Ballot Reform

I hereby propose a Bill Before Congress OR an Executive Order OR a Judicial Injunction which will remove and outlaw the inclusion of any reference to political parties on the voting ballot.

The party system has no Constitutional basis and was specifically warned against by Washington. They are privately owned and operated corporations, unaccountable to even their own members, as demonstrated by the DNC's conspiracy of sabotage against Bernie Sanders, and the complete absence of meaningful consequences for it.

Those who cannot or will not show the agency to know the fucking names of the people they want to vote for should not be missed. It's not even like you have to memorize the names, just write them down beforehand or even look them up on your phone while in the booth. But, as demonstrated by studies on the removal of straight-ticket voting (which requires you to check each position's candidate individually rather than checking a single D or R at the top, requiring literally thirty seconds longer) low agency voters (read: niggers) are extremely easily discouraged.

Tax payer dollars being spent on the ink to print those Ds and Rs grants an unearned illusion of legitimacy to these divisive tools of the kikes. There is no reason why finding out a person's feelings about abortion should automatically tell me their feelings on gun control, their stance on environmentalism reveal their stance on immigration, their position on weed legalisation predict their position on corporate tax rates. And yet, for 90% of voters, knowing just one of those reveals ALL the others. This in spite of the fact that the stances they "choose" run from ideologically inconsistent to plainly contradictory.

To end the party system would be a major win in the war to set free the NPCs, and this is the first step.

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"Freeing" the NPCs is, of course, fundamentally impossible. If you were watching that meme start you'll remember it initially had nothing to do with liberals or SJWs. It was only when the BuzzFeed tier "journalists" who lurk here started putting out triggered articles about dehumanization that it took that context.

Really it's a neurological state, and no Psy op will change that. But if you ask what purpose this serves, I say that the NPCs are serving as useful idiots (as they always will for somebody.) But the two party system is an extremely simple program for them to run. More complex programs will lead to higher rates of malfunction, turning useful idiots into useless idiots.

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For all the liberalist brainlets who might think (or disingenuously claim) that I’m trying to call in the feds to ban the parties:

Since the parties (or, more accurately, the uniParty plus assorted meme parties) are private corporations, it is impossible to ban them without undue curtailment of freedom of association and other essential liberties. But this plan harms none of these. It simply regulates public property: the ballot.

This tiny, eminently legal change involves no expansion of federal power. In fact, it reduces it. The presence of those Ds and Rs stands as the federal government running advertisements for private corporations IN THE FUCKING VOTING BOOTH. Any right thinking American should consider this a sacrilege.

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That said, this is no mere token gesture. The end result of such a small change would be a crippling blow to the grip of the uniParty. In the absence of plain direction on how to remain loyal to D or R, the NPCs of both simply choose not to vote, for fear of choosing wrong. This is a proven fact of the psychology of gambling: Most people hate losing more than they love winning.

We can already see this play out in judicial and other non(explicitly)partisan positions. They receive a fraction of the amount of total votes received by the big ticket positions, despite being on the very same ballot.

The NPCs, both D and R, will voluntarily remove themselves from the electoral gene pool. They'll still show up to vote for the virtue signalling points, but they'll restrict themselves to the big ticket items they get blasted with advertisements for and told how to think about.

It is in the down ballot that this plan will truly bear fruit. With severely lowered voter "turnout" (again, despite being on the very same piece of paper as the high "turnout" positions) the lower positions will be far more susceptible to the will of numerically and financially inferior, but informationally and energetically superior 3rd parties. As demonstrated by the Tea Party strategy of the Koch Brothers; pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar; you get the most bang for your buck national-influence-wise by going hard on the down ballot. I have no love for the Tea Party, let alone the Koch's, but this is a strategy we can learn from.

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Don't I fucking know it. A side benifit to this: the escalation and acceleration of Identity Politics. Pic fucking related, the spic is the incumbent, the gook some /our lunatic/ who has never even been a judge.

In the absence of Ds and Rs telling you how to vote (as in this judicial election) people just vote for whichever name sounds most like their in group. Except liberal Whites, like those in Seattle. With no Whites in this contest, the (((establishment))) is worried all the other gooks in Seattle, plus however many White's decide Asians are more benign towards their interests than beaners, will be enough to get the insane dude who has raised $0 for his campaign in over the spic who has raised hundreds of thousands.

Another case is a California Senate candidate, Kevin de Leon. His father's a chink, his mother a squatemalan. He actually changed his name to de Leon to be more appealing to Cali beaners on sight of name alone.

This proposal will ensure minority majority areas, and cucked whites' areas will henceforth elect only the most unWhite sounding names. No more cucked-but-competent whites in charge. Let the lunatics run the asylum, accellerate their collapse, as uncucked white's reel back in horror and circle the wagons around the parts of this country that can still be salvaged.

Very true. At first.

One of their main instruments of control is domination of down ballot positions, since most voters pick by Ds and Rs. Aspiring politicians start there, and they know they have no chance on their own merit, so they join one of the plantations. Then come the compromises.

The realistic ability to run for town dog catcher as an unaffilliated will give us a whole farm league of up and coming 3rd partyists. We have to start there.

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(((Legislative))): Rewriting the proposal so as to be most appealing to the particular sensibilities of the best established and least persona non grata of the 3rd parties.

Playing up the aforementioned separation of public and private entities could work with Libertarians. The DNC fucking Bernie and the impending Pelosi Speakership can be used on Socialists who increasingly want to splinter, but puss out at the fear of spoiling ala Jill Stein, down ballot positions are less high stakes. Trumpists (closest to NatSoc we've got) are the least motivated since their seeming hijacking of Team R, but the sabotage of Trump's agenda for the 2 years they held all 3 branches, and the impending 2 years of gridlock might give them the kick needed.

For all 3 the appeal of breaking uniParty stranglehold of downballot positions will be enticing.

I have no illusions this will pass through Congress, but if we could get a single Rep or Senator to propose the bill, and God willing get an across the aisle cosponsor, it could give the issue the attention needed for the third option.

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What a coincidence. I propose a reform in which we gas the Jews and send niggers and spics back where they came from. I have a real feeling that this will have a positive effect on our domestic politics.

Imagine: Trump passing such an executive order before 2020, which would then be promotly overturned by an unelected party judge.

Might be the final straw.

?(((?Executive?)))?: A previous user suggested starting a petition at, and while that certainly couldn't hurt, I don't think that site has ever achieved anything and I don't think Trump has ever even heard of it, let alone hold himself to the Obama rule of paying lip service to any petition that got X signatures.

But with even the illusion of getting shit through Congress now dead, I suspect Trump will soon be going ham with Executive Orders. And /our boy/ is much easier and effectively reached; through /our guy/ Tucker Carlson.

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This seems like the kind of thing he'd go for, and only he among all MSM talking heads. He really likes running pieces on the meta of politics while all the others discuss the minutiae of daily "bombshells." The rest are just cheerleaders for the uniParty. But if his attention can be gotten (through a lawsuit, through a bill before Congress, through direct emails to him) and he runs a story on it, Trump will see it, and I believe he's pissed enough at the GOP right now to throw a fucking grenade into the whole Party system via an Executive Order.

This will obviously be challenged, and from there it goes to the Supreme Court, where I truly believe it can win, especially with our increasingly Originalist majority.

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(((Judicial))): A lawsuit against FEC for putting ADVERTISEMENTS for PRIVATE CORPORATIONS on PUBLIC PROPERTY. As many recent (((cases))) have shown, if a judge finds a suits political aims sympathetic, he can issue a Nationwide Injunction. These apparrently can overrule laws passed by Congress as well as decisions made by the COMMANDER IN CHIEF on issues directly related to National Security, or even who he lets into his own fucking house.

Till now, only the left has used this weapon. And, indeed, conservative judges, by their very nature, are disinclined to exercise such obvious overreach. But this could be the case where one decides to hit back. As the left does, we would have to carefully examine which district to file the suit in to maximize our chances of drawing a sympathetic judge, and file multiple suits till we get /our guy/. One of those crazy Texas Libertarian types.

If we can get an injunction, it goes to the Supreme Court, where I (a complete nonlawyer) think we'd have a chance. At the very least it would put nationwide attention on the issue, and get thoughtless people thinking.

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Check the timestamps, nobody writes this wall of text in 7 minutes.

No shit retard. I've been shilling this here and on cuckchan for the past 2 weeks.
Over there I get slid by blacked threads, here the schizophrenics you call mods delete me.

Respond to what has been said, not how or who has said it.

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Go to cuckchan if you want to talk about American politics, if I were a moderator I'd permaban you for this, stupid faggot.

No, please don't.


This board still reeks of imkikey, please liberate us /intl/! Halp.

Can you use an EO to pull this off?

I would do so about 2 weeks before midterms.


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We don't even need names, user. We only need a single-qualifier:
…then we get that ultimate NPC that says all of the right things to the goyim, while stabbing them

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Can't wait for mandated prayer times and weekly beheadings.

Any scheme attempted through legal channels in order to oust the "legally" in-place establishment uni-party will never get done. Because you have to get it past these idiots in the first place.

It would have to be a SC decision based on constitutionality of the process and that requires a suit to make it up the chain.

Yeah and they're trustworthy enough to rule fairly on something that will destroy the uni-party, and establishment rule of down ballot elections. More likely they'll come up with some fake tinsel explanation for why they can't do it and even more likely it would never even get to the SC in the first place because some cunt would find a way to block it.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans will go for anything that "will remove and outlaw the inclusion of any reference to political parties on the voting ballot." Removing party labels would make it too obvious to the brainwashed masses that the "policy differences" are not very different and the illusion of choice will be destroyed.

It has only ever been Kings who have solved our problems.

I think the baddies and their black dirties would still go on winning.

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Oh I'm sorry you're right guys we should all sit around being blackpilled faggots or delusional retards plotting a day of the rope that will never come. Much better than working toward this realistically obtainable, actually influential goal.

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I am tired of seeing this line of reasoning. The prescription, if there is one, in that ‘debate’ is to stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Taxation without representation is madness, and we have seen voting for the latest charming, greedy, lying bastard repeated ad nauseum to no avail. It’s time for monkeywrenching, chaos, fighting fire with fire, not necessarily “accelerationism,” which I take to mean faggot-assed fbi informant Siege culture. Stop being as disingenuous as you are braindead.

Cool plan. I understand perfectly what I am supposed to DO next, as I'm sure DOes everyone who reads your post.

We just "throw" a "monkeywrench" in "it"

It's so simple and makes so much sense. Thousands of people will read this post, and go monkeywrench throwing, so let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Or maybe DoTR delusions are just as ennervating as Qfaggotry and we should instead engage in actual politics, here on this political board.

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No its about producing and waking up as many White people as possible before the struggle for survival begins. That has always been the core mandate of Zig Forums and what it used to be primarily known for, not some /ourguy/ in this legislature will put a bill forward that'll fix some small thing that'll help our survival. Whites have been trusting this plan for generations and its only been theft.

Can you name me where a liberal democracy made up of White people demonstrated power to prevent disaster? For William Shakespeare wrote a whole play, Coriolanus, on the futility of "Democracy". Even the Americans in the 50s did a pro-fascist version of it that aired on television.

How do we push this shit opie?

I already listed seperate strategies for all three branches

This. NPC meme was a result of the study that found only 1/4 college kids (who are technically higher IQ than avg person) could think in words therefore the remaining 75% cannot. An inability to think in words means you literally just react as a dog does and cannot into critical thinking since words and definitions are the only ways to think of abstract concepts.


So you think NPCs won't just remember the names of the people they're programmed to think are bad?

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Who said anything about putting the candidates' positions on the ballot? Just their names, listed alphabetically.

They have every right to. Write down a list and bring it with you, even fucking look it up on your phone on the ballot box. But they won't, at least not nearly as often as the simplicity of it would suggest they would. I think you're wildly overestimating these "people"

"Disproportionately harms PoC voter turnout" is unironically the grounds on which (((they))) challenged the removal of straight ticket voting (mentioned in OP) which requires you to check each position's candidate individually rather than checking a single D or R at the top, requiring literally thirty seconds longer.

The sad part is it's true. Nogs will register to vote, get their state ID, drive to polling place, wait in line, go into the booth, see they have to check each box instead of just one, and say fug it and go home, and won't come back next time. This has been demonstrably proven with statistics and shit. The challenge still failed though.
It's the same with voter ID. The slightest of inconveniences is an insurmountable obstacle to these "people"

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This is something I've considered as well. Throw in instant runoff voting and the two party system would be gone for good.
Legislation seems the least likely route. Even if you had a party whose constituency unanimously supported a position and whose politicians held the house, Senate, and the presidency, this would not pass. See: Obamacare repeal failure.
An EO would immediately get a lawsuit where you can expect at least one federal judge would try to put a stop to it. It might not stick, but it would end up in the SC
Best to go for the judicial strategy right away then. Lawyers are expensive though. Start a bon-profit and crowdfund a lawyer?

This is a great idea user, but you can propose this bill before congress all you like and they will simply laugh at you and reject it. Or more likely just not hear you at all.
Propose it on Trump's Twitter feed over and over again and you'll have more effect.
But it will still never pass congress because they're a bunch of treasonous bastards with no loyalty to the American public or the constitution.

Well the question before filing a lawsuit is which place in the country is most likely to have judges favorable to my aims. And that can get pretty strange. I don't know if you're familiar with Patent Trolls, but they're worth googling. Their insane, inane claims to have invented literally every form of software and hardware are always filed in one specific district in Texas, because the byzantine labyrinth of local, state, and federal laws intersect most favorably there.

That does require specific legal knowledge. It's easy enough to find contact info for my own local elections commission, but the odds it has exactly what we're looking for is needle in haystack.

Any advice from the anons who routinely describe themselves as 155 IQ Lawyers making $200+k at 25? I'm a lowly Wendy's Chef making a mere $120k.

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Has that nigger ever even replied to someone else's tweet? I've seen no evidence he understands it as a social network and not just a way to text everyone on Earth simultaneously.


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You propose nothing. You have no power. You make no law. Nothing you say matters to jews or shabbos goyim in any way. They aren’t threatened by you and will never do anything you say.

Go fellate your own delusions somewhere else.

Thankyou kind stranger. I now see the error of my ways and will commit myself fully to bitching and moaning with the rest of you impotent faggots.

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Based user. Death to the parties, long live the word of Washington.

This is what a demoralization post looks like. Never stop doing your best to create the future you want for the world. I only hope the future you want is a good one for you AND me, user reading this.

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No but he sometimes retweets things. Or at least he did back when he was cool.

Thangs frens

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I lay out the accelerationist appeal here

Which basically amounts to getting minority majority cities to voluntarily deprive themselves of the cucked-but-competent Whites who have kept their shitholes limping along just slightly above the point of collapse, not unlike South Africa.

Once those Whites are replaced with the indigenous tribals, the cities go full Zimbabwe.

But if that's not fast enough for you, imagine the left's reaction if Trump or "his lackeys" on the Supreme Court decide to "tamper" with the ballots in a way that will certainly hurt the Ds. It will hurt the Rs too, and hurting both faces of the uniParty is genuinely my goal here, but it will hurt the Ds more, at least short term. Dumbass boomers are more likely to get their shit together enough to write down who they want to vote for than the Ds' resident dumbasses, minorities.

You really need to get over your fantasy of the "final straw" that sends BoomerCons and Magapedes out to the streets demanding blood. The Republicans have proven that they have no red line. Senate and House seats were blatantly stolen just two weeks ago. There were no meaningful protests, rallies, arrests, anything. Just some bitching and moaning on twitter.

If you truly believe the only solution is something at least approaching civil war, waiting for Rs to start it is hopeless. The left on the other hand are more than happy to do it. Most of them have no meaningful career or family to lose, and those who do have been shown repeatedly they will suffer no consequences for anti-right violence; Clanton, the inauguration faggots, any BLM niggers. They know they have the complete support and approval of (((the media, the judiciary, and the corporations))) They're more likely to get a million dollar kick starter than a prison sentence for attempted murder of anybody in a red baseball cap.

We need to get this thing popping while we still have our rapidly diminishing advantage.

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Not one of you niggers has presented a single meaningful argument against this.

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Not one of you niggers has presented a single meaningful argument against this.
Or for it, for that matter

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If you wanted to make a long post, would you risk losing it to a browser fuckup by writing it on the fly and posting as you finish each section, or would you write the whole thing in a file on your hard drive and then post it all at once in appropriately sized chunks?

It's not like I just wrote this whole 10,000 word pile of autism before posting any of it here. I've been periodically shilling this idea for a month or so. I had originally written just the OP, all the following posts were written in response to anons' questions and criticisms, which helped me build a stronger case.

But apparently Zig Forums has no further arguments, because this thread has been dog shit. The only opposition has been "fuck anything that isn't hanging niggers lol." Sad.

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