The plan is simple, we gloat (false flagging as taco niggers) about how "we" will reclaim "our lost lands" by 2025 through ethnic replacement and already completed "legal" immigration, thus redpilling legions of normies, especially those in Southwestern States.

Operational Steps:
1) Someone less retarded with photoshop than I needs to make an outline of that fucking shithole of a country, combined with the outline of ALL bordering American states, as one outline. Pic related. This will have their flag superimposed over it, and the finished image will be the basis for ALL of us to meme with

2) We send this shit EVERYWHERE. Fake twitters, fake normiebooks.

3)Edgy images of posts on the above should be shared through legitimate social media accounts.

4)Hopefully we can bait some (((media))) soycucks into virtue signaling these images, to "help their beaner brothers", or whatever the fuck we can get them to think they're doing.

5)It might be even better if we are "exposed" as doing this hoax, but then we ran interferance LARPING as fucking shitskin invasive scum, saying "its an anti-immigration meme, but its totally true in spite of that anyways lol"

LETS BUILD SOME ENERGY AND DO THIS!!! If we can pull this off, we'll wake some wagies into realizing they're being replaced, and hopefully anger some of them to the point at which they start to care.


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Texas should secede before it turns blue, kill all the commies, bad spics and cucks and rejoin the US to get around the Constitution.


Attached: pepe aus.jpg (853x937, 167.67K)

It's not a bad plan OP but there are only about 50 people here now who aren't Alt-Kike agents or Jews.

Good. Hopefully one of them knows how to use photoshop. If we get a quality outline with that asswipe flag, those of us who believe in this idea will have a solid foundation to meme from

Why don't you go and look right now.

Attached: 78afee58a4f4043b5e25bd1cbaa5c14ecbfdb2ac03b2a2aa0d078bcd4a6de03e.jpeg (976x768, 27.14K)

Once the interstices of interaction were digitally substituted (long distance comms being the norm, but non-analog content without real-time video and audio, especially), these sorts of ideas of organized promulgation of ideas became impossible to develop without being subject to immediate and effective containment through covert manipulation of the systems and flows of interaction, which became increasingly powerful and complex (fusion centers, etc).

Literature, pamphlets, and hard work are the only sure analog way to bypass such structures. They don't require direct interaction, but can reliably be promulgated in true form, through reliable emissaries. That's the way it was done in the past, and it would work today as well.

Assuming this message even "gets through" due to the problem you mentioned.

It's slower, drearier, and takes the added "danger" of face to face interaction, but it at least bypasses this damn system of total covert control that the usual suspects just love to death for its power to let the prey like spiders over the web of others' lives and interactions.

Attached: Strategic Factor.jpg (1934x812, 374.09K)

You dont get it. There isn't the man power here anymore for your constant operations threads. mods destroyed this place. Take it to 4chan where they have the man power, where the media will write an article about how you're falseflagging twitter again. See how it works?

No more Zig Forums.
No more meme wars.
4channel is the new 4chan
8ch has been a ghost town for almost 2yrs.

Attached: Screenshot-2018-11-21 Chuck Wendig on Twitter(26).png (767x806, 741.75K)


Just saw it and already read it. Thanks.

La raza did it already.

Attached: aztlanmap.png (1475x1275, 127.21K)

No, I do get it. We will not give up, we will simply work with what we have. We are 7% of the world's population yet we ruled it all. A few polocks can do a lot. IF SOMEONE WILL ACTUALLY PHOTOSHOP THE IMAGE WE NEED, THAT YOUR RACE NEEDS RIGHT NOW

then the rest of us can try and post it on 4pol and hope they can abstain from posting interracial pornography and infighting for a few moments to share it further. Its our only hope.


Attached: generation.jpg (1024x576, 102.52K)

"He might be a dumb savage but he's workin' for me"

Moonman said it best.

ALRIGHT, UNLESS/UNTIL SOMEONE MAKES A BETTER ONE (Which I know someone here reading this can, if shitskin beaners can make this image) WE MEME WITH THIS ONE

Attached: subverted.jpg (634x512, 178.99K)

Those categories are disjoint, nature is unlimited fascism.

Attached: the wolf tears.gif (496x281, 1.97M)

But wont

Exactly. We're overfilled with clueless boomers and worse, civnats

Attached: whats ours is ours.jpg (1920x1200, 726.24K)

Lies and deceit are tools of (((the enemy))) and should only be used when fucking implicitly necessary. This is fucking weak shit. Go to the IOTBW thread if you want a decent mission, lying to people about immigration just puts you on par with the enemy.

Appreciate the enthusiasm, but you lost me at "less retarded".

There is a group that isn't false flagging and is dead serious. Look up La Raza and the Atzlan movement.

and exterminate every fucking carpet-bagging Marxist from California and New England that has shit this truly Amazing place all to hell.I fucking hate them all and I'm the guy you see flipping off anyone with a license plate from those… places

I remember when I had your positivity. I miss those days, but there is no going back now. While the jew pushes his nigger pets towards your wifes vagina and your children's brains are filled with details of how they're evil for being white in school, you're on an imageboard trying to demotivate the only people actually willing to stand in the way of the physical removal of your race, because we're not being "nice"

Attached: out of time.jpg (1920x1200, 1.04M)

Fine, don't help us. Crouch down and lick the hands that feed you, may your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget, that ye were our countryman

Attached: theyve taken your future.jpg (537x537, 54.41K)

Why? They do that en masse without any false flagging.

Attached: genocide6926.jpg (1335x600, 664.26K)

It's funny because Mexicans already do this.


FUCK ITS TRUE, the best memes really do write themselves.




We have a solid concept here, boys!! Throw those tendies in the oven and LETS DO THIS!!

Attached: ancestors.png (791x1024, 1.09M)

What can be trusted except what has always been the basis of trust, knowing the man you are talking to and looking him in the eyes. This whole thing, sad to say, cannot AVOID being a "honeytrap" haven. And I am NOT being "demotivational" btw. I've been suspecting that my nodal connections to internet have been subverted since its algorithms detected whatever tendencies they have chosen to cull from society as they would have it. Too many generals got on board, maybe blackmailed or threatened by various means. So it is a de facto junta and a subverted one throughout the cold war, which was simply a smokescreen while the good ones were burned and the evil ones promoted.

MIMA can easily subvert ANY interaction between any two nodes on the internet. First it is transparent (watches), then slowly edits the interactions if it allows them at all, and can put each interaction into its own "echo chamber" as well, often populated by appropriate bots and trolls.

As has been said of 4chan and here. So in that situation, since it can be posited, what would one realistically do once this has already happened? Whatever it is, it would have to be ANALOG. Wouldn't you agree?

Am I crazy, or could an 8 year old with Microsoft paint create your requested thread image?

Wow. So much for kike-free first post.

So what if it is, what can YOU do about that, RIGHT NOW? Nothing, that's what. So lose the defeatist attitude, and start doing what you can RIGHT NOW, which is MEMEING THIS SHIT

Saying that "an 8 year old" could do this instead of "An autistic polock" is like saying that someone wasnt murdered with this knife, but by that one, instead. It couldnt matter less which knife was used. All that matters is that someone was murdered. I don't give a fuck who makes the image, even the savages we're trying to fight back against have given us images to us. All that matters IS THAT WE MEME THEM

Attached: blackest land whitest people.jpg (633x277, 123.61K)

New England hasn't done jack shit to Texas, and California has affected it, but what you're doing by blaming other whites is kike D&C. The obvious, glaring issue is that Texas went from 80% white to 30% in 40 years. There is no explanation. It's very amazing how effective kike propaganda ops are that now, suddenly, it's the Californians or the New Englanders.
t.lifelong Texas resident

*There is no explanation other than that (mass immigration)

Attached: A924B6B7-5451-4106-8A62-C15DEDED281B.gif (600x343 630.67 KB, 708.72K)

sauce on the taco nigger?

well the OP must be a good idea then

Please repulse your degenerate urges at least until the conclusion of this thread


Attached: 1950s.jpg (915x1024, 179.33K)

It’s a Ruskie.

It’s not.

Nah just use Facebook, and make sure you use your real info on your accounts. I swear you kikes are too obvious now.

Attached: 70A560E5-9BFC-4EFD-A500-A88877F8AC8E.jpeg (800x600 52.59 KB, 61.54K)

How does one do this without getting zucked?


The troll is fun brother, but you should meme in this direction instead, imo.

Attached: sketch-1543027604354.png (1200x1827, 2.37M)

Who would deport this, honest question?

Attached: 0A398B8D-494D-4BB4-9659-17706C354FBF.jpeg (901x1200, 128.71K)

Well. I’d colonize her womb.

Attached: 9520DCBE-B80F-4EB5-911C-53793FB6DE96.jpeg (901x1200 185.5 KB, 146.8K)

You're going to tell the countrymen of the people who traveled halfway across the world in rickiey ass wooden ships, landing on a huge continent with only a small number of men and an idea, who wiped the floor with thousands of native savages so damn brutally that the kikes still whine about it 300 years later - you're going to tell the descendants of these people that they can't do a simple job with unlimited access to the only required tools, already before them.

Good luck with that.

Attached: empires.jpg (1354x609, 1.04M)

It is not spoilered either. Reported.

this shit is corny ass fuck. how do feel good about posting this lame ass shit at this time of day.

But we need it to go all the way down to Panama. We have to control the Panama canal. Make sure it says something about genociding taco niggers on it as well.

Cry harder.


Attached: 6F96D2D3-660A-4BD0-882A-C575E7444A0F.jpeg (901x1200, 147.16K)

Not yet kamaraden, baby steps. Remember, most normies are scared to be "racist" even in their own minds. One step at a time.

What's next 2013 era 4chan "qt black gf" memes? Get the fuck out of here.

Try and discuss it with someone intelligent and see what happens. That's one thing I can do. I don't have the resources to do the memeing right now, to do it proper. My area of focus is in thinking and metathinking, including thinking about what actions will be truly constructive or which will lead into certain pitfalls, and everything in between.

For example, if my thesis is only true in a minor or potential way, then full steam ahead on whatever makes sense in non-subverted-internet world. But if it is only partly true ANYWHERE then WHERE ELSE would it be true MORE than here? Of all places? Plus you are so vehement, as if this would bring results as soon as someone uploaded and hit send.

I think that the "It's Okay To Be White" posting had much more impact.

Something that cannot be realistically stifled and redirected must have an analog form under current "information warfare conditions".

Attached: What I'm Saying IS....png (1920x1080, 2.13M)

My meme kit includes, app called sketch (microsoft paint for mobile), app called cut paste photos. Easy to use. You dont need photoshop.
God bless polocks.

Attached: no.jpg (380x380, 62.49K)

Good, then go do that. You're being a talker, not a do-er. One can find problems with anything, this is true, but it does mean that these things are not workable.

Cool. Are you gonna show us how its done?

her ass is unshapely, so yes

The sad part about posts like this is that they try to put on a sense that it's just lazy late night trolling with zero effort or thought, just shitposting for the sake of shitposting but you know that is just a desperate way to mask the angry, red faced, sweaty palmed, white knuckle trolling effort of a mongoloid fishing for a response that he won't get and it will eat him up inside all week.

Haha, I know, you are right, makes most sense geographically, and the fucking army advancing on our country hails from this region. I was too lazy to zoom in to do the detail work. It took me 3 minutes to do that with sketch OP

But if it doesn't say anything about genociding taco niggers then everyone will think you are proposing the new NAFTA border…they will simply think that you want to incorporate all of the taco niggers into our nation rather than exterminate them. Even taco niggers are going to love that because it just means they can parasite harder while we work legitimate jobs.

Team player, I get it.

It doesnt matter whose right, all that matters is that this is OFF TOPIC and NOT RELEVANT to this op. Please focus on memeing the idea at hand

Oh look an easy Mexican whore. That'll show those evil racists.

I really don't want taco niggers (or any non-whites) thinking they are going to be welcome in our nation. I don't see how that is 'off topic' to memeing a map about reconquering the Americas…

fucking disgusting pepperoni nips and spic ontop of that, not surprised she is whoring herself out on the internet for attention.

Attached: 29bb83f7b2673306a9358a04a5a9988455d4a8ff2fff27b4492c42d449e0143d.gif (499x350 2.32 MB, 419.9K)

I am so glad I filtered that degenerate

Fixed your low energy map.

Attached: Real_map.jpg (1200x1827, 806.5K)

Usually when people come here to "troll" it's really just one post snipes, they don't spill their spaghetti embarrassingly across a whole thread. Imagine the sharp stab of anger this guy will feel when he gets banned and his effort ends abruptly.

Keep seething "white" boy.

I dont think anyone does. Except the (((leaders))) of course. We simply need to work one step at a time. Colonization/cleansing latin america isn't a current goal, its too far away and theres no feasible way to do it right now. But we can start agitating whites through the means in the OP and that'll help turn them against the spics.

Can you make it say something like White America? Or European America?

"European America" has a nice sound to it

Mexicans already gloat about it in Texas openly and the whites there are huge cucks that can’t do anything anymore. It’s a dead state

Attached: jewjecting.png (491x334, 317.96K)

Amen, working on 2.0. I had flood seepage when trying to color smaller segments. My stock image not true, or did you have same issue?

Not the ones who think with our heads and not our dicks
ugly faggot. Do you know this woman or something? Bitter she wouldn't have sex with you so you project that onto others?

Attached: 1ede6a05d3115df05c01183bbc0a47f17fcfbfa46e6af18778d09f0761d8db18.gif (615x346, 3.63M)

Would pol suck on this woman’s nipples or suck on her toes? Need an answer.

Attached: F5EC16F1-0EAF-4795-886D-4EFEEBE3EE29.jpeg (599x432 250.61 KB, 45.15K)



Attached: 240674eb3fdd547aa40c589579b1b23183a14e7b9a534a1a5a0e71b93c8557b0.gif (570x496 383.41 KB, 526.41K)

Fuck off, Jett.

Attached: 'Jett Rink' 6.png (1920x1200, 883.09K)

Attached: Real_map II.jpg (1200x1827, 858.37K)

reported and filtered

No actually it was Bush's and the neocon's non-enforcement of the fucking border. But about the Yankees and Marxists moving in- You are utterly full of shit. I can only speak for Houston but the mass migration of fuckers from California, New Jersey, New York and Illinois did nothing but hard shift Harris and Fort Bend Counties blue in the last 10 years. Over 1,000,000 people moved to the fucking city in the last decade. You know where they came from? Fucking California, New Jersey, New York and Fucking Illinois. Like a plague of locusts and now they have the City government in all major Texas cities locked down. Do you think the fucking beaners would move there if they know the HPD would kick down their doors or stop and frisk demanding their papers?
>t. former Houston fag now living in the middle of a sparsely populated Texas county.

Attached: Selection_278.jpg (813x381, 158.84K)

Attached: Fucking disgusting.jpg (622x477, 61.7K)

Bottom line with all that porn shit is that it is intended to derail your common sense. You don't have that in front of you right now, and if you did it would come with all sorts of strings attached (diseases, honeypot, distraction, semen loss, miscegenation, etc). Focus on your direct and concrete reality, as that is what porn derails.

What do you think about moving the text down so that it invades the border of Mexico…sort of make a 'micro-aggression' (kek) denial of their whole nation?

Attached: european america map all north.jpg (1200x1827, 909.33K)

I wish I knew what font that was…I would probably call it NEW EUROPEAN AMERICA. With the NEW centered above the word EUROPEAN.

It's Arial font, boldened.

Start with this puta's IG, fixed his image for him. Viva la blanca raza muchachos!

Attached: DEXATI20181123223352~2.png (1143x869, 651.28K)

Then fuck right off to another board.
No one gives a shit.
Unless you are going to kill yourself.
Then we want to watch you live stream it.

What about this?

Attached: european america map all north copy.jpg (1200x1827, 947.37K)

I need a logo too…a phoenix rising from the ashes should do it.

Attached: sketch-1543032145708.png (802x600 1.43 MB, 67.73K)

It would have to be done in a WAY-over-the-top manner to be effective.
Otherwise, we'd be helping La Raza.
You'd have to make it look like they want to purge whites, they're coming here with guns, camouflage.
Essentially you'd have to do what Rita Katz did. She fabricated ISIS videos and was the main source for the ones CNN showed on TV.

They do this by themselves. Instead of being a lieer, a retard, and a faggot who can't even make his own god damn image, go out and find the beaners saying this shit already and compile it.

Tell me about it, according to the republican gubernatorial primaries, it appears over 1.3 million cuckservatives/civnats wanted Cuckett while a little over 20k wanted independence by voting for Kilgore.

you know if all the beaners in America would actually fucking go there, I wouldn't give a damn if that map happened. likewise, I wouldn't give a damn if we gave the niggers some southern states if they all went there and left the rest of us alone. the important thing is that we have a whites-only territory where we can continue to exist as a race instead of being miscegenated out of existence

I say we get all of Panama. The Darien Gap makes for a really good border.

Shit-tier map. Here is a better one.

Attached: American Empire.png (1985x2517, 82.2K)

Have the full map of that? Very familiar to –

Attached: 2084world.png (1447x1173, 192.31K)

It's an M-Bam map used by people on alternatehistory.com. I coloured it myself though. The rest of the map I cropped out contains the incomplete version of my ideal map of the world.

Fuck off jose, Zig Forums isn't not memeing your acceptance.

Attached: Fellow Whites.jpg (990x555, 341.88K)

Attached: european american destiny map.jpg (1099x1449, 543.5K)

Attached: Rebirth of European America map.jpg (1099x1449, 526.27K)