This is the guy that wrote Shrek and all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Nice knowing ya. Dude’s getting ratio’d a new asshole

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What did he mean by this? I'm against vaccination and call people niggers all the time.


maybe vaxxes gave him autism?

WTF is he talking about? What if the person you are calling a nigger is, in fact, a nigger?

Hey Moshe! Shouldn't you be posting in a God Emperor thread right now?

Trying to figure that one out, thats why I posted this from cuckchan.

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Terry Rossio is Terry Davis in…


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I can’t find them anymore. Probably got shoaed. But vaccines do cause autism. It was proven in civil court. I saw the court documents with my own eyes. All the fagbooks friends were arguing with me and when I posted it. They were like durr I’ll still risk it. It’s not that vaccines cause autism exactly. It’s the chemicals in them. Essentially it would cost too much to make safe ones. Make no mistake though. They cause autism. It’s a fact. But NPC’s will defend them just like boomers defend Israel.

says the kike following hollywood niggers on twitter
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mind posting the proof so i can show family?

Theyre pumping infant with multiple shots of heavy metals, oh and some weakened strain of disease too.

Chill bro, he verified his NSDAP card with me.

imagine gatekeeping a dead mongolian basketweaving honeypot

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At least he did it for the lulz.

Fuck you. I remember when there were less inane faggots on boards that were always better than 4cuck.

in case the modes don't like this

Well what's autism
Vaccinations have been around for quite some time without autistic soychildren. The main reason for the rise of autists, real ones, not the over diagnosed bullshit on a (((spectrum))) is from old hags w dried up eggs having kids too late in life.

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M𝗈𝖽 names 𝗁a𝗏e be𝖾𝗇 hid𝖽𝖾𝗇 in the board 𝗅og so that t𝗁e f𝖺gmods can co𝗇tin𝗎e the𝗂r ne𝖿arious 𝗆oder𝖺ti𝗇g activit𝗂es 𝖺nony𝗆ousl𝗒. 𝖭𝗈w no o𝗇e knows 𝗐hich mods to call ou𝗍 for fagg𝗈try… f𝗎cking kek almighty!

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I don’t have access to a computer currently and need one in order to minipulate algorithms to find it. I have a case from Italy here. ageofautism.com/2015/01/recent-italian-court-decisions-on-vaccines-and-autism.html

The case I saw was U.S. court and the vaccine company paid out damages for autism in civil court. The last time I looked for the dockets I only found an article referencing them. Like I said it is not suppose to be found. I had the literal pdf lulz. Sorry but this is the best I can do right now. I’ll make a thread about it here once I find them but it will be like a year from now.

All thermisol vaccines have deadly amounts of mercury according to our own FDA guidelines. That goes to show how dumb people are. This shit is more proven than Jews are evil.

and mercury in vaccines you literal dumbfuckistani

That might be a contributing factor (((Big pharma user))). You do realize I saw the pdf. So your shilling will not change my mind. Also do you even have evidence to support your claims? I at least can dig up articles showing court rulings.

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You actually believe the formulation for vaccines has not been modified substantially in the last 20 years or so because your post make one believe you think medicine uses the same techniques revolutionized by Salk in the 1950's?


look up settlements paid for vaccine side effects, if 1 out of 500 are effected, the financial and 'population' health is considered a fair trade off to those who are making bank off the practice.

He meant that saying you are anti vax is akin to career and social suicide in the same way calling someone a nigger on broadcast is.

Should've used antisemite instead for his own good. Also if he's a writer why did he word that so poorly?

The affect is the impetus, the effect is the outcome
t. grammar NatSoc

The guy that wrote Shrek is literally /ourguy/.

Emotions probably.

Doesn't make sense to me at all;
Comes off to me as saying vaccines are bad.
Comes off to me as defending vaccination.

He is comparing it as slander. Like fellow user said poor writing.

Yeah, this. I think the concept of a vaccine is legitimate- you introduce a small amount of a dead disease-causing microorganism into the body, so the body can develop a stronger immune response to it. This may or may not be worth it for many reasons, but regardless, I think the concept is legitimate.

However, the problem is that they put all of this shit into vaccines that is really bad for you. Even going as far as using MERCURY, the most potent neurotoxin known to mankind, as a preservative! So don't get any vaccines, or let your loved ones get any vaccines, unless there are truly exceptional circumstances. Examples would be if you get bit by a rapid animal, then you need to get a rabies vaccine and do whatever else they tell you or else you're probably gonna die. Things like that. Not fucking flu shots every year like a braindead NPC.


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Good for him for speaking the truth.

Vaccines are loaded with over 15 extremely neurotoxic ingredients and we are increasingly giving more to kids at a younger age. Along with the poisoning of our food water and air it's the perfect storm to create good goy npcs.

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Probably disgusting on that shit skin.

Abominations like this exist and have named themselves our enemies. Clown world indeed. Purge when?

Gotta go fast

I guess on-topic, anyone who injects toxic chemicals into an infant and/or mutilates his genitals deserves worse than the rope, but in the interest of efficiency will be afforded the quickest death and shallowest grave possible. NPC's aka the demoralized are beyond all but the most effective of salvations.

Actually, when the first introduced the Smallpox vaccine and the Polio vaccine, there were side-effects including "EXTREME MENTAL DEFECTS". Now what's the difference between Autism and Mental Defects? Sounds kind of the same doesn't it?

The truth is that ALL vaccines are BAD. ALL Vaccines HURT you. There is NO vaccine that can HELP you. This is because vaccines alone DO NOT impart Immunity! This is relied on the body and proper nutrition. For example; If you give a starving child a typhoid vaccine then they will likely die, because their body will try to extract Vitamin A from organs of the body.

This is all before the fact that Dr. William Thompson from the CDC revealed an organized cover-up of an internal government study that proved a link between the MMR vaccine and Autism.

Even on the CDC's own website, they admit a possible side-effect of BRAIN DAMAGE from the MMR vaccine!

The final and greatest argument against vaccines is the fact that in 1986, the government gave them ZERO-LIABILITY!

You CANNOT sue a vaccine company for botching a batch and injuring your kid (which they've had vaccine recalls!)

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True, but at least they aren't terribly disfigured and unappealing to see in public.




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Pity the carnival went out of style.

wheres the archive you stupid nigger?

Autism is over-diagnosed. None of us behaved that well, when I was a kid… none of us were put on drugs. I take that back. They put violent retards on drugs… lithium, I think.

I'm a Gen Xer. Kids got vaccinated without exception. None of my peers seem to be suffering from mental or physical problems.

A lot of them are on Facebook, but again, I don't think there's a vaccine-induced pathogen behind it.

Because of the endless kvetching my guess is vaccines are better than ever. The least of your problems, anons.

what is this?

I've seen kids get put on lithium for a lot less than being "violent retards." Fuck your post formatting btw

Nice reddit spacing, have you ever considered that the objective was to cause our average intelligence to drop? Autism absolutely is a side effect but I could see the objective being to make us more easily controlled by lowering intelligence. Looking at our society I would say it's working and you will never know what you could have been like if you weren't injected with cocktails of neurotoxic sludge in a very critical phase of your development.


jimstonefreelance.com/phages.html (if you can find it, seems to have been expunged from the internet…. Interesting to say the least… Basically made that case that bacteriophages were programmed to cause autoimmune disorders and autism.)

Kill yourself jew.


You're talking about the "Spectrum" AKA, the way the government re-defines a disease away. Polio was never eliminated, they just re-defined it in 1970!

Here's a couple that had triplets, all three of them mentally shut-down within a day of getting vaccinated!


Average intelligence has been dropping because of the decreasing proportion of whites in society, you fucking retarded kike.

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Literally the exact response everytime.

Lol. You know that won’t be happening anytime soon if ever.

Unless I have a computer I can’t really search for it. But like I said I’ll post a thread about it when I do find it. But it will be like a year. It said nothing of intentional poisoning in the docket though.

Autism was also overwhelmingly a jewish thing b4 it spread like wildfire through the gentile population.

The other one I was looking for, that now seems expunged, talked about how they used stem cell cultures to grow the viruses used in the vaccines.

In a nutshell: They can't remove completely remove the culture from the end product (not that I think that it's really (((their))) goal) causing the body to associate stem cells with viruses, causing your white blood cells to attack them. This is what was done with gardisil vaccines to sterilize our women. This could be done with any other cell culture too, such as gray matter cultures, peanut protein cultures, pollen, dander, etc.

On this topic, I have two close friends, brothers, who are both deathly allergic to peanut proteins. They were the first two, and last two of the family to be vaccinated. The younger siblings have no allergies whatsoever.

In my case, the longer since my last vaccines, the less my seasonal allergies bother me. It's been noticeable every year, but especially after the first two.

Its collectivists ants way of discussion. If they have no argument they call opponent taboo word and this final argument and ends discussion.

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You need to go back to Tel Aviv and hopefully get stabbed to death by a Palestinian.

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Yes declining white population will decreases average national IQ no duh. Is kike a generic insult for anyone who doesen't have your exact same opinion now? I posted a list of all the neurotoxic chemicals you have to be a retarded goy to think pumping babies full of poison does have any sort of impact on their cognitive function. Surely you're going to say fluoride is in the water for our teeth and that doesen't cause lower IQ as well. As far as i can observe a good portion of whites are fucking retarded nowadays and systemic poisoning is a major factor, kike.

White populations aren't decreasing as much as you wish they were, just go jump into oncoming traffic, aryans don't need misanthropic fucks like you around with this type of demoralization. It's the jew's numbers which are decreasing, no wonder why you're in such a bad mood!

This is 8pol where the supreme edge lords dwell.

Does not have any impact*

so which one is better, having autists children or having children getting polio? at least you need certain vaccines but I do prefer for vaccines companies to be regulated

From that tweet I can't tell if he's for or against vaccines. Fuck this nigger, anyway.

are you implying it's edgy to say kike?

Blow your brains out.

You are mostly a faggot but also part retard. Why don't you stop stuffing apples into your asshole and instead read about the world ok hun

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From vaccines? Or from wild polio? Before the polio vaccine, 95% of americans afflicted with polio WOULD HAVE NO SYMPTOMS, and 99% fully recover after a week with no permanent sid-effects??

That is until one vaccine company FUCKED UP a batch, and gave 45,000 people an un-weakened synthetic polio that paralyzed 35% of them!!

Not to mention that Oral Polio contained several cancer causing viruses because they derived them from monkey tissue.

You want me to go on? How about how the Oral Polio vaccine has been banned in the US and other developed countries, but is free to use in undeveloped countries?!


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How? They can't infect eukaryotic cells, their protein coats are designed to drill through the cell wall of bacteria, hence their name, they exclusively infect prokaryotes. Unless somebody has an extreme anaphylactic.response to them, but then there are other components of the vaccine more likely to cause that than fucking bacteriophages. If anything they could infect bacteria and thus change their genomes to make them produce new compounds, but that would usually manifest as gastrointestinal problems.

No in the case of autism the (((medical fraternity))) redefined several behavioral tendencies as "austism spectrum" thereby causing a sudden increase in diagnosed cases of "autism" whether that was done with the intent to sell more useless drugs is indeterminate.

Gonna have to point out that the Inquisition did nothing wrong and explicitly didn't simply accuse people without evidence nor did they except testimonials as sufficient evidence. Also the Inquisition killed no one in its entire history, it handed over 4,500 to the state to be killed. I wish it had killed millions who had the predisposition toward "liberalism" as we now define it, which is what you are really talking about. They are social signalers.

Yeah it actually doesn't seem to, it is however a total waste of money and should be halted as fluoride tooth paste works better without any risk of flouridosis via the deposition of alternating layers of fluoroapatite and apatite.

Works better to what? Toothpaste is a completely unnecessary cosmetic. This is how I know you're a fucking kike shill without even reading another line of your post.

Negative, even after the new "spectrum" was adopted, a continual increase in cases AND severity has occurred, correlating with use of vaccines;
Vaccines are a Zero-Liability product, there was a MASSIVE market explosion of vaccines after the 86' bill was passed.

Don’t question ((science)) goy!

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Not that user but the process he is referring to is known as mineral substitution or an infiltration pseudomorph. Your teeth are made of hydroxylapatite, by exposing them to fluoride it substitutes it for fluorapatite which is a harder mineral thus makes your teeth stronger.

it actually makes your teeth harder, not stronger
this is an important distinction, because they are actually a little more brittle because of it

Drink the KoolAid and die with dignity, goyim

True, thanks for the correction

Holy fucking cringe. Your comment here was the equivalent to hacking scenes from movies/TV.

Sure dipshit don't go into the chemistry of it. Don't go into how ethylmercury isn't toxic but methlmercury is and how one compound might break down in the TP conditions of the human body and become the other thus providing a real reason who somebody would be concerned about ehtylmercury being used as a preservative for organic material including vaccines, just scream about MUH HEAVY METALS. Don't try to understand how fluoride ions facilitate remineralization of the teeth and how direct application does that much faster and better than oral consumption of low doses thereby providing a real reason not to bother for fluoridating food or water even given the suggested benefits.

You could talk about the propensity of children under the age of 4 to experience allergic reactions to both organic compounds and alcho-metallic compounds and brain swelling thus providing a realistic mechanism for brain trauma that could lead to the acute development of impaired brain function following the application of a medication or vaccines but instead you want to pretend that heavy metal poisoning even if it was occurring can cause acute nerve damage. Hell even if you wanted to say the methyl compounds were causing acute nerve damage that would at least be possible.

You defeat your own fucking position because you merely look at trend lines rather than the raw data used to draw them or what

The fluorapatite provides "facehardness" to the teeth which does make them more resistant to erosion through time and less soluble at low pH. The same principle is the reason you face harden tools or armor plate. However fluoridosis can occur if too much free fluoride is present in the diet which causes fluoroapatite to precipitate in the tooth, which does little to make it harder on the surface and if the precipitation occurs in layers can create planes of weakness within the tooth. Thus remineralization and precipitation of fluoroapatite on the surface of the tooth(from direct application of an supersaturated material like toothpaste) is always preferable to oral application. Indeed the entire en devour seems to be a waste of time and money all because some village in Italy with fluoride in the water was found to have almost no cavities in their teeth 140 years ago.

To be honest I have very little problem with shitskins using a primitive and ineffective oral vaccine which is synthesized in the organs of primates and thus can be contaminated by zoopathogens more likely to infect the human organism. Because I want all shitskins to die.

Vaccines do work however, they do invoke and immune reaction to damaged and non-viable viral material which then creates immunity to the actual virus. The issue is with the preservative agents, over-application which induces an anaphylactic response using by administering multiple vaccines as a single injection, and the possibility of other pathogens being introduced if the broken protein coats of the virus are harvested from the organs of an animal. It's not the principle of the process but rather the application. Being a screaming faggot and making broad statements without understanding chemical processes at work doesn't help your case.

Brainlet here - how should I take care of my teeth and mouth then?

not sure, because a lot of journals are also stated autism doesn't linked with autism

here a danish study saying MMR vaccines don't cause autism with reviewing 537303 children between 1991 to 1998

here is a study that looks up to 535444 children in finland between 1982 and 1986 and found no correlation at all.

also in CDC site, the chance of brain damage happening is very rare.

Ahhhhh tis. Or some say, tism…

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Aaand the posts got shoad. His naivety in thinking that any mainstream platform is up for *any* kind of logical debate is rather sad to look at

Anything "mainstream" is a farce.
Logical debate is best made in person.

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This. Watch any Shrek movie (with your kids or family) and juxtapose the word 'ogre' with 'nigger' and the films become 10/10


This cunt could almost make me believe the earth IS flat…almost.

Perhaps that's where the term "nog" sprung from. Also just looked it up and didn't think of it before but "nogre" can also be seen as "No GRE", which is a test I don't think many niggers ever take or score well on.

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After recompiling my cyber cryptographic arrays, I concur

This explains why they are rebooting Shrek, they don't want to associate their brand with this guy no more.

"Flat earth"? I'm astonished how believing the Earth a rock spinning around a burning ball of gas within an effectively unlimited vacuum somehow became the "rational" and "scientific" default cosmology in such a short amount of time, coincidentally coinciding with the emancipation of jews and the rise of freemasonry.

Say that to me in my swamp not online and see what happens you hook-nosed Fagquad

Are you legitimately retarded?