Border Patrol Opens Gates

Video below shows illegal aliens crossing the border. The BP truck opens the gate for them

Probably Latinx Border Patrol!

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This is the Border Patrol truck

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Disgusting. Will Trump stop this?
What happened to closing the border?

This is mexican border patrol, since when does american border patrol speak spanish?
now, if americans are stupid enough to have mexicans or hispanics in their border patrol units, I would not be surprised if a spic opened the gates.

You are one sorry ass clueless motherfucker.
ANYONE with positive kike connection is against nationalism and therefore manned borders.

Almost half of US border patrol agents are Latinx

Years ago I thought it was idiotic that the Border Patrol would ever hire anyone with Mexican ancestry. How can they be trusted? How do you know their loyalties don't lie with Mexicans and Mexico? It turns out: they can't be trusted, and their loyalties do lie with Mexicans and Mexico. You don't need beaners to have people who speak Spanish. Lots of whites speak Spanish, and most of them are capable of learning it. It's also a lot less likely that a White BP agent will pull this kind of shit to Fight Racism(tm) than a bean helping his fellow beans.

I wonder if you're as disgusted with all the legal immigrants too.

Where the fuck do you think you are?

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this is some serious criminal shit

i'll bet you anything it's this, this doesn't look like standard procedure, they open the fucking gate and go running right past the truck, this was planned.

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I'm voting Hillary in 2020!

Most of the border patrol can speak a second language. If you're a bean farmer, Mexican is the smart choice and required training comes with the fucking job.

It will amount to the same thing.

Just close the border completely to all traffic, including commercial, and build a massive wall that doubles as a 2000 mile live-in garrison, and you don't have to worry about speaking Spanish. Just shoot anyone who approaches.

I still think the user who advocated slaughtering everyone from here to panama and then putting up the DMZ in that region was right. Why make problems and we can be done with all the terrorism as well. I heard it quoted on Zig Forums that more people have died in the civil war that is currently going on in Mexico than died in the Gulf War. Who needs or wants that on your border.

Kill yourself.

Even though you're a retarded American, border patrol employees are most likely to have the ability to converse with those most commonly found crossing the border, it's a prerequisite to getting the job in most countries.

While Americans are the most insular and ignorant who tend to only discover the existence of a new country once their ZOG presidents declare war on it, even a retard would understand and know this already.

Anyway what happened to kampfy and his isreali bot patrol who've been spamming the previous thread pretending the orange kike was actually going to do something about the leaky borders?

Find out who this is, make sure he dies.

>Does anyone actually think something is going to be done about the leaky border if it is not done by us?


fucking based #MAGAWITHDACA


excellent point. nobody with Mexican ancestry should be allowed into the Border Patrol exactly the same way back in the day no faggots were allowed into any positions requiring Top Secret Clearance (blackmail) and nobody with family in the USSR was allowed it (moles).

wanna bet the Narcostan Cartels have better Intelligence Agencies than the faggots at FBICIANSA and on a far larger scale employing hundreds of thousands of moles, double agents, look outs… you name it? wanna bet the Narcostan Cartels who literally run the corrupt Mexican "govt" have the full roster of personnel of the Border Patrol, and they know if some patrol officer's granny or great uncle are still living in Narcostan and gee wouldn't it be a shame if some sicarios kidnapped your dear sweet old abuela and chopped off her head with a machete and dumped her corpse into a 50 gallon barrel of hydrochloric acid? you wouldn't want that to happen now would you gringo? so you better open the fucking border gate when we tell you to, and for your troubles, your granny will find a sack of $100,000 in hundred dollar bills tossed on her door step one night.

we absolutely cannot trust spics in the Border Patrol, they will work against us and they will ultimately betray us like the Trojan Horse and they will undermine every best effort of the Federal Govt to exert its authority to control the US border.

Border GUARDS do not need to speak spanish retard, the ones at detention centers SHOULD.

this video makes my blood boil. this video ranks right up there with the old video "how to convert someone to the alt right in 30 second" which shows a TV interview in Europe where some Muzz invader gloats that all the Muzz want to impregnate as many white girls as they can and that they want to turn Europe into a Muzz supermajority population within 2 generations.

by the way, this scene is pure treason. which ever US Border Patrol officer opened that gate, drove up to the illegal invaders, wave at them, closed the gate and then drove off–that officer deserves to be face a firing squad and then have their corpse chucked over the border wall to rot and be picked apart by the carion on Narcostan soil.

Report these traitors!

Do you still have that vid? I could use some warming rage.

How many fucking watermarks do they need on one video?

That is a US Border Patrol truck. They are white with a green diagonal bar.

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This is essentially what happened to me back in january, but it was some german on the street talking to a muslim.

Jesus Malverde was a fucking bandit not some kind of christ

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