woodchipper!

underrated post

women's rights was a mistake. if you disagree, you're a feminist.

user that's prettty gay.

OP, that virus is called "PSYCHOPATHY", it is genetically inherited and causes absence of compassion among other traits. It is also the main driver of degenerate behavior, murder, excess, greed and every other bad trait that isn't blocked by 'kindness/compassion'.

All JEWS are PSYCHOPATHS, any that aren't are not jews.

Cure psychopathy, you cure the world.

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Women aren't trustworthy and need to be punished and restrained for future monogamy, where female selection doesn't enter the picture whatsoever. Congrats, your society works again.

You mean like HIV?
Didn't work everyone got unhappy
(((They))) made ebola but news halted
Now what will be the next one?

Women don't even need to be constrained or forced, this is the result of western states actively bankrolling this hypergamy shit i.e. a woman gets fucked by Chad and dumped? No problem, we've got child benefit for you coming from the taxes of everyone else (how's poor Chad going to support 5 kids?). If women had to pay for their own choices then that chart on the right wouldn't be as bad.

Women are their own worst enemies, they're children mentally and can't handle the responsibility that comes with freedom because they evolved dependent on men to survive, therefore their instincts evolved to be dependent.

But yea, that's how society will work again.

Shit like super gonorrhea, or antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Yep, and since they vote, the government is happy to become the surrogate father for their bastard children. We should bring back calling those kids bastard children. Shaming tactics is effective against those of us on the right, but that shit is triggering to the left.

isn't effective*

this is the kind of shit destroying society

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< We know all about IRL life!
There is no truth to the verbiage and buzzwords of fagceltow NPCs.

The Chipper of Justice shall cure the awfull stain that is fagceltow degeneracy.

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NatSocs cucking out on the WQ is one of the worst weaknesses the movement has.

I know this picture is heavily retarded and exaggerated, but you probably get it's meaning and what I'm hinting at if you read your post again.

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see, it works

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I married a virgin, and she just gave birth to my first son

How many dicks did she suck as a virgin? Did she take it up the ass a few times to preserve her "virginity"?

Answer the question, !

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Take the loli pill. Only virgin you will find ever is under 14

It's highly likely that he won't answer.

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What question? How does someone fuck up what constitutes a question?

Have you ever sinned, user?

If not, welcome to our board, Messiah

The main reason we have so much trouble with women right now is because there is too many men. In the past, weak men would die or be cast out.
Those top 30% of men should be all of us. In the past , strong men took many wives and as they became infertile they added younger ones. It's how tribes are born, women are like children and need leadership and direction. If one half of all men died tomorrow society would collapse faster then a house of cards in a hurricane and when women realize they they literally can't do anything and they would be begging us to take over.

The soyboys would die, every one of us would have one or two qt girls who want to be supported to give us white children and things would get back to normal.

This is objectively true. Women can only pairbond so many times before they lose the mental capacity to do so and after 25 their brains are fucked.
Oxytocin releases long term structural changes in the brain. The girl who give you her virginity still thinks of you all the time, if you were together for 3-6 months daily, I promise. All other men she's with later will resemble you if any, and its only if she somehow whores herself past 3 that will start to not be true and then it's all over.

you mean the people that are the best looking because they have the best genes, dumbass
meanwhile 6' hung chads are pounding pussy nonstop, having great lives and being happy. but they're "duh jen err it" scum so nevermind the fact that they're better than you in every way

For fucks sake!
Post the uncensored version please.