Something doesn’t seem right - we need to dig

This past week, multiple women in a St. Louis Catholic supply store were raped at gunpoint. One woman was shot in the head and killed for refusing to undress. This all happened at 3:00pm in the afternoon.

Police say they’ve caught the perpetrator, a one Thomas Bruce. Thomas Bruce is a 53 year old White man who just happens to be a Trump supporter, a pro 2nd ammendment supporter & gun owner, former Pastor, and a Navy vet.

What a cohencidence!

The puzzling aspects of this are:

1) Police started with almost no evidence. There was almost no video camera footage even though this store was located in a busy strip mall. Law enforcement says they tracked Bruce down from an anonymous tip.

2) Thomas Bruce has a clean record according to the media.

3) People that have known Bruce in the past say they could have never imagined he would do something like this.

4) The media says he was heavily in debt and filed for bankruptcy not long ago

This is troubling because Thomas Bruce allows the media to check all of the boxes that support their “angry-white-Trump-supporter” narrative. They’re going to use this, along with the Pittsburg synogogue shooting, to go after Trump, the 2nd amendment, and Whites in general.

Did this guy just snap or do they have the wrong guy? There’s no video footage and the police haven’t said a word about whether the witness have positively identified this guy as the man who raped them.

Also interesting: police in MO have contacted authorities in Indiana saying Thomas Bruce matches the description of a perpetrator wanted in connection with the murder of two teens. A bit hasty to do that, don’t you think?

Let’s dig into this anons, and see if Thomas Bruce really did do this or if he’s just a patsy.

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White people don't rape and cannot be violent

Isn't this what all prosecuting attorney's and investigators say?
It doesn't add up to even the prosecuting attorney. This said, there are no shortages of demonizing the "White Male" as a phenom; just in time for the Kike In Chief to issue warnings against the latest jew bogeyman a.k.a. 'The Ebil White Nationalist'

At this point, if you believe that even 100 muh drumpf supporters could possibly be worse than the hordes of niggers and shitskins infesting the country, your brain will never work properly

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Maybe its religious, the Thirty Year War after all was a "stalemate" and a lot of crazy shit went down during it, such as Protestant rapes of Catholic nuns.

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And historically, jews always pay for their crimes, do no wrong, and never infiltrate stable societies for the purpose of destroying them from within

Juxtapose pic related 1 (major kike headline) with pic related 2 (kike'd jewgle results first page)

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As we all know it is impossible for white people to commit crime, so this is likely a false flag setup.

Large debt is a common indicator of an insider threat. Someone blackmailed this man.

Elaborate please.

Never trust someone with (((two first names)))

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Do it yourself and present your findings, nigger.

Statistically, people who commit gun crimes are more likely to own a gun than people who don't. In other news hippies without cars don't get tickets for driving without a license.

Statistically, people who own guns are more likely to like being allowed to own guns.

That may explain his choice of location. Anti-Catholic denomination?

When vets snap they do more damage than civvies, and vets have generally gone through more stress.

rapists disproportionately prefer Trump, because they believe that the left is telling the truth when lefties say Trump is a rapist.

That's normal, evidence is hard to gather and verify. USEFUL evidence is even harder to gather and verify.

Many jurisdictions restrict gun ownership for felons; the US is very lax on the precursor crimes for this sort of thing, so it's possible that his priors never actually got documented; and committing a crime OUTSIDE prison generally requires that you be OUTSIDE prison.

Most people don't stay friends with people they think are murderous rapists. Most people aren't in a hurry to tell reporters that they always knew he was gonna do something like this but they didn't want to talk to the cops, too.

Descriptions are widely shared, with the intent of catching suspects quickly. It's not surprising for someone to go 'hey, that looks like the guy we're looking for!' - and it IS something they will be deliberately hasty on because they want to make sure the authorities look for relevant evidence.

No, the prosecuting attorney is just saying that they don't think the crime was politically motivated. Not that they don't think he dunnit.

SO GO AFTER THEM. They drive around in cars that say "Police". They wear conspicuous uniforms. They go to work in buildings marked "Police station", "Courthouse". They aren't hard to find.

You're so fucking stupid it's unreal. Go look at crime statistics sometime. All those violent crime stats are massively inflated by leftists/democrat voters, otherwise known as street trash like antifa, niggers, and wetbacks. Look in any right-leaning rural white community and you won't see a murder for decades. Not a single one. Rape is almost as rare.

If anyone mentions this, just point them to one of their nigger dens like Chicago. If they want to talk about violence, they'll lose every time.

I live nearby. There's dumb shit happening every day in the area. Niggers usually shooting other niggers on the northside.
I can investigate but I need more to go by.

Just ask the multiple women raped at gun point?

I genuinely mean it when I say you should kill yourself OP

Found the city boy.

West Virginia has one of the lowest crime rates in America. It's poor, white and rural. There's an unwritten code of conduct for rural whites, one of class loyalty. Don't fuck over your fellow man. There's also that country folk justice that if you're a piece of shit enough to actually rape someone. You'll be dead in a ditch somewhere in the holler in no time.


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it is also impossible for black people to commit crime, therefore, the media doesn't signal boost it to the high heavens and get everyone in an uproar about it because it doesn't happen

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Came here to make this post. Could be an untermench rapist, could be a kike plant. Two first names is a classic kike signaling technique, and the names Thomas and Bruce both hold significance to white people.

the two girls that were raped and murdered on the walking path? yeah, no, all we go to that guy is a fuzzy pic (he had hair and a hat) where the face is a pixelated smudge, and even then that's just somebody who happened to walk past the camera; nobody knows if that was even the right person

Trying to alienate trad Catholics from Trump?

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