We needed a Wikipedia competitor - so made one

Introducing a right-wing, free-speech friendly wiki, cataloging everything

takes cue from Zig Forums, pastebin, and wikipedia

one that is NOT DELETIONIST, unlike Vox Days Infogalactica

Only rule is no illegal content


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succ ur mom

Define illegal content. Free speech is illegal in many countries now days.

content that violates US or international law


Were the pages at Metapedia archived?

maybe a few on webarchive

come the fuck on

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Not clicking your honeypot fed

if you wanna get around defamation laws you gotta make the whole site parody, but its not ED

yea good luck policing the leftist vandalism

We already have archives of Zig Forums enjoy your turnip farm.

So… all jewish lies will remain up. Got it. Fuck off.


The whole idea of Wikipedia isn't inherently bad, the problem with Wikipedia has always been people take it too much to fact, when what its main purpose always was, was to give people a stepping off point to start real research into a topic by finding credible sources

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oh look a product that no one wants

Leave your mother out of this user she's a nice lady!

Why use the normal web? The advantages of going dark are all positive, and you don't have to worry about "illegal content" (just keep the pedos away).


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the point of wikipedia is to have a bunch of admins going around deleting peoples shit about anything meaningful

That's what it's become because people keep taking it too much to fact like retards

Wayyyy back in the last century when I was in HS and there was no tubes to do "research"my definition is research increases the collective wisdom of mankind not merely catching up on what is already known you had to go to the library and you started with the encyclopedia.
I have heard of current teachers assigning papers and in no uncertain terms saying wikipedia is not to be used as a source material. My thought was wow an actual smart teacher.

The problem with making it editable by anyone is that anyone will edit it. Which means you'll have paid armies of hasbara agents fucking around with stuff so that it becomes unreliable. (Assuming it becomes popular, of course.) But, I applaud the idea.

You are a paid jewish shill.

This was true of professors in the early 2000's when I was in college too, but all people did then was follow the wikipedia source links.

It would be interesting if threads of discussion and a change management system existed that could vet changes somehow. Example would be like a git that reads like a stack exchange for change management. The article discussion sections of wikipedia are horrible.

First things first, a pay processing business, domain registry business, web services business, then you can setup things like this.

Zig Forums is a NatSoc board. Peddle your (((right-wing))) garbage on Gab.

domain name is registered by ISNIC, a friend who runs a much more extreme site with a .is name talked to the ISNIC CEO and they dont get rid of anything except like terrorist websites, so its pretty solid

the hosting service is solid as well


Probably the Achilles heel of Wikipedia is their rules on primary sources. Everything there has to be filtered through (usually multiple) sources before it gets to the site, making it highly unreliable. If it was just a site for recording the abstracts of books and journal articles and the reviews and meta-analyses of said books and articles, then it would be more useful, because you could see all the scholarship at once and weigh the opinion of the so called experts.

Naturally, such a site would not be normie approved, because they have to be spoonfed knowledge from the Ministry of Truth.

Yet site after site is getting shutdown, people denied services in droves, somehow I think there's more to it than "just crypto and offshore it, problem solved."

nah ill pass


Yeah i'm gonna stick with Wikipedia. If chans are anything to go buy, these rivals will just be filled with wewuzniggers and a bunch of ancient alien shit.

>What did he mean by this?

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No, what he means is, if you add to the article on the U.S.S. Liberty, and provide information proving it was intentional, your changes will remain on the article.
And that would be VERY easy to do, just provide testimony of the survivors.

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well even satan knows about vox day ..

infogalatic boys not this jewsish knockoff

Never forget that we own you, goyim.

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No article for Hitler. It's shit.

Rightpedia is down too. There is definitely some kikery afoot.

Why is this not a ban? The whole VPN provider should be banned.

An alternative is always good. Thanks for making one. Also, quite catchy name and logo

Time will tell if you'll actually get to keep the domain, meanwhile pay processing and web services still to address.

How is Infogalactic deletionist?

OP, you need to first go here dumps.wikimedia.org/

Download the SQL database for wikipedia and use those pages to bootstrap your site. You can then let others modify pages accordingly. Don't start from scratch when a fork will do.

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duplicate content reduces SEO ranking
Also, it was considered, but we want Tome to be an original experience found on google search rankings

they have more or less the same policy that wikipedia does as far as deleting pages because they arent notable enough, and notability shouldnt be decided by the site admin

Why is "Metapedia" shut down?

database error, aka lazy site owners

Currently I don't believe we have much of a choice. Centralized services that facilitate payments for supporting wrong-think apparently can't exist in todays environment. Crypto is the only method for sending/receiving payments and transferring money anonymously. Crypto is not the end solution but it is useful given the current atmosphere.

Hosting services are another issue because this is again where centralization presents the primary weakness. Currently the only solutions are to find hosting in countries with less kiked laws, or to go deepweb to minimize exposure to outgroups. Distributed site hosting exists but obfuscating the nature of what is being hosted from the hosting company hasn't come very far. What needs to be developed are techniques to prevent a host from knowing the identity of the site / content attached to an account.

Those entries on Wikipedia that are a) frequently manipulated or are b) outright fabrications and social/cultural engineering are a great place to start; or just a great area to focus upon for content

If no one cites it, or regards it as a valid source but us, then it might as well be Daily Stormer effectively.

Prove this.

ah, an adolf hitler page already

Why would those two things be conducive to a "wiki" user? They wouldn't, a wiki is an information archive.

Thanks OP, this is what we need. If you can, start working on a blockchain version to avoid the ultimate censorship.

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Wikipedia has been totally taken over by leftwingers, they even have MEGA accounts that do like 300k changes a year. All left wing edits of course.

I bet you use (((Cloudflare))) to prevent DDOS, you should look into who owns and operates (((Cloudflare))).


That is why we really need blockchian sites, or at a bare minimum .onion backups.

you need to drop that one, "hate speech" is against international law.


Cloudflare took down dailystormer because dailystomer claimed cloudflare endorsed their site and views

ISNIC booted dailystormer because they wouldnt provide valid WHOIS details

ISNIC is legit for Tome, as its CEO is based

why? isn't US law the only requirement? international law can't be enforced

also isn't this basically encyclopedia dramatica?

ED admins delete pages it doesnt like (delitionism), is outdated, and wont cover as much territory as Tome

but yea ED is cool

Have you ever actually looked through the references listed on the average wikipedia page ?
Most of it isn't cited at all, or is referenced so poorly it may as well not be.
It's ok for any non-controversial topic but for anything with even a bit of political content, historical content or controversial cultural content it's worse than useless.

What steps have you taken to break the oppositions playbook of:
1. Larp as hardcore to drive out the middle or curious
2. Fill content with stuff that bothers the people looking for such
3. Organize protests against advertisers, ISPs etc

2. direct media uploads are turned off, all uploads must be requested in an edit through a URL link

3. the hosting service is legit, and even if it was taken down, backups are routinely made and a backup server would be up in 5 minutes

The hard part if retaining a domain name, switching domain names kill a website. But my friend e.g. who operates an even more controversial site has spoken with the domain registrar CEO of ISNIC (.is), and they are VERY-pro-free-speech within the law, despite Icelands hate-speech-laws. Those hate-speech-laws are only enforcale in in iceland and not for outside users of .is

Dailystormer got kicked off .is because they refused to provide valid WHOIS details, we gave ISNIC valid WHOIS details

What pages did ED delete?

Thanks OP finally is not a fag for once

Ill begin filling articles and writings in the holohoax,jews, 9/11, and ww2 sections sometime this week. Keep it open this is going to be like metapedia but better

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The .IS tld is for entities with a connection to iceland. If you're not from iceland they can turn you off just for being a foreigner using a country tld.

And CEOs change jobs and get replaced. Even the based ones.


Thjat's old news faggot. This was arequirement when iI was in german Gymnasium. No wikipdia.

And I am 28 now, so it was 14 years ago

So you enforce other countries' hate speech laws like Wikipedia does to get that sweet George Soros donation money. That's all I need to know that you're in this for the shekels, Mr. Nose.

Is this gonna be some gay shit like conservapedia?

Lel just what I thought. It's basically gonna be NatSoc Goonipedia

We need a Wikipedo competitor but not a fucking clone that promises libertarian ideals. Wikipedo sucks because it's mob rule, and it would be very difficult for any group of pro-white editors to counter the legions of paid anti-white shills. The only acceptable solution would be to make a sort-of online Encyclopedia Britannica where you need to know something and go there for definitive answers. It can't be edited by the kikes, only the site owner gets final say of what's put up hopefully the site owner isn't a cuck. It doesn't need to copy all of Kikepedo's pages, just cover the big ones like the white race, white genocide and evidence, nigger and a pic crime statistics, changing demographics and the effects of that, truth of the holocaust, etc. Competing with Kikepedo really isn't possible since they manipulate Google search info too.

No, it's a caste system, and jews have inserted themselves into the upper echelon and strictly control what's allowed to be posted.

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I hate these on the spot invented words. It reeks of liberal "faggotism".
I'm not against the idea though, its good.
Let's hope it'll not get shoah'd in 3 seconds.

its a widely used work on wikipedia referring to those who prefer to delete pages rather than leave pages up

Not true

You forgot to import Metapedia

Damn, the site[1] is still down I see… not sure how long it'd take them to get it back up again.
[1]: en.metapedia.org/


Some companies even hire people to edit articles to be in (((Their))) favour.

that's standard on all wikis

Made my first article!


A+ effort.
One question, is the data centralized or distributed?

distributed across multiple locations on monthly intervals

That's one problem. The other problem is that Wikipedia staff are paid off by the Rothshilds, Democrats, and multiple governments to maintain their party lines.


leftypol has already written more than us on Tome lol

Zig Forums doesn't ever do anything, if they did, they'd have already won by now

we got Trump -shrug-


its ruined


Just write a crawler to slowly copy wikipedia.
Then edit out inaccuracies and jewish trick with other anons. You're protected under fair use. Just like they are protected for their articles by fair use.

Beat you to it, stormfags. T.leftypol gang.

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Are you confused? Stormfront is and has been proven to be a leftist controlled front.

Let me guess, JOOOOOOOOOZ?.