Brit/pol/ #2934: Toil And Psychedelics Edition

Texas Walmart shooting: Twenty killed in El Paso gun attack

Belfast City Cemetery: Seamus Conlon, 70, dies after car hits people

Boris Johnson announces £1.8bn one-off cash boost for NHS hospitals

Calais: Dublin man charged with 'largest UK port gun seizure'

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Forgot the link for the second one smh

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good lid

Luv me some Alan Partridge
simple as

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good lad

wdhmbt? does coo/k/ put mustard on lasses?

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Good lad.

Why you can't he stop lying, smh.


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1989, lad .

It is is what it is,

So what do people think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre?

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lad I went into the kitchen after a lock in and had the frozen spag bol they cooked in the microwave

The world would be 10000000x better if the confederates won.

not true at all

I wish there were more Texan MILFS tbh

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good lad

Playing some Division 2 smdh

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VERY true lad. America needed to be divided, imagine if the American continent consisted of Desseret, the California rep, CSA and the USA. It would never have the economic power to engage in economic and cultural imperialism in the first place.

The confederates made a lot of beautiful music too

I remember about 1996 tuning in to UKTV GOLD tbh.

What was he going to do with that brick?

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the CSA was why niggers became a memi

forgot to embed

embed it then lad smh


Thanks lods

Good lad

Taxas lasses love a bit of British rough tbh

I always get matches on tinder from American lasses visiting smh

They want the Big British Cock

Can confirm this for girls from Tennessee and Arkansas. All I had to do was open my mouth and girls there got a wet gusset.

Yeah but they never would’ve gained political and social domination of American society if it wasn’t for the yankees forcing reconstruction on them. They violently resisted wog domination multiple times and always ended up fighting the yankee state, so you can’t say that if they’d won they’d’ve let the nogs free.

Furthermore I only rally support them because they would’ve broke up the US.

And they stuck their girl penis in?

Did you visit?

same for girls north of the Watford gap tbh.

They swooned over my plastic scouser (I'm from the Wirral) accent.

This was 18 years ago…

I’d love a southern bell tbf

fuck off you don't live here and you don't understand how southerners actually view blacks outside of menes you read here

we lost a lot by having north america only becoming 3 countries. Canada, USA and Mexico. 2 of those countries are way too big and were products of a haste. i wish the chugs had been able to fight back properly so we could have had proper nations defined by river borders and mountain range borders instead of mene straight lines drawn everywhere.

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they don't exist anymore lad, expect a creatura hybrid with a southern twang, that's about all

Tbh I'd love a southern bell educated in proper etiquette to out shine the royal family before predictable demise .

He was a good lad

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southerners were perverted by hispanic civilization early on and they fetishized the negro early on. they ceased being a european people the minute they began the enterprise of mass negro slavery

Shut this fucking site down T.B.H.

literally every person on US news looks like a jew

lads we might have to move to mumsnet

Any good sauces to read on this lid?

literally fuck the kikes lads

the state of this me

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tbh lad wish they'd just move to Mars already

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the golden circle concept, southerner filibusters wanted to create a CSA that encompassed central america, their entire worldview ends in creatura spics. the true moral americans were the small town northerners and the mormons the civilization that started in salem and boston colony > virginia colony civilization

Just basing it off history lad. Like the resistance to reconstruction, the red shirts and the white league

they didn't want to get rid of niggers tho lad, they just wanted to be in charge of niggers. that is key, northern anti black groups were about REMOVING niggers. the union army was about REMOVING niggers. southerners love niggers, they just want to tell them how to act

Jesus what a load of shite

Just straight up factually wrong

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Absolute shit smh

ta lad I'll check out this Golden Circle

The fact is wogs were never elevated in any instance in the south except through the power of the federal state. Looking at the events neutrally I seriously doubt the Southerners would ever allow wogs to rule them as they do now, they’d likely deport them.

smdh hotwheels is pissed

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Fuck that cripple

It’s like the movie 300 were the scorned cripple leads the Persians to a pass behind their lines.

So when and why did hotwheels become so angry?

Let me tell you a story, when I was 18. A negro lady from Louisiana thirsted for me, turned her down for good Lancashire hot pot.. Lasses from Lancashire and Cheshire really like me Can't quite understand to this day.

T&he northern slags sense the dutch nigger in you.

He's been serviced by Pinoy girls for years now hasn't he? Probably addled his brain

One Cheshire lass was a Miss Cheshire runner up. The sex holy shit.

Dunno tbh. I don’t remember him leaving but apparently it was THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO

Poor Hotwheels smh,

coo/k/ gets proper cringe when drunk smh

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yeah but i do too tbh. drunkposting is good imho

We all do tbf

I’m always drunk so I’m always cringe :)

drinking severs our connection to God

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I only post when pissed tbf

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>having intercourse with an engaged lass and shes convulsing on your cock in time with her bounces

Yikes have sex incel


It's all north of the south.

Listening to it again lids

>tfw miss Cheshire runner up cums on my dick then says sorry before taking the bar in New Zealand,


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Happening adrenaline is starting to wane smh

didnt feel it at all tbqh

I know lad. It's like ecstasy, never the same after your first

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*sees stain*

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Good lafd.



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My sheets are dark blue so fuck you

Taking the bar, lad.


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