I was celebrating a birthday celebration and at the end of the night after a few drinks my brother and my cousin got into an argument with 3 roaming blacks down the street who for whatever reason I don't really know wanted to argue with people and in my drunken stupor decided to you say to them the n-word kind of

like slow motion like right at them in a way of being like haha f* you stupid f**** and words anyway passwords and a couple thousand dollars and and a couple extra thousand dollars worth of intensive care bills and ambulance bills later here I am telling you about this I can either go to the police and tell them my story and confront the fact that there may have been a hate crime up against whites committed or I can keep it to myself I'm not sure what to do I don't want to be pinned down as a Nazi in my own Hometown but I don't also want to go down as a cuck what should I do??

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You ratchet it up. You'll need to find out where they live

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OP, your pic-related makes me unsympathetic to your cause.

pics of your intensive care bills or it didn't happen

He's larping off that fedex nigger killing that dumb white guy

of course he is, I just figured I'd call out the bs

The main picture is unrelated sorry I just picked a random picture. Point is is that I said Niger to some random black people who were looking for a fight on my birthday. They beat the s*** out of me and left before the cops came I am now stuck with several thousand dollars worth of bills. I don't want to go out of my way as far as filing a police report and hate crime but at the same time why not I'm literally the victim of a hate crime. If I would have said Niger to a black man with a brain he would have confronted me with logic and reason. I sent it to the wrong people and they confronted me with violence and left me for dead. I'm not sure where I should go from this point, and I've got a really serious concussion which is making it hard to think and hard to make real good decisions


What is sage?


post proof or stfu

lol f*ck n*g*ers indeed f*ck n*****gers

This is what they did

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sage nigger

now post the medical bill

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so they whooped you, or you whooped them?

reported for being anti-white. no matter what any White does, they dont deserve to be killed by a nigger.

Don’t go out without a weapon, don’t party, and don’t assume the jewdicial system is your friend?

fellow gentile it's hard to have much sympathy when you yourself acted like a nigger to put yourself in such a situation

what do you mean?

I didn't sayhe deserved 2be killed by a nigger, but if you read the story he made a series of unintelligent decisions

i think this may be the lesson learned from this, friend.

Learn how to form a proper sentence and then kill yourself.


lol. right dude. i'm A fucking engineer. and this is not an typical engineering problem. and in a niche mindset like this, my own family is practically fucking worthless due to "shoeish" programming.i guess i'm kinda fucked and am gonna have to pay this bill myself. i know i fucked up.

"Left me for dead"
What were your brother& cousin doing?
Kick any ass?


Also wtf is shoeish behavior?

IDK? Dain bramage 4 jooish?

Maybe it's not typical, but if you're only solving typical problems then you're a mediocre engineer.

Zig Forums isn't your lawyer, you dumb nigger.

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it was stupid to get in the way of these guys trying to start fights with other people minding their own business and i stepped in an said the worst thing of all time.
it was dumb, i admit that.

is this a lawyer thing?

What was the fantasy in Breaking Bad? That a crip who lived on his knees his whole life could dominate a violent cartel because “Fuck yeah, science, bitch!” Maybe you should hunt them down, taser them one at a time, and dissolve their bodies in a barrel. Or create a homade explosive and use that. You know, sciency stuff. If you’ve that much intelligence but no imagination, watch kosher talmudvision and it will teach you to do evil.

Otherwise, let it be a life lesson on never revealing your power level unless you know you can crush an enemy onsite.

op here. this was the best reply. pretty much true, bro

I don't know what you expected lad

Hope for better times for you ,bro.

if this isn't larping, then you're 100% to blame for shit situational awareness and guilty of drinking in a jungle surrounded by apes. Hopefully you learned an expensive lesson that you're quite stupid.

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I'm sorry for the brain damage those niggers have caused for you, user.

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You’ll be alright with the hospital bills. Student loans are so much worse.

well now you've already admitted to the "hate crime." If you were to have just gone to the cops with it and those niggers were being questioned and said "yeah but he call us niggers" your legal team could easily say they made it up. After all, why wouldn't they? blacks have been using the word nigger as a way to get away with shit all the time. You fucked up a second time, OP. You escalated a situation with violent monkeys one to three? steam the rice, pay the price you

yeah you shouldn't be calling a pack of niggers "nigger" without packing some iron

It was because he had nothing to lose. OP still has something to lose, hence his timidity in this thread.

lessons to learn:

take it like a man , you got beat by a bunch of niggers … now go and lift some weights

and by the way … next time you say the word nigger

dont fucking joke about it… look that mother in the face tell him hes a dumb arguing nigger then beat his face in with a bat to defend yourself if needed

and post that story

you really fucking deserved your beating because you wanted to be friends with the blacks. So like to they live down the street. You should call the police and make their life a living hell. Also be prepared for a gun fight.

You really are retarded.

Lel pic unrelated indeed, what a disgusting creature.

Ask your doctor if suicide is right for you. Anybody stupid enough to pull a stunt like that without a piece in his pocket deserves what he gets.

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Find out where those monkey cunts live and set their house on fire.

no thats what you did for being an idiot

if I jump off a building onto the concrete , I dont say "look what the pavement did to me"

this smells of bs … fuck this troll.


I am confused. Were you celebrating a birthday or the birthday celebration itself?

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i'd bang the fug outta this gook

B-but everyone’s got something to lose: family, friends, organs. Not that feral nogs are capable of inflicting maximum damage, but they can do a little.

An expensive lesson, but a lesson nonetheless. You may plan revenge, but only if you can dispose of all three, as no white life is worth more than at least three nigs.

Never fight while drunk.
Never try to take on 3 guys.
Only tell them they're niggers when they have no friends around.

And from now on, whenever you have the chance to fuck up a nigger and get away with it, remember this incident.

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Try harder next time.

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the three of you lost to three blacks?
You should be ashamed of yourself. They only win by numbers, you are weak.


If you are planning anything make sure you don't use the jewdicial system, that thing is a piece of shit, it is completely worthless. Just help the nigs to quietly vanish one by one. The last thing you want to do is expose your family to nigger violence and intimidation (witness intimidation something niggers love to do). One of my family member was attacked recently (by a non nigger) but if it was a nigger, I would have just done a drive by or poisoned them because the jewdicial system won't defend you at all when it comes to brown people (or their extended 'family'). You have to handle ALL THAT SHIT YOURSELF.

This is bait.

There is a reason the mafia developed in early New York. You have to have your own justice system when the current one does not work or is deliberately stacked against you.

If you’re an engineer you should be able to afford it. Next time don’t get caught off guard and unarmed. Maybe take up martial arts.

It's a lefty pol larper who is bored. Sage.

You got your ass beat, it's part of growing up. Always protect your face in a fight, unless you are punching or choking you have to keep your arms in front of your face, and hunch over so your ribs are not exposed because they are very vulnerable also.

Don't go out drinking either, it's much safer and more fun to stay at home with 2-3 close friends. Or, if you're like me, alone. I'm sorry and I hope you feel better, but like others have said, please don't lose the lesson. If you know where these niggers live throw a brick or two through their windows if you are set on revenge, but do it at night for christ's sake, wear gloves, and don't allow yourself to be identified by the imprint of the bottom of your shoes, either.

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GO TO THE QTDDTOT thread and stop filling the board with fucking terrible slide threads.

Oh, and if you are in the US, and you do choose to report this, there are public funds set aside as restitution for victims of theft and violent crimes. You sound European, though. Maybe your country has something similar.

Say you ARE American, you do go to the authorities, and somehow they do manage to track down these niggers. Here is what will happen to them. First, all of you will have to appear in court for an arraignment, where the charges against them are read and that's it. They will probably be charged with battery and if your injuries were as serious as you make them sound, it will probably be felony battery, or felony assault in some jurisdictions. What happens next depends on whether or not the niggers have a rap sheet, or criminal record. If they are clean or they have only been arrested for something small like petty theft or marijuana possession, they will probably just get a year or two of probation and serve no jail time. Or, if they are already a felon, or even have multiple felonies on their record, they will probably spend the next three months to a year in the county jail as well as probation when they are released. Before the actual sentencing occurs the judge may offer a plea deal, which means a reduced sentence for them if they agree to plead guilty. Otherwise it will go to trial, which won't be held for months, because there are hundreds of cases of other niggers misbehaving clogging up the tubes.

That is, if they actually bother to show up to court. Unless they are the squeaky clean type I mentioned, they probably won't. The judge will issue a warrant for their arrest and add another misdemeanor to the growing list of charges for failure to appear. A year or two down the road, they'll end up having some interaction with a police officer for some minor infraction, maybe smoking within 25 feet of a city bus stop (a favorite of the cops in my city use to justify stopping and running the ID's of niggers) and they'll go straight to jail. Either way, justice, if there is such a thing, will go unserved, and the niggers in question will likely team up with niggers already in jail and cause even more mayhem when they are inevitably released due to overcrowding.

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Confucius say: When standing in tiger cage and mooning tiger don't be surprise if ass bite off.

You will more than cover the cost for your medical bill over the cost of your lifetime if you learn the 3 lessons from this:
Lesson 1. Don't relax around them.
Lesson 2. Never drink.
Lesson 3. Don't forget Lesson 1.

top bait.

I wonder who is behind this post

Are you sure you're not the nigger in the story?


You fugged up by being intoxicated in public in the first place. You also appear to be a manlet.

4chan retards need to go back to their containment website. There was a time when this kind of thread wouldn't even get a second look.


Tits or GTFO cunt.

Stupid fuck

it's mostly dried blood, which a hospital would have taken care of.
the cut barely looks deep enough to need stitches

OP is probably a retard or troll, or just an ebin shitposter trying to ebinly trole Zig Forums with a retarded story and photo of what happened after their drunk cousin ate shit skateboarding




The mafia was majority jews though.

Good chance they would've jumped you anyways. At least you got in some digs beforehand.
Next time don't get drunk and wonder around the chimp exhibit.


Fuck off you pussy. Fuck the niggers and fuck you too you pathetic faggot.

Don't end up like pic related.

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yeah, this is all bullshit
fuck you op you are a faggot
kill yourself

You write like a fucking imbecile. Sage for slide thread