WOMEN ARE EVIL, white patriarchy now

Christian – "Sit not in the midst of women, for from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness. Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman.Tis you women, with your tricks and artifices, that lead men into error."

Islam – "A woman advances in the form of a devil and retires in the form of the devil. Evil omen is in the women"

Confucianism – "Disorder is not sent down by Heaven, it is produced by women. They beat men down, hurtful, deceitful."

Taoism – "Yin (feminine) represents inactivity, negativity, darkness, evil and decay" Hindus – "Women are the root of all evil, you must know that. Women have no sense of morality.Women live their lives in falsehood"

Jain – "Women are the lamps that burn on the road that leads to the gates of hell”

Buddhism – "Having been born a woman is a result of bad karma.the danger of the shark is a characteristic of woman"

Judaism – "Even the most righteous of women has witchcraft.When a man talks much with the woman, he harms himself and will end in hell"

African – "Every woman is beautiful until she speaks.Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes.Eating with a woman is eating with a witch."

Gnostic – "For evil are women, my children; and since they have no power or strength over man, they use wiles by outward attractions, that they may draw him to themselves. And whom they cannot bewitch by outward attractions, him they overcome by craft. they contrive against men"

Ancient Romans & Greeks – [Pandora, the first woman, was] sheer guile, not to be withstood by men. For from her is the race of women and female kind: of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmeets in hateful poverty, but only in wealth…. Even so Zeus who thunders on high made women to be an evil to mortal men, with a nature to do evil."

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what the fuck i'm an incel now

wtf I love semitic religions now

Who knew so many ancient civilizations has shit to say about women.

OP also quoted East Asian and Greek/Roman Pagans.

They had fags in them didn't they? I suggest you look into the Homosexual Occult Theocracy.

Do women control 95% of multimedia corporations?
Do women control Hollywood?
Do women control congress through dozens of lobbyist organizations and use their power to syphon over 5 billion dollars of US taxpayer money to a parasitical, doublecrossing, shithole country that has nuclear weapons and used chemical weapons on civilians?
Did women create and fund ISIS?

Maybe I've arrived on a new planet in a different dimension. But in my world, unfortunately it is not White women who control these institutions. It's jews.

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Where do you think those independent thoughts came from? Strabo knew the fags/kikes had utterly infiltrated every nation on the planet and that was around 0AD (the year they base their calendar on because it was the year they overthrew the Roman Republic (has ZERO to do with Christ…it commemorates the destruction of Rome -their enemies that they had been plotting for 1,000 years at that point). If you really want it, I can try to find the jew quote with them glolating that the plan that they put in place 3,000 years ago to decimate Europe had finally come to pass with the flooding of our nations with subhuman filth.

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them *gloating* that


"Suckz ze cocks like me goyim."

He could site every religion on the planet (believe it or not I have no doubt it is possible)…would that make women responsible for wars, economic collapses, bolshevism, the purges of the communist revolution, usury, torture, pedophilia, murder, genocide, incest, homosexuality? I mean I can just keep going…but where are people going to stop hating and blaming women and start looking to the individual for what they are actually responsible for doing? LMAO…I would think that women would 'get off very lightly in front of god' for their crimes against humanity of the things I listed above…but, it is precisely because of this that it doesn't bother me that that these ridiculous European hating threads (threads that hate 50% of Europeans) are made on Zig Forums

If these guys are making and following 3000 year plans, you may aswell give up. The average whigger don't plan beyond a week.

It doesn't matter that whiggers don't plan in that time frame. Whiggers are not the only intelligence on Earth. There are others that are extremely old…for our purposes practically immortal. This is going to end up being a battle between larger forces…humans are just pawns in a larger game.

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Jewish usury is but one crime. Women are an embodiment of all the world's sins.

Even when there were no Jews, women were recognized as the root of all evil. This is evident everywhere, from ancient India, to China to Greece etc.

OP forgot to ad the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, where women are considered more inclined to commit acts of evil

The planet? LOL.
- Jews have only been present in Greece since 400BC, and the ancient Greek/Roman religion is hundreds of years older.
- China's first contact with the Jews happened around 200BC, and their culture is far older than the Jews themselves.
- Similarly Asian, African and Indo-European religions far predate Jewish contact.
The list goes on.

Wake up!!

Yes, Queens have always been far more warlike than kings. A queen in power saw almost a 30% increase in wars. Queens were not just more likely to start wars, but also continue wars of their predecessors. Queen Victoria and Isabella/Joanna are responsible for a large number of the murders/ genocides around the world, but these are just THREE women.
Yes, women's liberation is about to collapse the west, and historically collapsed Ancient Sparta, Rome, Babylon etc.
ALL women are lesbians or bi at best.

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WAKE UP!! Even the Jews are warned of women's highly evil nature in their scriptures

The surest way to collapse a civilization is to open the gates of hell and let loose the beasts from hell (women).

Jews have been killed hundreds of times and expelled from various nations in over 2000 years, but women were STILL recognized as by far the most evil beings in the world. WAKE UP!!

We need to go back to the pre-feminist era. Woman beating should be legalized and they should be stripped of all their rights. Even their right to live should be up for debate.

Such a faggot. LMAO. Yes, BY KIKES/FAGGOTS. Study the occult sometime, will you?
Perhaps Queens started more wars because they WERE PAYING ATTENTION rather than getting blowjobs from whores. Perhaps other nations thought that a queen was weak or easy to provoke? You make these FAGGOT statements without any real analysis of the situation. I haven't even verified whether they are truthful but I do know that they are not without cause as you would have people believe.

Even their right to live should be up for debate.
Wow no agenda there, is there? Is it time to break out the FAGGOT ARTIFICIAL WOMB comments as well? That is probably coming next. You fags deserve death.


What is honestly the NatSoc motivation behind such heavy defense of the wimminz?


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You're not the best person to make this argument. In fact, your existence provides a good counterpoint to your arguments and adds to OP's, however wrong it is.

You know that kikes are niggers, right? So it is technically YOUR WEB.

No OP is wrong, big kike faggot. Of course, if you weren't here we wouldn't be having these problems either.

das rite mufugga WE WUZ

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You WUZ vile degenerate subhuman trash. Yes, you WUZ.

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Totally based.

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If there is one thing uniting most religions, civilizations and wise men, it's women being seen as inherently evil. They were the downfall of the great men, they were the traitors, the tempters, the destroyers. Overcoming the vaginal Jew is as important as overcoming the Jews. Because Jewishness is pretty much a physical manifestation of a female principle. Petty materialism, envy, complete lack of self-reflection, psychopathy, scheming, self-centrism, absolute selfishness, social manipulation, pretty much every trait typically assigned to Jews could also be assigned to women.

Countless wars were fought over women or because of women
Women lack the rational capacity to economize, and are the primary drivers of consumerism
Female principle enacted by (((men)))
Women are much more sadistic than men

The rest of the things you listed are a shared responsibility with men at best.

European civilization was built by men, and it started going to shit when women got rights.

White sharia is the only way to save our race.

based shitskin

My being gay or jewish is a falsehood invented by you to vilify me; you being a woman is an alleged fact repeated by you, often for no apparent reason.

OP is a kike.

Alight JOAN du WHALE…sorry…didn't realize exactly WHICH TORFAG you were…

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You're nothing but a disgusting and brainwashed feminist who finds excuses for women's highly evil behavior. Men are peace-loving people, because we are closer to God.

It's not surprising that you love war and destruction, since you're a white-knight who supports evil (women).

In Ancient Rome men were allowed flagellis et fustibus acriter verberare uxorem – to severely beat the wife with clubs and whips – and to kill their property in others (especially adultery).

The Gauls (France) also had the power of life and death as did the Russians. Women in Russia revolted by killing their husbands in the mid-17th century, but the law carefully guarded the borders of patriarchy, and the new 1649 code said that such women would be BURIED ALIVE.

Even the Muslims and pre-feminist Christians recognized how bad the Jews were, that doesn't mean that they didn't recognize women as the most evil beings.


White-knights like the ones above are the #1 enemy after women. In fact, hopefully the Jews, Muslims, Russians or North Koreans kill them.

Once women are put back in their cages (houses), we can get the fertility rate up from 1.5 to 7 women per children in no time. Jews have always been dealt with (hitler did nothing new) and will continue to be dealt with but this will only be possible WHEN WOMEN ARE OUT OF THE WAY!

Why aren't you just clever with your grasping?

M'kay…and…fought by whom? What if I gave a war party and no men showed up? What then? Would wars still be womens fault in your mind?
Zig Forums tonight…I guess you muslimfags don't celebrate 'Thanksgiving' do you? Hmmm…nothing to give thanks about in your shitholes is there?

HAHAHAHA…now this is getting entertaining.

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Not really JOAN. There aren't that many TORFAGS on here lately. I would hardly call it clever to guess correctly due to your syntax structure if the odds are only 1 out of 6.

I take it you just wandered out of /r9k/?

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Hopefully he will wander back soon. Maybe he can take JOAN du WHALE and put her in his cage and start breeding her.

Yes please, user.

Bullshit, they needed to turn us against ourselves, that is the only way they gained any ground, they cannot take us on when we become aware of this and the only enemey that can defeat us is ourselves.

Women just do what social pressure tells them is the approved thing, they're not usually capable of acting beyond that. Garbage in, garbage out.

I hate kikes so much.

Reminder that we can remove your mods at will.


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Joan is a moral paragon compared to you. At least she is not pretending to be on our side.

This. Keeping female subhumans (they are literally subhuman because humanity was always defined by men) on a leash is a trait of a prosperous civilization. Even Jews see women as evil, that alone should tell you enough.

Those men were just victims of manipulations of the vaginal jew.
We are National Socialists, and women had no political power in the Reich. If you truly support the movement, you should fuck off with your feminist provocations. But you won't, because you are a SJW tranny.

It ain't the women walking down that road though, is it? Unless the Jain's sew womens feet on themselves like Buffalo [Joan] Bill. Mmmm very attractive thought.

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You guys are so WEAK, who would trust you to lead anything if you can't even control yourselves. Meh…I will pass, go fuck your 'moral paragon' who is here to D&C for the CFR…she really is 'on your side'. Put her in her cage and give it to her user…she is waiting for you at that address. You can find it by following the path to hell that is paved with JOAN du WHALES as the lanterns.

Wow. This is why people assume that the weird "we need to put women in cages" people are just sexually frustrated kids who were rejected by their first crush and can't get a date.
MGTOWs get offended when you make comments like that but then turn around and scream that anyone who disagrees with them is a White knight or a feminist. You people act like kikes and liberals.

This is just 4cuck spam leaking into the board. Everybody here knows white women are the best, least likely to race mix (even less likely than white males), and have the highest IQ as well as being the most beautiful across all cultures.

OP is a Jew promoting stale Jew memes.

I wouldn't say Sharia, because we have our own patriarchies. Plus Islam is a bit feminist since it allows women some inheritance and forbids female infanticide.

Female infanticide has been common across the world since the beginning of time, up until feminism started taking over. The sex ratios of pre-feminist Europe have been 110-250 males for every 100 women. It's still prevalent in India and China, and was common in Ancient Greece/Rome. Here's a letter from a Roman husband to his wife:
If-good luck to you!;you bear offspring; if it is a male, let it live; if it is a female, expose it.

And of course, Islam is kind to widows. Widows should ideally be outcast or forcefully remarried, but killing them is good too.

Widow killing has been common since women are the disposable sex, and once they have no use, should be disposed of.
- Widows vied for the honour to die with their common husband, the 5th-century BCE historian Herodotus mentions the Krestones tribe among the Thracians. The woman found to have been held highest in the husband's favour while he lived had her throat slit on his grave, the surviving wives reputedly regarding it as a great shame to have to live on.
- among the Germanic tribe of the Heruli, a widow typically hanged herself upon her husband's tomb
- among the Manchu people of China, a widow would ritually commit suicide after her husband died. This was also found in other Chinese ethnic groups.
- A similar practice of widow suicide to follow her husband or fiancé, states Hai-soon Lee, existed in medieval Korea, in accordance with the traditional Confucian ethos
- Widow killing was custom of Russians near Volga, tribes of Thracians in southeast Europe, and some tribes of Tonga and Fiji islands
- The practice is sanctioned by Indian culture
- Widow sacrifice was common among Germanic tribes, and even appears in Germanic mythology.

WOMEN ARE THE DISPOSABLE SEX. Don't listen to the feminists!

Confucius of China said that ONE HUNDRED WOMEN are not worth A SINGLE TESTICLE

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Strongest of men fell to temptations of women. But you are right, men shouldn't be weak and should put women to their place and disregard them completely for anything other than breeding (and only when they really have to). Maybe you should go back to whatever feminist subreddit you crawled from and let men discuss politics. Also, those raids seem to coincide with your posting, pure coincidence.

Joan is a beautiful creature compared to you, you are as rotten inside as she is on the outside.

And here is a half-nigger coming to whiteknight hoping to get some white pussy.

I'm already married to a white blond-haired blue-eyed NCAA volleyball player of pure German heritage.

I think you are going to REALLY enjoy JOANS CFR WHITE PUSSY…I bet she would even send you an email of it, if you ask nice. She certainly has sent it to plenty of other people. She is on your side of roast beast you know.

Sounds like a powder keg ready to blow. In any case, we are well acquainted with the faults of womankind.

Go on, keep at it. Pit parent against child, man against woman, brother against brother; do as you have done for some three thousand years. But the next pogrom won't be some angry drunkards kicking you out of their hamlet. All the world will soon be set upon you.

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STILL A FAGGOT…at least you are consistently faggy.

You're disagreeing with the fact known by all the world's men, before feminism, since the beginning of time, and you're agreeing with feminists. People who support women's liberation are the real feminazi, kike and white-genocide supporters.

MGTOW is bullshit because it will lead to extinction. Women are a necessary evil. MGTOW support first wave feminism just like you, and they are opposed to enslaving women.

White and all other women have been known to be highly evil, if not the root of all evil. You're just a traitor to mankind, and a brainwashed feminist just like the others in modern western society. You're no different and should be eliminated ASAP.


I'm using the word race in its original sense. WAKE UP!

I can imagine that men ready to blow is anons wildest fantasy. Quit teasing that FAG like that…he is going to have to scrape the cum off the keyboard with a spatula and he probably won't dispose of it property (as infectious faggot waste) either.

Bring it on, faggot

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Promoting patriarchy is pitting child against parents and brother against brother? LOL. Nice try, Mr. Feminist.

Actually it's women's liberation that has pitted brother against brother and brought about the end of the extended family

Even nuclear families are being destroyed, as women pit the children against fathers

White patriarchy NOW! Death to those who support women's liberation/feminism and oppose white patriarchy.

WHITE PATRIARCHY: The Final Solution

100% correct, women are not huMAN, and were never considered part of huMANity. Only feminists consider women human.

Even early Darwinists classified women as homo parietalis and men as homo frontalis. It was debated in medieval france whether women are human or not, 32 voted yes and 31 no, but it was concluded that their souls are inferior to those of men.

Women's DNA is 98.7% chimp. Even a small genetic difference is huge. Men's Y-DNA is a whopping 30% more evolved than other apes, making us vastly superior to women. Even Darwin predicted this new genetic finding, by saying that women are closer to primate ancestors.

Either way, women are not fully human

Thank you for confirming my theory and OP. Also, that all feminist shilling on Zig Forums is perpetuated by subhumans.

Female child often meant the loss of a family line, investing scarce resources into an inferior creature that's going to be taken by another family etc. We have no reasons to keep their numbers lower, or kill them (it would be barbaric), but they should have no say in anything, and any men found to be under influence of a woman should be executed on spot, or hanged as an example.

I said Sharia ironically, Islam is degenerate. We need to become an ascetic warrior-monk order if we are to fight the Jews. Women are distraction.

Is this the female version of MUH DIK? You don't seem to have much more to offer than your vagina. You are worthless.

There might be a few homos in this thread…

The Nazis were hardcore first-wave feminists who wanted equality for women via a system of equivalence. Just like all other feminists they did not recognize women's highly evil nature and did not take necessary steps to keep them in check.

We need to go back to the PRE-FEMINIST era. Hitler did nothing new to the Jews, and was a complete feminist, so he needs to be shunned, just like you.

Reading comprehension is failing your Islamic superior male genes I am not offering you ANYTHING except JOAN in a cage like you wanted (kill two birds with one stone; her for you and you for hell). I honestly think you and her have a lot in common.

post a pic of your pussy

Actually you are wrong here, but that doesn't surprise me at all, since you are superior to women and have done your research. But FAGGOTS gotta FAG, right…I will let you get right back to it.

Fuck off poo in the loo

w*Men confirmed for jews
only men can be white, gtfo

Ed Gein killed one person.
He was more of a grave robber than anything. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Gein

Is this the level of kikery now…impressive.

Yes, only the Y-DNA passes down unchanged for thousands of years, so only males can carry on the family line. Female DNA changes.

It was also said that when a male child is born, good comes into this cruel world, but when a female is born nothing comes.

Women are highly evil, cause sorrow everywhere and are not required. 120 men to 100 women would be ideal, since each woman easily produce 10-15 children to keep our numbers growing. Even 7-8 children would be enough.

But I agree with you that it's not necessary to keep their numbers low. It can be avoided.

The primary focus should be to strip women of all their rights and reduce them to not much more than fuckslaves.

The Jews have been dealt with through killing or expulsion for over 2000 years, and they won't be hard to deal with. It's just these bitches that are the hard part because of their army of white-knights like the posters above.

It was all peaceful grave robbing and killing user. I think you miss the point.

Wow…you should go home to niggertown in africa where you belong. You will never be White.

But how else will you look into the eyes of your son and recognise yourself? And who will be there for you when you're old and frail?
My ex was a dumb bitch but the son I took from her and raised myself is my greatest friend and treasure.
By your arguments women are childish and whimsical, which is true, but how easy is that to outsmart? You MGTOW jew faggots are trying to tell me I should be afraid of a woman taking my money and my kids?
Well, I kept both.

you're not helping raise the birthrates f*Moid

Astounding, isn't it?

Which is exactly what I pointed out.
These sad boys are as predictable as a clock. On the one hand they sound like the jewish newscaster in the Turner diaries after New York is nuked. Screaming and foaming at the mouth in their desire to kill White people. And when you point this out, they start screaming and calling everyone else a jew.
Likewise, they screech and scream and call everyone who doesn't want to kill White people a "feminazi" or some other meaningless slur like "racist." Yet when you point out that they sound like sexually frustrated cunts, they start shrieking and crying that it's unfair to name call.

Weird eh?

You know, I really do pity these people. They're so desperate for a gf but they don't know how to interact with women. They screech and cry and scream and think they're being "real men" by imitating the jews and wanting to kill White women. But no one who reads their weird rants respects them. They sound like autistic children throwing a temper tantrum.

lol look at the tip of the gun

Fucking incels confusing being stupid with being evil.

Hey yo, op fag, quit spreading retard shit on this board. Quote only Hitler or the Reich, maybe Christianity, but not the incel shit or GTFO. This is a Chad only imageboard


Hey retard, Rome gained it's independence for the protection of it's women, you don't seem to understand that the other cultures you reference are inbred shit skin cultures (and that includes the chinks). Disposable women leads to more men than women and then incels that shit up culture, half and half is the only acceptable ratio. More men than women leads to homos and/or loose women. Being this retarded gives the lesser sex ammunition retard to be feminists.

What's described isn't patriarchy. There would be no governance as men fight each other for the few women left. I also don't think you understand how genes work. That 21st chromosome doesn't mean what you think, so quit taking old scientific theory and using that as retard arguments. That's very Talmudic of you. 21 deals with sperm production, cancers, and the immune system, as well as personality characteristics theoretically. Women Are less than men because they're simpler, not because they act like chimps, which we aren't even related to, look up convergent evolution of Sahelanthropus and chimpanzees.

So 20 incels? Are you retarded. That's unfair to those 20 men. Why don't you and your kind fuck back off to reddit-island and leave the 8Reich for good

What nufags. Saying cringey shit is what gets feds into these boards. Quit incelling and hang yourself. You make whites look bad. Look at this fag, doesn't know how to manipulate women. Thinks he has to "oppress them."
I think this is Fat Sister opping us to show some screen caps at her next presentation on why 8pol needs to be (((shut down))).

Attached: Virgin Incels.png (2518x1500, 888.69K)

They are all the same shill group (a bunch of kikes or some SJW front), you'll notice them come on and off trying to spin feminism as being an integral part of NS. They even tried portraying niggers as potential comrades but that didn't work out too well lol. Knowing these kikes, they will probably try to stretch it even further by "quoting" NS literature to support interracial breeding grounds or something like that.

I see you are part of the club too

I know, it's reserved for based niggers. I don't find Joan attractive, but at this moment she disgusts me less than you do. Let that sink in.

Nazi society had an "equivalence" between men and women (Gleichstellung). Look it up.

They did not stop women from voting, allowed divorce, did not stop women from going to school and having careers etc. They were first-wave feminists through and through!

Hitler was a mama's boy who rebelled against his father. No wonder he was so abusive. SONS MUST SUBMIT TO FATHERS!! For the sake of all that is good, women need to be controlled.

This. OP is a kike and turning men and women against each other is a very effective way to destroy civilizations.

R I G H T…so they aren't EVIL…just STUPID.
My confidence level keeps rising since you have explained it all.

I think you should be the one sinking things into people. Sex Ed probably would have helped here. I mean, I can draw a diagram if you need one…you have to outie

You MIGHT be on the wrong board user.

Ubermensch breeding stock, faggot.

Bold face semetic lie. Speach after speach Hitler says that a women's place is in the home raising children. He even awarded the "motherhood cross" to women who have a certain amount of children.

You know what's evil is trying to remove take away men's ability to breed with one female in monogamy to ensure truth in breeding.

Notice also how they want less and less women for whites to breed with.

Nice try Schlomo

Nazi's are bad? You must not be from here

Do you anons get the impression that these shills are serious, or just jews trying to undermine?

Attached: CuqyxOIWYAAbNSo.jpg (634x763, 86.13K)

Yahweh is real and the Great Satan is Female
Mary is the devil. Mic fucking dropped.

They're your mods, fuckface. Every one of the cunts worked your agenda. Typical jews shooting yourselves in the foot.

Mike dropped because you got thrown into an oven

More women than men is actually ideal, and is the natural case when society actually has wars to fight. This way women lose their sexual market value and have to do what men say. This is a large reason why golden ages follow wars.

Is this a bot? I've seen you're retarded faggot fucking (((Ambisexual))) retard ass farting around here for some time now.
Why? Why!?
Why have you and that japanese
forsaken us? What did we do to you, you fucking queer?

I think it's mostly jews or shills who get their arguments from jews. Jewish argumentation gets pretty easy to spot over time.

Hmmm I like that…not the petite delicate Satan…but The Great Satan.

Attached: Babylon undressed.jpg (384x1280, 264.94K)


As much as naming the vaginal jew is crucial, I actually agree with this post. Kikes are trying to exploit every single fracture point, and they just found a goldmine. I have made my point and should (try to) defer from further posting ITT


Begone demon . And take your kike and mutt friends with you.

When they are going for extermination/genocide of a Nation, you can never have too few women.

Try again. Maybe if you yell it it will work…dang it, I was starting to get bored as fuck and now I can't leave. LMAO

"Don't breed goyim!"


This is what feminism has accomplished, removing their rights to be feminine, nurturing and supporting society, to be mothers, to be protected from life's harder tasks and turning women over 50 who should have been beloved grandmothers into barren wine aunts, who sob themselves awake every morning.

"but chinks and semites and blacks say women are evil!"

Wow it's almost like different racial groups have different qualities and personalities.


A specially powerful incitement to valor is that the squadrons and divisions are not made up at random by the mustering of chance-comers, but are each composed of men of one family or clan. Close by them, too, are their nearest and dearest, so that they can hear the shrieks of their women-folk and the wailing of their children. These are the witnesses whom each man reverences most highly, whose praise he most desires. It is to their mothers and wives that they go to have their wounds treated, and the women are not afraid to count and compare the gashes. They also carry supplies of food to the combatants and encourage them.

It stands on record that armies already wavering and on the point of collapse have been rallied by the women, pleading heroically with their men, thrusting forward their bared bosoms, and making them realize the imminent prospect of enslavement – a fate which the Germans fear more desperately for their women than for themselves. Indeed, you can secure a surer hold on these nations if you compel them to include among a consignment of hostages some girls of noble family. More than this, they believe that there resides in women an element of holiness and a gift of prophecy; and so they do not scorn to ask their advice, or lightly disregard their replies. In the reign of the emperor Vespasian we saw Veleda [a seeress who helped lead a revolt against Rome] long honored by many Germans as a divinity; and even earlier they showed similar reverence for Aurinia [another seeress] and a number of others – a reverence untainted by servile flattery or any pretense of turning women into goddesses.

Their marriage code is strict, and no feature of their morality deserves higher praise. They are almost unique among barbarians in being content with one wife apiece – all of them, that is, except a very few who take more than one wife not to satisfy their desires but because their exalted rank brings them many pressing offers of matrimonial alliance. The dowry is brought by husband to wife, not by wife to husband. Parents and kinsmen attend and approve the gifts – not gifts chosen to please a woman's fancy or gaily deck a young bride, but oxen, a horse with its bridle, or a shield, spear and sword. In consideration of such gifts a man gets his wife, and she in her turn brings a present of arms to her husband. This interchange of gifts typifies for them the most sacred bond of union, sanctified by mystic rites under the favor of the presiding deities of wedlock. The woman must not think that she is excluded from aspirations to manly virtues or exempt from the hazards of warfare. That is why she is reminded, in the very ceremonies which bless her marriage at the outset, that she enters her husband's home to be the partner of his toils and perils, that both in peace and war she is to share his sufferings and adventures. That is the meaning of the team of oxen, the horse ready for its rider, and the gift of arms. On these terms she must live her life and bear her children. She is receiving something that she must hand over intact and undepreciated to her children, something for her sons' wives to receive in their turn and pass on to her grandchildren.
- Tacitus on German Women

Please see my previous comment for a clarification. Also, I must add that women were allowed to choose their partners under the Nazis as well.

That the Nazis were feminists is not a surprise, considering they came long after feminism had started taking over society in the late-19th century.

Stripping those evil subhumans of their rights is the most effective way of having a prosperous civilization. It's just a FACT that women's liberation leads to the downfall of civilization.

All feminists are bad

Hitler said:
When he advocated for "true equality" between men and women. Hitler was disgusting in this regard.

Women sitting at home getting all the provision from men and officially having almost all the freedoms of men is discriminatory against men. It is the lifetime slavery of men. That is exactly what first wave feminism is.

As mentioned earlier, Hitler did not stop women from voting, allowed divorce, did not stop women from going to school and having careers, choosing their partners etc.

He was FACTUALLY a hardcore first wave feminist. It's just a FACT.

He did not support the subordination of women, rather said that it would be too hard on women, so they should sit back and relax, for the sake of equality. Absolutely disgusting.