The USA citizen populace declares war on the UK and EU. If we get the chance, we'll bomb your degenerate countries into a sandy wasteland so barren your wives' new husbands will feel back at home.

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subhuman anglos paying for both world wars again.

The world needs another war. We'll win and the EU will be destroyed in the name of progress.

Fuck off OP.
Tired of brother wars. Getting rid of kikes and other subhumans is what matters.

Not the anglos. Check out breitbart comments or even what nigel farage has to say about "Europeans".

Goddamn that webm is infuriating. What a hellhole.

To stop the invaders, you must also kill those creating weaknesses in your defences. For the USA, EU countries handing over their countries to direct enemies of ours is enough of a reason to go after them. They declared hostility against America and American practices. They are all enemies of America and must be dealt as such. I personally am declaring war on both the EU and UK. I heavily implore all of my fellow Americans to follow suit, for the protection of all true Americans'.

yeah no learn to shill subhuman.

Which EU country are you from? Will you fight against your brothers for the USA or will you fight against us and perish?

But you're not American anymore…you're only allowed to live out your existence inside a jewish colony. You have no representatives inside law and government. If tomorrow they want to call you niggers, you have no legal right to challenge that. This is what it means when they say "conquered from within". When you finally realize that you'll waking up inside a prison with invisible walls. Oh, say! can you see?

Hey OP how's it feel paying 750 billion a year for niggers and spics to sit around on welfare?

This is good redpill material. Spread this far and wide.

How are Americans going to achieve this considering the most informed and jew-wise generation in its history just elected ZOG to finalise the jew world order?

Considering America currently is babylon pushing their destructive judaised marxist culture on the rest of the West, it appears as if the Yanks here are a little confused about their role in empowering and protecting the jew world order

Its another jew infight.

We're goblins over here too, but at least we'll be nuking out the majority of the Sand Nigger over there to keep eugenics slightly clean.


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Israel is close enough to Europe. I'd say they're in our crosshairs, but my leaders would sooner invade the EU and UK before Israel, so fuck it I guess I am taking out the enemy I can before the enemy I can't.

Sage obvious d/c threads
We are united in the preservation of european blood, regardless of continent. Sieg heil, do not let this jewish mind poison effect your judgement.

These lazy cuckchan D&C threads are becoming tedious.

You parasites! You're not part of America's divide and especially not our CONQUER. EU get out and stop using us for our power and finances! Fuckin' "Anglo"-Jews get bombed.

were the responses to this exact thread any better over on halfchannel?

You tell me.

Only Australia wins in this situation, and slightly because they are half chink, half arab

The ones who win are those who win, because they can finally begin leading the world with force, not being held back by their traitorous and foolish "allies" any longer. This is not a troll, I want to see the EU burn and the US take its rightful place as the world dominating Super Empire. We're the only ones who can be trusted with that future, I'm determined after this last decade.

t. 56%

the public stands with you, we are too different to get along, they have an old lady who can't be arrested even when there is an existing warrant for a capital crime, they award child molesters

we can no longer tolerate their existence and consider ourselves a moral nation,

the term warhawk define those who agreed to continue fighting the British after the Revolutionary war, proud to be a warhawk today under that definition

the eternal anglo

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go away d&c cuckchanner

The brits are traitors and their country has fallen because they are weak and complacent. On the Day of the Rope Brits will be the first to hang. BRITS ARE OFFICIALLY NO LONGER WHITE

You think that's bad?
They can't fly their own flag. It is strange how they are so compliant to the police when they know police actively took part in the rape of their own children.

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Listen to what the comments in this jewish newspaper say. If you want to know anglos just ask jews.
Silly cunt.

Oh look, more of the quality content Codenigger encourages.

Email [email protected], again and again, until all that shows up in his inbox is Zig Forums demanding to be run by Zig Forums again. Spam global reports demanding that he make Zig Forums a user-run board again. That's all it'll take, because Ron is a little hapa faggot who has caved to spam in the past and will assuredly do so again.

Youre a fat fucking retard


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What has he said?

long live the Eternal Anglo


Fuck off moshe.

legendary words spoken eloquently in the heart of the beast. Pity there aren’t more.

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good thread

top kek

d&c and larp thread

Aren't the police unarmed? Or at the very least they have batons and mace, no guns. Why can't brits just hammer some nails into a bat and go to town on these zogbots?