Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists


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The fucking satan cunt has more balls than trumpkike. How quaint.

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I love it when they pretend to jump on board just to get those winning to jump ship.

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I also love how OP implies Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to keep the right chugging along gaining ground.

say it with me

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This is nothing new, Hillary has always blamed minorities for the failures of her Satanic lesbian coven

Hillary Clinton Might Herald The Fourth Reich In 2020 (And Why That's A Good Thing)

If you don't stop showing Americans how good diversity is they won't understand.

Is she who you waited for? I will wait for Her.

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hahahahaha Crooked Hillary is STILL a lying Moloch worshipping Rothschild slave cunt. go on Crooked Hillary, tell us more about who is responsible for STARTING the invasion of Europa from MENA? "we came, we saw, he died." who funded and armed and created ISIS to cause millions of Muzz terrorists and Turkroaches to storm Europe.

typical Crooked Hillary. always blaming others for her own war crimes, for her own blundering geopolitical disasters, for her own insanely stupid policy choices and for her own laziness as a sloppy drunken leader asleep at the wheel and delegating decision making to a small army of sycophant kike bureaucrats who only fuck the world up even worse.


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that's what happens when the globalists lose patience because their incrementalism is too slow

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I knew she was a /ourgal/ KKK's queen all along. #imwithher

Is she really wising up and returning to old true HRC? She can't win without the white vote and the Hispanic vote hates niggers and the caravan. She can play on Trump being a traitor.


Too late kike. Western europe will fall while the east will become hardened beyond belief.

Trump doesn't actually want to solve the problem because then he doesn't have anything to campaign on apart from no-bid jewish cash handouts. Once people understand that, he makes a lot more sense.

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Crooked Hillary personally planted Chris Stevens as the sacrificial pawn. her emails as far back as Feb 2011 show she moved Stevens to Benghazi knowing his presence would correctly be interpreted as NATO's representative in Libya who is looking to funnel billions in arms and cash to any old "moderate rebel" warlords who will ally with NATO and do the dirty job of fighting Gaddafi so that NATO and Crooked Hillary and the Neocon blood drinkers can keep clean hands and avoid being seen putting, "boots on the ground" which would reveal their power level. Crooked Hillary knew the 6th Fleet was entirely responsible for providing security to Stevens, but she didn't care about Stevens. Crooked Hillafy wanted Stevens to die, because his death would conveniently justify rolling out more NATO resources into Libya.

i wouldn'"t be surprised if CIA itself hand picked radical Islamic terrorists in Benghazi and armed them and directed them to assassinate Stevens in order to create a Gulf of Tonkin style smoke screen to justify the insane and illegal invasion of Libya and coup and murder of Gaddafi.


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Kill it

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This is clearly the kikes reacting to an accelerationist strategy by forcing deceleration.

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Hit the nail on the head. and the amount of shilling ITT is pathetic, funny how nobody here read the private goldmansachs speeches she made about complete open borders. This lying bitch will say anything and everything to remain in the spotlight, same as Onigger.



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You can never expect good leaders of character when this is your founder.

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100% correct. Lazily casting your lot in with MUH GOD EMPRAH BLUMPF is exactly what jews want the goyim to do. Keep us nice and deluded with false hope until old age, substance abuse, or niggers with guns kill enough of us off. Once we're there, it'll be full-blown South Africa time for whoever's left.

Yep, the damage is already done. They just have to wait for the Arabic population bomb to explode in western Europe.


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Louis CK, is that you?

Nope. Just spergkraut. At least he's not shitting up Zig Forums right now. I hope

I didn't order the airborne bots to go forcing amerimutts to breed with niggers.

Seems like you have a thing for negros fucking white women.

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ITT retarded magakikes panicking about this shape-shifting opportunistic bitch
Go back to T_D and disinfowars with your false dichotmy and democrats are the real racist talks.

They were forced to go to the same school not breed. stupid faggot. It was still a shit decision, but exaggerating what happened just makes you look like a kike

>forcing other "huwites" mutts to share classrooms with niggers and niggerfuckers at gunpoint
And trumpkike hasn't banned guns yet, so baste, don't exaggerate, right?

He is louis CK.
Remember the interracial breeding camps?

Why do you have a problem with euromutts?
Do you hate the Afrikaners as well?

were actually baste!
And didn't cause permanent damage to Europe.

Neither I or louis CUCKOLD did order zogbots to force their mutts to live with niggers at the threat of death.
So applause. You are even more cucked than the biggest cuck, Louis CUCKOLD.

IDK Trump went to Poland and basically said the Migrants are "destroying Europe" how much more can he say??? You expect him to heil hitler and start dropping N bombs?? Or are you a shill that thinks we don't have any memory?? This isn't reddit.

Democrats are the real racist. Racists against whites.

But they are euromutts, and thus subhuman, according to you.

I expect the mutt to actually pretends to keep it's promise to it's supporting base.
But top kek, look at what happened recently.

No, I didn't not say that. And Afrikaners are a seperate ethnic group at this point, since they have been nationalistic from day 1. You AMERIMUTTS on the other hand are the real cultureless subhumans and YOU did permanent damage to Europe. Not the Afrikaners.


Let's see how you try to twist this.

This is all true, and it's funny how it was one of the most egregiously evil and consequential acts of Hillary, and it's completely memoryholed. Just like Uranium One.

Literally the only thing holding them together is Afrikaans (which is just simplified dutch)
There are literally Slavic Afrikaners, anglo Afrikaners and Portuguese Afrikaners.
Whatever man, I have wasted enough time on you already.
See you at your next spergout, filtered.

the D&C board is that way >>>/gaschamber/ kike

Last reply i'll waste on you. hyberbole jewspeak wont have an effect on the truth. no one was interbred and no one was forced to live with them. Segregated schools were deemed unconstitutional thats it, and that's what we should go back to so we stop pandering to subhumans wasting money on their education when they just end up as crackheads and dropouts.


Seriously, the hero of Afrikaner nationalism back in the 90's was a pole.

Praod Brot 77th is that Yp

Fix your shit, chodemonkey


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And they are still better than a mutt.
Fucking run then, coward mutt. Must be difficult not being able to twist my words.
They actually tried to prevent it. You subhumans immediately signed up for war after an obvious false flags. How many amerimutts went to jail trying to prevent war? How many Afrikaners did?
Don't compre yourself to these honorable men, you commie loving subhuman animals.


We are still 90%, mutts. The eu can speed up the train and we will be 2 decades behind the 56% line.
Thank god. Fuck off, mongrels.

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can I get a general anime filter… these retards have nothing to say

>>>/leddit/ is more your speed, magapede.

One of teh CIA agents in Benghazi was quite notorious some forum moderator cunt. He died online. I would not be surprised if that entire operation was just CIA members removing janitor their own way.

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He was a SA goon iirc.

howover soryry.

Unironically this. Let the demonic cunt kill off muttland for good.

"Our gal"

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they have anime filters? … well thats one thing reddit does better


SYou fucked up.m Hit mr back Your biggest fan. Wjote Power

Orange man our guy

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It's too late for them. Now they have to crank up the immigration so they get new voters.


This is because (((they))) know the numbers have tipped now. The point of no return has been crossed and then some, so playing the whole "oh, better stop the immigration" card is fine. This is basically saying to plug the holes in your house after it is already full of vermin breeding on the kitchen floor and shitting in the cupboards. At this point holes or no holes, the issue isn't the entry, it is the fumigation that will not be addressed

Anyone who buys this must be suffering from short term memory loss.

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iirc, Zig Forums says he accidentally revealed his location once.
Supposedly he is in Idaho.
Whatever he is, he is one of the most tenacious shills I have ever seen.
Hopefully he is getting a paycheck for it.

So, now jews are concerned that their racial replacement program is fueling too many non-kosher thoughts and actions among Europeans, so it should be slowed down?
Reminds me of (((Stephen Steinlight)))'s concerns that the racial replacement program is bringing in non-Europeans who can't be easily controlled by the jews, so it should be slowed down to allow them to get their (((hooks))) deep into the new races first.
The fact that they haven't slowed it down yet makes me think that the growing counter-semitic resistance is making them nervous.

>we accelerated our evil-doing because the majority of our plans failed and we are basically out of time for our global coup and the declaration of a (((world government)))
>but the accelerationism is making the frog jump out of the melting pot, these reactionaries are reacting!



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Kill yourself jew, you will never be white.

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You can't comprehend how many people around the world find you mutt repulsive?
Here is a bump, shitskin.

Nice celebration of ww1. You enjoying it's outcome?

Said the mutt.

Here is a bump for all of you niggers. Stay mad.

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oh great we've gone from "gas all natsocs" to "youre all mutts"

this, kikes are pumping the brakes

You all lack self awareness.

Any ideas on why he struggles to breathe? His eyes looks diferent - small and squinty - am i seeing things?

They don't make baby blood inhalers yet?

goes to show that not all germs are like this ;^)

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It seems unregulated commodities trade really bothers the French.

Those anti-semites!

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What if the aly right is a false flag by actual racist hillary clinton and her ilk and we are unwitting pawns to drum up EXTREMIST RIGHT WINGERS in order to shut down borders and prevent a camp of the saints type situation while still maintaining the outward appearance of compassion

Regrets Drumphies?

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Not a one. We're forcing you niggers to close the borders for us.

She's not wrong. Zionists created the migrant crisis so (((right-wing))) populist leaders, who also just happen to be Zionists as well, can pretend to clean up the mess.

Note the shills don't put jews or kikes into their memes beyond a big name dog-whistle like Soros.

No they won't, and I'll explain. We might actually get a wall. Hell, we might actually get an Israel-tier wall, complete with armed border guards and watchtowers. And you know what happens then? They just remove all standards from legal immigration procedure. Oh, you're scared and want asylum? Okay. Rubberstamp. Oh, you just want a better life for your 14 person immediate family? Stamp. Oh, you just want to be reunited with your family? Who's your family? HAHA JUST KIDDING! Stamp.
Go ahead. Tell me it won't go down just like that.

This is just
They intend to continue with the same bullshit as soon as the lemmings get distracted again.

It wont go down like that.

The entire topic of the thread which you may have missed, is HILLARY FUCKING CLINTON is now calling to SHUT IT DOWN. Fuck off with your weak ass bullshit.

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Oh yeah? Why not? If they just build the wall, then hang up big arrow signs pointing towards the checkpoints that say "this way to citizenship check-in", they'll get the exact same results. Even worse for America actually, because then the bean-people actually have their citizenship, so the civnat crybabies can't actually complain. I'm really surprised the left didn't think of this, to be honest.

And the last horse finally crosses the finish line. But let's be honest, she already knew that. She's just saying what she thinks people want to hear just like she always has.