Trump Driving Kikes Nuts

David Shlomo Toaff goes nuts at an Atlanta airport and screams about a white guy with blue eyes on a plain who is a Nazi just like Trump.

He was imitating a "Nazi" on the plain and ordering all Jews to identify themselves by raising their hands.

When he got off the plain, he resisted arrest. His demand for Jews to identify themselves prompted another man (probably a Jew) to yell that Shlomo was himself a Nazi.

Jews are prone to mental illness and obsess about victimization by the goyim, especially Christian Whites, whom they see as enemies and the ultimate evil. During outbursts like this, their inner mentality is fully revealed.

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Shlomo in happier times

Read a book nigger

"plain" not once, but every time you used the word. you're almost as dumb as the kike in the video

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Shlomo called the white guy a Nazi but also was accused of being a Nazi himself?
I never considered calling a literal Jew 'a Nazi' before, might trigger a comfy meltdown if done correctly

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Good. Let the Jewish civil war continue as the goyim wake up


Saved The_Esau_Gambit.png



Because we have blue eyes we are nazi's? On the other hand it is nice to see the pressure building among 'normal jews' for what their leadership has done to the planet (but we mustn't forget that these low level jews are only minor parasites to the real players). Still, the weight of their guilt must be horrendous for someone to crack like this. I though all the goyim lived to 'serve' the jews, ya jew? But I suppose he gets three square and a cot in jail (or the psyche ward), so someone is going to be 'serving' him still. I would LOVE to know what 'normies' on the plane thought about this when they saw this incident go down and realized he was talking about THEM being nazi's. Also what the man with blue eyes who was accused of 'being a nazi' because he was blue eyed thought about the whole thing. It is something to talk about over dinner anyway.

wtf I'm a trumpcuck now

more 4 u

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I was waiting for a nice long

"ooooyyyyyy veeeeeeyyyyy" as he exited the door.


No, Trump is not, in fact, driving the people who control him nuts.

im jew

Does your kind know it's dead already? Has your kind accepted that fact? Does your kind prefer feet first or head first into the ovens?
Also on another note you should deep throat a .45

The jews start civil wars among themselves in order to gain more ground on the goyim. In the Old Testament, specifically 2 Maccabees chapter 9, the jews play this game with Antiochus IV, in their own account its divine retribution but the scant Greek sources tell a different tale. That at a certain point in the civil war Antiochus IV, probably when he was the most stretched out, he found that all the ports stopped supplying his army which ultimately led to its break up and the jews gained some ground back from when Alexander the Great defeated them.

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So the same stunt they pulled against Germany in WWI.

The mind of a Christfag Trumpnigger. You people are fucking awful.

wtf im at the atlanta airport right now and this is the first thing I see. spooky

The real enemies of the Jews were the Romans. They obliterated them twice. The second time, the Bar Kochba Revolt, the Romans almost annihilated the people of Judea completely. Whatever Jews were left were not allowed to enter Jerusalem (except for one day a year to lament the loss of their temple and city at the wailing wall). Jerusalem of made into a Roman city and the temple mount was rebuilt as a temple to Jupiter/Zeus. The Emperor even had a deity of himself on the temple mount to really piss off the Jews.

The Jews used to boast that their Yeshivas (religious schools) were so strong, if the Romans ever attacked the students, (think of the wormy pale Orthodox Kikes studying all day in their Rabbi schools in Israel) the students would massacre the Romans with their writing sticks.

When the Romans were done with the largest of those schools, there were 300 of those little box things they wear on their heads in a basket. The Talmud records (exaggerating of course) that the blood was up to the nostrils of the Roman horses, as if they were wading through a river of blood.

The Rabbis were taken out and tortured to death. The famous Rabbi Akiva was skinned alive using a razor sharp comb like instrument. Another one had the skin pulled from his face.

It was common for the Romans to wrap kikes in the scroll of the Torah and burn them alive.

Good times fam.

I am thinking of starting a Roman Holiday series of posts. Whenever it is a day marking a Roman massacre of Jews, I will make a post describing the incident and Zig Forums can celebrate.

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Kike detected

Jews BTFO!!!

Christians don’t support Trump, paid jewish shill. Reported.

He lives in DuPont Circle in DC. Fag town. Also home of Comet Ping Pong and all the Pizzagate shit. (((Pure Coincidence)))

Butthurt Trumpcuck detected.


>Oi Veh Goyim, dontcha know? The (((SPLC))) has labelled the Roman Flag a fascist symbol.

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23andMe is having a sale. Maybe you should see if that nose really is "Italian".


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I can't help but smile at the idea of kikes everywhere having the exact same fears and paranoid thoughts every day. This one simply cracked early but how many more are equally terrified?
Not enough in any case but still hilarious.

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I got mine done, and I think you're a Trumpkike.

Low IQ detected.

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When they call you out remember to mention how Soros was a nazi who literally said nazi germany was the best time of his life.

Hilarious. Go back to sucking nigger dicks. But you’re not a true faggot, right? Because you SAY you’re not a faggot.

He's a fucking loan shark lmao

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user, I…

jews imagine they see Hitler in almost EVERY Goy leader in the world
These two images are random finds on a Google image search for "Putin Hitler" - but kikes have accused everyone from the Duterte in the Philippines to Assad in Syria to that old man who leads Malaysia to Mel Gibson of being Hitler.

jews hallucinate Hitler everywhere

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is he wrong?

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It triggers them to see whites coalescing around a leader, even though they pushed the demographics to this point. They chose a dangerous strategy because it relies on our leaders being controlled. If our white leader is like Bush they will get mild support, if like Trump moderate support, if like Hitler full support. Any time our leaders throw off the shackles and they will be championed. Publicly knocking our current leader is counter productive. Instead acknowledge the things they do right like calling out fake news, promoting nationalism, warning of immigration dangers.

Greetings, fellow magapedes! Trump is now threatening to maybe possibly consider to claim he will the thing that he was required by law to do on his first day in office!
Boy oh boy, I sure do want those esoteric immigrants to just come into the country and get legal residency thanks to Trump anyway!

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2 times faggot. sure OP is a retard buy you a manipulative piece of shit

What exactly are they going to do with an allele profile?


its not funny , its sad. All we wanted to do was play video games

t. assblasted nonwhite

They sure went easy on him. I wonder how I'd be treated if I – oh, let's just say – called a FedEx driver a nigger and he punched me to death?

Well if you took a swing at the FedEx driver first you probably deserved to get punched to death.

It's not a mistake.

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Read up, nigger. The white man called the shitskin a nigger, and the nigger proved him right by chimping the fuck out and punching him to death. A Portland judge just tossed the case out. Seems the white man had it coming.

I like what I’m reading user, a Roman thread would be comfy.

Zig Forums Hanukkah? I like where this is going.

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Proof they are yours?

Things that definitely happened. This was well before the invention of the masturbation machine so roman centurions had to jack them off by hand. Always remember the 2.7 million goyim. Jewrusalem was the most populous city in all of the earth in the first century. The absolutely real crimes of the romans can never be forgiven.

I did that at school once. It was just an offhand comment but that was the only time he ever tried to physically attack me.

That's nice, reddit. Take it back there, reddit.

I would agree but women like you have no opinion worth listening to.

Then i can get out of work for my Zig Forums reelated beliefs. Good tinking romananon

So, it sounds like Schlomo himself was the one giving the tirade against jews on the plane, but then he gets off and claims it was some blue eyed aryan, forgetting that there are eye witnesses other than himself, and ends up getting accused of Nazism by someone else? What is this, some kind of autistic half-baked false flag? Oy fuckin' vey.

oo ooo aa aa nigga I hope you don't speak like this too.

aka the Fruit Loop

Too bad the romans had compassion for the vermin And did not outright kill them all and their stupid little wall.

Rabbi, I…

Hand your DNA profile to feds.


Medical science admits jews are psychos.

Psychopathy is high among Ashkenazi Jews. Ashkenazi culture also tends to breed sociopathic tendencies. The Ashkenazi have a high number of genetic diseases which they carry recessively, some of which are fatal like Tay Sachs. This is due to a population bottleneck and the founder effect (inbreeding). Rabbis have also made it worse by breeding those Jews best at pilpul which is why psychopathy is so high among them.

haaretz com/israel-news/.premium-1.560128

Other mental illnesses are also higher than normal among Ashkenazis including bi-polar disorder. Their persecution and victim complex along with the holohoax and entitled chosen double standards worsens these things.

We should consider creating a database of anybody who is at least 51% or higher Ashkenazi, then sterilize them or worse. They are a degenerate race. Literally, on a genetic level. Jewish psychopathy is probably responsible for so many of our problems.

Introduction To Jewish Genetic Disorders

Neurologic genetic diseases of Jewish people.

The Jewish people: their ethnic history, genetic disorders and specific cancer susceptibility.

Jews have a toxic mixture of criminal behaviour and documented mental illness, not seen in any other human group.

1. Criminality (author, using primary sources,m many of them Jewish, is now in jail for "racism". The books is scrubbed from the internet

2. Sociopathy and mental insanity. Jews as a group are clinically insane, living as parasites and with so much hatred for their host that they can't help themselves from killing of their host. From times of Israel:

1. While Jews attack non-Jewish Americans for racism, Israel is the most racist country in the world.

2. The world would be more compassionate towards the Jews if it was generally realized that Jews are not responsible for their condition. Schizophrenia is the fact that creates in Jews a compulsive desire for persecution.

3. The Jew hopes that you retaliate in kind and when you do he can tell himself you are anti-Semitic.

4. The incidence of mental illness has increased in the United States in direct proportion to the increase in the Jewish population. In 1900 there were 1.06 million Jews in United States with 62,112 American confined to public mental hospitals. In 1970 the Jewish population increased to 5.87 million (an increase of 454.8%) with 339,027 Americans hospitalized for mental disease.

“There is no doubt in my mind,” Dr. Hutschnecker said, “that Jews have infected the American people with schizophrenia. Jews are carriers of the disease and it will reach epidemic proportions unless science develops a vaccine to counteract it.”

This should explain so much about why jews are hated and have been a continual danger to all mankind for centuries.


He's still at it.

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whoa, his middle name is literally Shlomo

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That also explains why jews are prolific fiction writers, especially sick and horrible stuff in movies. It's also interesting how the holohoax stories read like shitty movie scripts.

Anyways, poor Schlomo was no doubt tired from a long day of usury and just needs a cold shower.

Please do. That would be 6,000,000,000 times better than the average thread shitting up this board.

WTF just $1500 for all this shit?

& well before Hortler's peddle powered brain bashing machines.

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That is the cheeriest,de-blackpilling thing I've read in a long time.Thanks for that,user.

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Reply 2 above

Fuck me, this kike is just as retarded as every single pretend nationalist alt-right MAGApede spastic, they both think the orange kike is a secret 'nahtzee', when all Trump has done day in day out is suck on diseased jew dicks

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Why arent fucking redpost # s posting?

Maybe don't throw shit and try to punch someone then.


Can't make this shit up.

I agree

They could have saved the world so much trouble by exterminating them all. If only we had a time machine to tell the Emperor

How many buzz words can a single man fit into a sentence?

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I just read it. White nigger threw the first punch and got fucked up for it. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. Sage for off topic.

Pretty sure you were being asked to prove your claim.


Get out.

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What are you rambling about?

top kek

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This is why we discourage inbreeding. Sociopathology is but one disease/trait they pass on to their mutts.

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the romans worked with the kikes until the jews ran off with half their silver and left them with IOUs

errr … um, correction: 'Sociopathy'

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We will take the glory of rome to build a neo roman empire with all of the strength and knowledge bestowed upon us.