Mental border walls is step 1

If a population can't create mental border walls on certain subjects, then their is no chance for real life border walls.

They have to stop treating issues like lines in the sand, that are fluid, and that left wing propaganda will keep erasing and redrawing for them as they move the goal post to keep the left winning.

Politics is up stream from culture, we need to meme mental border walls into place, to stop leftist poz culture from advancing.

This is about stopping it. Then pushing it back.

We cant teach the left, and we cant sell economic opportunity, because the left sells social status.
Its cheaper, and minorities are buying it.

Jay zee was asked if he would support trump since muh african murican unemployment was record low, he said no, its not about the money, its about respect.

Respect is another word for social status.

So we now have got to stop helping the left with jobs so they can fund their side, and start prepping for seperation, aka balkanization.

We have got to meme mental border walls into people minds in various subjects first, then we can meme physical border walls and national seperation to finish the task.

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Puting up weak wire over already existing infrastructure from the BUSH era isn't a BORDER WALL

Donald trump banned bumpstocks and the NRA agreed with him

Thats not the point of this discussion. Its about mental border walls on subject that we wont allow the left to cross over.

Dont let them live rent free in your head, throw them over they wall. Zero subject fluidity.

Oh he used a stock image from isreals wall, guess he dont know what hes talking about.

Shut up leftist shill fag.

I like these walls.

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Then people build mental walls around ideas you don't like, and good luck convincing them of your position then.
Or even worse, the left manages to spread their mental walls first.

I have a border wall in my mind and it's the one donald trump promised
Donald trump has yet to deliver a border wall

There is a psychological point to what is being said about mental border walls, if your iq, is not high enough to understand it, then just read till others can refine the concept for you.

No Hanukkah bonus this year.


Reported for rule 5. Donald Trump is a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist who publicly disavows white nationalism and whose entire family is jewish. Every single action taken by his administration has been for jews and only jews, and he has personally accelerated white genocide.

Holy fuck what was your supervisor thinking.

Take your false dichotomy and neck yourself, nigger. OP wants to discuss battle plans, you and your phone ID are chimping because he said 'Wall'.

Border walls need to not just be physical but symbolic as well, we must seperate ourselves from the left by creating ideological border walls, following that, physical border walls become a reality.

Don’t use phrases you don’t understand. There are no battle plans. No one is going to stop the invasion, ever.

"Physician, heal thyself."

Trump needs to establish a border for the members of his inner circle before he can establish a border with Mexico. {pic related}

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He’d have to kick himself out, then, seeing as he’s a zionist shill and has been his entire life.

You're fucking stupid if you think he hasn't been a diehard neocon his whole life. He's basically Bush with another name.

Go back to reddit.






Thanksgiving dinner just proved to me that the problem is more insidious than Jews controlling all major institutions. The real enemy IS WITHIN US.

I just spent Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' friends' house with about 10 other people. They were old white boomer libtards. My God, the shit they spewed was like the fucking NPC meme. Literally this:

As far as I know, there was no Jew among them to pat them on the head whenever they virtue-signaled themselves to death. They did this to each other. It was like reinforcement within a cult. The Jew simply exploited an existing weakness of white people. I think the only solution is White Troll Nationalism. We need to either control the entire culture so that we define what is virtuous, or we need to encourage white people to evolve bigger almonds. The best path to either of these things is Right Wing Accelerationonism, Balkanization, and let the traitors get eaten by their own pets. Millions will die all around, but the whites who survive will be stronger.

As if you blowhards are any different.

Eh. In the same manner one could say "True" and "False" are the same because they're both boolean values. Nevertheless, they're different values in and of themselves. I don't know about the Pilgrims being good, but you got me with the cartoon porn.

But I thought Mexico is the wall? Make up your mind Shlomo.

Doesn't matter. Irreconcilable differences. This is heading to a divorce. At some point we are going to have to have a division of assets. The left will get the cities, the right will get the rednecks + white working class. Which side would you rather be on? Choose wisely, because we WILL put up borders, and it might be hard to switch sides after the loser becomes widely apparent.