Realized something about 4chan's Zig Forums's shills

Been on 4chan for more or less two years, and I've never seen this kind of mass shilling or mass derailling on threads, except on this one. (that I did two times).
The title " The PURE PILL is the only Red Pill."
As you can see, the shills work really hard to derail those thread,I've never seen such dedication to derail a thread from the inside. So I'm wondering…Did we it one of their "weak" points? Do they REALLY don't want white people to be pure and virtuous ? And start to think that it's what they fear the most. And seeing the Oy Veying of Xhamster recently about NoFap on twitter makes me convinced that if you are seriously trying to stop degeneracy or to start being someone Pure and Virtuous, they start to loose their shit.
Any thoughts on that ?

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It's especially telling in the second thread, with all the off-topic non sense absurd talking to derail the conversation, along with the same mass spammer.

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nobody cares what happens on cuckchan

I want cuckchan to go and stay go.


Yup. It's bad. Fortunately the real centers of power have moved on. The rest is up to you.

That's because it would ruin their efforts to undermine, weaken and ultimately hijack our achievements. That's what parasites do.
There we go again

What did those sleazy kikes say?

Yeah, I've been between 4chan and Zig Forums for some times. But I think it's pretty telling how the shills react heavvily on this kind of thread, when it's not the mods deleting them or moving them to abandoned boards. I think it's important to know about our enemies and I realize that talking about Purity, virtuosity, sexual restrain and being moral and upstanding angers them A LOT. Which motivates me even more.

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Ever since the "NoNut November", Xhamster has gone crazy on twitter. Here's one of their tweet.
Along with this article from Psychology today, which has been altered since.

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Malon and Saria are best girls. One is literally offerred to you buy her father as a prize and the other is your childhood friend who will always be with you by means of the medallion and ocarina.
Of course, if there is a character to give them a run for their money, it'd be Marin fro Links Awakening. Saddest shit ever seen.

You don't buy Malon though. They both like each other and the gossip stone hints that they get married. But it's off topic anyway.

I don't know why I wrote buy. He offerred her, but it wasn't about buying. I guess I said buy because of the bottle, but you actually "win" her. I believe her father asks what you'd want and one of the options is to "marry malon." Also, yeah, I wasn't discounting the other things. It's a bit sad that they programmed it so that she doesn't recognize adult Link until after you beat the horse race.

You make two nofap threads? Man, you must really want to masturbate.

Daily Reminder
Nofap is a psy-op of demoralization. It's BDSM mind control made to make you feel weird and give up on human nature. Then you end up breaking and feeling weak. Animals masturbate.

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Since that was news to me, I looked up the quotes. There is only one in reference to Malon and that is that she wishes a knight would sweep her off her feet one day. Since you can only read these stones as a child, it's obvious that it's the young girl's desire for a prince/knight in shining armor trope thing. Although I agree that she obviously has feelings for Link, only given that information (+Majora's mask/loss of the Hero in the adult timeline) they can never be together. A shame really. I'm just surprised they didn't incorporate the medallions into Majora's Mask. After all, these are supposed to be manifestations of supreme existences, one would believe that, since they're connected with the Temple of Time that they can transcend time. Then the "adds power to yours" crap would make sense + Link wouldn't be all alone once Navi disappears.

just checked the thread
no special level of shilling noticed
you're just shilling for your own self
if you wanna see strong shilling, check the old pedowood threads

You're right. Keep spreading the message and become the standard bearer of the level of quality you want others to strive towards.

KILL yourself

Masturbation and porn are addictions, don't let anyone fool you, the biggest and most common drug is not alcohol or weed, it's porn and with the majority of the population addicted to it…..

nobody believes you

Let's have gay necrophiliac sex, just like ducks do!!

The Gossip stones also say that it's Malon that holds the 50s record for the horse race, and that's something she only can do as a young adult, just like adult link. But anyway.

There is a mass spammer in the first thread posting a lot of pics (like 50 pics) with all white women being whores and such. And in the second thread, the same mass spammer is there, but there are also several other anons who speak between themselves about things who have absolutely nothing to do with the threads and with comments that are incredibly dumb and out of place, so it's just disrupting the thread with garbage filth posts. I've never seen with that much intensity. And what's the "pedowood" thing? You mean the predecessor of Pizzagate?

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I dont care if you masturbate or not, kiddo. I'm just letting you know its sexual mind control. So is too much porn though.

You still leak cum at night and every time you think about sex. I bet you're all pent up and feeling things. That's how cults and CIA control you. Just dont over-masturbate. Everything in moderation.

I've never met a "pure adult" unless you're talking about animals. They have a pure nature, you christkikes dont.

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Yeah, it's very hard when you feel all alone and that you live in a degenerate society and (social) environment who are all set and design to encourage you to be all degenerate and are designed to make your way to virtuosity,morality and purity the most difficult possible. I'm sure it would have been easier in past societies, where these kinds of values were praised and were degeneracy and obscenity were disdained.
But we need to be strong and set the example.

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No, if we must masturbate because animals masturbate, then we could just as well fuck the death, the same logic.

I sure do, all that energy and agression, it's wonderful, beats being an addict.

Here we go again, masturbating is going down to the level of an animal.

For years the nofap thing was relatively christcuck free but this year it got taken over by these people and the porn shills have successfully d&c'd it all over.
This again proves the superiority of jews and their high IQ ,they can infiltrate you lowiq mongrels anyday.

IF … you can find a non-kike'd version of the events taking place in Rome circa AD 96, you will learn something very interesting.
There was a group of people in the middle east that rejected the core tenets of Judaism i.e. usury, degeneracy, bedding/exploiting children, genital mutilation as a method of marking the save class, etc….
This group of people, this dogma or doctrine swept out of the middle east and into Europe and was so prevalent and so respected, the Constantinople the Great codified the group into its own separate dogma/doctrine. Constantinople went on to favor this group giving it precedence by edict as an ethos which would guide Europe, specifically Rome, to its once great status.
This "group", this mindset, this life perspective was codified into a religion once known as 'Christianity'; a form of dogmatic ethos far from the "Christian" of today that has been thoroughly kike'd by kike trickery into a synthesized oxymoron known as "Judeo-Christianity". If these fools so choose to follow the jew into the pits of hell; may they reap what they sow.
Translation I: Anyone that so chooses to reject the core tenets of Judaism can call themselves anything they choose; as long as they do these things or do not do these things because they themselves are wholesome, good and all things which would eventually become known as "Whiteness"
Translation II: What we are seeing today, already has an historic precedence set in the time of early Rome, in the time before Constantinople the Great. When so many become Red-pilled on the historic JQ, and begin to reject the core tenets of Judaism; let the kvetching begin.

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If Jews are the problem, then you should cut off all aspects of their religion, including the Bible, the only reason Christians are becoming judified, is because the shadow of the Jew still lives in the Bible.

You can use any argument you want, but as a Christian, you bath in the shadow of the Jew every time you read the Bible and go to church.

How's the weather there in tel aviv, Lev?

Checked. That's actually pretty funny.

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This is not true, and proves just how kike'd your understanding of "Christianity" is.
No, this is not to revel in the dogma known as "Christianity" but to highlight that the ethos of rejecting Judaism and its core tenets were around long before they had an official name.
There was no "Bible". The "Bible" (Bibliography) was nothing more than a collection of writings just as is the Talmudic books.
The difference can be seen today. If one wants to know what is important to someone; they need not ask. Simply watch them and see how they spend their time. People will tell you one thing and act completely different. Meaning: the time of virtue signaling once a week to pretend that an individual is somehow wholesome because they go into a building and listen to the equivalent of a rabbi jewsplain how things are, is over. These same people live a different life/lifestyle once out of the view of their peers

Back to cuckchan you go

The shills on here are worse. Any pro-Trump thread is almost immediately derailed by shills spamming Trump is a Zionist kike shit.

I've seen there are way more anti-Christian Pagan Larpers shills on infinitechan than on 4chan, which is quite impressive.

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go out more, get laid and chill

trump is a kike slave just like jesus

Phone faggits will never type the word God. They won't even code their AI's to do it

Is there a high res scan of that painting? It would make for a nice addition to the Art Thread.

Trump could do something, anything, to not be a complete jew-Infatuated, Israel-loving, Wahhabist-supporting shill if he wanted from day one. Maybe once he invades Iran, leaving the Mexican border completely undefended, the argument will finally be put to rest, though, oh wait he'll be killing Muslims in Persia, so he must be based.

I seriously wouldn't know, I don't even know the painting's name. Try to reverse search it my friend.

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had to see what you are talking about
holy shit look at these last tweets
im gonna fucking puke

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The name of the artist is Albert Anker and the name of the painting is The Little Potato Peeler (1886). I did find a higher res of it on Wikimedia Commons, but it's all discolored.

Check a look.

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Faggot kike

no fap is mostly to help people who have a masterbation addiction
sure Animals masturbate, but they don't masturbate 2 to 6 times a day, everyday
op is right though, its pretty clear that (((they))) hate the idea of people being really virtuous, and not just doing it for show like SJW and libshits who pretent to have morality but in reality are ok with pretty much anything up to and including murder and besitiality

You can be a pagan and a creationists, the fact that most of them are not, is because we don't come from a Christian background, but a seculiar one. I belief higher powers are active in nature, not just Gods, but also Elfs and more basic forces.

Notice how nothing you said is actually a rebuttle to my previous point.

Least they aren't larping as middle eastern jews

You cannot reason with Christcucks. They've been brainwashed since childbirth.

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Why do we care about cuckchan?

fuck cromwell fuck (((porno)))

You will always been filthy newnigger scum. Kill yourself back to cuckchan.

Pornography is what keeps the white man chained to base urges and prevents him from standing upright and proud. It infects your mind, it persuades your view and it also subtly and mentally cultivates the idea of cuckoldry - in so far that you're just watching others fuck to get hand cummies. It has been the kikes' best weapon, and it is one they have invested exorbitant amounts of resources into, even when it doesn't turn a profit, exactly because they can seed ideas, persuade, in other words control and shape people ona large scale with it.
Do not watch porn. And encourage others not to. Bless your your heart.

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Cunt, go back.

What I've noticed about the shills is that they're all cuckchanners.

there is only one pure goddess

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Rule applies to shills too, checkmate shills :^)!!!

Is that Gollum?

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So we agree.

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I may have jumped the gun in my response to you as I am thoroughly disgusted by the state of this board since it went global, minus the wordfilters, it's beyond Imkamfy levels of faggotry lately. I apologise if I missread your comment.

Kikes are trying to heard people who've grown sick of the last 10 years of culture into this "BASED ALPHA" culture of psychopaths who only care about themselves. Trump is a great example of a BASED ALPHA who's a total degenerate but he's cool because he triggers the libs xD.

>>>/gaschamber/ is that way moishe

Trump IS a kike shill. The reason you magafags get shut down every time you make a jew fellating pro-Trump thread is because you're either a retard or a kike. You're like a soros supporter calling people on here shills because we shut down pro-Soros threads. You already ruined 4chan Zig Forums, why do you have to come over here?


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This image is disinformation. Cromwell was bankrolled and working for the Jews. He was their agent in causing a revolution in Britain simply so they could get back in.

Source "The Nameless War"

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we wuz dik washerz'n sheit

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Stopped reading go back you and your blogpost faggot.

whoops wrong gif.. this is the one

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you joined after the shilling had already been in full force for years


Yes, it is a rebuttal, kike-mind, because of that which existed BEFORE Christianity was codified into a "religion". A dogma was there which rejected kike-ness. The reason for knowing what their bibliography discussed was very much what they used to know what NOT to do in accordance with the Torah back then, as we see today with the books of Talmudic teachings all based upon what some fucking rabbi's discussed
The "Christian" of today is not the same as those who followed a doctrine/ethos once upon a time which didn't yet have a name

It's hardest in the beginning but gets easier if you go along and have a solid support system. Honestly filtration was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. There isn't "more out there", and degeneracy is always a waste of time, and everyone knows it, regardless if it's taboo or not. I know exactly how you feel when you feel alone, but we aren't. We are all interconnected in this spiritual struggle, whether you see it with your outward eyes or not. Use your time wisely user and join me as a standard bearer. I'll see you in the hall of the ancestors when our work in these bodies is done

There is no virtue in abstaining from masturbation, only frustration and vagina worship. Only low test beta cucks feel bad for masturbating. Kikeians are mostly the ones shilling this idiotic fad.

kys retards

Man I sure do hate niggers. I mean hate the fuck out of niggers. Maximum nigger hate, but I can't hate Jordi. I just can't. He's so affable.

Why do you conservative faggots care if another man's balls are full of cum or not?
Why can't you all just come out already, you're really bad at faking straight.

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It actually makes no sense to me at all why these people get so sensitive about it

Sodomy is rape, fam. They just degraded your sense of self-worth so much, that you will accept humiliation and infection.

Nobody is telling you the world's gonna end if you fap sometimes, fam. They're rightfully deprogramming you from the wrong lesson the kikes have been pushing into your head for years. That watching porn is normal and not personal degradation.

Ultimately it's a battle of good vs evil. Lots of people here are driven by the natural disgust with the evil at play, satanic paedophilia being probably the most obvious example of our shared outrage. For some, it's more difficult to not fall victim to Jewish tricks. There is no question that evil is acting today, and evil is repulsed by good. I am reminded of a promotional feature on the Vice channel (know your enemy) where some brown bitch was interviewing freaks at some festival asking them if they believed in God. The more that answered yes, the more angry the bitch got. She expected them not to. There is of course a difference between believing in God, and seeking the achievement of God's will.

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Got a passage or something to quote, or are you just throwing out a random ass book that probably has nothing to do with the topic at hand?

Why do you think it's shills. Whiggers are the ones who react most violently when you tell them they're degenerates who wack off too much and play vidya all day. That ghost guy from capitalist radio said we're being replaced because the spics will work all day and we won't. He's probably right.

that guy is the definition of a fucking useless drunk boomer

Not that user, but to my understanding, christianity got hijacked and white empathy is being used against us through its """teachings""", thus making the concept from which it originated from stand on its head? If so, it should be condemned on sight

Yeah, that's authentic.

I've got nothing to offer this thread but a sad, mind-wiped Romani.

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Then you should probably go back to reddit, or wherever you frequented before coming here or to 4chan.

Jews did this.

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Don't forget to insult the islamic blasphemy.

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The same actor played Kunta Kinte in Roots.

Good thing we're not animals but human beings, made in the image of the Logos, a much higher grade of value, intelligence, capability and talent and thus with actual standards then.

How am I degrading myself by watching porn? I guess constant frustration and pain is preferable. And no, getting /fit/ and "improving yourself" won't help you in that regard, even if you are actually decent in every other sense. Been there, done that. It's a waste of time and a "reaction" meme pushed by kikes. None of you are addressing real issues, you just keep repeating feel-good propaganda like the good NPC's you are.

Think, objectively, how pathetic you must look when you beat your meat to a picture/video on your screen. Come on; you can do better than that.

How pathetic you must look when spreading your buttocks while a stinky brown mass gets excreted in the middle?

Masturbation is no different from going to toilet, you just get done with it and then focus on doing something productive with your mind relieved of tension. Keeping it in makes as much sense as keeping the shit in.

Taking a shit doesn't rot your dopamine receptors until they don't work anymore and change the structure of your brain like porn does.