The Devil

The Devil may exist or not,
I cannot say for certain,
But I know that devils do exist,
For I have encountered them in person,
The devil is the teacher, that tells the children lies,
The devil is the split-tongued snake that bites you, and then cries,
The devil is the doctor, who sells you medication,
Designed to rot and melt your mind, while the devil steals your nation,
The devil is that persistent lie of a legacy of oppression,
A most fervent and oppressive lie, which seeks unending compensation,
The devil is the bleeding-heart that sings of love and peace,
But in that very breath, points its claws and bears its teeth,
The devil is equality, a lie chosen over truth,
A lie, which grows and festers,
Whose thirst cannot be soothed,
The devil is pleasure,
The devil is distraction,
The devil is all those things that keep you clueless of his actions,
I still cannot know for sure if the Devil does exist,
But I know for sure he needn’t to,
For there to be devils in our midst.


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You need to stop shitting up the board christcuck.

Yeah he exsits, sage.

This isn't christan at all you illiterate mongoloid retard.

I don't even believe in christcukcery.

Even the devil himself cannot stand jews

Saturn exists, you also worship it, Christcunt. Your big white "t" symbolizes the inside of Saturn's black box in the same way (((David's shield))) is another two-dimensional representation of the same thing.

Fuck, I forgot to sage. Since I'm here still, >>>Zig Forums, become a NatSoc, or kys.

Apparently Zig Forums Zig Forums is now populated by illiterate niggers who can't read more than one line before shitting themselves and having an aneurism

I have already stated that I'm not christian, and the poem is a political one, not a religious one.

be gone jidf.

It's still against the rules and still promotes kike faggotry, so go eat a bag of nigger dicks I know it isn't your typical Tuesday, but pretend, this shit will get deleted either way, shill.

This is a NatSoc board, faggot kike cattle.

This board has been targeted by jidf for mass pagan larp spam. Infinity is a bit edgier than cuckchan so Trumpkike shilling doesn't work so they've tried to use pagan larpers instead. Your thread has nothing to do with Christianity and these kikebots flood in.

"Our movement is christian" -Adolf Hitler

Which rule you mongoloid retard?

If you knew anything of positive christianity or actually read NSDAP literature, you'd know how you err assuming it isn't intentional. Either way, >>>Zig Forums or >>>/oven/.

This isn't Zig Forums related, I forgot to mention that last post.

The Devil exists and He is the Lord of this world. He cares very much for you.

Reminder that it's because of christcucks that kikes have control of the entire world. "HUrrr, it's illegal for us to be money lenders, but lets bring in jews to do it for us!"

Thanks Satan.

i wish it were so but they are his nurglings

That actually wasn't bad OP. Kind of gay to post it here though, but keep up writing if you're into that sort of thing.

I felt the same way. Not bad, right?

Can you provide concrete evidence to substantiate your claims? All forms of civilized and rational debate require justification for claims presented, you don't expect us to listen and believe like liberals do you?

Fuck off to temple already yid.

He already outted himself as a Cuckchan nazi larper earlier.

What else is there to do on this board though?

Not much since most legitimate anons left after cuckchan kikes and edgy normalfags have took over the board. I miss Imkikey and I'd gladly stomp that roach, at least the board was shit in easily bypassed ways back then, not just shit in general.

Well /b/ went to absolute shit thanks to Dysnigger, so it's no fun either.

Positive Christianity was christian your absolute tard. Goebbles said again and again that marxism was an affront to christ.

My grammar today is almost as bad as OP's poem.

Positive Christianity removed all the jew shit that you modern cuckstains love most.

Well, you held on to the parts that don't affect your kike-worship, congratulations.

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Repent, sinners

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Repent this! *unzips dick*

Sorry, pol is a Christian board

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No, it's a NatSoc board and >>>Zig Forums is a containment board to get you fake dead kike cockslurpers out of here.

Your dick has a zipper? How uncomfortable.


If your pagan gods are real why didnt they stop a dead kike from taking over their people

If god is real he will kill my right now

But whatever, evidently I win.
Checkmate, Christcucks.

Jews have always been better at social and economic manipulation for the countries they attach themselves to.

National Socialism doesn't concern itself with religion. If European Folk Religion threads are allowed than so are Christian threads. If you're allowed to shit on Christian threads then Christians are allowed to shit on Pagan threads. Nobody is shill for or against anyone, its just a lot of autistic screeching. Get over it. Ideally religion would be banned here.

Because of the way Christianity spread. It was a subversive spread usually enforced by the sword only after corrupt Kings fell for the meme.

Lol, I'm not even a pagan, you're just retarded and have no grasp of the world beyond kike programming. If you you want to go full cuckchan on me, I'll beat you at your own game nigger, I graduated from that shit years ago.

Sorry the only people worshipping pagan gods nowadays are larping wiccans, under Christ Europe created the greatest arts and culture the world has seen, before christ they were no better than niggers

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National Socialism is a spiritual movement as much as a political one and I'm sure as fuck not letting these faggots shit up the board unhindered.

This faggot even thinks whites are worthless with out being kike puppets. I can't even make this shit up, kek.

Hitler made certain biblical reaching non-canonical? That's news to me


Fantastic work, user. I will spread this.

You outting yourself only helps in my reporting you, keep going.

You, I like you. I may make you a dignitary of hell yet.

The rest of these unbelievers who don't even check my satanic trips? Into the Lake of Fire they go.

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The transformative power of Christianity to civilize people knows no bounds! That's why Christian Africans are at the forefront of technological development and live in a golden age, right?

fuck off kike.

Dante's Hell? Fuck, you just run around slandering people until you walk out the back exit.

Not a person here has had an argument, not you either. This is a shitty 4cucks Christcunt thread full of ad hominems, I'm just getting some fun in until the shit global mods do something.

Me? No, I am busy snacking on Brutus and Cassius and a few other choice mortal traitors.

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Come on, before christianity the Germanic people were nothing more than savage barbarians being a thorn in the side of Rome.

Christian or not, pagan memes or not, if you cannot appreciate literature of this kind, you'd be put in the place where all the faggots of Weimar Germany went I'm not even natsoc, and i bet i understand the ideal more than, say, or .

Get your shit together Zig Forums. I'm about to switch to mewch Zig Forums as my new home ffs. And i'll shill the living FUCK out of it on here.

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Fellow christians please visit us at freech. Zig Forums always has been full of nazi larping rulefags but we can beat the satan out of them.

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Christianity has to to be true because it's to strange to have been made up by humans.

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I used to think Christianity was ridiculous and was a staunch atheist. While I would still qualify myself as an atheist, I will readily admit I see the hand of "Satan" moving across the face earth. Whether he exists or not is irrelevant. Something that fits the description is at work and needs to be stamped out.

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The thread isn't even about Christianity you retard, and I've made several arguments which you've failed to address. You're obviously a kike shill.

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What you call 'Satan' is actually the Eternal Jew.

Blow your trumpets Gabriel!
As I beheld the bewilderment ov Eden
Break the bread…and crumb by crumb into the Leviathan's den…
Nations fall prey
Hail my return

Hosanna Hosanna
Tribe ov Judah decimate
Hosanna Hosanna
Root ov David eradicate

Hosanna Hosanna
Let wine ov Sodom fill our mouths
Hosanna Hosanna
May Sin ov Gommorah grace our hearts

Don't I know it, brother.

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Kymatica 2:

Have some black friday cozy movie pills my nigs.

"our movement is christian" -Adolf Hitler

Many Christians disagree. Hitler insulted the Christian God (((YHWH))) and created Positive Christianity without the Jewish Old Testament fairy tales that Christians fall head-over-heels for.

During christendom in Europe, jews were kept in Ghettos, barred from education and unable to hold any political office. Europe was a kike puppet during that time? The jews gained their power over as christianity was chipped away, starting with humanism and ending with the enlightenment. It was the secular rulers that let jews do as they please.

The Nicene Creed created Roman Catholicism that more or less did the same thing and people accept that just fine

Jews had plenty of influence in Christian Royal Courts, and had the title "Court Jews".

That and Christian law protected Jews long before Secularization rescued Europe from Christian delusion.

Yeah there were a lot of Christians that were against the National Socialist interpretation of Christianity. What's your point? Hitler and the party still considered Natsoc to be a christian movement.

Except Catholics worship (((YHWH))) and voted against Hitler as a demographic bloc.

Court jews were still the Royalties bitch, and jews practically no political influence in Christian kingdoms. Can you sit there with a straight face and tell me that the jew LOST influence as we entered the age of enlightenment and secularization?

Christians are gullible enough to believe that without actually doing any research.

How does that negate where the religion came from, it's (((prophets))), or the Kabbalistic blood ritual to Saturn that is the Rapture? I could go further, but nothing is going to come from this thread. The old user that utterly BTFOd every Christkike thread here left months ago for endchan. If you were here even four months ago, this thread would be full of infographics shutting down Christcunts and I feel deep chagrin for not downloading them to my cellphone.

Hitler created Positive Christianity to wean his people off the Jewish teat. You don't slowly wean off of anything by coming out against it openly, that's why Hitler said publicly that his was a Christian movement while filling his cabinet of advisers with anti-Christians, and disparaged Christianity and its flabbiness privately.

The Jew lost a powerful tool of manipulation once Christianity lost some popularity/its overwhelming political power. They did invent other shit later on to replace their loss though.

OP is retarded

So is this guy.

Devil in greek simply means "Slanderer". Basically (((people))) that accuse others or false flag them for things they didn't do.

This is only a thing for North American Evangelicals. You clearly don't know enough about Christianity to be talking about it. Please go further though if you have the information.
So your argument is there is a guy who could BTFO me

The only refrench to Hitler "disparaging Christianity" are in documents (((found))) after the war. We all know what a kiked up mess the (((table talks))) are.

The book that prohibits degeneracy, enforces monogamy and patriarchy and bans usury was a system of jewish control? Please explain to me HOW the bible allowed the jews to control Europe. My reading of History is that the time jews were must under heal was also the high-point of European Christendom (the middle ages.)

Oh please, go- fellow brother in Christ! Don't kill me, I converted last monty! I'm a good Christian mensch who dindu nuffin!
*infiltrates your royal court*
What? You Christian peasants come to burn me at stake? Well lookie here, goyim. I got me a paper from the Papal Bull that says I get safe passage outta here!

It's not hard.

Doesn't exist. A Jewish fabrication you fell for.

Conversos were mostly only a thing in Iberia and even then they were still regarded as jews and with distrust. Julius and Augustus made judaism a legal religions in the empire so its not as if Pagan Europe was out crucifying jews for being jews before Christ.

Thank you, OP. That was good, but learn to ignore the shills and faggots. They have a brigade on here 24/7 looking for anything related to Christ so they can attack it mercilessly. They showed up after the board moderation was changed. They don't seem to have a problem with degeneracy or marxism or anything else, only Christ. Odd.

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It's a thing for everyone. That's how it works.

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The only people who believe in the rapture are north american evangelicals.

The Devil is collective human consciousness in a fallen or unnatural state.

Or nanochan. It has a clearnet url. You could view giving up this board as being defeated, but codemonkey doesn't want us here. Without an admin who at least give a bit of a shit about this board or at least doesn't outright dislike us, it can easily be overrun. nanochan seems to have an admin who actually cares about Zig Forums and the state of the site boards.

On which base?

The devil exist because WE THE PEOPLE exist. It is in our nature!

Exist? Yes.

Big Bubble user

I can't find it. Post a link.


😘😘😘 I work for the Mossad!

Q is Mossad! Anons work for Mossad, for Socrates syllogism I work for Mossad!

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Uhm I start to think that pedos are all in an Italian island like Elba🧐

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