Screw your Posse Comitatus, Martial Law is going in

so there i was, Jewgling for pdfs about Posse Comitatus, looking for an old
paper i had read back in the 90's written by some US Military Officer, where he
explained that what we think of as Posse Comitatus doesn't exist, because
according to his personal experience in the military at the Top Secret level,
that America already lives under secret Martial Law and that the millitary
brass already act as if Posse Comitatus does not apply to anything they do
domestically. this author's paper was written in the aftermath of Ruby ridge,
Waco and the Oklahoma city false flag and he was clearly on the side of
Patriots and the "well regulated militia", and not on the side of his ZOG DoD

i couldn't re-find this old paper, but i did come across this peculiar 73 page
paper about Posse Comitatus, dated November 6, 2018 and published by the
Congressional Research Service.

what a coincidence that CRS, the research arm of Congress and often the
authoritative source of information for the decision makers in Congress, would
publish a paper about Posse Comitatus mere weeks before the rumbling and
whispers in the Fake News begin about Trump using the military to close the
Mexican border to stop the incoming waves of "Caravans" brazenly invading our
border with tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

what does the timing mean? i suspect it mean Martial Law really is coming soon.
personally, this is a great sign to me. i have been waiting since the 1990's for TSHTF, since i watched Waco burn,
and read about Ruby Ridge and watched Oklahoma blow and since i read
Kaczynski's ISAIF in the NYT. bring it on! Martial Law YAAAS! i would rather have something pop off to start the 2nd Civil War than wait around wallowing in Blackpills for decades while the more things change, the more they stay the same.

as for the paper, the strangest thing about it is that it is written from the perspective
of justifying the President's inherent executive powers to by-pass what we think
of as Posse Comtitatus and to avoid any restrictions imposed by PC. the paper
is a legal history of Posse Comitatus, and it explains multiple scenarios from
the past where
the President was not bound by PC, as well as legal technicalities and
undefined loop holes where the President can use the Military for domestic law
enforcement without having PC invoked against him.

in reading this paper, i learned a bit of our history and gained a more thorough
understanding of Posse Commitatus, so let me share with you the highlights that
appear to be most applicable to what Trump is doing today on the border with

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first, the big legal guns. the Constitution explicitly says the President can
call forth the "well regulated militia" to defend the country from an
insurection, a rebellion or an invasion. clearly, this is the present
situation of anarchy on the Mexican border. our immigration laws have been
brazenly violated for so many decades, and by so many tens of millions of
illegals now permanently in our country, that flaunting our immigration law has
become part of our pop culture itself, and has enflamed countless groups who
are Nationalists loyal to Foreign Nations on our soil (i.e. violent protestors
like La Raza at Democrat and Soros instigated anti-Trump riots who carry
Mexican and other LatAm flags on the streets of Los Angeles and through out SoCal). the
spirit of insurection and general rebellion has spread far and wide amongst the
population at this point. much of our TV, music, movies all promote the
destructive ideology of opening the borders to everyone, and of abolishing the
borders of America itself and ultimately bringing down the American Govt. (i.e.
recent Antifa terrorists at Tucker Carlson's home chanting "No Borders! No
Walls! No USA at all!").

so Trump is well within his inherent powers to use the military to close the
Mexican border and to physically repel illegals from entering and Trump doesn't
even need to ask Congress nor the Courts for permission nor even tell them what
he is doing–it's none of their business.

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Posse Comitatus does not apply in a time of war nor to the military seizing
resources needed for war. thanks to the magic of 9/11 and the
Bush/Cheney/Kavanaugh Patriot Act, America is in a permanent state of war. The
Global War on Terror never ended, it only expanded, and since it is undefined it
can never be "won." this gives Trump all the carte blanche he needs to apply the
military on the border. if there is even one RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST in the
Caravans, that is all the legal justification necessary for military

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Posse Comitatus does not apply to the President. Posse Comitatus was originally
written by Congress with the intent of preventing local Federal Marshals from
calling up Federal Troops and using them for local policing for an indefinite
time period and for ambiguous and arbitrary purposes and in an unstructured
chain of command. the Congress which originally passed Posse Comitatus even said
they did not intend for it to apply to the President, since when the President
gives orders to the military that is entirely obeying the chain of command.

you can also argue that Posse Comitatus does not apply to the President for the
same reason the NSA bulk surveilling and wiretapping Americans does not. we now
know from declassified NSA documents that back in 2001, Deputy Office and Legal
Council attorney John Yoo wrote Top Secret memos authorizing the President to
order the NSA to begin spying on everyone, because any law restricting the
President's inherent Constitutional authority is automatically invalid. FISA was
therefore declared invalid and inapplicable to the President. and because the
President is also the Decider in Chief when it comes to classifying information,
the President is allowed to keep all of this secret, and he doesn't need to tell
the Court's that he believes FISA doesn't apply to his authority and that he can
just ignore FISA. well what other inherent powers of the President can the
President decide to ignore in secret? all of them. any law which illegal
restricts the President's privacy by invading it and exposing his Secret Laws is
itself illegal. this includes Posse Comitatus. Trump can simply ignore Posse
Comitatus and slap a Top Secret National Security Eyes Only marking on it and
nobody in Congress and nobody in the Court can question his authority nor even
know about his authority.

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the military is already allowed to uses spies and informants to collect
intelligence on Americans and the Courts have decided this does not violate
Posse Comitatus. so Trump could also tuck military intervention under the vast
umbrella of SIGINT and nobody would have the authority to question him.


Posse Comitatus does not apply to soldiers doing what any ordinary man would do.
the legal authority of the US military truly is rooted in being an enormous
extension of your local friendly neighborhood militia–them good 'ol boys–your
drinking budies with whom you run around in the wood on weekend and shoot guns.
the Courts have long decided back in the 1800's that when a soldier acts in such
a way as any normal man would act to defend his community, then that is not
Posse Comitatus. well what could be more normal of an act than to grab your guns
and head for the border and get ready to shoot the whites of their eyes when you
hear your local Town Crier declare that a foreign Caravan has formed and is
marching to your border and intends to illegally invade your nation? any US
soldier defending the border ceases to be a sole agent of the US military and
becomes an "Every Man" doing what any Good and Decent American citizen of
military age would do to assist with the defense of our country. they just
happen to have 10,000 such men and are equipped with the best weapons and gear
and tanks and aircraft and enough firepower to bring the Wrath of Hell upon any

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this was a particularly interesting historical tidbit. AG Cushing, who
originally helped Congress to rule on Posse Comitatus, had some very interesting
remarks about his interpretation of it. AG Cushing says "every man… above age
15… is Posse Comitatus." this is the definition of "well regulated militia."
every able bodied adult male is our army. and it goes on to say that it is the
duty of every man to fight to put down a riot or insurection and any number of
such men assembled to put down a riot are equally compelled by a greater law to
form a Posse Comitatus.

furthermore, by restricting the President and applying Posse Comitatus to him,
this causes riots and insurection and rebellion and anarchy. by not allowing the
President to use the military as needed, it creates a vacuum of power for
bandits and foreign militants to operate with impunity, and their escalating
violence eventually becomes so bad that the US military has to become involved
later, rather than sooner.

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finally, this was also very eye opening to me, as i had never considered the
history of this debate. did you know that back in the 1800's, before the machine
gun was even invented, that the debate about the Second Amendment considered the
"well regulated militia" as more important and more fundamental to protecting
our freedom than the right to bear arms? gun ownership now hogs 99% of the
debate, but really our Founding Fathers would rather see us debating the
Militia, because it is the militia that will be critical to preserve America and
the Constitution. we always see Libcucks wag their fingers and parrot "your
AR-15 isn't like a musket, because the Govt has ICBMs, so just give up your
guns, Goy." but really the debate should be about how well does our Military
represent We The People? how well regulated is our Militia? why can't you be
part of our Militia? why does our Militia have over 800 bases in 154 countries?
why does our Militia consume the vast majority of our taxes, while leaving us
knowing very little about what it is doing, what its objectives are and whether
it is winning or losing? why does our Militia fail an annual budget audit and
somehow lose track of trillions of dollars? and why does this shocking fact not
stop the world and become the top headline for weeks straight and force Congress
to hold immediate hearing and force the Courts to start putting folks on trial
for embezzlement? why do we just ignore a litany of crimes and thefts commited
by our militia and keep on Keeping Up With the Kardashians while brainwashing
ourselves watching the Electric Jew? why is our well regulated milita so
un-well regulated? why does the full might of the Federal Govt crack down on a
few white Patriots who want to play "little militia" in the wood, while
shocking murders, coups, false flags, assassinations and countless massacres
of civillians are performed by our "Big Militia" both abroad and domestically,
while we all ignore them?

a government which is truly for and by the people starts and ends with a well
regulated militia. without that, you have nothing, you don't have a country and
you don't have a President–you have a Democracy, not a Republic, you have Rule
of the Majority, you have endless infighting between an inept and neutered
Congress and you have an inscrutable and rogue and out of control Deep State
with a terminal tumor the size of 16 Yottabytes stored by the NSA in Bluffdale.

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This is rather interesting.

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The question isn't IF the president has legal justifications to use the military on US soil for law enforcement but IF he wants to. Goddamn Delta Force was used in Waco, Texas and the US Navy was used to stop David Duke's plot to make a White enclave in Grenada. As Commander in Chief, your justifications have to be reeeeeeal slim to go to war, whether we like that or not.

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When If the military ever occupies the streets, it will only be good news for us. The possibilities, as I see them:

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idgaf, people have been saying "it's happening" for quite awhile now, I'm not about to believe anyone but op is mostly just going over the document.

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