It was Almost Heaven, California
Pacific Ocean, Sacramento River
Life was good there, to raise a family
Then the flood gates opened, multicultural disease

Borders Closed, Send Them Home
To The Place They Belong
Sinaloa or Chihuahua
Send Them Home. Borders Closed

Manifest Destiny, Stands Before Us
Holy Birthright, for our sons and for our daughters
We must move quickly, losing ground too fast
Make America Great Again, before our time is past

Borders Closed, Send Them Home
To The Place They Belong
Sinaloa or Chihuahua
Send Them Home. Borders Closed

I hear a voice, in our darkest hour he calls us,
Donald Trump reminds me of our home in better days
Browsing Alt Right sites I get a feeling that we’ve gotta save the USA

Borders Closed, Send Them Home
To The Place They Belong
Sinaloa or Chihuahua
Send Them Home. Borders Closed

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Best thing Trump has done so far?

Only thing.

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Stop spamming this kike, make a fucking general mutt.

Try again.


Unironically posting posting this TRSodomite shit while only providing half of the information in the article.

Typical tricks, Trumpnigger.

I'll be even more impressed if he starts doing something about "legal" migration, but I won't hold my breath.

I can almost here the leftist screeching already. Trump sure has his moments.

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Holy shit, Trump actually did something good. I didn't think he'd ever do it.

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hoping it wasn't malicious but definitely was misleading

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inb4 nothing happens

Yeah. Until the executive order is released there's nothing to celebrate.

Don't worry, some faggot from the 9th circuit will block it and Trump will go back to tweeting and sucking Jewish cock.




Why are you allowing so-called News sources to define and describe the world? Citizen journalism half a mile or so from the border with live-streaming cameras are probably 100% legal and shouldn't be in the way of any activities. Where are the independent photographers and investigators?
Unless in the Land of the Free you need a loicense for that, but surely that's not impossible to get.

It's always too good to be true, the entire border is not closed as of yet


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Hey Intel-niggers and alphabet-niggers
Look around
Notice what's not there?
Know why?
Because they're stupid

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too late. nothing already happened

I'll believe it when I see it.

The grammar is atrocious.

I seriously thought that was a meme I didn't recognize.

One thing's for sure: yids are pissed

Thank you Jesus.

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Got pictures of the salt mountain yet?

deez nuts

If this is not just an act and he really means it this time, I am prepared to forgive him for all his earlier weakness and inaction.
And if/when a treasonous judge blocks this, he needs to get rid of this traitor by any means. Opening our borders to a foreign nation is
an act of treason
And treason is punishable by death. There are MILLIONS of Americans who would volunteer for the opportunity to execute these treasonous judges.

The US already tried step 2 around the end of the 19th century.
They ended up making a collection of unstable shitholes.
Thanks again.

Millions who would volunteer to build for nothing even.

I want to see what happens now that he's blocked by the 9th circus.

Okay, go away.

I agree.
These treasonous bastards need to be arrested and shot. If Trump really wants to Make America Great Again, he needs to overthrow the tyranny of the judge.

maybe gov moonbeam is right for once in his goddamn life when he says the wall is going to be built to keep amerisharts in?

We are in all likelihood still looking at an inevitable civil war with global implications.
Don't ignore the lessons of John Titor. It is an inevitable crux, tolerance exploited by demons versus those led by the Holy Spirit. Even if your not religious, you still understand the value of free helicopter rides to preserve what is right.
Now is not the time for celebration but preparation.

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user. Rhodesia and South Africa prove that no amount of demographic reduction will get whites to fight back.

Rhodesia and South Africa whites were NEVER above 20% demographically

I disagree.

Is this the day we start winning?


I'm certainly ready for one.

As long as there's a White elite on top, even 80% nog countries can flourish. But with democracy…

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FSB, please go.

Yes, and?

Sorry, what does that have to do with the topic? We're talking about "what percentage of the population to whites have to be before they fight back as a racial group?" and the answer is "there is no minimum percentage to cause this to happen."

A basic set of deuce gear/2 canteens on a belt with suspenders with an ass pack at least.
One pump action shotgun.
Preferably a reloading kit w/powder, primers, shot and slugs.
Topographical maps of your aoo laminated and kept in your deuce gear.

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80% is probaly a bit high.

who said that? No one said that.

Your asking what percentage of the white population will engage in an outright race war?
Very few.
What percentage will engage in an outright full on guerilla war to preserve the original constitution and the rights it gauntness?
A whole fucking lot, including minorities who don't give a fuck about your racial preferences, but who are likely to support segregation under a constitutional government.

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If whites were never a majority in said country, then you can't use said country as (((proof))) that accelerationism doesn't work or that whites will never fight back.
Otherwise you sound like a demoralization faggot

user. What evidence do you have of this? SEVENTY YEARS we've gone without anyone doing a goddamn thing, anywhere in the world. OVER A HUNDRED YEARS in the US. I want to believe you guys so much. I want to believe that the economy WILL collapse so bad that we can start to physically take our country back. There's just no evidence of it. My life has been ruined by memory loss, so I turned to the truth. I only have truth to guide me, and you put truth through the same ringer every single time, so you know it's real. I just don't have any evidence of these claims, so I reject them off-hand because they make me feel good.

>If whites were never a majority in said country, then you can't use said country as (((proof))) that accelerationism doesn't work
I see your point now, thanks. I'll have to think a bit more, but I'm leaning toward agreeing with your premise.

Its good to hear that you're probably not a shill.
Please be aware when I say "If whites were never a majority in said country" I am referring to how whites were not even 20% at most in Rhoedesia/SA.

I feel your frustration user. White people are incredibly brainwashed and the majority will never wake.

But if you need evidence of guerilla tactics in recent years

They even do damage control in the article saying "little to no impact" yet AT&T issued a $250K reward for info and that doesn't even include what the cops offered.


He already possibly is. There is an EO that he's openly discussed to "redefine" birthright citizenship to the original intent. This will end up at the Supreme Court hopefully after the goblin dies. If the 14th amendment is interpreted from an originalist standpoint- the man actually just solved the demographic problem of the US and at least a quarter of the shitskins that meandered over here looking for a hand out get to go back. and the Civil War will start that evening

Nobody should be thinking about this from a nation-wide perspective at this point. The United States is fake. It's never been a legitimate country and it will soon begin to split up like it was always meant to be in the first place. The founders never intended for federal power to manifest the way it does in the modern United States.

What will happen is people who are pro-active will form groups, which will forms collectives, which will conglomerate in an area where they can perpetuate their way of life without disturbance. If/when federal centralization ends, they can then defend their community with lethal force and establish a nation. There will probably be more than one of these, for both the left and the right.

American Whites got pretty ornery in the 60’s and 70’s fighting the civil rights/forced integration stuff.

Hmm I remain skeptical.

The problem is that the intent is already publicly known. The authors of the amendment explicitly stated that it doesn't apply to illegals. Every single human being in this country, including Harry Reid himself, knew this up to 1993. It magically changed after that. No EO is needed. All Trump LEGALLY has to do is to tell all government facilities, "You will no longer be issuing SSNs or domestic birth certificates to children of illegals." In essence, nothing, legally. He can't be punished for this, and he can't be stopped from doing it. We know why he isn't doing it, though.

Sure, but look how that turned out. They eventually just accepted it.

I forgot to mention that this is in the public record and was stated on the floor of Congress. So was Harry Reid's comment that reiterated it.

I understand. I believe I was one of the first to put forth that Trump might just be a relief valve to put off the inevitable.
I've been lied to my whole fucking life. I don't trust any motherfucker, especially any motherfucker that says anything close to what I want to hear.
But unfortunately, I had a religious experience back in the late 80's that made it clear to me that "something" is paying attention. And that faith is real. We don't know how it works, we don't get to win the fucking lottery, but we have faith we don't have to worry about what to eat or drink or what to wear.
Now translate into all fucking sick shit we know about globalists using children for currency. All the fucking shit about the fucking finders, the fucking McMartin trials, the banned documentary, and on and on it fucking goes.
Deep fucking waters of faith, when even all religion looks like pure fucking bullshit.
All I can honestly tell you is have faith, like a drunk, in something higher, and make sure your fucking prepared. Get your deuce gear ready, keep your fucking shotgun oiled. Even if its for someone else.

Fuck. You.

FSB, please go.

Have we all missed that the Troops left the border?

Did they or was that fake news?

life in boston seemed it was pretty /comfy/ back then for the average working class potato nigger

Well Europe + North America make around 19% of the Earth population and yet it's still not the Planet of the Apes. (Reminder Mexico is part of North America)


this whole thread of shills.


>"The whole border,” he clarified. "I mean the whole border. And Mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the United States where they make so many cars at great benefit to them, not at great benefit to us."

Sound good so far.

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Yeah. Then they integrated the schools and you had to pay 5k a year for catholic school or move to the suburbs.

all this talk about beaners is making me hungry for some nachos

Did an illiterate nigger make this?

probably some vodka nigger, I suspect most the MAGApedes here are either vodka niggers or israelis

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one step forward one step back two forward three back four forward four back I don't know what to think of the motherfucker anymore, I'm just watching the cluster and laughing.

now the paddys are dying off from abusing opiates, they should of just stuck to abusing alcohol and their women like the good ol days

tbh 90s Nissans were much more kuwaii and reliable when they were built in Japan and Tennesse. It all went down when Pedro started to build them in Aguascalientes, Mex.

Please define what the fuck is a 'vodka nigger'.
If it involves v8 and vodka, I'm sure I could work as an ambassador.

i'd probably beat the fuck outta my woman too if she looked like kellyanne conway awooooo!!

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Yeah, there’s a big opioid abuse problem among the Irish in the Boston area.

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russians, slavs or wtfever you call em


Lethal Force authorized

I prefer to call them the Mongol hordes.

filtered, nobody cares you maganigger

oh fuck, trump did something good for once, good job blumpf

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the fuck trigger you babies about my post? civicism will not work, period. Neither will a HURRRwite ethnostate, because "white" is not a thing outside the new world. You stupid, stupid fucks deny the original Americans who fought the revolutionary war their actual heritage. 99% of the people in America have no connection to the original colonists or the fighters in the revolutionary war, regardless of whether they're white or not. You do not belong here, plain and simple, and because God rules the universe, the truth will prevail. The United States is a lie, it was never meant to be, just like the EU. It will break up eventually because of the fact it is based on a lie. Whether it breaks up peacefully or with tens of millions of dead depends on whether people want to accept harsh reality or not.

we're talking about vodka niggers right now, go fuck yourself

again. Fuck. You.
And your fucking bullshit.

ah fuck you lefty man

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keep making threads about the somali bitch who just got elected lol a few nonwhites name the jew and the magakikes go apeshit lol

filtered and global reported for posting loli porn, enjoy your ban

you morons have absolutely no clue what is going on in the world, this thread, or even my post. Why are you even talking? Is it because every time you try to talk to someone IRL you are told to fuck off?

Here's a tip, just engage in constructive conversation instead of pissing your pants and crying.

God bless John Denver.

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I like this thread.
Jamalberg appoves.
Fuck all you faggots. Happy fucking Thanksgiving you patriots.
Gear up and be ready. If nothing happens, expect it the next day.

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nothing is gonna happen except for when I save up to buy some land super cheap innawoods with mah waifu while the civnats get eaten alive by their based black conservatives

Sounds temporary at best.

Nobody cares who you filter, kike pol larper.

changing proxies again rabbi?

Then it's already too late.
Nobody gives a fuck about your "plans". Shit changes in a heartbeat. You need to be plugged in, connected to the Holy Spirit, humble enough to understand what it's saying in real time, and with enough enough faith to respond when seconds count.
Stop playing.

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You seem butthurt

indeed, for all I know tomorrow some drunk beaner could plow right into me as i'm goin for a walk